Southern California

I’m home from the first part of the Cake Pops book trip. Portland, Seattle and San Francisco were first and below are pics from two stops in Southern California. This week I’ll also get pics up from Utah and Chicago if you were there and want to see them. And then this Saturday is Atlanta. Yay!

But first So Cal. So much fun!

I was at the Williams-Sonoma stores in Costa Mesa and Santa Monica. One was bigger and in a mall and the other smaller in more of a neighborhood. Loved them both. Below are a handful of pictures from each signing and at the end of the post, you can click on one of the slideshow graphics to see more photos from each if you like. If you see yourself, feel free to use the photos from my flickr photostream.

This is the Costa Mesa store.


Lots of people visit this mall.


Lots of happy people.


This is so much fun for me. To see people smile. I usually just imagine you guys on the other side of the computer … hopefully smiling when you see something cute on the site. But this is surreal. Thank you. Big hugs all around.


Blushing. I heart you guys too.


These girls work at My Sweet and Saucy in Long Beach and brought cake pops. I was so excited they came out because I’ve been wanting to visit the bakery. Hopefully next time.


Such sweet faces and great hair. I think I need a pink streak. But I don’t have the nerve.


A boy. I’ve actually met several boys over the last few days. Some are waiting in line for their mom, girlfriend, wife, mother-in-law, and some for themselves. It’s super sweet. I didn’t expect to see so many.


Friends come out together too. I love it.


Moms and daughters. Umm… great cut by the way.


And Cakespy… if you’re reading…Look who stopped by for a visit.


P.S. Cakespy… you need this shirt in your shop. Cuteness.


Wow… I think everyone in Costa Mesa has great hair.


I’ve decided mine looks best from this angle. Now I just have to master walking around with my head down at all times.


Look at these cute kiddies. And those eyes. Oh my.


Okay… I’m adding this photo because my hair never looks this good. It must be something in the water.


This is the entrance to the Santa Monica store. I wanted to move in here. So cozy.


Look… the cutter that started it all. The flower cutter in the small tin is the one I used to make the cupcake pops.




Oh my gosh. This makes me so happy.


Hand in the air – side smile.

I can’t stop it. I think it happens mostly when I’m by myself though. Weird, huh.


Look how cute these two are. So stylish and such great glasses.


Oooh… I want this Fuji instant camera. Fun for days.


This is Alpha. Sweet Alpha. She came to the signing and drove in from Mexico. She said the most beautiful words to me. You can see by my eyes the effect they had. I think I scared everyone behind her when I started crying… it was one of those embarrassing cries, too. The loud kind. But her words were worth every tear.


I’m sorry if you were in line after that. I didn’t mean to be all red-eyed in your photos. At least you look super cute in your apron.


Kids. I love how many children came out and were just as excited as their parents. So sweet.


See what I mean.



Hey Jen. It was great talking with you. You give good party.

Jen helped plan the Pioneer Woman, Steamy Kitchen, Simply Recipes closing night Blogher party. It was fantastic.


This is Louis with my mom. Love his store. Look in the background. See that display?


Yeah, this one. Talk about surreal. They put Cake Pops on the same display with Sprinkles Cupcakes. Very cool. And unexpectedly color coordinated.


Look these two even made cake pops. So nice.


And at the very end – yes, I changed clothes : ) – I had a sweet surprise. A baker named Joy stopped by. Do you know Joy? Joy the Baker? If not, let me introduce you.

She’s super cool and cute. Plus… she bakes.

Below are links to more photos if you’d like to see them.

And now that I’m home for a couple of days. I’ll try to bake something this week. Something quick. I’m having withdrawal.



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117 comments on “Southern California”

  1. I would totally wear the “I Love Bakerella” shirt.

  2. OMG OMG OMG….i’m so excited to see the crowd! Wish i was there! congrats bakerella!

  3. Looks like so much fun! Congratulations on your book!

  4. Aah. If I had been home (in California), I would have been able to see you! But unfortunately, I am in school. In Michigan. Blah. I thought about dropping out and seeing you anyway, but my mom has her priorities messed up and didn’t let me.

    Glad you’re having a great time! :) :)

  5. Looks like you’re having an awesome book tour! Congratulations :)

  6. Ohh I wanted to visit soo badly. But you know, students like me still have school :( Hope you can come to SoCal again soon!

  7. I really love and appreciate how you take a picture with EVERYONE and post them all. Thanks for making the special treat of meeting you even more special with great photos.

  8. I got that t-shirt of the nude cupcake for my daughter. ( I think it’s still for sale. I wish you were coming to St, Louis!!

  9. Your book is so lovely! I bought one for myself and I am giving one away on my blog this week. How cool to meet all of those folks & Joy the Baker! And your hair did look great!

