Spring Bake Giveaway

YAY! It’s spring and I couldn’t be happier. And to celebrate the season, I’m having a sweet springy giveaway for a KitchenAid Mixer in one of the following colors.  The winner gets to pick, too… Fun! What’s it going to be? Crystal Blue? Ice? Pistachio? Who’s up for Majestic Yellow?

All of these colors are beautiful and put me in the baking mood.

I hope they do for you, too!

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite color and if you’re looking forward to any fun baking soon.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck guys!


I love reading what you guys are getting ready to bake and your favorite color mixer. And now I’m excited to announce the winner. I hope you enjoy the mixer and make lots of goodies with it. Okay, let’s see who it is.

It’s Joyce! Comment # 7138. Congratulations – ice is a great choice. One of my favorites.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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10,227 comments on “Spring Bake Giveaway”

  1. Crystal blue is gorgeous! I want to make some macarons!

  2. Love the ice color. Always in the baking mood that’s what I love doing.

  3. Pistachio!
    Love easter baking!

  4. I love the silver metallic one!! I’m so excited to start baking for Easter!

  5. The Ice is my favorite. After a long dreary winter I’m excited to bake some fun treats!

  6. The ice is gorgeous!

  7. Absolutely the Majestic Yellow. As an RA on a dorm floor, I would love to put together a set of spring cupcakes for the residents.

  8. Sky blue! A chocolate cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. :)

  9. I would probably choose white or silver, but the yellow mixer makes me happiest! I’ll be making some cookies for Easter with the in-laws!

  10. I like the Pistachio color. It would work perfectly for my Levain Bakery inspired chocolate chip walnut cookies! Its time for another batch.

  11. I love the pistachio color I would make some chocolate chip cookies

  12. I love the aqua sky, and I am going to make brownies this week!

  13. Silver metallic

  14. Yellow ! So cheery ????

  15. im loving the Pistachio color. Im gonna bake some cupcakes and cakeballs for easter.

  16. Hands down its PINK! Perfect for some yummy guava chiffon cakes!

  17. Pink!!!!!!! It’s so pretty! Perfect match to bake all my daughters first birthday treats!

  18. Ice :-) And chocolate sheet cake.

  19. Yellow :)

    I would love to bake real soon, but I’m finishing up my last semester in college so no time. (Only 4 more weeks!)

  20. I would have to say PINK because my stepmother has been dying to get her hands on one of these for a loooooong time and I know she’d be thrilled to own one :D

  21. All of the colors are great, but Crystal Blue is beautiful.

    I’m always planning the next thing to bake, perhaps macaroons sometime soon!

  22. I am really torn between the pistachio and aqua sky. I want to bake an easy layered carrot cake I saw on America’s Test Kitchen. Happy spring!

  23. I love the aqua sky and the pistachio! I’m looking forward to making Easter cupcakes.

  24. I love all of the colors but pink is my favorite! I love making cream cheese sugar cookie bars.

  25. Ice! I look forward to baking some healthy muffins and granola bars soon!

  26. I would love one of these in Pistachio! I’ve been wanting one forever, I love baking and this would be perfect to help me whip up my sons birthday cake coming up!

  27. Majestic yellow! I’d love to break it in trying Milky Way icing!

  28. Having a Kitchen Aid mixer is on my wishlist. The pink one would be perfect too. It’s so pretty. My friends and I meet monthly for our cupcake club. We make different ones each month. For Easter, we are actually making bunny tail cake pops and carrot cake cupcakes.

  29. Love the Pistachio one! I am looking forward to baking some goodies for my niece’s graduation party!

  30. Aqua sky! Love that color :) I’ll be makings lots of Easter and baseball cake pops this week!

  31. I love the pistachio one! I would bake tons of sugar cookies and royal icing!!!

  32. Love the Ice color. EASTER baking coming up!!

  33. Love the pink!! I’ve been having fun making decorated sugar cookies lately and am planning more.

  34. My fave spring color is a mix between light teal and Tiffany blue… I like the Ice colored mixer! I can’t wait to make Easter bunny cake pops!

