The Fourth

Freedom, independence & a marine named Carlos. Last week I was trying to decide what kind of Fourth of July sweets to make or if I was even going to make anything at all. Then I received an email from a reader’s boyfriend and I knew I wanted to… had to… do something for the holiday.

Here’s his letter. And by the way, I couldn’t make anything sweeter than this.

Hi there Bakerella!

My name is Carlos and I’m a United States Marine, and have been one since 1998. If you wouldn’t mind just giving my e-mail some thought, I’d be grateful. Here’s the story:

My girlfriend just went away to Marine Corps bootcamp not yet a month ago. She LOVES to bake, but unfortunately didn’t get much time to do so because her job took up most of her free time, so she lived vicariously through you. She’s a fan of photography also, so your blog was a welcome reprieve from a long, hard day at the office. As you may or may not know, bootcamp for Marines is 13 weeks long; the only contact with the outside world is through snail mail. I miss my girlfriend immensely and while I know she’s doing something for her country that she’s always wanted to do, it’s hard on me. I digress, she loves your blog. I know the 4th of July is coming up and I ask you this not only for her, but also for the men and women in the Armed Forces who really know and FEEL the meaning behind this holiday. I think it would be very patriotic and meaningful to bake and decorate something in the spirit of the military, not just flags and sparklers like everyone else is doing – but something to show people that our military needs support and we need to remember them while we’re lighting off fireworks at the family BBQ. You know?

Now, I’m asking this because I think it would touch a special place in some of your reader’s hearts. I’m willing to bet you have quite a following amongst military wives and/or girlfriends. How nice would it be to show your support? I’ve served 3 tours in Iraq and am due to go to Afghanistan for a year in the next few months. I won’t get to see my girlfriend graduate from bootcamp in September, I won’t get to see her looking sharp in her uniform, I won’t get to see the pride on her face as finally, at 28 years old, she joins the ranks of The Few, The Proud… so this would be my chance to show her I thought of her. This is your chance to show you think of our military, as many others should be doing. Maybe it’ll get people to look for ways to support us with baked goods? During the colder months overseas, my girlfriend would bake cookies and anything else she could that would hold up to the travel and heat, and send on enough for my whole platoon. A taste of home, a taste of love… opening up a box with the smells of back home was something you just can’t explain. It was magical. My girlfriend didn’t stop there though, she adopted Marines, Soldiers and Airman through and sent them care packages and notes of encouragement.

I realize I’m all over the place here, but trying to get my point across is difficult without writing you a novel. I think you get the gist. 4th of July is about more and I’d love to write my girlfriend a letter and say, ‘Bakerella appreciates the Armed Forces, when you get back to the real world and have access to a computer… go see her 4th of July post.’ Now, I don’t know if you’ll do this or not and it’s fine either way. I just wanted to tell you a little story and hope that maybe a tiny blurb in your blog would entice your readers into caring just a tiny bit more and thinking just a bit deeper on our Independence Day.

I appreciate your time in reading this!


What a sweetheart. When I read his letter, I immediately wanted to make and send something to surprise his girlfriend. I thought, how cute would it be for her to open a box of colorful cake pops! Then, Carlos informed me that they can’t receive food during boot camp. I pictured her being forced to eat all the pops at one time and then made to run 10 miles or something. I don’t think she’d like that too much. Picture it. Cute little cake pops. Marines. Lollipop sticks. Marines. Sprinkles. Marines. Not the best idea for her sake.

Now, I can’t send her anything sweet, but I can send her these sweet simple words of appreciation.

Military Pops

It’s not much, but I hope that if you do see this when your 13 weeks of boot camp are over, that it puts a smile on your face. And know that you and all members of the armed forces were thought of this July 4th.

Plus… that Carlos… he sounds like a keeper.

Cake Pops

Marine Pops

Cake Pops

What about you? Is there someone on your mind… or in your heart… this holiday?

Hope you all have a happy, safe and sweet Fourth of July!

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  1. OMG its cute

  2. Hi
    I am a Coast Guard mom and definitely appreciate the mention on your cake pops. Unfortunately we the Coast Guard are forgotten as a part of the armed forces. We too go to Iraq we just protect on the water.
    Thanks again

  3. Carlos sure loves his girlfriend…and so do all of us in the USA. Why? For fighting for our Country. For believing in us. For being the noble person you are! Happy 4th of July (a little late) and THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Carlos sure loves his girlfriend…and so do all of us in the USA. Why? For fighting for our Country. For believing in us. For being the noble person you are! Happy 4th of July (a little late) and THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Just discovered your blog and it is fantastic! I am making those pie pops tonight!

  6. It really brightened my day that you remebered to include the Coast Guard they are often forgotten! Thank you!

  7. Your post made me teary eyed. Thank you for being supportive of those fighting for our country.

  8. Thank you, my husband is serving his 3rd tour in the Marine Corps as well….Happy Independence Day.

  9. Tyler and Joanna Hamilton – shape them like balloons, dip them in red coating and stick a red rainbow chip sprinkle or mini hereshey coated kiss on the bottom.

  10. this was awesome!

    Also- I'm a new reader and have a random question. I have made your cupcake pops several times and am getting ready to make them for my son's birthday (Goodnight moon themed) and would like to have them look like red balloons…how did you get the vibrant red for these? and do you have any ideas that would make them look more like balloons?

    thanks so much, I'm loving reading your blog!

