Pops for Pop!

And boy are they super! Well, more like super trouble. These little cake pops were made following the idea for the red velvet cake balls and then using lollipop sticks to make pops out of them. Except, this time I made a homemade red velvet cake and changed a few things…

Pops for Pop

Like the color!

Blue Cake Pop

Yep, that’s blue.

I thought it would be a nice change to go with for the super hero theme. But it turned out that evil forces were against me this time. The cake came out exactly the color blue I wanted, but it tasted more like a muffin in disguise. I don’t know if it was the recipe or the type/amount of food coloring I used. Hopefully some of the more experienced bakers can shed some light on this for me.

Here are some things that could have contributed to my trouble:

The Red Velvet Cake Recipe I used (It called for a lot of oil and thus my rolled cake balls were oily and the lollipop sticks had trouble staying in.)

The food coloring I used (1 oz. jar of Royal Blue concentrated paste icing color… Did this alter the taste?)

The Paramount Crystals (I think I used too many of these to thin out the extra thick colored candy melts.)

So, I post these pics not so much for this recipe, but for the idea. If you want to try it and want colored cake, just stick with the red velvet cake mix version. You’ll be glad you did.

But, if you know of a better way to turn a cake bright blue and tasty, too … you’ll be my hero!

Here’s what you can use for the cake pops:
1 – 13 X 9 Red Velvet Cake (Baked and cooled completely.)
1 can of Cream Cheese Frosting (You may not need the entire can. Use enough to form a mixture that you can mold.)
Paper lollipop sticks
Red Candy Melts
Blue Candy Melts
Yellow Candy Melts
White Non-Pareils
Styrofoam block (for pops to dry in)
Bowls for dipping
Wax paper

For the crests:
Large plastic serving spoon
Wax paper covered cookie sheet
Red and yellow candy writers
Small Squeeze Bottles or ziploc bag with the corner cut off (to fill with melted colored candy)
Note: I think the writers or bottles are easier than the ziploc bag method.

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Now, here we go with the…

Blue Batter

Blue Cake

Blue Balls :)

Dip the tips of lollipop sticks into your melted candy and then insert about halfway into balls and then stick these babies in the freezer (covered) for a few minutes while you work on the candy transfer technique for the crests.

I used candy writers, but you can use colored candy melts (shown below) in a squeeze bottle or ziploc bag, too.

I wanted the crest to be curved around the ball, so I found an extra large plastic serving spoon and drew my design on the bottom.

So, that when I turned it over to trace the design with melted candy, it would be backwards. Then, when you remove it from the spoon, it will read in the right direction. At this point I’m thinking… “Have I lost my mind?” Probably, but there’s no turning back now.

Okay, if you don’t care about having a curved crest, just do it the regular way. Lay your design (printed or drawn in reverse) down on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. It also helps to tape the wax paper flat. Trace the first color. Let it dry. And fill in the second color. Much easier than the first way – especially since I only had one plastic spoon that was big enough. With either approach, place the finished design in the freezer for a few minutes to set. Remove and you’re ready to use.

Now here, I had such a blue mess on my hands that you’ll just have to imagine the pictures of the rest.

Here’s a picture of me dunking cake pops into a bowl of dark blue candy melts.

And here’s a picture of me holding one over the bowl and twirling and tapping the melted candy off.

Here’s a picture of one of the balls getting stuck in my extra thick melted candy before I added the paramount crystals to thin it out.

Here’s one of me applying the Super Dad crest to the side of a cake pop that is not completely dry.

And here’s a picture of me wondering why I am doing all this.

And then I remember, it’s because…

Super Dad Cake Pops

Happy Father’s Day!

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102 comments on “Pops for Pop!”