  35. Never had a mixer…love the Majestic Yellow!! Looking forward to baking some red velvet cake!

  36. The pink one! I’ve been wanting to make buttercream cupcakes and this would be perfect

  37. Crystal Blue – and I need some royal icing ! =)

  38. Love the Aqua Sky Mixer! Perfect for tons of baking that awaits me for spring and summer =)

  39. Pistachio

  40. Love love love the blue I bake every day as it is my job and I love my job too

  41. Aqua sky and looking forward to baking my son’s first birthday cake soon!

  42. Ice Ice baby. Ice is my favorite!

  43. Pink! They are all so lovely.

    I’ll be making any and everything in mine. I’ve wanted one for so long, I’d be honored to be the lucky recipient.

  44. Love the aqua mixer! I can see myself and the kids having fun with it :-)

  45. White!!
    Would love to make ponche Romano cake soon ,yummy !

  46. the Ice is awesome!

  47. Ooo the Ice is pretty!!
    Just made a cake and cupcakes with the theme of Jake and the Neverland Pirates yesterday, making 2 cakes for Easter, and some Mickey mouse playhouse cupcakes at the end of this month! Busy busy month on top of a full time job but I love it!
    Happy baking everyone!!

  48. Crystal blue

  49. Pistachio!

  50. Although I’m a mint girl at heart, I think I’d go with aqua sky!

  51. I live the ice

  52. I love the ICE!

  53. I love them all, but Pistachio is definitely the prettiest!

    I’m excited to be making all kinds of breads, especially Rosemary Focaccia!

  54. I love the ice and pistachio. I am looking forward to baking my scratch carrot pineapple cake for Easter.

  55. Loving the pistachio. Would like to bake some blondies sometime soon.

  56. aqua sky pls… :(
    I love too bake here in the philippines, but I can’t afford those baking needs because im only a student.

  57. I love the crystal blue! :) And…mine is on its last leg…I just mixed three batches of sugar cookie dough! Baking tomorrow! :)

  58. I love the aqua one! I’m making macarons soon and this would be very helpful!

  59. The aqua sky one is soooooo cute!! ? I’d love to prepare some oreo cupcakes ?

  60. Pink! I’m planning on baking some Easter sugar cookies and raspberry marshmallows. Having a kitchenaid mixer would make it much quicker and easier though ;)

  61. I love the crystal blue color! I can just picture teaching my son to bake lots if different treats with it, and then one day passing it down to him and his family. It is a timeless mixer!

  62. I’m all about majestic yellow! Would love to bake some peanut butter cookies with that beautiful machine! Thanks!

  63. Oh wow. Crystal Blue! Sweet! I am making a high heel shoe cake for a deserving friend’s bridal shower Saturday!

  64. Aqua sky! I can’t wait to bake! Either tuxedo cake or tiramisu cupcakes! I have made both before and have both been crowd pleasers!

  65. Why pink of course!

  66. Silver Metallic or Ice! I’ve been browsing baking recipes all weekend!

  67. Angel food cake for Easter :) ice has my eye !! Love the colors.

  68. I love the majestic yellow! I’ll be baking yet another round of cupcakes for easter! :)

  69. PINK!
    I’m planning to try the very complicated looking petit fors this week for Easter. I’ll probably get discouraged and just bake some cookies ;)

  70. Silver…and unfortunately I’ll be baking for a memorial service. :-(

  71. Love all of the blues… Especially Crystal Blue. Baking all the time… Some homemade chocolate chip cookies are next!

  72. I like them all but my fave has to be pink! I have been baking and cooking up a storm since I am no longer working and staying home with the kids.

  73. I love the first three you mentioned, in that order: Crystal Blue, Ice, and Pistachio!

  74. Oh my goodness! I’d have to flip a coin… Pink vs Pistachio… Ahh! They’re both beautiful!
    Upcoming baking for Easter, Mothers Day, and a baby shower!

  75. OOO, Ice!

  76. I like the silver!

  77. Aqua Sky! I’m finally taking time to practice my skills with my family! So tons of baking fun ahead…I just need a better mixer!

