Spring Bake Giveaway

YAY! It’s spring and I couldn’t be happier. And to celebrate the season, I’m having a sweet springy giveaway for a KitchenAid Mixer in one of the following colors.  The winner gets to pick, too… Fun! What’s it going to be? Crystal Blue? Ice? Pistachio? Who’s up for Majestic Yellow?

All of these colors are beautiful and put me in the baking mood.

I hope they do for you, too!

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite color and if you’re looking forward to any fun baking soon.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck guys!


I love reading what you guys are getting ready to bake and your favorite color mixer. And now I’m excited to announce the winner. I hope you enjoy the mixer and make lots of goodies with it. Okay, let’s see who it is.

It’s Joyce! Comment # 7138. Congratulations – ice is a great choice. One of my favorites.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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10,228 comments on “Spring Bake Giveaway”

  1. I’d choose Pink.
    I extremely love baking and cooking and since the holidays are coming up, I plan on making some croissants. This is so much work and I gotta start three days ahead..hope they will turn out great.

  2. My favorite color is pink! I look forward to baking some banana cake for my boyfriend’s birthday!

  3. Oh pistachio, you are such a fun color!!! I would love to add you to my kitchen and get my girls into the mixing, baking world!!! :)

  4. Aqua Sky–that’s one of my favorite colors. I love to bake and this would make a lovely addition to my kitchen

  5. I am in love with the ice! super retro for my retro kitchen. I hope to make a strawberry rhubarb filling. I want to attempt some homemade pasta as well.

  6. I love aqua sky!

  7. Pistachio, no doubt. Rosemary bread, coming up!

  8. ICE definately!! I have a 5 doz cupcake order in a few weeks!!

  9. I love majestic yellow, au sky is pretty as well. Hope to win this one on my birthday!

  10. Crystal Blue

  11. I love the yellow one, it just means spring to me!

  12. The Ice and Pink are gorgeous! With my birthday and Easter withing the next week I’m sure to be baking up something soon!

  13. I love the pink one!! I’m planning on making a Heath bits, chocolate chip and cinnamon layered bundt cake and double chocolate espresso macarons!

  14. Love the ice!!! Plan to make red velvet cupcakes this week. :)

  15. The majestic yellow mixer is super adorable! I’m hoping to get some baking done in time for Easter. Definitely something egg shaped and pastel.

  16. Pink pink pink pink!
    Been wanting a pink kitchen aid for the longest time
    Just baked honey oat bread yesterday for the week hehe!

  17. Color: Pistachio
    Bake: Rainbow cupcakes :D

  18. Blue – I’m looking forward to baking some yummy Easter treats.

  19. I’d take Ice or Pink, both in a wink ;) Easter is sure to be bringing some sweet treats my way – I need to figure out what I’m making!

  20. Pistachio would be my color of choice. Looking forward to baking some french macs, smb and trying to mimic sprinkles “cuban” cupcake since its a seasonal cupcake.

  21. I love Aqua Sky! I am hoping to test out some Paleo friendly sweets!

  22. I just adore the ice color!! It’s so spring! And speaking of spring… I can’t wait to make hot cross buns for Easter!!

  23. White! So clean and pretty!!

  24. Pink without any doubt…so girly!! And ’cause I like girly things, I’m gonna bake a lot of girly cookies for a new born! ????

  25. The Pink and Ice are both so nice! My birthday is coming up soon so I’m planning so I’m certain to bake something for that!

  26. Ice,ice,baby :)

  27. Crystal blue is my favourite. Reminds me of my boys, spring is full of party in our house. After easter, we have 2 birthday party so I’m baking cakes and cupcakes :)

  28. I would love to have the Aqua Sky color.
    I am looking forward to baking tons of cake pops for all the upcoming April birthdays!! :]

  29. I love the aqua sky! I am looking forward to baking bread soon.

  30. I would love Sky! I love to bake! I would bake some Easter treats!

  31. Would love one in pink! Up next I’ve got cake pops for a co-worker’s baby shower…it’s a girl!

  32. Aqua sky would be my pick! As I prepare to make my fudge truffle brownies for the graduation celebration for my son’s senior class, I can’t help but think how much easier it would be with a KitchenAid mixer.