  11. I am the wife of a US Army Ranger, and this touched me deeply. My husband has done 3 tours overseas, one lasting a grueling 15 months. We have 3 small children — one is a brand new baby boy. Our family has so much pride in what "our Daddy" does, and seeing posts and appreciation for our armed forces brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Thank you for this post, and thank you to all of our men and women in uniform protecting our awesome country!

  12. I tried my first cake pops tonight. I have a lot of practicing to do before they will be presentable. But since I'm a (newly christened) cake decorator this is a great use for all those cakes tops left over after leveling my bigger creations.

    I have a few questions though…how do you keep them so round? Mine flattened on the bottom when they were chilling. Also, my candy coating didn't seem to go on as thick and smoothly as yours. It looks like my cake pops have cellulite. Could it be the type of candy melt? Or maybe the cake to frosting ratio didn't give me the right consistency. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is my first time commenting but I love your ideas and check your blog often.

  13. chef robert- First, yes, AC is a BIG plus. What kind of candy melts are you using? 30 minutes is too long. Make sure the balls have been firmed up in the freezer. Don't roll in the chocolate. Drop in the bowl and then pour chocolate on top. Scoop out ball with a spoon and tap excess off. The white coating isn't as forgiving as the chocolate, so you may want to dip them a second time if you get crumbs.
    And yes, the thinner the chocolate, the easier to dip. You can add some shortening to help thin it out.

  14. As a girlfriend of a Marine … I love this. :)
    Thanks for posting it!

  15. I was just looking over all of your July posts an saw the military pops. I love them!!! That was such an awesome treat for the 4th!!! My husbaand is in Afghanistan now and I really appreciate people like you who appreciate our armed forces!! Thanks so much!!!

  16. awesome! amazing! god bless all our military (families included) i am a proud sister of a Solider who has been to iraq twice and have a cousin who is currently serving in Afghanistan (again) love this post!

  17. As a military wife, all I can say is THANK YOU for remembering everyone who fights for the freedome we have to express ourselves, through baking and/or blogging!! :)

  18. That was such a heartfelt letter.

    I love what you came up with. So creative, and it includes everyone. :)

    The troops that so selflessly serve our country don't get enough thanks. THANKS TROOPS! Your courage, dedication and bravery deserves to be remembered every day , not just one.

  19. My baby brother :) He is a Marine and serving in Afghanistan right now. We miss him like crazy!! Thanks for the cute ideas.

  20. I found your blog a few months ago and have absolutely loved every one of your posts! You are wonderful!!!

    Tonight, I finally got the courage to make some red velvet balls and made a big o' hot mess! It didn't take long for red velvet crumbs to get in the white chocolate candy melts. Despite trying to tap the candy off, it was all lumpy/bumpy. Then,to top off the entire experience, it took forever (over 30 minutes) for the candy to start hardening — even now (over an hour from giving up), it is sticky to the touch. When we attempted to eat them, they fell apart pretty quickly.

    I soooo don't want to give up, as you've really inspired me to make these for a friend's wedding. Thankfully, that isn't until October. Can you show me the error of my ways????

    My initial thoughts are that perhaps I should: (a) add more cream cheese icing to the cake (they seemed pretty good to me — not to moist and easily formed into balls), (b) make the balls a bit more compact, (c) get the candy to different consistency (am I looking for a runny consistency?), and/or (d)give up trying to bake in this HOT TEXAS HEAT (the temperatures have been over 105 with the heat index every day for awhile now).


  21. Thank you Bakerella! My sweet baby girl leaves for Iraq in December and this year the 4th of July really meant something to me.

  22. I too, am a military wife! I am so happy to see that you included the United States Coast Guard in your post. Often times, men and women, like my husband our left out of celebrations. The USCG does important and dangerous work every day…they TOO are overseas! Thanks Bakerella, it means the word to me!

  23. Wow, Bakerella! The pictures brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for honoring our military folks. What beautiful cake pops, and perfect ribbons! Loved the touch of the seals from each branch. :)

    -from the wife of a soldier, daughter of a sailor, and sister of a coastie

  24. What bright, pretty, happy cake pops those are. As a wife to an active duty AirForce officer who is about to leave for another Middle Eastern tour. I sincerely appreciate that email and this post. Being stationed in a foreign country this July 4th meant even more than ever to me. Normally I'm a lurker but I wanted to say thank you for this post.

  25. My husband has been at sea a lot lately and I've not had the chance to visit your blog as often as usual (DAILY!). Thank you for your 4th of July cake pops. My heart smiled as I read Carols' letter and then saw the cake pops. So elegantly simple. Fabulous. Thank you for thinking of the men and women that serve -it makes my job easier to know my husband is appreciated! :D

  26. OH MY GOSH, I was in tears.
    DOES CARLOS HAVE A BROTHER?????????????????????
    Thank you for this.
    (p.s. I'm married to a great guy, but have so many friends needing a Carlos out there!)

  27. As a military wife and currently being separated from my husband, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your sincerity. Thanks Bakerella:)

  28. Thank you so much for inspiring me. This week I have been collecting items and money to make and send care packages to our troops stationed overseas through So far, I have five other moms contributing to the effort and it looks like I'll be sending out FIVE care packages with all the items we've been able to pull together. It's so important to remember our men and women serving.