  1. Click on the red velvet cake recipe button
    And then at the beginning it will say how to make cake but at the end it’ll say how to make the cream cheese frosting 

    You will need cream cheese butter and power sugar

  2. I don’t know what to make for my dad tomorrow

  3. That is certainly cute! How neat!

  4. SUPER cute!

  5. I was wondering how you got the shape and letter for the crest.

  6. those are ugly

  7. If I made these for my dad he would die. and not from cuteness overload. he’s allergic to milk…

  8. if you taste the food coloring i think you might notice it has a funny metallic taste… and then the food coloring you’re using is ultra concentrated so that means taste as well as color is multiplied (usually the concentrate coloring crap is measured with toothpicks /: but since its red velvet…)

  9. Those r so cool! I am making these right now! Let’s see how they come out!……..

  10. This is exactly what I was looking for!! My kids & I are planning on making a Super Dad T-shirt cake and these pops will go perfectly with it :0) I do have a huge favor to ask and hopefully you will be able to get this message in time. Do you happen to have a PDF file or a regular file for your sheet of Super Dad logos that you could e-mail to me??? I have tried to create my own but it is not working out for me. I would greatly appreciate it!! You could send it to this email address: Thank You In Advance For Your Help :0)

  11. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! Every time I come on here I have to go to my kitchen and bake something. With fathers day around the corner I knew I can come on here and find something to make for my dad. And I sure did. Love your work Bakerella, keep up the awesome work.

  12. Love, love, love your site and can’t wait for your book!! I would love to make these for my husband for father’s day. I haven’t tried cake pops yet, but I’m cupcake crazy! Where did you find the template for “DAD”? Keep on posting! Wishing you much success with your new book!

  13. I was wondering how do you attach the crest to the cake?

  14. Wow that is truly amazing!

  15. Cute post! I stumbled on it while I was reading your red velvet post. I did not read through all the comments, so my apologies if someone already submitted a similar response. I have colored cake blue before – made a red and blue checkerboard cake with a Spiderman theme for my nephew. It was extremely difficult to find, I think it was the fifth store I looked in, but I did find blue *liquid* food coloring. It turned the cake a vibrant blue with no funky aftertaste. However, it did have an ‘interesting’ aftereffect…my nephew’s birthday is on March 14th, and everyone who consumed the cake experienced green poo for Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Yikes. Not recommended to tint cake blue. We (the family) still laugh about it to this day, but I can’t imagine what would have happened had non-family been there. Other colors I have tried have not had this effect, but only time will tell…

  16. that spoon idea was great!

  17. what if you dyed the icing mix and just used a white cake. that might work?

  18. may have to try these for my daughters 1st b-day!!! how cool!

  19. A mon avis – you must use candy color, not regular food coloring.

  20. I just did a practice run of these. Boy did I learn some lessons! They turned out really tasty, but please, please people… for the love of cake… buy the already colored cake melts. I tried to color my own with food coloring… turned out like play dough. Blarg. :)

  21. Cool! thanks Elizabeth.

  22. Wilton has flower formers here: that might work well to help you curve your DAD candy. Just line with a strip of wax paper for easy removal, pipe down the design, and have fun!

  23. Thanks Alaina

  24. I have heard of using blue (or whatever color) drink mix to color a white cake. Or maybe a little jello mix? It would change the consistency a little, but might be worth a try. Just an idea!

  25. Purple does sound pretty cool. thanks.

  26. Hey bakerella!

    yeah i never have had much luck with blue velvet, i think its because you do have to add a ton of blue food coloring in order for it not to look green. Purple usually turns out awesome though!


  27. this is just so cute….not to mention the fabulously detailed work!!

  28. I guess just out of necessity. I couldn’t think of a better way to do it.

  29. how did you come up with the spoon thing? wow, so creative! i love it! keep giving us great ideas!

  30. Thanks daisymae and robyn!

  31. too darn cute! CUTE CUTE!

  32. I’ve definitely learned that over-doing the amount of dye DOES alter the texture and flavor unfavorably … However, the pops are soooooo cute.

  33. Sally Ann – my family, friends and co-workers get the goods.

    Sharon – thanks, I’m definitely going to try that next time.

    diva@theSugarBar – me either. I was super proud of the color… just wished it tasted as great.

  34. wow. so much effort went into this. it’s awesome. i really love the colour of that blue. it’s my favourite colour! didn’t realise you could get such a shade from Wilton :)

  35. First off, I love your blog. About the blue color for your super dad pops…what if you used a white cake mix and added blue coloring to that, or added food coloring added to the water first?

  36. kpabDo you actually have a shop or does your family eat all your goodies??

  37. Kathi – thanks!

    Jennifer – I don’t know, just trying to have fun with sweets I guess. – hope I helped some.

    lori – Thanks Lori. I thought about that kind, but I read it wouldn’t make the color vibrant enough.

    I think I will just have to make the cake again with the regular grocery store food color and also the gel food color to test.