  33. Love the Pink and Pistachio!
    I’ll soon be baking a 21st birthday cake for my baby Bjorn! Can’t wait to celebrate!

  34. The Ice is such a nice color! I’m sure to be baking some sweets for Easter!

  35. White! So clean and pretty!

  36. Pistachio or Ice! So cheery! I am making a chocolate cake for a surprise birthday party this weekend. :)

  37. Ice!!! I enjoy baking all the time and have a side baking business and this would help tremendously instead of a hand electric mixer. I baked chocolate turtle cookies this weekend and plan to make all sorts of Easter cookies this week!

  38. The Ice is so beautiful. My birthday is next week so my mom and I will be baking up a storm! I’m thinking Whopper cookies, Chocolate Marshmallow cake, Lemon Lime cake….yum!

  39. I love the Ice color! I’d bake up some challah bread and I’m sure my grandmother’s white kitchen aid mixer would enjoy the rest!!

  40. The pistachio shade is ideal,
    modern with a subtle edge :-)

  41. I would pick the aqua sky!! I am prepping for my daughters birthday party this week and treat next week for school…cake pops!! They are a MAJOR favorite!

  42. Love the aqua sky to make me some yummy muffins. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  43. ice or white! Love them both:)

  44. I love the pink! And I will definitely be making easter egg shaped cake balls… It’s now an Easter tradition! xxoo

  45. Love the Aqua Sky. I’m looking forward to baking a strawberry cake soon.

  46. Love the pink mixer!! I have big plans to attempt bunny cake balls for Easter!

  47. My favorite is Ice, so pretty and springy. I can’t wait to make lemon cupcakes and some yummy peanut butter cookies.

  48. Ice! To match my eyes lol I have a big fat Greek family that I’m constantly baking/entertaining for! My next larger party will be in June for my birthday! So nice of you to do a giveaway!

  49. White, I love the white one! I can’t wait to bake cupcakes for Easter.

  50. Silver….

  51. I love the ICE color!!! I’m still trying to decide what to make for Easter!!! Already know I’m making the much requested Corn Cookies though!

  52. Pistachio, please!

    A mixer would come in handy for all the baking/cooking I’m learning to do with my new ATK culinary school cookbook! :)

  53. Believe it or not, I like the classic white. I just found a treasure trove of old recipes by my grandmother (in her handwriting!) that I’d love to try out. Cocoa brownies, macarons, pie crust from scratch, etc are just a few of the things I’m excited to live through her eyes.

  54. Aqua Sky. I’ve been meaning to make some blueberry cookies.

  55. Silver metallic!!!!!!! I would LOVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  56. The pistachio is so pretty. Looking forward to baking once tax season is over! Maybe some cake pops or pies or cookies… :)

  57. I’d choose the crystal blue, but if I won I’d gift it to my daughter who is newly adjusting to celiac disease and learning to bake gluten-free…and I think she would like the aqua sky color better. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

  58. I love the Pink one! waaah! :3 Hope tp bake some french pastries to practice before school starts! :D

  59. Pistachio is the perfect color!! I’m planning on baking some sugar cookies and mini cakes for Easter. Good luck everyone!!

  60. I love the white or the blue color! I really want to bake something with chocolate!

  61. Aqua Sky! I’d love to whip up a birthday cake for my husband with that.

  62. Majestic Yellow would look awesome in my grey kitchen! Not baking, but plan to make homemade banana pudding for Easter lunch.

  63. I LOVE the pistachio color! And I’m making the lemon bars for Easter (:

  64. I love the colour pink and with easter on it’s way I’ll be making easter cupcakes with my 2 little girls :)

  65. I love the ice one…but might have to go with classic white!

  66. The majestic yellow is so awesome! It reminds me of a tasteful yellow cake, so I will bake one soon :D

  67. Majestic yellow. Grandmothers birthday soon

  68. I would love the white it would match my white gloss kitchen perfectly! I could also do with a second mixer as my first is well over used and slows me down only being able to mix one flavour at once.
    My wedding anniversary is soon and would love to make an epic cake for it with this x

  69. i like the pistachio. its so mod.

  70. Love the happy color Majestic Yellow. I have baking to do for Easter brunch.

  71. I’m loving the Majestic Yellow. I plan to try my luck with baking and decorating the 3D Easter Bunny bundt cake for a special Easter treat!

