Winnie the Pooh and Hunny, too!


A couple of weeks ago, I made some Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops and I asked which ones you might want me to try next. Winnie was one of the front runners … lucky for me, since I was planning on doing him already. So, I’m glad a lot of you wanted to see the sweet little guy.

Some of the others you wanted to see ranged from Sponge Bob to princesses. Yo Gabba Gabba to Calvin & Hobbes. Which by the way, I didn’t realize Calvin & Hobbes had such a following. And yo… what’s a Gabba Gabba? Muppets, on the other hand I know. They were another one a lot of you want to see… and guess what, I have a really good version from a reader to post in the Pop Stars section soon. I mean really good.

I don’t know which characters I’ll try next, but these Poohs were fun to do. I love how the smallest adjustments to the cake ball shapes and choice of candies can change them into so many different variations.


Of course, we start with making cake balls.


If you need help shaping Pooh’s head, you can print or find an image of him to lay under wax paper. Then you can use it as a guide for the shape. Lollipop sticks can also be used to help shape his brow.


Okay, here are a couple of the basic add-ons you’ll need. Brown rainbow chip sprinkles for the nose and coated sunflower seeds for the ears. Any light color will be fine.


Practice making his head. Then you can place the candies on to use as a model and to see if your proportions are right.


Yellow candy melts. A must unless you want to tint white candy coating with yellow candy color.


Shape the heads, dip the coated sunflower seeds in candy coating and then attach them to the head to dry.

Once dry, dip the entire head in yellow coating. If you use darker color seeds, they might show through the yellow coating.


Look how cute and happy he is. Too bad I’m going to chomp his little cheeks later.

Youc an draw on facial details with a black and red edible ink pen (Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens are great) and add a sprinkle tongue for an extra touch. Oh and the eyes are black non-pareil sprinkles. I’m not that good at drawing perfect little dots, so these worked out great.


You can also use red candy melts to give Pooh part of his shirt.


But you know Pooh’s not complete unless he has his hunny.


Lots and lots of hunny.

These are pretty easy … purple and yellow candy melts, a black edible ink pen and a cartoon bear’s vocabulary.




The complete instructions for Pooh and his hunny are available through the links below on Disney’s website,! Have fun!

Winnie the Pooh Cake Pop Instructions
Hunny Pot Cake Pop Instructions