  10. Awesome pics, Bakerella!!!! I love that the kids love your gorgeous book and all the fun stuff inside! My 2 munchkins (hands still stained red from Red Velvet cakepops) can’t wait to make more!

    Best wishes for loads more fun on the tour!

  11. Thanks so much for coming by South Coast! Had a great time meeting you and listening to all your advice about cake pops :) Hope you have a super fun rest-of-the-book-tour! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures from the various cities.

  12. I’m so sorry I missed you when you were here. I love South Coast Plaza and the Williams Sonoma store there (it’s about 15 minutes from my home). I could spend way too much money in that store!

  13. Oh how fun! So bummed was not able to make it to Chicago to see you. Life with kiddos too crazy. Oh well! Have fun on the rest of your travels. I look forward to seeing all the fun.

  14. Great job! & I love your hair all the time!

  15. Congrats on all your success! I have loved reading your blog over the last year or so. And if I still lived in Seattle, I would have been there to say hi, too!

  16. darn it. if i knew you were in costa mesa i would have totally been there =( but it looks like you had fun!!! :)

  17. You are as adorable as your cake pops. :)

  18. Oh Bakerella…..come to Nebraska!!!
    We have a Williams Sanoma in Omaha even.
    I make 60 plus cakepops every week for my sons high school varsity football afterparty and they are snarfed up quickly. It’s usually the cheerleaders that grab them first. When it’s not football season, I love making them all the time for friends and neighbors. I love love love your book!
    Omaha is fun! OOOHHH and I forgot the best part! I have a friend that has a bakery….Bliss Bakery…it’s YUM YUM YUMMY!

  19. Oh golly, that’s me in the cupcake shirt!

    I know I was such a dithery mess when I met you that I didn’t get the chance to say how much of an inspiration you’ve been to me and how passionate you make me feel about baking, so hopefully, maybe, you’ll get the message if I leave it here.

    It was so wonderful to get to meet you (though I think I probably got that across) :D

  20. Wow! It was so wonderful meeting you. You are so sweet and I was thrilled to see our picture together on your blog with Cuppie. Congrats on all your wonderful success! I LOVE your book! Big Hugs!

  21. I told you more famous that Carrie Bradshaw ;)

  22. Oooh I can’t wait for the Salt Lake pics so I get hopefully get a better copy since mine came out blury!

  23. I blogged about you too, Ms. Bakerella. It was great to meet you!

  24. WOW – continued congrats to you, Angie – you’re the bomb, girl!! My friends are SO impressed that I got the chance to meet you and get a hug. Enjoy your next whistle-stops and keep posting your photos ’cause your fans LOVE YOU!

  25. I am hoping to be able to meet you in Atlanta Saturday!

  26. It’s amazing everything that is happening to your. Congratulations. I love your blog. When are you coming to Spain?? ;)

  27. It was SOO much fun to see you and get my book signed!! Congrats on your amazing success. Can’t wait for the next one. hehe

    And then you’re telling my JOY came to Santa Monica?? Thats a little too much awesomeness in one place I think!

  28. Well Done to YOU! It looks like so much fun – Come to Australia!!!!

  29. Two of my favourite bakers/bloggers, together? Surreal.

  30. Ohhh, looks like so much fun…please come to Hawaii! Now I want to go to William-Sonoma even though I can’t afford to!! And I would be so disappointed since you wouldn’t be there!

  31. There is something in the water in California! Makes me want to move there, too. It is so great to see your book doing so well. Your ideas are always the bestest! Of course, you need to stay home and bake, too!

  32. Ahhhh I SO wish you were coming to Pittsburgh!

  33. omg what fun!!! congrats on so much success:-) great pics!

  34. wow looks like you’re having a ball…………………………and great seeing all the smiley faces……………

    still loving that smile-wave thing you have………..too cute !

  35. I love your work i wish we would have a book signing in RI I would be first in line!!

  36. my eyes bulged when i saw Joy was there too lol. this is one action packed post! i can’t wait for you to come to Jersey.

    btw.. i just thought of the best halloween costume ever (although i already have mine) – Bakerella!! with a styrofoam cakepop so that it doesnt get broken throughout the night!

  37. Awwww SO much fun!! Glad you had such a fabulous tour!! You’re awesome… And so is Joy :) Congrats on everything :) :)

  38. Oh you absolutely MUST come to Washington DC. The Williams Sonoma at the Pentagon City mall is just wonderful. And the metro station is RIGHT there! So easy to get to. Say you’ll come to DC. SAY IT!

  39. I wish you were coming to Miami, Florida :(

  40. That T-shirt with the naked cupcake came from!! I know because I bought it for my friend who got me into cupcakes, and she loves it!