  29. As always, food is the ultimate reminder of home. Whether it be the tastes, or the smells, nothing is better than "the familiar" when you are far from home. Wouldn't it be great if every blogger sent a box of homemade cookies to a soldier somewhere.

  30. Just got an order from cake art! My daughter is making a fondant cake for her 4-H fair. She is having trouble with folds in her fondant. Do you have any tips for preventing them?

  31. LOVE This! I can honestly say the 4th of July is one of my MOST favorite Holidays! Both of my grandfathers were in the service (and have cousins currently serving) and I've always had a special appreciation for our military and the freedom that they protect. There is no better gift in this world, than the Freedom that our service men and women give us. I am so proud of our country and the men and women who protect it. Thank you Bakerella – I love following your blog@!

  32. THANK YOU!

  33. I'm a new enlistee in the Air Force, awaiting a bootcamp date. This was very touching to read, and made me want to spread some baked thanks myself!

    Thanks for this post. :]

  34. This is the sweetest thing I've read in a really long time. It just made my day!

  35. This Air Force wife thinks this is the best post you've ever done Bakerella! Thank you.

    PS. You're right, that Carlos is a keeper!

  36. Love the cake pops! So cute!

  37. I'm so glad you posted his letter, it really enlightened my perspective, thank you.

  38. What a fantastic email Carlos sent you, I have goosebumps and tears. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their loved onesand Bakerella….what can I say, your creations always amaze me, thnak you!!

  39. =) how thoughtful.

  40. I am adding you into my list of favorite blog links. Thanks for keeping it scrumptious!!!!


  41. I am adding you into my list of favorite blog links. Thanks for keeping it scrumptious!!!!


  42. I am adding you into my list of favorite blog links. Thanks for keeping it scrumptious!!!!


  43. I am adding you into my list of favorite blog links. Thanks for keeping it scrumptious!!!!


  44. I am totally jealous of those cake pops. I love to bake, but these seem so complicated. I'm new to your blog, and I have to try out those cupcake pops. They look divine!

  45. Ahhhh…these are perfect!

  46. I too love your blog. That was a great post, really touched me. Except now I feel kind of guilty that I made your hamburger cupcakes for my Fourth of July party instead of something more patriotic. I guess we forget too – will remember for next year.

  47. That is so nice! I'm not from America, so I don't celebrate Independence day, but that is such a nice thing to do for someone!

  48. Another site is:

    You can adopt a soldier, choose the branch of service, state they're from, and send a birthday package, or any other preorganized package their way.

  49. OH MY GOSH! What a sweet note for Carlos to send!

    He is a keeper for sure. Carlos, good luck on your tour in Iraq, if there is anything we can do or send please let me know.

    We're currently stationed overseas with the Air Force and treats from home are always enjoyed. When my husband was stationed in Korea for a year, I would bake him cookies, brownies, rolo pretzle candies, and so on and send enough for him to take into work and share with his fellow troops.

    Thank you Bakerella for doing this post, it was amazing and very kind of you. And thank you for all the troops who serve and all the military wives who hold the fort down while they're gone fighting for our country.

  50. God bless you for honoring Carlos's wish and for the wonderful pops for all the hero's in todays Armed Forces! A special thank you to,to the parents, wives, husbands and children who are home and keeping their chins up waiting for their loved ones to return home safe and sound! Bless you all, Lori

  51. Hello, I just had a quick question and didn't know how to contact you. :) So I figured I'd go to your latest post in hopes you would see my question :D First things first, I just want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I'm a true fan and I have tried many of your recipes!!! I made chocolate frosting and couldn't get it to stay molded (using a star-shaped tip)on my cupcakes. So my question is…Is chocolate frosting moldable? If that makes any sense :) I would really appreciate it if you would get back to me about this. :D thank so much!!! -Laurie –

  52. Awwww…. I love sweet military men!!! God bless our troops!!

  53. beautiful… Carlos is 1 genuine man and I pray that they wind up together forever! Don't know how many of your readers are aware, but there is a national baking band called Operation Baking Gals and we bake for a new deployed military member every month by separate teams. I have spearheaded my team for 8 rounds now… it is such a blessing! Check them out at or my team blog at


    p.s. Bakerella, he pops were AWESOME looking.. wish I had those in my goodie boxes back in my Navy days!

  54. I loved reading these comments. So inspiring. Thank you for the letter Carlos. It touched so many.

    Here are a few links from readers:

    Natalie, Glenda, Atticelf, Mommia – thanks for the link

    Sara V – I made them. Found patches on the internet and printed them on card stock. Then I used a circle punch to cut them out.

    Tammi – tapping to knock off the excess chocolate and shortening to help thin out the candy coating if it's too thick.

    brian – fantastic!

    Micah C – that's what I was afraid of

    Robin – great tip on the pringles can. And another excuse for me to eat them.

    Amber – cute. you're sweet!

    Karen – a Canon Rebel xti

    Sheri – GOOD idea!

    Carlos – So glad you liked it. Thank you again!

    franci – thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.