  72. Ice,i love ice colour
    In summer everyone wants to feel coooooooool

  73. Majestic Yellow would be AMAZING in my kitchen!!! :)

  74. Majestic Yellow would be gorgeous in my kitchen. I’m going to make some cookie stuffed brownies this week for my doctor’s office. They’re the best people I know and have kept me alive for the past 11 years!

  75. The silver :) I’m looking forward to Easter baking!

  76. Love the pink or yellow! And Easter treats will probably be next on the baking agenda.

  77. I absolutely adore all the colors, they are beautiful! The one that sticks out to me is ice! I can see myself making many treats with it! Thanks for the Giveaway!!??

  78. I love pink!

  79. LOVE the Ice colored one! I have a big big wedding cake coming up at the end of May! Super nervous

  80. I’m in love with the ice , pink, and majestic yellow but if I were to buy one, I’d propablly go with the silver for the sake of matching. (Gift or curse?…it HAS to match, lol) Funny thing about this post is I just put another hand mixer to rest last night…5th one so far this year. :( never had a kitchen aide but it would be so amazing if I did. :)

  81. The ice blue would be so much fun! Looking forward to baking chocolat chip cookies with my two year old little guy who loves to help despite the guaranteed mess :)

  82. Oh my …. These colors are all gorgeous!!! My fav is Aqua Sky. I love to bake. With Easter right around the corner, I’ll be baking carrot cake to share with family and friends.

  83. Majestic yellow. Perfect color for some spring time baking

  84. I can’t choose between the Ice and the Pink one!! I’m going to make angel food cake for my dad’s birthday, and maybe some oatmeal smartie cookies this week :)

  85. I love the color Aqua Sky! I want to bake a lemon merinque pie for Easter!

  86. Pink!! and I’m looking forward to baking more cake pops for my boyfriend to taste test :)

  87. I LOVE the color Ice! With pink being a close second. I am a cake decotator…so I would be baking up a lot of cakes, cupcakes and cookies with it

  88. My favorite is aqua sky. Looking forward to baking more cookies, brownies and cheesecakes!

  89. Pink! :D

  90. They all look lovely but I would love to have it in Ice! I just got back home after being away for a long time and would love to bake pies and cakes for my family with it. :)

  91. Pink!
    And I’m always baking every weekend or so. :-)

  92. I love the aqua sky!! And I will be doing some baking this week for a bachelorette party!!! Love to bake!

  93. I love the Aqua Sky color! So pretty! I will be baking my own birthday cake this Wednesday the 16th! :)

  94. Love the aqua! Just signed up to make 100 cinderella shoe cookies for a cinderella tea. This would come in handy.

  95. Crisp, classic white for me! I bake every Friday for my coworkers, so thinking about all the cute possibilities for Easter cookies and cupcakes.

  96. Silver metallic for me. Strawberry choco chip cookies :)

  97. I would love to win the Ice color! I’ve had experience with these mixers before and they make baking so much easier, especially when I use egg substitutes. (I’m allergic to eggs.)

  98. Love the Aqua Sky color!

  99. Majestic yellow!!!!

  100. Love the Pistachio!!

    Very simple, but always a favorite…chewy chocolate chip cookies. Yum!!!

  101. Love the Aqua Sky, would be great with the Easter cakes I am baking.

  102. I LOVE the pink and the pistachio, followed by the Sky Blue!!!

    Looking forward to baking lots of Easter orders this week!!

  103. Love the ice blue! Perfect for whisking some pink merengue! ;)

  104. Aqua sky looks like the perfect spring color! Can’t wait to make some springtime sugar cookies very soon!

  105. So hard to choose! If I have to, I would go with ice. Wait, Aqua Sky. Or maybe pistachio. Either way, I would love to use one of these lovelies to mix some yummy treats up for my sisters bachelorette sleepover next weekend!

  106. I love the pistachio!! I’d make some Easter cookies with pretty pastel m&ms to decorate :)

  107. I’d love the ice mixer! I just finished a cake decorating class and would love to have this! Either way, thank you for your generosity!