    Dalal – thanks, but not the tastiest.

    megan k – I agree that the cake ball pops are kinda difficult. I think the cupcake pops are actually easier. What kind of chocolate are you using?

    I use the candy melts and make sure my “chocolate” is deep enough to stick the whole ball in and surround it touching the base of the stick. Then just pull it out all in one dip if you can. Then you will probably fav to twirl and tap any excess off before you turn it right side up to dry.

    Also, I will dip the tips of the sticks in chocolate before I stick them in the balls?

    Team Simmons – you may have used the wrong kind of food color. It cannot have any water in it. Here’s a link to some.

    Clumbsy Cookie – thanks!

    Dale Ann – you can try packing them in small candy/cake boxes with tissue to keep them from moving around inside. Wrap the box in bubble wrap. Then put that in a bigger box filled with peanuts. Hopefully that will work.

    Susan from Food Blogga – who knows… maybe.

    Saucy – thanks!

    Nicole – oh good, i’m glad that wasn’t my imagination.

    Mischa – thank you!

  38. Oh my gosh! These are adorable!

  39. I’ve had the muffin thing happen too! A friend and I were making tie-dye cupcakes (where you add different colors of dye to bowls of batter and use spoonfuls of various colors in each cup). They looked great, and were really bright and colorful, but tasted like cornbread! It was weird!

    We used a generic brand “neon” food dye from Kroger, and I didn’t think we used that much. o_O

  40. In my experience, all concentrated paste food colouring leaves a taste, even the blue, although the problem is mostly associated with the reds and blacks.

  41. OMG! Seriously. OMG! You’re gonna start a blue baking revolution!

  42. Oh how I love all your ideas! Tell me how I can make some of your designs and ship them safely to family members in other states without ups destroying my work.

    Dale A.

  43. I love what you did here! Lucky dad! I read a few of the comments and can’t add much to the food coloring issue. The recipe has a lot of oil, but I think it was the massive amount of fc, specially the kind you used, it’s so concentrated! If you used liquid blue food coloring it would be better probaly. Pictures are great, great, great! I loved the spoon trick, you’re the best!

  44. Bakerella, HELP! My friend came over last night to make these for our husbands for Fathers Day. We tried to color whilte melts because no stores here carry the others unless we want to drive 40 minutes to Micheals. Anyway, when we tried they totally seized up. What do I do?
    -Frustrated in VT

  45. I’ve made the balls a few times and I have the hardest time dipping them into the chocolate. If I stick them with something and dip them, the stick starts to come out or it will leave a hole when I try to get them off. Also, when I dip the chocolate starts to harden before I can get it all covered. Oh and if I spin and tap to get the leftover chocolate off? WOW that’s when I start to get angry. I’ve been using a spoon to dig the balls out of the mixture, but that doesn’t work either.

    I just can’t get a smooth look w/o a chunk of the inside showing through. Sorry so long; I’m frustrated.

  46. waaw !!
    its amazing
    i hope it was testy too .. :)

  47. Bakerella,
    These pops are really cute!
    But, I think using the blue gel paste may have been your problem. That paste is to be used in VERY small quantities and mainly used to color fondant. A little bit on the end of a toothpick goes a long way. Next time consider just using the liquid blue color from the grocery store and if needed, mix a few colors to get the color you want.
    Happy Baking,
    Lori Vreeke
    Pastries By Vreeke

  48. These are adorable. I am just looking for Father’s day ideas!

  49. how are you so creative?!!!


  50. Just found your site and I love it. Thanks for all the info and the great pictures. Cute Dad pops!

  51. Mary – thanks!

    My Sweet & Saucy – yeah, I was trying something new.

    Ammy Lea – thanks for the info

    justJENN – hmmmm, now I know there’s a difference. I guess I thought gel dye was just another description for the Wilton icing colors. They look kind of gel-like you know. Thanks!

    hoLLy – oh, you can do it.

    Derick & Becky – you could pack them in dry ice or just overnight them with some of those ice packs.
    They would be fine next day shipping I think.

    Deshona – good luck with the cake

    janel – you know, I think I would do the same.

    IvyLeagueHousewWife thanks

    Hilary – it does help, thanks

    nicole green – hope you make them

    Sharon – patience is definitley the key word here.

    ingegerd – thank you!

    erica – cool, thanks!

