Winnie the Pooh and Hunny, too!


A couple of weeks ago, I made some Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops and I asked which ones you might want me to try next. Winnie was one of the front runners … lucky for me, since I was planning on doing him already. So, I’m glad a lot of you wanted to see the sweet little guy.

Some of the others you wanted to see ranged from Sponge Bob to princesses. Yo Gabba Gabba to Calvin & Hobbes. Which by the way, I didn’t realize Calvin & Hobbes had such a following. And yo… what’s a Gabba Gabba? Muppets, on the other hand I know. They were another one a lot of you want to see… and guess what, I have a really good version from a reader to post in the Pop Stars section soon. I mean really good.

I don’t know which characters I’ll try next, but these Poohs were fun to do. I love how the smallest adjustments to the cake ball shapes and choice of candies can change them into so many different variations.


Of course, we start with making cake balls.


If you need help shaping Pooh’s head, you can print or find an image of him to lay under wax paper. Then you can use it as a guide for the shape. Lollipop sticks can also be used to help shape his brow.


Okay, here are a couple of the basic add-ons you’ll need. Brown rainbow chip sprinkles for the nose and coated sunflower seeds for the ears. Any light color will be fine.


Practice making his head. Then you can place the candies on to use as a model and to see if your proportions are right.


Yellow candy melts. A must unless you want to tint white candy coating with yellow candy color.


Shape the heads, dip the coated sunflower seeds in candy coating and then attach them to the head to dry.

Once dry, dip the entire head in yellow coating. If you use darker color seeds, they might show through the yellow coating.


Look how cute and happy he is. Too bad I’m going to chomp his little cheeks later.

Youc an draw on facial details with a black and red edible ink pen (Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens are great) and add a sprinkle tongue for an extra touch. Oh and the eyes are black non-pareil sprinkles. I’m not that good at drawing perfect little dots, so these worked out great.


You can also use red candy melts to give Pooh part of his shirt.


But you know Pooh’s not complete unless he has his hunny.


Lots and lots of hunny.

These are pretty easy … purple and yellow candy melts, a black edible ink pen and a cartoon bear’s vocabulary.




The complete instructions for Pooh and his hunny are available through the links below on Disney’s website,! Have fun!

Winnie the Pooh Cake Pop Instructions
Hunny Pot Cake Pop Instructions

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290 comments on “Winnie the Pooh and Hunny, too!”

  1. Hi, I’m trying to get the page for instructions on how to make winnie cake pops and keep getting sent to a Disney page!

  2. I would so love to make this for my daughters bday! But I am worried about shaping them correctly. Can you suggest any molds I can use to shape them?

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. help!! Do you bake the cake balls first and then shape or how

  4. HELPPPPP! Do I bake first the cake balls and then shape the head or how I know it’s a silly question but anyone?

  5. Hi I Would like for you to make these for my sister babyshower in how much would it be?
    feel free to email me.

  6. do you make the Winnie the pooh cake pops and honey pot pops for events if so email me prices

  7. Your cake pops and cake balls turn out SOOO well. I have been getting a bit better with them but they are never nice and smooth like yours. Is there a secret?

    But I did try to make the Winnie the Pooh. I bought the Wilton Foodwriter markers but they didn’t work well at all! They seem to be very dry. I bought the Fine thinking I would have good congtrol but it just won’t go on. I have to go over the area over and over and over and it just won’t work. The green works better than the blue or red I’ve tried so far. Do yhou know what the problem might be? Have you ever bought any that were dry? I just bought them but could they be old?

    I’d love if you could leave me a message at my email address. I think yours are adorable…

    Thank you!

  8. Hey Bakerella!

    I know this is an old post, but I have a question about your adorable Pooh cake pops. I’m planning on making them soon, but I can’t find rainbow chips or rainbow coated sunflower seeds anywhere!! Do you think you can tell me where you bought them?


  9. this is awesome i am going to for sure make these fro my cousin she is a total Winne the Pooh fan and shell absolutly love these i cant wait to make them you have helped a lot with things that i have never done before

  10. I would like to know how much is the Winnie the Pooh Cake Pops and the Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Cake Pops. Are you sell it for dozen. I need it for February 25,2012. Is for my daughter baby shower is a boy

  11. These are perfect! Just what I need for a baby shower Im doing!!

  12. I’m completely speechless as well .. i love winnie!

  13. Thanks Bakerella! I made them this Saturday for my son’s first Bday Party (Theme was Winnie the Pooh!). I couldn’t believe it that I could do it, as it was my first attempt to make cake pops (3:00 am to 7:30 am)!! My guests loved them. I met this woman at A.C.Moore she motivated me to make cake pops and told me about your website. I don’t know her but would like to thank her as well. Making a perfect pooh face would require more practice and the Wilton pens that I used were just bad. Where can I get good pens?