    Lisa & Jen – I made them. See my response to Sara

    Julie – there was a link in the email from Carlos, but I've included a few more from readers.

    Brett – That's awesome.

  55. That was a super sweet letter and your armed forces cake pops are just fantastic! It was nice of you to take the time to do that ;0)

  56. Thank you! Thank you!
    As a Marine wife myself, I love your blog and yummy goodness. My husband is serving his 22nd year as a Marine Colonel and I'm proud of him!

  57. This is wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for all the men and women who serve our country. I love how many commets this post received, too.

  58. I'll never forget what Independence Day means to this country. My family and I appreciate ALL the sacrifices that our armed forces and their families make every day. im207

  59. Absolutely wonderful!!!

  60. That is so awesome!

    PS: Navy Wife here! Hubby has been in for 14 years in October. =)

  61. My brother spent his Independence Day in Al Kut, Iraq. He's the fourth member of my family to be stationed in the Middle East over the past few years and will be there for several more months. I'm going to try to make some cake pops (belatedly) for my sister in law who had to spend the 4th, their Anniversary, and many other holidays alone while he is over there. Thanks for the message and for showing our guys and gals in uniform some Bakerella love.

  62. What an excellent post! I went to and sent a care package to Afghanistan yesterday. Thanks for passing the word along!

  63. Dear Bakerella,

    This post brought me to tears…literally! First that he was sweet enough to know what blogs his girlfriend follows, was enough to put me over the edge. I have been married 17 years this coming Sat (7/11) and I doubt if my husband even knows what a blog is! LOL
    Also, that he AND his girlfriend are serving our country…people just don't realize that kind of sacrifice. Lastly, that he is just plain a loving and caring guy…so sweet! Thank you on behalf of all the people who didn't already say so, for making those cake pops in honor of our service men and women. They should call you Queen Bakerella. and thank you to all those serving our country!

  64. Wiping tear from my cheeks! I love our soldiers so much!
    ? Jen

  65. At first I thought they were covered with colored sugar crystals. Now I think I'll need to try that.

  66. oh yea and HOOAH!!!

  67. as an army wife, this touches my heart more than you could know. thank you, thank you, thank you! and GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!!

  68. The 4th of July is always a little different to a member of the armed forces {or a spouse}. My husband says the sound of fireworks coming out of the tube remind him of the few seconds before an attack would hit, and they are no longer a pleasure to view up close like we used to do. I tripped up on this blog and so glad that I did!

    Heartwarming! THANKS!

  69. Kudos Bakerella. You made someone really happy this 4th.

  70. Just gorgeous! So sweet of you to do that!

    Oh and your last years cupcake pops inspired me! I changed the way I made them though, have a look and tell me what you think :)


  71. Aww. That was so thoughtful of him. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

  72. Bakerella, that was the BEST post…ever. I am a military brat and so appreciated what you did for Carlos.

    Will have to make those cake pops next year.

  73. Thank you! I'm a military wife, and this post was so touching.

  74. So sweet!! It really means a lot to me, as my husband is in the USMC as well. Thank you!

  75. These are so fun, festive and appropriate! I love it!

  76. My daughter and I made your amazing 4th of July cake pops and they were the hit of the party!!

  77. What a sweet note he sent you! You are obviously doing your part to say "thank you" just by being here for some of our brave men and women to read your blog and dream. laurie

  78. Awww.

    My husband, a soldier, happens to have his ten days of the year home from Korea during Fourth of July weekend this year. To our three-year-olds, Fourth of July means "Daddy is home", and that's just fine by me.

    Unfortunately, he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but I will be baking for his parents when they arrive tomorrow to see their son, granddaughters, and me.

  79. From an Air Force veteran and still a military wife…Thank You!

  80. Another military wife here — and prior active duty member. Those pops were awesome! Thank you for taking the time to do that, and to post Carlos' letter. I was lucky enough to have my hubby home this 4th — for the first time in three years!

    I know many many military wives who read your blog — so any military themes are always appreciated!0309

  81. Happy 4th of July to all of our service men and women and for their spouses (like me) who show their support with baked goods! Thanks Bakerella for recognizing our heroes!

  82. This very proud Army wife thanks you from the bottom of her heart! I love reading your blog and I appreciate this post more than any other! Keep doing what you do!

  83. What a lovely story….

  84. You are truly awesome for doing this! You are an amazing person with amazing talent.

  85. On a side note to those of you who want to send baked goods to someone you know deployed overseas…Try for something that won't melt, for example chocolate chips make a big mess. We found some really great recipes the last time my husband's USCG unit, PSU 313 was deployed, that set up, vacuum sealed, and shipped really well. Good luck:)

  86. Thank you so much for this! As the wife, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, granddaughter x2, niece, and friend of military members, I can't tell you what that meant. A special thanks for not forgetting the Coast Guard, my husband and father where both active duty Navy before joining the Coast Guard Reserves. Unfortunately they get forgotten a lot. Hope you had a happy fourth!

  87. I don't have anything thoughtful or useful to say.

    Just thank you.

  88. aw. tearfest.

  89. With your volume of readers, I think you would have been really effective in encouraging people to mail treats to soldiers. You said that the book camp can't receive food; I'm not sure if any group can, but I bet you would have had a great response had you found an address/ troop/ website with options and encouraged your readers to support the troops by sending in treats or other items.
    Just a thought for your next "cause!"