  78. Aqua sky or Ice, ice baby! Good luck everyone! Would love to try a new recipe every day.

  79. Pistachio!! Love springtime baking. Going to make some bunny cookies for work :)

  80. White! So crisp and clean!

  81. I like the Ice. I’m looking forward to having my baby girl and being able to eventually teach her how to bake. :)

  82. Love the silver metallic!! Looking forward to baking some guava cupcakes soon!

  83. I love the UNC, sorry “Crystal” Blue , and this week is hot cross bun baking for me. Happy Spring!

  84. Pink is sooo pretty and reminds me of sweet coconut ice!

  85. Aqua sky! Love the pretty teal color.

  86. I love the ice-colored mixer! I hope to make some chocolate-covered cake balls soon!

  87. After enjoying Cookie Con in Salt Lake City…I will be baking lots of cookies to practice what I have learned! The aqua Sky is so beautiful!

  88. I love the majestic yellow! So fun and springy! I’m looking forward to attempting to master macaroons, they are so dang hard to perfect!

  89. My hubby’s birthday is coming and I see a beautiful cake in his future :-)! The color Ice is our favorite!

  90. I like the aqua one and will be baking cupcakes tomorrow!

  91. I would kill for one of these in “Ice”! My niece’s third birthday is this weekend, so I’ll be baking a cake for that little munchkin.

  92. Aqua sky! Getting ready to bake lots of cakes for cake pops this spring!

  93. I love the pink! I plan on baking Easter morning coffee cakes.

  94. I love the crystal blue!! I’m going to be baking cookies and a First Communion cake soon!

  95. I love the ICE! I’m excited to make cupcakes for my brothers birthday!

  96. Love the yellow and the pink !! Planning to make chocolate cookies and cupcakes this week : )

  97. I love the Ice color! I am in midst of lots of Passover baking right now!!

  98. I’m in love with the pink! This spring, I’m looking forward to baking an Easter bunny butt cake. After that, who knows!

  99. I love the silver metallic one! Very excited about baking lots of chocolate chip cookies for a study snack as I get ready for finals!

  100. I love the white one! Very classy.
    I could make a cake with it for my Grandma’s birthday. Yuuuummm! :)

  101. Ice would be nice!

  102. Pistachio green…spring and sort of retro…and pefect to whip up a batch of chocolate buttercream frosting.

  103. Ice, ice baby! They are all so beautiful! I would be excited to receive any of them, but Ice is slightly my favorite!

  104. I would pick the silver metallic or yellow- love those colors–Easter baking, maybe a Peeps cake and then my daughter’s birthday cake

  105. Aqua Sky looks perfect! I am doing pre-baking for scones for Easter!

  106. My favorite color is Aqua Sky! Just baked several dozen cookies this weekend for an event. I love baking and am looking forward to baking up some sweet treats for Easter next weekend :)

  107. Ice!!! My husband has been asking for some homemade bread and pizza dough lately, so that’s on next week’s agenda :). Thank you for hosting such a generous and exciting giveaway! Happy Spring!!!

  108. Definitely majestic yellow! The sunshiny brightness goes perfectly with spring cake pops and baking!

  109. Loving the color ‘ice’… I can see my 5 yr old and I baking up some delicious cupcakes with these! :) I have wanted. KitchenAid mixer!

  110. I love the pistachio color! Lots of baking in the near future with Easter and other parties coming up.

  111. Aqua Sky or Silver Metalic. I’m looking forward to making some French Peasant Bread. It is so delicious.

  112. Majestic yellow for my cake pops yay

  113. Love the Ice Blue.. Next baking project is my sons birthday cake. Lightning McQueen

  114. It’s a toss up between aqua sky and pink. Either one would be great for the cream puffs I have been craving!

  115. Love the silver metallic one! I baked Poppy Seed Bread today.

  116. I love the ice and white. It’d be great for macaroons. A dream come true!

  117. I love the pink one!!!! I need it to bake my cakes for my friends and family. A Pineapple one and a key lime one.

  118. I love the silver metallic.

  119. I love the crystal blue – it would be perfect for making snickerdoodles for my husband, cupcakes for my daughter’s class, and my mother’s chocolate cherry birthday cake.

  120. Absolutely love the crystal blue!!! ???? Looking forward to make brownies and delicious cupcakes

  121. I love the Majestic Yellow! With summer coming and 3 months off, I am definitely looking forward to trying a bunch of new recipes, while cooking my way through one of my cookbooks!!!!