  14. hey can you tell my your e-mail bakerella????????? please????

  15. I looove these ones! I think your website is too cool!


  16. Making these for the new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out this week! So excited.

  17. OMG, I wish I could make the same for the coming first birthday of my princess. They look really great :D

  18. i just made the honey pops for a baby shower order i had! they turned out AWESOME!!! here is a link to the finished project =) thanks for the awesome inspiration and hope you are feeling well! xo

  19. When I made a batch of the plain with sprinkles, featured on your amazon video for the cake pop book, the candy melts cracked after drying and my beautiful creations fell off. Help! What can I do to make it not crack? Have you had this problem before? You are awesome by the way. ;)
    Thank you!

  20. Do you have edible undies?

  21. So easy and cute!!!!!!!

  22. Killed me with cuteness! I love Disney especially Winnie the Pooh!!!<3 <3 <3

  23. Miam ! Un délice ! C’est super gourmand ! Bisous !


  25. can you make timmy from timmy time…

  26. awesome, I adore winnie the Pooh and his friends. :D have to try these.. can I ask what can I use instead of candy melt icing, because we don’t have candy melts in the country i live in..

  27. Thoes are so cute and my friend said she’s planning on making them for me!I love pooh sooo much!

  28. SOO CUTE! Will definitely be making these!

  29. I love this perfect for my kids

  30. they are soo cute and would love to know every step and the ingredients

  31. Ok girl… you are scarey talented!!!
    They are precious!!!

  32. This is perfect! My best friend’s baby shower is Winne The Pooh themed; I know what I’m bringing :)
    Thanks so much!

  33. Would it be possible for you to make some Lilo and Stitch cake pops? What a cute idea =)

  34. SO CUTE! I’m in love with these!

  35. OMG.. these are just tooooooo stinkin ADORABLE! :]

  36. Those pops look amazing! :)

  37. they are so perfect!

  38. I love your blog
    it is marvelous
    you have a lot of idea
    Thank for this exchange


  40. Cute Pooh pops…lol… kinda a funny name for a dessert….I found these adorable thumb drives (USB’s) that I know you will love…. I’m not sure if you have ever seen them or not…. here’s the link !

  41. I am so impressed your your creativity and patience.

  42. these are soooo cute!

  43. How do you get the coating so smooth??? I have made cake Pops a couple of times now & mine always end up lumpy & not so smooth looking lol : (

  44. WOW, Just WOW!

  45. Bakerell~
    how do you get your candy coating so smooth? I have made these a few times and I cant seem to get it smooth. Thanks

  46. You are SO talented!!!

  47. Wow – I am so impressed. I was happy that i made the chicks for Easter. I am not sure if I will be able to make these as cute as you do.

  48. I have no clue how you get your coating to be so smooth, but I hope to some day find out!

  49. I love, love, love the cake pops. Made them for the first time Wednesday. The cake, shaping and dipping went quick and easy. My major problem was the edible markers. I used the fine point from Wilton…I could have screamed in frustration! I even had my daughter in law run to Joanne’s for the bold pens..equally frustrating. The pens were fine for one or two drawings…then I couldn’t get them to draw hardly at all. Is seemed they had run out of ink. No smooth pen flow. I tried wiping them after each drawing and refrigerating them from time to time…nada. Is there a trick I am missing with them? Do you use another type of pen and not the Wilton. Yours are so pretty and neat…mine looked like a first grader decorated them!!! Please help…I would love to try my hand again and again at the cake pops!

  50. These are very cute. You really are very talented. I hope you always find enjoyment and satisfaction in making and sharing your creations. I loved the recipe in your last post too. I would love to make those one day.

  51. OMG, you just killed me with this absolute CUTENESS!!! Can’t wait to see what else you have up in yr sleeves for us! :)

  52. I love them. They are so cute! I am not as talente as you. I would like to know. (Well really my husband ) if you sell them online and ship them to Portland, OR. According to him my are cute by in an abstract kind of way. :-)

  53. Adorable! I love the hunny pots :)

    I made some baseball cake pops for my son’s birthday and I couldn’t get the food color pen to write on the waxy surface of the coating. Is there a trick to it?