  90. c'est FABULOUS. that boy is a keeper.

  91. Hi! I was going around cake decorating websites and i happened to get on an italian website of a baker (or so she calls herself) that uses other people's pictures in her "my works" section, and I recognized your red roses topped cupcakes. I didn't email her ,I leave that up to you, but I thought I'd just let you know. The website is and you have to look under the TORTE DECORATE section. Hope this was useful, its really sad when people steal other people's photographs like she did.

  92. Bakerella,

    You can never know how much that means to all the service members and their families. My husband is in the Navy and getting ready to deploy in a week. I am an avid reader and follower of your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to put some true meaning behind the holiday. You are truly wonderful!!!! Thanks again for all your support.

    Heather Nunnelly

  93. Aw, yay! Thanks for this post. I'm in the Coast Guard, and my boyfriend is deployed with the Army National Guard in Kosovo right now. It's always nice to know folks support the troops. Carlos does sound like a keeper – Carlos if you are reading, thanks for serving! And best wishes to your lovely girlfriend to get through boot camp in one piece!

  94. I can't see the pops through my tears!
    God Bless America and our Troops!!

  95. I am so glad you posted his email! Your blog reaches so many and we all need to be reminded why we celebrate the 4th of July and we need to remember those that continue to fight for our freedom that so many take for granted or envy. The cake pops are beautiful! If you remember to, can you post anything that you either receive or find out about his girlfriend's reaction when she got to read this? That is so sweet of him to think of her like that.

  96. That was so sweet! You're the best!

  97. A colorful/sweet treat + a thoughtful spirit = happy 4th of July. Great way to celebrate the most bravest americans… our military! Thanks to them and to you, Bakerella lady.

  98. wow that brought tears to my eyes. Why? My oldest son is in the army, stationed in Hawaii for the moment, on his way with his family to Ft. Lewis Washington then he will go for a second tour in Iraq. All I can say is support our troops in any way possible and keep them in your prayers.

  99. What a wonderful post, it made me cry…as the sister of a Marine and sister of an Airman (woman :))

    Thank you!

  100. From an Army Wife reader, Thank You!

    An yes, Carlos is a keeper! Oorah and Hooah!

  101. What a fabulous tribute to all our armed forces. I am not a military wife or in the military but I come from a military family and know the sacrifice that comes with that honor. Thank you Bakerella!

  102. Could you ask Carlos if it would be okay to send his address/info to some of your readers? I would be proud to send him some homemade goodies to share with his platoon. Let us know what type of this will make it and not melt. Everyone deserves some home-cooking items.

  103. You are right–that Carlos is a real keeper! Love our military and our country! Thanks so much for including the Coast Guard (I'm a Coastie wife)–many times our service gets overlooked. God bless America!

  104. I am a Navy Wife and I can relate to Carlos' feelings. It seems as the wars in the middle east drag on people are forgetting it is not about politics it is about the men and women who serve and their families. If everyone who read this blog would connect with a service member or their family it would make a huge difference. I can tell you I for one have had times where I relied on the grace of God and the kindness of my neighbors to make it through deployments. With 4 kids it can get really tough emotionally, spiritually and financially. Knowing people care means a lot. It is the simple things: put out your flag, put a yellow ribbon on your mail box, send a card to a spouse who is surviving deployment, mow their grass, connect with groups like or call Walter Reed and get their address and send cards to the wounded. We aren't asking to win the lottery, we did that when we were chosen to serve, trust me this life is a CALLING, we just need to be told "Good Job" and "Thank You" a little more often.

  105. Very cute! God bless our troops and their families.

  106. I wanted to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for this post, Bakerella.

    Never did I think a simple e-mail would get as much attention as it did. Had I known, I might have worded it better! ;]

    I've read over the many comments and it makes a guy feel good to see the support we're given when we don't often hear it. I hope everyone had a patriotic and wonderful 4th of July and that your sons, husbands, friends and brothers come home safely.

    To the readers who want to send baked goods overseas, we're told not to accept baked goods from strangers. Kinda the same thing our moms told us when we were kids. :]

    You can adopt a member of the armed forces through the link I provided or through the links others provided. We love getting letters and snacks from back home that we just don't have access to. You'd be amazed how much you take for granted when you're far from the comforts of home.

    Thanks much Bakerella and I will be showing the little lady this in a few months.

    Semper Fi!

  107. There is plenty of sweet guys in the military! I can vouch for it! I'm in Iraq and back home I live off a military base. As a brat now working for the government overseas (civilian) trust me when we say Happy 4th of July. We always remember what it means. Thank you Bakerella for putting a smile on Carlos and his girlfriend's face. You make my day as well when I see what new thing you post and I drool… imagining what it will be like when I'm home and attempt to make it! LOL! Keep up the work, its fantastic and fun!

  108. Military wife here. Checking in and loving it.

  109. Oh.My.Word! That's the sweetest thing I've read in a long long time. Carlos is definitely a keeper! I pray that he and his sweetheart will stay safe as they protect our country. God Bless our armed forces. Freedom isn't free.


  110. I think he made just the sweetest gesture for her :-) And the letter really is meaningful.

    They, who have sworn to protect and love one's country unconditionally are amazing people. Willing to risk all.