  122. It;s between pink and majestic yellow! I think we’re making easter sugar cookies this week!

  123. Love the crystal blue! Wishing for blue skies in Wisconsin and no more snow :)

  124. Oooh! The ‘Ice’ one is so pretty! : )

  125. love the PINK!
    i wanna bake with all the love.. <3

  126. I LOVE the majestic yellow, so gorgeous! I’ve been jonesing to bake this berry danish cheesecake for brunch with my boyfriend’s family for quite a while now. Hopefully this could happen on Easter :)

  127. Pistachio! So pretty!

  128. I love the aqua sky and pistachio! I’m sure I’ll be baking some goodies for Easter….just not sure yet! :)

  129. I would love the ice one. I’m a beginner baker and I’m working on bread now. Would love to try one of these out

  130. I like the crystal blue one. Next thing on my list to make is a mille crepe cake.

  131. I love the pistachio one! It would be great for all of the cupcakes I want to make!

  132. All the colours are great but the Ice is our favourite. We love making cake pops and are in the process of making 300 for an upcoming family event!

  133. Love, love, love the PINK! We would love this for our cooking show!

  134. The ice colored one is amazing. I would love to own one. Its so beautiful.
    As a newly named sous chef in pastry at a 5 star restaurant I’m really excited to be making all the seasonal deliciousness.
    Blackberry panna cotta. With a blackberry pineapple compote. Mmmmm

  135. Loving Pistachio!

  136. I’ve wanted a Kitchen Aid in ice forever! Love the color. My daughter’s first birthday is coming up and I have a Dr. Seuss themed cake I’m planning to make, as well as cupcakes! I would die of excitement if I got one of these!

  137. I love the Ice colored one! I’m looking forward to making Easter cookies this week!

  138. Pistachio! We’re cutting out refined sugar because we’ve found it aggravates my partner’s epilepsy, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with baking with honey/agave/maple syrup/rapadura/coconut sugar, etc.

  139. Love aqua sky!!! I’m baking this week for Passover!

  140. Pink or Ice :)

  141. I love the silver metallic one! And I’m going to make mini egg blondes for an Easter treat!

  142. The Ice is just gorgeous!! My daughter’s first birthday is tomorrow, I’ve got cakes in the oven and am going to start on the icing next!

  143. Ice.

    Making my nephew’s first birthday cake! And with a mixer the possibilities would be endless!

  144. My favorite color is silver!! Looking forward to baking with my daughter!

  145. Pink! I’m getting ready to make carrot cake in the shape of a carrot for my Birthday bunny who’s turning one this week!

  146. I love the Ice colour! I do lots of fundraising for charity so I’m always donating baked goods :)

  147. I love them all but my favorite color is yellow! I love the Majestic Yellow. Yellow reminds me of Lemon Cookies….yum yum!

  148. My favorite is yellow. Matches my kitchen. And I have a birthday cake to do with a little girl and a pig on it.

  149. Love the ice!! And I’m going to try my hand at some macaroons soon!

  150. I love the aqua sky color! I’m looking forward to making some french macarons later this week…would be even easier if I had a gorgeous new mixer in my kitchen! ;)

  151. I love the Aqua Sky! I’ll be baking a flourless chocolate cake tomorrow for Passover.

  152. Pistachio!!!!! That is so cute. :) I have been put on a 2-week sugar ban by my doctor (I am suffering!) so I have been saving up SO MANY RECIPES that I want to make when I can have sugar again. :) I think top of the list is a pretzel-brownie pie.

  153. Gotta love that pink!!! <3 And Im always ready to bake something I actually think Im going to bake some cupcakes this week :-)

  154. I really love the colour Aqua Sky,
    And an all time favourite to whip up is a fluffy meringue pavlova!! With whipped cream and fresh fruits!!! MMMM

  155. I think I would have to go with Pink. I mean Ice. Or maybe yellow. Ahhh any of them would be amazing!!!!!! I will be baking some oatmeal cutout cookies for Easter this week! :) And unfortunately will be using a hand mixer….