    Can’t wait for the book! You are one amazing lady.

  54. To Beth #232:

    The suggestions I’ve read were to make sure the ball is not too big , the melts not too thick and that you first “anchor” the ball by dipping the tip of the stick in the melts, THEN sticking into the cake ball. Let it set a few seconds .

    I made my first batch of cake pops today as well . I didn’t have any problems. Making just the balls is where I had some issues ( see my post # 230). Happy cake-popping=)

  55. I mean really, these are impressive. How do you do it? I just don’t have the patience!

  56. They are so cute!
    I have been trying to make cake pops but, when I attempt to dip them in melts the cake ball slides off. What am I doing wrong? I make the cake, add the frosting, and then put them in the freezer. Suggestions? I wanted to make some for my third graders for the end of the year party.

  57. These are definitely very adorable, though as cute as Winnie is I like the hunny pots more.

    (I made the brookies, and I think I’m going to freeze some of them for ice cream sandwiches.)

  58. New groupie here !

    Madame Bakerella, you are too talented and creative for words – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your creations !

    To you or anyone else here – I have a few basic questions :

    1) does the type of melt make a difference in overall consistency and smoothness ?

    2) how do you prevent the icing from “pooling” when you place them on the waxed paper?

    3) what’s the easiest way to coat the balls without leaving marks ?

    I tried my hand at making cake balls – the actual ball is very easy, just like everyone directed. Decorating is the challenge and I am not a novice either !

    Help ? Anybody ?

    Thanks in advance !!

  59. The “Hunny” pots- amazing!!!

  60. These are absoutely adorable!!! I love your blog.

  61. Pooh is soooooo cute!! Too cute to eat….Hahaha

  62. oups i meant Eeyore…Maybe one day we’ll see the whole gang…

  63. waouh these are great!!! like everything else!!! I have a friend who LOVES Winnie the pooh!! I’ll try to make some for his birthday… Wondering how I could do the ears of Eyeore cause I love that guy (always wanted to give him a big hug to take care of him to make him happy…)

  64. You’er soo creative, I love them so adorable!!

  65. Just wanna say…more than anyone you have inspired me the most. I do a lot of research on recipes and baking and without a doubt, you are the person I turn to for great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  66. If my daughter saw one of these cute pops, she’d be squealing with delight!

  67. Bakerella….you are amazing!!!! Wowzers these are awesome. I can’t wait for your book to come out…when will it be here?

  68. To quote Pooh, “If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms.”
    Bakerella, your tiddely poms are definitely totally HUMMY (and yummy). Thanks for creating the new Pooh-pops; they’re heart and tummy-warming!
    And thanks for making me a Pop Star – I’m humbled by the fine company I’m keeping on that page.

  69. hi! this is my first time visiting your site. these are fantastic! i cant wait to try this sometime!

  70. It’s so cute! I can’t get over the cuteness!

  71. You are just amazing. Amazing. Inspiring. I am such a fan.

  72. Abso-friggin-lutely! These are so cute. You inspired me to make cake pops for my nephews and niece for the first time. They were ok. I think I added too much frosting. I’m going to try again. When I’ve mastered it, I will move forward to fancy ones like this.

    You’re the best!


  73. God I adore these! I am totally going to try and make them. Just so adorable!

  74. Soo cute! I love the honey pots addition!

  75. So I’d seen your amazing recipes on Tasty Kitchen… but upon entering your website, I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending the rest of my life reading your recipes. YUM. I’m also in love with Pooh Bear… so you just plain ROCK lady!

  76. You are so talented and creative – I just absolutely adore these!

  77. Really wonderful.
    Always a pleasure to visit your page.

    Kisses from Spain

  78. Oh, lovely! I love Winnie!!! I love the step by step tutorials!!! Thank u!!

  79. HI Bakerella love all your cake pops! My son is asking for Hot Wheels cake pops for his birthday this July. Any Ideas?


  80. AWWWWWWW …….i am speachless !!!!!!!!

  81. Omg these are amazing and so adorabely cute!! Your candy melt coating is always so smooth :( i wish they sold candy melts in the uk theres nothing similar here what so ever :(.

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