Pops for Pop!

And boy are they super! Well, more like super trouble. These little cake pops were made following the idea for the red velvet cake balls and then using lollipop sticks to make pops out of them. Except, this time I made a homemade red velvet cake and changed a few things…

Pops for Pop

Like the color!

Blue Cake Pop

Yep, that’s blue.

I thought it would be a nice change to go with for the super hero theme. But it turned out that evil forces were against me this time. The cake came out exactly the color blue I wanted, but it tasted more like a muffin in disguise. I don’t know if it was the recipe or the type/amount of food coloring I used. Hopefully some of the more experienced bakers can shed some light on this for me.

Here are some things that could have contributed to my trouble:

The Red Velvet Cake Recipe I used (It called for a lot of oil and thus my rolled cake balls were oily and the lollipop sticks had trouble staying in.)

The food coloring I used (1 oz. jar of Royal Blue concentrated paste icing color… Did this alter the taste?)

The Paramount Crystals (I think I used too many of these to thin out the extra thick colored candy melts.)

So, I post these pics not so much for this recipe, but for the idea. If you want to try it and want colored cake, just stick with the red velvet cake mix version. You’ll be glad you did.

But, if you know of a better way to turn a cake bright blue and tasty, too … you’ll be my hero!

Here’s what you can use for the cake pops:
1 – 13 X 9 Red Velvet Cake (Baked and cooled completely.)
1 can of Cream Cheese Frosting (You may not need the entire can. Use enough to form a mixture that you can mold.)
Paper lollipop sticks
Red Candy Melts
Blue Candy Melts
Yellow Candy Melts
White Non-Pareils
Styrofoam block (for pops to dry in)
Bowls for dipping
Wax paper

For the crests:
Large plastic serving spoon
Wax paper covered cookie sheet
Red and yellow candy writers
Small Squeeze Bottles or ziploc bag with the corner cut off (to fill with melted colored candy)
Note: I think the writers or bottles are easier than the ziploc bag method.

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Now, here we go with the…

Blue Batter

Blue Cake

Blue Balls :)

Dip the tips of lollipop sticks into your melted candy and then insert about halfway into balls and then stick these babies in the freezer (covered) for a few minutes while you work on the candy transfer technique for the crests.

I used candy writers, but you can use colored candy melts (shown below) in a squeeze bottle or ziploc bag, too.

I wanted the crest to be curved around the ball, so I found an extra large plastic serving spoon and drew my design on the bottom.

So, that when I turned it over to trace the design with melted candy, it would be backwards. Then, when you remove it from the spoon, it will read in the right direction. At this point I’m thinking… “Have I lost my mind?” Probably, but there’s no turning back now.

Okay, if you don’t care about having a curved crest, just do it the regular way. Lay your design (printed or drawn in reverse) down on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. It also helps to tape the wax paper flat. Trace the first color. Let it dry. And fill in the second color. Much easier than the first way – especially since I only had one plastic spoon that was big enough. With either approach, place the finished design in the freezer for a few minutes to set. Remove and you’re ready to use.

Now here, I had such a blue mess on my hands that you’ll just have to imagine the pictures of the rest.

Here’s a picture of me dunking cake pops into a bowl of dark blue candy melts.

And here’s a picture of me holding one over the bowl and twirling and tapping the melted candy off.

Here’s a picture of one of the balls getting stuck in my extra thick melted candy before I added the paramount crystals to thin it out.

Here’s one of me applying the Super Dad crest to the side of a cake pop that is not completely dry.

And here’s a picture of me wondering why I am doing all this.

And then I remember, it’s because…

Super Dad Cake Pops

Happy Father’s Day!