The Lorax Cake Pops


It’s Cake Pop time again. And I made some cute ones for Dr Seuss’ The Lorax movie that comes out March 2.

These were fun to recreate in bright colors and cake.

Here’s a run down so you can go make.


Okay, I can’t rhyme – Let’s just get this ball rolling.

It’s time.


First up are Bar-ba-loots. They’re super cute and they love to eat Truffula fruit.

Okay, that’s enough. I’ll try not to torture you any more.


I like to roll my cake balls by hand first so I can make sure I have enough and if I need to, I can make some of them bigger or smaller at the end to keep them all about the same size.

(At the end of the post, I’ll share a pdf you can download for all of these cake pops.)


Once they’re rolled, you can reshape them however you like.

For Bar-ba-loots, roll them into an oval and pinch in on the four rounded corners.

Pinch more at the top than at the bottom and then press down on the top center to make a spot for the eyes. This will also help form those chubby cheeks. You can also use a spoon to make an indention for the mouth if you like.


For the big floppy ears, I used chocolate candy coating wafers.


Just cut a small edge off with a rounded cutter and dip the wafer into melted candy coating.


Attach it to the cake ball and let dry.


But did you notice their big rounded ears?

That’s right. One more step. No fears.


Just dip a toothpick in coating and draw a line of chocolate around the edge.

Then chill the balls. You know the drill.

And dip them and coat them in chocolate for thrills. Someone stop me.


Decorate with confetti sprinkles and mini M&M’s and a black edible ink pen.

Then these guys are ready to play in the shade.


Right underneath the Truffula Trees.

Okay, these are easy easy. Roll more cake balls like above.

Dip them, then texturize with a toothpick and love.


Dip them in orange, yellow and pink coating.

I also added a small amount of chocolate candy coating for the yellow and orange to cut the brightness down a little.


It’s like Dr. Seuss new these would be perfect for pops.

Sprinkle a little sanding sugar on the pops before the coating sets.

Use the really long paper lollipop sticks and then you can cut them down in varying lengths.

A black edible ink pen or a touch of black candy color on a dry brush adds the perfect detail for these paper tree trunks.

But what about the Lorax?

He speaks for the trees you know.


He’s easy to make.


Just dip, dry, then decorate.


You’ll need yellow candy coating, a black edible ink pen, white confetti sprinkles and lots of toothpicks.


A helpful way to get started is to etch where you want to apply the coating for the brows and mustache using a toothpick.


Then stay in the lines. Or just over them so you don’t see the etchings.

Apply the coating with the tip of your toothpick. As it starts to dry, layer on more and more coating. His mustache is really big. As the coating thickens just before setting, drag out the tips for nice pointed ends.


Replace your toothpick when it gets gloppy.

Or else your cake pops will get kinda sloppy.


Use the same technique for his bushy brows.

Break edges off confetti sprinkles, attach with coating and dot the eyes with your edible ink pen.

Dot on orange coating for a little round nose.

Cute as cute as a Lorax can be.

But wait. Just the head?

Where’s his body?

Let’s see.


Roll the cake ball into an oval and then into kind of a jelly bean shape.

Take two jumbo heart sprinkles and two broken pretzel pieces – dip the ends in coating and insert them into the pop in position for arms and legs.

Insert the legs just toward the front so you leave room to also insert a lollipop stick.

Let the attachments dry before you dip.


These will look like arms in a minute – resting on his hip.

P.S. – I’m a dork, not a poet.

Once dry, decorate faces the same as above. Just on a smaller scale.


Then use a toothpick dipped in coating to draw on his skinny arms. (I should have made one wave.)



Much better.


Here’s a pdf of the Lorax cake pops so you can make your own.

They’d be a cute snack at the theaters if you go to see the movie.

Or during Dr. Seuss story time.

Hmmm. Green eggs and ham cake pops. Those would be fun, too.

Disclosure: I was compensated to make these Lorax Cake Pops, but I might have made them anyway because they’re just too cute. Shhh… don’t tell.

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257 comments on “The Lorax Cake Pops”

  1. I have made these cakepops and im going to post it on my website in an article, named: Bakerella VS me, haha!
    I’ll post the link here if it’s online but that’s gonna be tomorrow. And btw it’s in dutch..
    I love you’re website and you ofcourse <3 !

  2. These look too good to eat! They are solo cute… They look a little hard to make are they? Also I can’t wait to see your Easter cake pops this year! I’m hoping you use coconut!

  3. i need help!!..when i melt my candy dips they never seem to go runny enough..i’ve tried adding shortening but still doesn’t work..any tips?…..i desperately want to make these for my sons birthday…..

  4. You go ahead and rhyme . . . anytime!

  5. You are amazing. I made cakepops once, and they were delicious but a pain cause I was having trouble making them stay on the stick.
    These look too cute to eat…ok maybe not.


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  14. These are adorable! You are a creative genius! I’ve never tried cake pops, and probably shouldn’t. (Sometimes my efforts don’t produce the results I hope for.) These are tempting enough to try making, but I can only imagine the amount of work involved and the potential disaster/disappointment I could end up with. For now I will just admire and dream… maybe some day! Thank you for sharing these!

  15. How do you goop on the mustache so perfectly?! I have been struggling to try to get the “hair” effect. No luck. You are ahhh-mazing.

  16. You seriously blow my mind a little more with every new post. These are ADORABLE! I kid you not, I have been reading The Lorax to my kids no less than twice a day for the last month…and even I am not sick of all it’s greatness. The full body cake pops just destroy me. You rock!!

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  61. These bring back so many memories of reading The Lorax to my son. He loved how they chopped down the Truffula trees with one smacka! Oh those trees! It’s just a great way to teach the young one (and some oldies, too) about the pollution and how it comes to be created and then how it can be solved. I’m sure your cakes will be a great hit too.

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