    Mandy – I’m sure I will cease sometime.

    mama4life – super thanks!

    Jess – I’ll have to try it

    jenny – I thought about that. Maybe I’ll try it that way next

    morgana – good.

    gail – you’re right they are different. I use Duncan Hines rady made cream cheese frosting – there is a link in this post.

    Or I use this homemade cream cheese frosting

    Crystal – I’m happy you dit, too!

    JillyRae – No, you’re SUPER for checking back so often.

    Denise – You’re welcome.

    Elizabeth F. – actually if I made them again, they’d be pretty pricey for whoever got them

    Lemiga Event Planning – be careful, the blue is messy

    jeanetta – No, but that sounds really neat.

    Bridget – thanks, I think i’ll have to try the americolor

    Ingrid – good, I’m glad

    Rachelle – very funny.

    The Downtown Boutique – I won’t tell

    Ashley – thanks

    shephalli – I’m glad someone agrees with me

    Patricia Scarpin – thanks!

    dawn_mdb – glad to make you chuckle

    Jaina – thanks

    BellaLovesPink – not yet, but it sounds like I need to. thanks.

    jilaneeaf – I thought about that, but I was trying to do something homemade. That will show me!

    Kelly Myers – funny guy!

    Bellawhoop – yep, get in there now.

    Katie in ND – thanks!

    KhrisW – right… even if it’s wrong.

    Bree – will do.

    chefwannabe – thanks!

    cupcakesordeath – guess i’ll have to check facebook out now.

    Ericka – I will

    Charley – I don’t know, it could make for a good laugh. Well, maybe not for him.

    giz – yeah, what’s up with that.

    Karrie – thanks and I love that show.

    Josephine Milkweed – yessirreee, and thanks.

  52. Those sure are *blue*. I mean, they are really REALLY blue. And also super cute.

  53. As a fan of Ace of Cakes, one episode Geoff (Duff’s assistant) was explaining about how that they learned the hard way to color chocolate with powdered color, or it really messed with the consistency and made everything too oily. Just a guess that this is what happened with you. Nice blue color though! Love your blog! Keep at it. Your pictures are fabulous.

  54. What an innovative idea. When I made red velvet cake, even though the Wilton icing said tasteless, it still tasted like chemicals to me.

  55. These are fantastic! Think I might make these for the boyfriend with his name on them! Might look a bit wierd with dad on them for him!

  56. So Blue!! My nephew would love it!! Bakerella, please check my blog… you inspired me to upload my craetions to the web!! thanks!!

  57. hei guys, if you’re a facebooker, join my group, Fans of Bakerella. :)

  58. Whoaaa cute idea!

  59. Suuuuper!
    I love this and can’t wait to try to make them…I do hope someone can help you figure out what the problem is :)Please update if you do, thanks!

  60. I admire your spirit! You really go for it. I like that in a person. You’re driven by getting it right.

  61. Cute idea…. My bet is the food coloring caused the problem… My mom told me a long time ago that you have to use the liquid food coloring for red velvet cake (or Waldorf Astoria cake) or it won’t have enough moisture in it!

  62. Oh, this is such a SUPER idea! I love your pops and have bought all of the ingredients needed but still not baked them. Guess I need to get in the kitchen! :)

  63. My husband said – “Ewww, what are they – made of Cookie Monster?” LOL. That’s quite a color!

  64. You mentioned that the cake was oily. Could you use a white cake mix and then add the color?

    Just a thought=) These are great!!! BTW

  65. Wow, those turned out GREAT!

    Have you tried Americolor food coloring?

  66. Wow, I should so not read right before lunch when I’m getting hungry. Haha, I really want a cupcake now! :)
    These look great! What a cute idea!

  67. Bakerella – “you’ll just have to imagine the pictures of the rest.” You crack me up! Very cute pops. As always, I love your blog!

  68. You make the most beautiful, sensitive and fun things!

  69. OMG!! They are beautiful. and yes you have lost ur mind!! Just Kidding.

  70. These are just great! You are so creative!

  71. These are SO cool! My husband would love these in a “Batman” theme. He really is Batman, but we have to keep that identity a secret. :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  72. Well if we see Dads everywhere with blue mouths, we’ll know what trEat they got! LOL

    Love the crest idea!