  111. Ahhh…how sweet is Carlos? She better keep him or there will be readers asking for his email address!!

    P.S. Don't you think some sort of challenge is in order for all us bakers out there to send our troops something to sweet'n up their day?!?!

  112. Thank you…
    My fiance is a Marine.
    This means a lot!!!

  113. Thank you…
    My fiance is a Marine.
    This means a lot!!!

  114. Thank you…
    My fiance is a Marine.
    This means a lot!!!

  115. Thank you…
    My fiance is a Marine.
    This means a lot!!!

  116. What a wonderful thing you have done! Thank you and Happy 4th!

  117. Dear Bakerella…
    Did Carlos suggest any way the folks at home could send treats to the men and women serving overseas? I bake like a fiend and it seems to go to waste all to often. If I knew where to send goodies…I'd happily do so. Any ideas?


  118. Bakerella I want to thank you for posting this. A very good friend of mine is a Marine and he is fighting for us in Afghanistan. I try and send him a care package of some sort every other week. I've sent him snacks that I would miss if I was away and not able to get them. I didn't even think about sending homemade cookies and such. Thank you for this idea.. I will be baking tomorrow night and sending them on their way to him on Tuesday. Thank you again!

  119. dear bakerella,
    you touched an emotional chord…best wishes to carlos and his girlfriend…to keep us safe…we owe them so much…thank you for reminding all of us….we owe them alot….:)

  120. This is wonderful – such a sweet post for the people who give their lives to keep us safe. Absolutely beautiful cake pops and an equally beautiful sentiment~

  121. wow, *sob* that was an amazing letter! Carlos is definitely a keeper, what a man to do this for his girl and others who are in the service!!. Bakerella, you are a keeper too :-) take care, Annette

  122. What an incredible gift, and letter from Carlos. Thank you to all those soldiers past and present that make it easier for us to enjoy our freedoms. Thank you Bakerella you did an awesome job!!

  123. Happy Independence day USA..

  124. Where did you find the sticks that have the armed forces logos on them? As the Family Readiness Group leader for my husband's unit, I'm always looking for fun things to use for treats for the kids of soldiers.

    Way to go!

  125. What a great thing to do. Love the cake pops.

  126. Adorable – Bakerella, you are the best!!!!

  127. My GIVE AWAY will be posted by tomorrow morning-there's a peak preview of one of the items-go check it out and send everyone over to get their names in Monday morning.

  128. Beautiful treats! I love them.

    My dad is a Vietnam vet who returned to an ungrateful nation. He has spent his whole life trying to get over that. Thanks for caring for those in uniform.

  129. Military wife here, HI!, & Carlos was right, I am a faithful bakerella blog follower. these little cakepops totally made me cry & i am SO going to make some for our next fundraiser.

    Thanks for the shout out to all those fightin' the good fight.

  130. From a mom who was born on the 4th of July and a mom who will be shipping her biggest boy off to Marine boot camp in a few weeks…Gaah!!
    Thank you for that. BTW…where did you get the Marine tag?

  131. Girl, you are awesome! As a proud Marine Wife, and follower of your blog, I am so appreciative of the time you took to do this! You are too sweet! My husband is currently in Afghanistan and it's hard without him this weekend, the 4th of July, as well as today, the 5th, being our wedding Anniversary. It's always heartwarming to see those who take the extra time and effort to show your appreciation! So, THANK YOU!

  132. Bakerella I am a military spouse who lives overseas in Germany and just want to say thank you for posting that. I am a follower of your blog. At our next Hispanic American meeting I am making these cake pops for our members birthdays. Although I can't pop over to Wal-Mart to get the supplies I had to have my sister find me the ingredients and send them to me in the mail. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Thank you again for thanking us that support our husbands/wives in the military!!!!

  133. What a flipping cool person you are!

    I am sitting here crying my eyes out. I cannot wait for her to get to read this.

    I want a man like Carlos!

  134. From a new-ish mommy whose Marine husband is somewhere in the middle of a yearlong deployment… thank you for this post! How sweet!

  135. Glad to see that I'm not the only one crying. My boys have been over there since September. Thank you Bakerella for doing this. Thank You Carlos for your sacrifices. Best wishes to you and your girlfriend.

  136. Greetings from Australia…Happy Independance Day to you all!!! A heartfelt letter from Carlos…I had tears, just 2 days ago farwelled my husband to Afghanistan for 6 months!! Cake Pops are what I will be maiking to celebrate his return! Bakerella thanks for sharing Carlos' letter and your cooking from the heart! No matter where the armed forces are from they and their families are in our hearts.
    Noodlehead xx

  137. Those are fantastic. Simple, and bold. Very strong.

    I'm a Canadian living in Australia, and I am thankful for the US citizens who do so much for the rest of the world every day! Thank you!

  138. Awwww how sweet!! My fiance is over in Iraq right now… I'll have to make him so sweet treats when he gets home! Thanks for showing your support, I love your blog!!

  139. How sweet. Love the cake pops. My husband is active duty Air Force so I appreciate anything anyone does for our military.