  41. Congrats Angie, you deserve all the good that are happening in your life, I admire you, when I grow up I want to be like you ;o)
    I wish to be in Santa Monica to get those cookie cutter, I’m dying for one those, they don’t have it any more in my local Williams Sonoma (Augusta, GA), My cupcake pops does not look as good as yours, all that I’ve found are the largest cutters, :o{

  42. Hi Bakerella :-) (I know you have a name besides your blog name, but I sure can’t think of it right now…8-/)

    I really, really, REALLY like the flower necklace you wore with the black and white plaid shirt, which is kinda funny since I’m not usually much of a jewelry person. Do you remember where you got it?

    I’m glad your getting such warm reception at all of your book signings!! ;-)

  43. Love it! Your cheeks must hurt from smiling so much, lol! ;D

  44. Please come to one of the W&S in DC!!!!!!!

  45. Wow!
    I want this book so bad! Too bad I’m from Brazil and it will take forever to get here! :(
    I’ve been trying to find Bakerella’s e-mail to send my cake pops pictures cause I also wanto to be a star… But I can’t find it! :(

    Hope I get a reply!

    xoxo and congratulations for all your great work/book!

  46. Looks like you had fun! And how cool to see Joy the Baker! I’m addicted to her blog just like yours!

  47. I just saw a journal the other day and on the cover it said “Life isn’t made up of days. It’s made up of moment.” You and sweet Alpha. BIG MOMENT. :-) Looks like you’re having lots of moments at every stop. So excited for you!

    @Emmanuella – scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see a “contact” link. :-)

  48. are you coming to denver?! i would die :)

  49. I love the post, wish you could come to Boston! I can’t believe you got to meet Joy, I’m absolutely enamored by her. And she made a mention of you in her Hold Your Horses section of her blog.

  50. Joy is my favorite baking blogger. I’m so glad she stopped by and that you two connected.

  51. Hi Bakerella!

    FYI – The “boy” you speak of in the 7th picture from the top of your post is my awesome and thoughtful husband Brian. I was busy baking last night when he completely surprised me by 1) giving me a copy of your “Cake Pops” book, all wrapped up in a nice gift bag, 2) opening the book and finding it autographed and personalized from you to me, and 3) seeing his picture on your blog! I was so shocked, I cried!

    I mentioned to him more than a week ago that I wanted to attend your book signing but was unable to take time off from work. I didn’t think he would remember me saying that and never imagined he go down there to get the book and meet you! Shame on me, husbands actually *do* listen! Haha! I feel so lucky to have a guy like him!

    After my shock, we flipped through the book together and are SO impressed with the pictures, the very thorough instructions, and all the super helpful tips. It is a wonderful book! Thanks so much for being an inspiration to aspiring bakers like myself! :)

  52. wow, looks like your having a blast on your book tour! Any chance of coming to Minnesota…..Mall of America has a great store. Hope to see you soon! You are an inspiration to us all! Thanks for posting such great ideas.

  53. Yayyyyyy soo fun! I used to work at that mall in Costa Mesa – it is a gargantuan mall and draws LOTS of tourists.

    I’m sad I wasn’t available to come to the book signing (stupid work, haha) but am glad you had fun in SoCal.

    PS your hair always looks perfect

  54. im so so SOOO happy to see all these wonderful good things happening to you. makes me feel so warm inside :D love your blog, love your work, love your spirit, love your warmth. may more wonderful things come your way :)

  55. At last I received your book !!!!!!! It took ages to reach Dubai and the shipment costed more than the book but I really don’t care :D Touching and reading your book is all what it matters to me :)

  56. Congratulations Bakerella!!! I hope to find your book here in Mazatlan, MEX….I haven’t seen it yet…:'(


  57. Love seeing you and Joy together! :)

  58. I absolutely LOVE!!!! the shirt you were wearing to Santa Monica… wish I could have been there – my sister lives near there but sadly I’m freezing away in Pittsburgh

  59. Just got home from work and an email from Amazon awaits saying my Bakerella Cake Pops book will be dispatched earlier than expected in the UK – so excited can hardly wait

  60. Okay, you are coming to the Midwest, right? Texas, or Oklahoma? You know we’d love to have you. ;)

  61. It looks like you had a blast! So sad I missed your LA visit :(

  62. I am so happy for you. What a wonderful turnout. I live in the North Atlanta area so I can boast that I live where Bakerella does!

  63. I went to williams sonoma in Raleigh, NC and they said the DECORATIVE CUTTERS for the flowers ARE DISCONTINUED and you cannot find them online either! That is so strange and disappointing.

  64. I’m so sad that I missed your in Santa Monica! I love the Williams and Sonoma store there and would have loved to stop in. I’ve definitely picked up a couple of copies of your book for Christmas gifts though!

