Pop Star: Wendy in California


“I have been “at it” again, thanks to you and the BestBlog which is at the top of my Bookmarks! Here are the favors for a lil’ guy’s birthday party….they all posed for a Poke Photo Op! We all thank you for the inspiration!” – Wendy

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32 comments on “Pop Star: Wendy in California”

  1. Im planning on making them with my brother tomorrow

  2. Wow! My son’s 7th b-day is this weekend and he requested pokemon! I came up with the idea of creating some cake balls to put on his cake and starting researching how I was possibly going to make these little balls of fun in red and white. And here is Wendy with it all layed out! Thank you for being ahead of the game and helping me :) I wish you lived in Tucson so I could just have you make them for me!

  3. lllllllooooooovvveeeee them!

  4. I’m so glad someone else had the idea to do pokeballs! I was planning to make them for my son’s upcoming 8th bday party and now I have a visual (other than just “in my head”)!

    Great work :-)

  5. I love these! Being a Pokemon lover myself, these look better than on the game!

  6. Thanks for your note, Katie!….next time a party calls for pokemon favors, I’ll definitely try mudkip.

  7. sorry i pressed it twice!

  8. Even though i’m a girl i have to admit my brother got me to try the pokemon video game and i loved it!! And these pokeballs just made me smile. You should really think about doing more pokemon related things. p.s. you should really try mudkip (water pokemon) cupcakes, mupkip are adorable pokemon by the way!

  9. Even though i’m a girl i have to admit my broter got me to try the pokemon video game and i loved it!! And these pokeballs just made me smile. You should really think about doing more pokemon related things. p.s. you should really try mudkip (water pokemon) cupcakes, mupkip are adorable pokemon by the way!

  10. @ Natasha – thanks!

    Did you get a chance to make your dragons? If so, I’d love to see them!

  11. The lack of a Masterball makes me rather sad, but these are wonderfull.

  12. Hello, Bakerella fan,

    Angie (aka Bakerella) gives SO much to us; I really appreciate her selflessness and positivity!
    So, today, I made a gift in Angie’s name to the National Kidney Foundation
    I hope you will consider donating time or money that could make a difference for Angie and others who are challenged with kidney diseases.
    With love and best wishes for Angie,
    Wendy in California

  13. Hi, Andrea: Happy Birthday to your son! These will be a delightful surprise for him, no doubt. If you really are “new to this, Bakerella has great directions for making the pops:
    About the dual color…..If you imagine the upright cake pop, first decide what your “bottom” color will be. Dip the stick in that color and into the cake ball; then, after it sets, dip the whole cake pop in that same color. Let it set completely. Then, turn the pop upside down and just dip the pop half-way into what you choose for the “top” color and let that set. (Now you have a two-toned pop.) For the deco’s, depending upon the color and shape I needed I used: white MMs and edible wafer hearts (you should find them in the wedding favor section at the craft store), mini MMs, Reese’s Pieces (yellow and orange), yogurt covered sunflower seeds, and round blue candies (in the baby favor section of the craft store) and then candy melts in squeeze bottles to draw the lines on the pops (see my #12 comment above).
    Best of luck to you and hope this helps!

  14. How do you get the dual color on the ball? And what about the round button part? Is that an m-n-m? Going to try to make these for my son’s 7th birthday which is a Pokemon themed party! Help = I am new to this! Also, when do you put the sticks into the ball?

  15. Wendy, these are awesome….my 23-year daughter, Jessica recognized that they were Pokeman balls immediately. I can hardly wait to try some!

  16. I love it when my friends visit Bakerella…..they’re SO unbiased (not), ha, ha.

  17. Having seen them in real life, the picture does not do them justice! My birthday boy just couldn’t believe his eyes – nor could the other 30 boys who got to enjoy them. To these kids, these cake pops were the real deal! Thanks so much Wendy – you truly are a star!

  18. What great favors for a birthday party! Great job!! Love all your pops, Wendy!

  19. @ Kayleigh. They are Pokemon balls. Lots of people collect ’em. Here’s some info if you’re curious:é_Ball

  20. What are those even supposed to be?

  21. Thanks, everybody for your nice words….hope you all poke around in Bakerella’s site ’cause its FAB!
    @ Beth and Ru……hard to describe, but I’ll do my best…..for lines around the “equator” of the pop, I hold the stick parallel with the counter (in my left hand) and twist the stick in my fingertips as far as possible, so when I begin applying the candy I can rotate the stick counterclockwise (or toward me). In my right hand, I have a squeeze bottle full of candy coating….I place the tip facing me on the equator of the pop to start, and I gently squeeze the bottle as I rotate the pop, keeping the stick parallel with the counter. Hope that makes sense….and somebody else may have a better method? It would be great to have a pop holder that I could just crank, but I have no idea where to get something like that….maybe in my husband’s tool shed?

  22. I’m also curious about lines too.. how did you get them so neat?

  23. Question; How do you make those lines around the Poke Balls?

  24. These are really good, Wendy. I am sooo impressed.

  25. WOW Wendy, these are great!!!! What a talented artist you are!!! Keep up the great work, you are truly a POP STAR!!!!!!!

  26. These look like they could be animated and start beeping and peeping . Way cool, Wendy!

  27. WOW! You are the cake pop star!! What amazing decorating talent!

  28. There is nothing you can’t do, Wendy. These pops look amazing…or should I say, good enough to eat! Hooray for you.

  29. Those are so cute. I bet the kids and grownups loved them!

  30. How cute are those!!! Very talented and creative Wendy is.

  31. You are stellar!!

  32. Wow! Another great job Wendy! These are awesome , they bring back memories of Brandon as a little boy. He was sooo into Pokemon cards when he was little. He still has his collection and just brought it out just the other night and we were laughing together and sharing memories as we went through it! you are truly the Cakepop Queen!
    Luv u keep on baking!!

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