  140. God bless our men & women in the Armed Forces fighting for our freedom! Happy Independence Day!!

  141. Bakerella,
    This post brought tears to my eyes. I am one of those military wives–my husband is in the Navy.
    As my husband and I have talked about it, we've decided that the best thing people can do to support the military is to simply say 'thank you'. Thank YOU Bakerella for saying thank you in such a public forum.

  142. Thank you for remembering our military and as a wife of a US Army soldier, I appreciate this post more than any bbq, or fireworks display. Thank you.

  143. this warmed my heart! Thank you today and every day!

  144. i know what i am about to say doesnt fit in the topic of this post…but..i visit your blog daily and i love it. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED and UPSET when i saw an italian blog of a professional baker (or so she calls herself) displaying some of YOUR pictures, and other's too, under the section "cakes i make". I recognized the cupcakes with the roses on top, cookies from madbaker and lots of other stuff from other american blogs. Just thought I'd let you know, someone's using your work, with her name on it. The link of the website is I didn't email her because i thought it was smtg up to you deciding if doing smtg about it or not!

  145. Brought tears to my eyes…

    I think you should keep in contact with Carlos. Perhaps get his girlfriend's address and bootcamp graduation date.


    She will LOVE them. And she deserves them. I think Carlos deserves a care package too…

  146. Bakerella, what a wonderful post! I am also an Army wife and honestly surprised to see how many of us (military wives/girlfriends/brats) there are reading your blog. Carlos is a sweetheart and so are you. Happy 4th!

  147. Thank you so much for posting these! I'm one of those military spouses so it means a lot to me when anyone shows love towards our uniformed men and women. I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!

  148. you and carlos brought a tear to my eye today. thank you!

  149. Thank you for remembering all our men and women of the military. They deserve so much more than they receive. I hope Carlos and his girlfriend read your blog to see how much they really are appreciated. To our men and women in the military, Please stay safe and come home soon! By the way your pops are great as always. I enjoy making them with my granddaughter.

  150. You are a good woman Bakerella. Hope all of you in America had a great 4th of July.

  151. so cute!

  152. God Bless them every one! And God Bless you for honoring them!

  153. Thank you to all those who serve/have served in the armed forces! Happy Independence Day :)

  154. As a mother of two young Airmen. One to deploy next month and one already deployed…THANK YOU!!! I'm loving it!!

  155. How sweet, lovely, thoughtful and patriotic! What a blessed country we live in. Thank you!

  156. What a sweet email. I actually shed a few tears. Thank you for sharing your talents for the greater good. Happy Independence Day!!

  157. This post filled my eyes with tears! That is a great tribute. My husband is a former Marine that served in Afghanistan and my former Marine brother served in Iraq. Thank you!
    What a sweet letter.

  158. It sure put a smile on my face! Guys like him are hard to find.

  159. From yet another military wife and loyal reader–I love your passion and creativity for your art. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Something tells me there are soldiers out there who might experience their first cake pops this winter…

  160. Bravo Bakerella! I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time and yes, I am an Army wife. My husband is home this 4th of July, but was in Afghanistan last year and will be back there again next year (for his third 12-month tour). Carlos is right… this holdiay means so much more to those who serve AND to those who love those who serve. My proudest, most bittersweet days spent away from my husband are the 4th of July's when he is deployed to a combat zone. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge their sacrifice! Let Freedom Ring!!!

  161. My fiance is in the Navy and just got back from sea yesterday…I showed him your cake pops :-)
    Thank you for recognizing our military this Independence Day.

    Happy 4th to you and yours!

  162. Thanks for your support. My husband is in Iraq for the 3rd time and I love to support him with baked goodies…but this year I can't because both of us are trying to get in better shape! Anyway, I love to get my fill of yummy treats by reading your blog. I did make the Chocolate Trifle for the 4th (what's more patriotic than that?)

    But this was a long ramble to say, "thanks". Thanks for the inspiration in the kitchen. Thanks for giving me a great distration while I count the months down. And thanks for remembering the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that serve our country. Thanks for posting that letter and have a wonderful 4th!

  163. Many thanks to the Army men and women who are serving the United States of America.
    I'm not an American citizen myself, but my husband and our daughter are, and I would like to thank those who work hard to protect my family, and who put their lives in harm's way in one way or another.

    Happy 4th of July to everyone!

    And yes, that Carlos guy, he's a keeper and more, that's for sure.
    That was a sweet letter and I hope his girlfriend reads this post when she is done with Boot Camp.

    And of course, those cake pops, they're awesome!

  164. That is so awesome! Carlos is so sweet! I hope the best for that couple!

  165. I am so moved!!

  166. Wonderful, sweet and inspiring. Thank you Bakerella & Carlos! May God bless you for your goodness.

  167. THANKS to all who serve to protect our freedoms!! May God keep you safe. Thanks Bakerella for this great post and your pops!

  168. That was precious. And well worth some beautifully classy cake pops. props to those serving.

  169. Having been raised a Military Navy Brat, and having my brothers and sisters in/married to the Military, I really adore this post. The pops are so beautiful and I really love the yellow ribbons.

    All the best to Carlos and his Girlfriend! I thought a proposal was going to happen through you! ;)

    Happy 4th of July!