  65. Are you SURE you’re not coming to Canada???? Come on!

  66. That looks like lots of fun! I’m very happy for you!

  67. Bakerella AND Joy the Baker both in one place!!! I cant believe I missed that one! :( but it looks like your having tons of fun….cant wait to see where else you go!

  68. Every time I see all of these pictures, they make me teary eyed. I’m so thrilled for your success, it really brings me joy! Congrats!

  69. You are so darn cute!!! Congrats on everything! Well-deserved!

  70. Ok, so this has nothing to do with anything, but I just saw these super cute (and super cheap) earrings, and thought how cute they were and immediately thought of you!!!

    And these… SO my favorite…

  71. Congratulationson a great book and tour. So bummed you were in So Cal and didn’t make it down to San Diego. Next time, we’d love to have you. Keep baking.

  72. You were in Costa Mesa?! Awww man I’m soooo close! I wish I would have known! I saw your book at Borders the other day and you really did an amazing job. So creative and cute! Congratulations on all the success!

  73. Please come to florida :) Please

  74. Couldn’t make it to Costa Mesa and be back in time to pick up my daughter from school but was happy you were so close!
    I recognized Joy in the picture! Guess I am on the computer a little too much.

  75. Wish i was there! Congrats bakerella!
    Please come to Stockholm!

  76. I wish you’d come to North Carolina! Preferably Wilmington but Raleigh would do just fine! I’m going to make your cowgirl cookie jars as christmas presents this year. I’m going to use green/red m&ms for xmas theme and baby blue/white for a winter theme instead!

  77. I got your book yesterday on the post. It’s soooooooo nice. I must try some of your recipes. Unfortunately some of the ingredients/materials are impossible to find in Portugal, and ordering them online it’s not easy as most of them are not deliverable here…
    If nothing else, it’s beautiful to look at and to dream upon.

  78. Hey you need to stop by Dallas, Texas and sign my book.

  79. Your book arrived today. I think I’m one of the first in the UK to get it. Have read it all the way through. Can’t wait to get started. Going to do the pumpkin ones first for Halloween. Have also ordered what I need to make the Christmas tree ones and my 3 year old has asked if he can help me make the robots. Thanks.

  80. I have that cupcake shirt that reads, “Nuuuude!” — it’s one of my favorites!

  81. Bakerella,

    Just wanted to say congrats to you for all your success! It’s great to see someone have an idea that has inspired so many. I have loved every minute of reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. You must be having the best time ever! And BTW I have your book and love it too!

    Enjoy every moment, you deserve it!

  82. Let’s be perfectly clear here, Bakerella my love….you have fabulous hair! Gorgeous hair! You are cute, from your roots to your tootsies, and don’t you forget it!

    I always tell my daughter to never say anything about herself that she would not say about, or let someone else get away with saying about, her best friend.

    So never diss your hair again, Sweetie! It’s beautiful, and so are you!


  83. Are the decorative cutters sold on the Williams Sonoma web site? I can’t find them. Could you PLEASE post a link? I love love love the book! It is so much fun. Thank you.

  84. When are you coming to Texas???

  85. Hello from sunny Sydney Australia.
    I bought your book and made my first cupcake pops the other day. I just posted about them on my blog and everyone is going nuts about them. I’m already getting people asking me to make them some!
    Love, love, love your book. Congratulations!

  86. The photos are beautiful! And yoru hair looks great, no worries! I am sooooo sad that your going to be in ATLANTA this Saturday!! We will be going out of town to Mansfield, GA, and I am still going to try and get the hubbs to drive me over!!!! Super stoked, I cant wait! Hope to see you there!

  87. aww looks like so much fun! i can’t wait until you come to NY!

  88. Awwww!!! How stupid of me!!! I didn’t make the 35-mile drive to Santa Monica because my copy of your book was back-ordered. I should’ve JUST WENT anyway! :(

  89. This is so totally exciting! We’re all so happy for you.

  90. this is amazing u deserve all the best and …beautiful hair !

  91. must know – where did you find that pink plaid shirt that you wore in Santa Monica?!?!? I think that I must have one!

  92. It´s so sad, that you can´t come to Mexico :( and I can´t go to usa for the tour, well, someday I want your Firm in my book!!

  93. Love looking at these shots of you and your fans at the book signing and Phfffwwa your hair does look pretty good in Costa Mesa, I need some of that water here!

  94. I need that shirt. The brown one that looks like a cowhide!! I really need it!! Please, please send me an email and tell me where you got it!

  95. I loved your hair so much in the pictures that I was thinking, I should save this picture and take it to my stylist and tell her to cut my hair like that. You looked great! So glad you are having a blast!

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