  108. Pinks my favourite, I’m making dads birthday cake next :)

  109. I love the ICE and the first spring baking project would be carrot cupcakes!

  110. Silver Metallic! Making strawberry hand pies tomorrow!

  111. I would kill for that aqua sky mixer! Mixing up some cinnamon rolls for Easter :)

  112. I absolutely adore all of the colors but my favorite seems to be ice. I would love bake many creations with it!!!!??

  113. Majestic yellow! I have 4 kiddos so I bake constantly. My 4 yr old, 6 yr old and I made a lime cheesecake tonight. :)

  114. Ice is nice…especially twice!

  115. Love the pink. Loooking forward to making cakes.

  116. I love the silver metallic, pistachio, and crystal blue mixers! As for fun baking, I hope to have some more time when this semester of grad school is over, though I know that’s not likely since I’ll be in class and working a couple of part-time jobs this summer.

  117. I love the pink one, it’s so.. pinkyblush! Haha I just made that word up but it’s a cute color. I can’t wait to turn on my baking mode once I’m done with finals next month :)

  118. I love the ice color… wanted to get one however its really expensive here in the Philippines for Kitchenaid mixer… i love baking since I was 9 yrs old and been using the hand mixer that my cousin gave me when I was in highschool…

  119. I love the aqua sky and I’m looking forward to making Easter egg cake pops!

  120. Pink,Pink,Pink….have 300 pops to do and have to do by hand,my stand mixer broke…sniff,sniff

  121. I love the Pistachio color and can’t wait to do something creative for Easter. :)

  122. My wife would love the Acqua

  123. looking forward to easter baking with my neice an nephew! either of the blue ones… both would go great with my kitchen

  124. Ice is gorgeous.

  125. Blue……..nothing but the Crystal Blue……..
    Ice or Aqua Sky would be my 2nd or 3rd choice :)

  126. Such a hard choice but that Ice melts my heart

  127. I’m soooo loving the Aqua Sky, would love to bake some cake & cookies for my little one’s birthday!

  128. My favorite color is lime green. Since you don’t have that- I would go with the silver one.
    I’m not sure what baking is in my future, but I am sure it will be chocolate!!

  129. Love the Aqua Sky would come in handy with my Easter baking coming up !

  130. Pink, to make fluffy meringues!

  131. Yellow please!

  132. Overdue to bake my favorite white chocolate cranberry cookies! Yum! I love the silver metallic mixer!

  133. Love the aqua. This weekend i plan on making my strawberry lemonade cupcakes

  134. I’d love to have the white or the silver one! This week I’ll be baking cookies for my son’s birthday party!

  135. I would love to have a pink one…always wanted one:)

  136. The silver metallic, definitely.
    I’m on vacation and just finished making a white chocolate amaretto cheesecake. The things I could bake…

  137. Pistachio! It reminds me of my jadeite collection.

  138. I love the color Ice! I’m looking forward to baking tarts and other fresh fruit treats.

  139. So loving Majestic Yellow!

  140. Pistachio all the way. The color reminds me of my parents retro kitchen appliances. I’ll be making hot cross buns soon.

  141. I’m falling in love with Aqua Sky. I’m looking forward to Easter baking and my 10 year anniversary wedding cake.

  142. Such a hard choice but that Ice melts my heart!

  143. I would love to get the pink mixer to make so awesome strawberry cupcakes or pink lemonade cupcakes

  144. I would LOVE the silver metallic. I would make my kids their favorite chocolate chip Oatmeal cookies or find something new and delicious from your blog.

  145. They are all beautiful but the pink one is simply divine!
    I want to make some spring sugar cookies.

  146. I like the silver metallic. Im looking forward to making hit cross buns for Easter. Also, lemon cheesecake and strawberry mousse for Spring.

  147. Pink please! Will go well with by shop that I am planning to start up soon! PLEASE PLEASE! :D LOVE U BAKERELLA!

  148. I love the Silver Metallic! :) Looking forward to baking cupcakes! <3

  149. Love the pink,and will be making some cookies and cakes.

  150. My favorite is probably aqua set.I’ll be baking Cookies this weekend with my boys

  151. BLUE! My daughter and I love to bake!

  152. Ahhh so hard to pick a favorite! I think aqua sky would work beautifully with my kitchen colors!! I do tons of baking.. cookies, cakes, you name it! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at macarons for a while though and this mixer would be the best motivator to finally get on it!

