Yay… T-Shirt Winners!

It appears that Bo Duke has been cheating on me all these years with some of you. The nerve! But seriously, I am super honored that so many of you entered to win a Bakerella t-shirt. I had lots of laughs reading all your comments and celebrity crushes. (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, NKOTB, Johnny Depp, Ponch, Donny Osmond, Zac Efron, Michael J. Fox, Kirk Cameron and Harrison Ford to name just a few.) I wish I could give everyone a shirt. But, since I can’t, here are the winning numbers from

That means:

Congratulations and thanks for playing!
More shirts available at

And just for fun, I listed out some of your celebrity crushes so you could see them all together.


* Some of my past and present faves.

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37 comments on “Yay… T-Shirt Winners!”

  1. Oh Johnny Depp! <3

  2. You make sprinkles look so yummy :)

  3. nancypants – thanks!

    Deirdre – I watched the show when I was little, but certainly never thought of him that way.

  4. Grizzly Adams. That’s funny!

  5. Dang! You are one talented individual! :^D I love the earth from all over the world display! Fantastic!

  6. craft pig – right on!

  7. whoever had a crush on Grizzly Adams is now my new hero.

  8. nancy – yes, I’m eagerly waiting for LOST to come back on.

  9. Oh yeah, Josh Holloway….mmmmmmm…

  10. vashti – I’m with you. He’s a little intense.

  11. Gordon Ramsey!!!!! Who the heck has a crush on him…hahaha too funny!

  12. Not intentionsl. I must have missed him. I was speeding through the comments trying to get everyone.

  13. I was so disappointed to see that Mark Ruffalo did not make your list! I guess he’s all mine!

  14. So Cute! I have a sprinkle spice rack too!!

  15. Sue Sparks – Yeah and it took forever to put together.

    Amylouwho – I like him with short hair, too.

    Cassykins – funny!

    ginparis – maybe cuddly

  16. Grizzly Adams!!! While I’m rolling around laughing, I suddenly remember that he WAS kinda cute and cuddly. Augh! What about Daniel Boone??

  17. Lol, Kermit the Frog. He IS a handsome devil in a suit.

  18. Um, I’m a little embarassed to say I wish I had put Jon Bon Jovi down. Man! Ever since he cut his hair – woah, baby!

  19. Wow, what a looooooooooooog list!!!

  20. LizVega – Did you see him in the machinist? Incredible actor, too.

    DessertKrazy – Maybe back in the day…

    sharyl – that's sweet of you

    April – sigh

    Kristen – you sure did. I hope you send a pic wearing it.

    babs – did I miss him?

    Glenda – check him out in the new star trek movie. Perfect.

    Kristen Brooks Photography – hey don't say that. I'm sure your hot, too.

    LaDue & Crew – yes, right there with me and John.

    Clumbsy Cookie – thanks!

    Steph – you look good as line art.

    La Pixie – I couldn't think o fhis real name.

    Jaina – thanks!

    Angela – there will be more.

    You may call me Kitten – YAY

  21. *swoons* mine’s on the list!

    Congrats to the winners!

  22. DANG! How do I always miss your drawings, when I visit your blog every day?


  23. Congrats everyone!

  24. congrats to the winners…

    you didnt list AJ Simon, though.



  25. Yay! That’s me in the cartoon pigtails and glasses!

    I’m so excited!

  26. Ahahahah! You’re just too much! Congratulations to the winners!

  27. I guess Donny Osmond and I can resume where we left off…*~sigh~*

  28. When I saw Kristen I got excited…then I realized she was hot and blond LOL CONGRATS TEE WINNERS!!

  29. Oh yes, I forgot to mention my current crush on Zachary Quinto while I was gushing over Macgyver.

  30. No Bruce Campbell? Boo hoo!

  31. I won! I can’t believe it. This is the 1st real give away I’ve won. Thanks so much! *MUAH*

  32. *Sigh* Colin Firthy *Sigh*

  33. congrats to the winners!

  34. I can’t believe you didn’t asterisk George Michael! Come on!

  35. Woo hoo! My crush made the list (Christian Bale). My heart flutters just thinking about him again.

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