  170. THANK YOU, Bakerella! Carlos is right, we need to show appreciation. My son leaves for his first tour to Iraq on July 31st. I got teary-eyed reading Carlos' letter. I am thankful for all of the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us safe and FREE. Prayers for you all. And if you have a chance and the heart, please pray for my Army soldier, Ian, as well as all military personnel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  171. Thank you Carlos and all of the other military personnel who keep us safe and fight for freedom all over the world. Happy Independence Day!

  172. Hi Bakerella! I'm a fan of yours and of our guys/gals in uniform. my son is currently in the Air Force and has done one tour over in the Persian Gulf. I'm SO PROUD of him. I plan to go to and adopt someone. I've done it before and had more fun myself just collecting all the fun stuff to put in a box. I'm a teacher and last year my class gathered things to send, too. It was a great project. Happy 4th toeveryone and GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

  173. My daughter – 18 yo – has two friends who have recently left for boot camp. Thanks for remembering those who keep our country free.

  174. "Freedom Isn't Free" We are given the gift of freedom thru the sacrifice of our military men, women and thru the support of their dear families. My they each know today and every day how much we treasure them all. Thank you for honoring them, and I hope you will consider doing this often!! Love the Pops!!

  175. Amazing post. It made me cry. My husband is in the Army. And i loved baking things for him when he was on his tour in iraq. i just thought it was nice for a change to see something military on here. So simple, but very touching. I love this website!

  176. As a military spouse, currently serving as a single parent to 3 young children because there father is away for a year – from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  177. Thank you for reminding us all what this day is truly about.

    ps. the cake pops are the best!

  178. I am so thankful for men and women like Carlos and his girlfriend. Our church celebrated the men and women who serve our country last night. I would give anything if Carlos could have heard the applause and seen the standing ovation for our brave men and women. Thank you for fighting for our freedom! We have not forgotten your sacrifice!

  179. WOW WOW WOW Thank you Bakerella! Great pictures and such a cool idea with the different branches of service but most of all, for responding to this request. As the sister/daughter of a very military family (and friends), this is more than appreciated – knowing how many people read your blog and will see Carlos' request and your response, this is just amazing. God bless you and God bless America and its men and women who've been and remain in harm's way.

  180. BEAUTIFUL, Bakerella!!! Carlos should print out your blog entry with the cake pops photo in color and snail mail it to his girlfriend – that way she won't have to wait until graduation from boot camp in September!!

    From a retired USN officer to all our sailors and marines, airmen and soldiers: Happy Independence Day, and THANK YOU ALL!!

  181. Awesome…hopefully he'll save this for her and she'll get to see it when she's done w/boot camp. U rock Bakerella!

  182. So sweet! Thanks from the wife of a soldier :)

  183. Carlos sounds like you better keep him around, girl! Keep up the good work and thank you for protecting me and my family…as well as the rest of the world…

  184. Perfect!!

  185. Oh my, I have the biggest lump in my throat! That is so sweet! And I appreciate our service men and women! Happy 4th everyone!!

  186. You really are amazing! I LOVE those…thanks for remembering the Coast Guard, somehow people forget they ARE part of our Proud Military. Thinking of all those people overseas and around the world today!

  187. HOOAH!! God Bless our Military!!

  188. When it comes time for you to leave this earth, I'm sure God is going to personally escort you through the gates of Heaven. You are absolutely wonderful! I'm very glad I found you!!

  189. My husband serves the US Marine Corps and that for 13 years. This really touched my heart and I wish everyone a happy 4th of July.
    Your pops look amazing!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  190. this post made me cry!! i am one of those military spouses he spoke of!! My husband is in the Navy. Thank you for recognizing why the 4th exists.

  191. Your post is beyond words! Happy 4th of July to you and to all the men & women in the armed forces.

  192. I'm crying, too. Thanks, Bakerella. My sister and her hubby are both in AK serving in the USAF; my brother lives in AR and will be leaving on his 4th trip to the "Big Sandbox" in Oct, two months after the birth of his first child. They give up so much to give us so much that it is overwhelmingly heartwarming to see someone do something nice for THEM instead of ignoring what they do because it's easier. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for this tribute. Happy 4th, America – Home of the Free, Land of the Brave.

  193. Beautiful! God bless our brave young men and women who proudly serve our great and glorious United States of America! We love and appreciate you!

  194. What a great post – Thanks!

  195. What a sweet letter and what a wonderful post! My husband just returned from Iraq last month (his second tour). Your post brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful cake pops, too!!! Happy 4th!

  196. thank you to all the service people that protect this great country. Happy Birthday America..God Bless You!
    Such a sweet letter Carlos!!!

    Bakerella you're the tops….no…you're the POPS!

  197. What a sweet guy that Carlos is! My husband is also a Marine and I love these! It's too late for me to make these for our 4th of July BBQ but I already know a couple of occassions were these would be a big hit. Thanks Bakerella.

  198. That was so sweet and the pops look great, how do you make those I would love to try some.
    Happy 4th!

  199. Thank you for symbolizing such a worthy cause with cake pops, and making at least one in the Armed Forces feel special today. May they all feel special, and thank you to everyone who has ever joined to make this country strong and safe. Happy Fourth.

  200. I'm a proud Army wife- my husband redeploys for a year this August, and all I can say is:

    HOOAH! Wonderful job Bakerella, and thank you for supporting not only our troops, but romantic gestures as well!

    Happy 4th!

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