  73. Another “SUPER” cool idea. It also cleared up a problem I had making my cake pops! Thx!

  74. Oh gosh! Those are SO cute! I love the curved symbol…that is really smart! :)

    For the blue….I use gel food colorings a lot with cookies, so I’m not sure if it would apply to cupcakes or not. First, I might try a white cake instead of red velvet…you’ll probably have to add a lot less blue. Also, I use Spectrum or AmeriColor colorings. I’ve had better luck with these (after using Wilton for years); I don’t have to use as much and they don’t have an off taste.

    Hope that helps! They are just adorable! :)

  75. Have you ever tried using Jello to color your cake? you just add the powder while you are mixing up the cake. It also flavors it. I dont know if it will give you the darker color you are after but maybe you could add two. lol. You seem like you are up for experimenting. lol.

  76. Genius! And my kids will love helping me make these for their daddy.

  77. Those are priceless!

  78. Hi there, I am pretty new to your blog and loving it. What a fun and creative recipe. But then I love everything you do. Thanks so much.

  79. Bakerella…YOU’RE SUPER!
    Thanks again…I check everyday for your latest blog!!

  80. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog!!! Everything is wonderful on here….a work of art!

  81. awww soooo cute!

    I have a question, cream cheese frosting is different from the cream cheese we find together with the cheese in the store right?

    I tried making this pops with some leftover cake with just a cream cheese and they were mmm a little salty. do you have any recipe on how i can make a cream cheese frosting?

  82. Great idea! You allways surprise me.

  83. hi, miss bakerella!

    i think you could probably just use your original cake pop recipe, but with WHITE cake mix and blue food color! you could also add a bit of extract to the cake mix for an extra pop of flavor…perfect with that extra pop of color! =)

    xo jenny

    p.s….bakerella rules the world!

  84. Those are so cute! I do the same thing as erica posted…when I am baking something. I don’t even bother buying liquid dye anymore. Hope it works for ya!

  85. they are very pretty and SUPER cool! no pun intended…

  86. super cute! You have never ceased to amaze!

  87. cute idea! You used the whole jar!? Those gel colors are super concentrated, this is what I do; I measure out 1 oz of water and add coloring to that.Once I get the color I want then I add that to the batter. It has worked for me when I have run out of liquid food coloring.

  88. i like it!!so cute!!i like your blogg!

  89. Those are adorable! I’m not sure if I have the patience to pull them off, but I’m envious of your talent.

  90. these are GREAT! my dad loves his sweets so these would be perfect. :)

  91. When I first started using gels and pastes, I was told to only use those in frostings and things that were not baked. Apparently they do not react to heat well and can make things taste funky. Also, the food coloring is a liquid measurement, so changing that may alter the consistency.

    Just passing along what I was told, hope that maybe helps…

  92. So CUTE!

  93. I think I will send my husband an email link to these pictures and say “Happy father’s day. You know I’d attempt it if I weren’t pregnant, and if you or I didn’t have to do the dishes afterwards. Let’s just eat some leftover Peanut Butter Fudge Cake instead…” : ) Yum, and great job. Those are awesome.

  94. Super cool Idea! Love the blue look! Cant wait to try this one. I went to the store today got all the stuff to make the peanutbutter cup cupcake things you last blog about. I will baking 2x this week. So cant wait. Thank you for the blogs your great and give us so many ideas. My kids are so happy and love your pictures.

  95. Sorry, I don’t have any advice, but I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I LOVE your Oreo truffles. BUT how could I make them so they don’t have to be refrigerated? Any ideas? I really want to mail some to my family in Alaska, but don’t want them to go yucky!

  96. these are really really cute. i could never make them look as cute as you did, but i’m impressed that someone can! good job bakerella:) you never cease to amaze. . .

  97. I don’t use anything but gel dye. It’s the greatest thing ever and only takes a wee tiny bit!

  98. SO cute!

    You used *the whole jar* of the Wilton dye?

    I’ve heard that the liquid in the red dye of red velvet is actually quite necessary to the recipie, so maybe because you used concentrated dye, and since it’s so much less liquidy, that was the difference? I’ve also heard that large amounts of the Wilton dye can alter flavour.

    I wanna make these for my Daddy.. but I just don’t think he’d get how awesome they are :p

  99. What a cute variation on your pops!

  100. I love it! Awesome idea!

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