  156. Pistachio is soooo cute!! What i would make with the mixer is Pistachio macarons!

  157. Majestic yellow floats my boat! So cheerful!

  158. I like the Crystal Blue one :)
    My hubby’s birthday is in two weeks, so I’m looking forward to making him an ombre blue birthday cake.

  159. Love the silver. Plan on making bread and cookies.

  160. Ohh I love the pink!

  161. Pistachio is my fave!!!!

  162. Oh I love the pink one! I am planning on making some banana cookies tomorrow! I have some aging bananas that are begging to be used.

  163. I would love to whip up a batch of lemon bars in my majestic yellow Kitchenaid mixer!!

  164. LOVE both the Ice and the Aqua Sky colors! I’ve really wanted to try my hand at baking macarons but am too nervous!

  165. i love them all….but I would say the metallic gray!!!!

  166. Pink forever!

  167. I love the pink, yellow, and pistachio. Very Easter-y. I’m looking forward to baking some chocolate chip cookies soon. Classics.

  168. I love the Aqua sky color. I will be making a birthday cake this week.

  169. Torn between Aqua Sky and Pistachio…but they’re all gorgeous! I’m actually most looking forward to making pasta from scratch. :D

  170. I love ice & aqua sky – both would look great in my kitchen.

  171. I want them all, but I would settle for Aqua Sky. What would I make? The sky’s the limit!

  172. Aqua sky. I really want to make a vanilla souffle!!

  173. Aqua Sky!

  174. Of all the colors, my favorite is Ice. Very cool and fun looking.

    As far as my future baking plans, I would make some cheesecake bites and mini flans.

  175. Silver! I’ve been meaning to make a pistachio cake for a while now.

  176. Pistachio! Although I’d probably give it to my sister :)

  177. I want them all!! However, I will settle for Aqua Sky. What would I make…the sky’s the limit!

  178. I love the crystal blue mixer! It would make my kitchen adorable. I can’t wait to make some spring sugar cookies soon.

  179. Pink! Oh, my, how wonderful would that be.

    I’d love to have a new mixer to usher me into rhubarb season, which should be upon us very soon :)

  180. I really like the Aqua Sky one. Easter is coming, so I have lots of fun baking to do! I just need to narrow it down to what!

  181. Love the ice blue. And excited to bake cupcakes for my son’s Easter birthday on Sunday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. I just finished my favorite baking activity. Every Sunday I prepare the family’s bread for the week. Basic white, a few loaves of whole wheat, two loaves of marble rye, and, my very favorite, cinnamon bread.

    As for my favorite color, the pistachio would fit in well with my kitchen decor.

  183. I love the Crystal Blue color. So pretty!

    Looking forward to baking a couple cakes for Easter weekend!

  184. Silver metallic is pretty. I’m hoping to bake something yummy for Easter.

  185. I like the silver metallic. Lately I’ve been wanting to make some cat treats with my girlfriend.

  186. I have killed more than one hand mixer trying to make perfect Macrons. The one I currently have makes a lovely grinding sound on the highest speed. I love the silver metallic.

  187. Definitely pistachio!!!!!! I’m looking forward to baking a fruity cake for Easter…

  188. I love the yellow one!!! I’m going to be baking lemon cupcakes soon for my mom’s bday!

  189. Ooo, what a hard choice. I think crystal blue!

  190. Love the white. Will be making sugar cookies.

  191. I’d love the pistachio one!

    I’m hoping to bake some cupcakes since it’s Easter week. :-)

  192. My favorite color is pistachio! And I am going to make Lavender French Macarons filled with a Meyer lemon curd to celebrate and welcome spring! An amazing stand mixer would definitely help with that. Happy Spring!!

  193. Aqua is lovely! I hope to make a code crumb cake soon.

  194. That silver metallic is super sleek! PB cup cupcakes for a friend’s birthday!

  195. I think the Aqua Sky is my favorite of the colors shown here. They all sing “Spring” for sure.

    Might try a pound cake if I win it! My 20+ year old KitchenAid would happily relinquish kitchen space

  196. I would choose the white mixer. I do a lot of baking. So, i plan on baking my famous lemon cupcakes.

  197. Love the color green! Hope to bake some bars soon!

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