  153. I like the ice! I am excited to make my niece some fun neon frosted cupcakes for her birthday!

  154. Pistachio. A lot of cake balls are in my near future.

  155. I’d love to win silver metallic! It looks super cool!

  156. Would love to have that yellow one! Would add a little sunshine to my spring time sweets.

  157. I love the aqua sky. I would love to bake some meringues for Brazo de Mercedes. YUM!!!

  158. Ice!!!!! It could make my baking a bit faster for my kids school bake sale!

  159. The aqua sky would be perfect in my kitchen!

  160. Love the Ice! Looking forward to baking for my daughter’s 5th birthday!

  161. They are all so beautiful, but I look pretty in pink!

  162. Aqua sky! Use it to make treats to take on a hike under the aqua sky of summer. :):):):)

  163. I love the Aqua Sky color, it’s just screams spring time to me. Makes me think of making cute Easter inspired sugar cookies. Little bunnies and pastel easter egg cookies would be perfect!

  164. Ice ice baby!!!

    I’m baking coast guard themed cupcakes and Disney Frozen cupcakes this week. :-D

  165. I love the one with the color ice and the first thing is do was to bake my brother a big chocolate cake for his birthday

  166. Crystal blue! I’ll be making a dragon cake soon so fingers crossed it all goes well.

  167. I love the green!! It’s beautiful!! I can’t wait to bake in my new kitchen in my new house!!!

  168. I love the pink one and it’s just perfect for creating Spring & Easter projects.

  169. I love the aqua sky!! I’ve been scouring Pinterest all day looking for Easter ideas!!

  170. I love the ice color! It’s a fun pop of color and so chic at the same time. I have some upcoming showers to bake some goodies for so this will definitely help me in the process if I’m lucky enough to win!

  171. I would love silver metallic. Maybe some cookies in my near future.

  172. I love the aqua sky! Looking forward to bake more with lemon flavors to celebrate spring. :)

  173. Pink is so sweet! Makes me want to make cake!

  174. The silver one. I have started baking bread weekly. My family is now turning their noses up at store bought.

  175. Ice is a beautiful colour its so cool and fresh for the warmer weather in spring :) its my birthday this month so I’ll be baking my own cake, it will probably be something very lemony and fresh this year

  176. I would love to whip up a meringue pie with the silver metallic!

  177. Ice is my favorite

  178. Silver metallic would be perfect. Oh I am always.baking as the mom taxi there is always a need to bake

  179. I love love love the “Ice” Kitchen Aid! What I’m exited to make this year is birthday cakes for my family. I always do homemade cakes for each of their birthdays, however mine is the next one coming up in exactly 2 months today! I also love making cookies, brownies, peanut butter balls and all sorts of goodies during the holiday season! Yum!!

  180. The aqua color is my favorite! I will be making sugar cookies this week with my kids for Easter. They love cutting out the shapes.

  181. pistachio!

    There will be lots of Easter baking going on around here soon…cupcakes, lemon squares and pies, oh my!

  182. The aqua one is pretty! It will be excellent and fun to use with the kiddos :-)

  183. Love the aqua color. Want to make some brownies

  184. I love the Aqua Sky.

  185. I would love toget the Ice blue mixes to whip up some delish blueberry whipped cream to go with some awesome white chocolate cupcakes

  186. Ice is amazing!

  187. Aqua, the color is so vintage looking and has that Pop of color to my white appliance kitchen.

  188. I really like the silver one. Making monster cookies tomorrow. :)

  189. I love the Ice Blue color. I look forward to baking Easter cupcakes with my kiddos!

  190. The silver metallic would look beautiful in my kitchen.

  191. So many colours to choose from! I love the pink, Chrystal blue, pistachio and white ! But since we have to choose 1, I think Im gonna pick the white one :) Easter baking comin up this week! Cakes and cupcakes.

  192. Oh my goodness I’m in love with ice!!! I hope to bake some muffins in the morning for my kids spring break.

  193. Ice! They are all so beautiful. I’d love to be the proud owner.

  194. How can I choose one? They’re all beautiful. I would have to say that Ice is speaking the loudest to me. A spring lamb cake is on the menu at my house.

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