Yay… T-Shirt Winners!

It appears that Bo Duke has been cheating on me all these years with some of you. The nerve! But seriously, I am super honored that so many of you entered to win a Bakerella t-shirt. I had lots of laughs reading all your comments and celebrity crushes. (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, NKOTB, Johnny Depp, Ponch, Donny Osmond, Zac Efron, Michael J. Fox, Kirk Cameron and Harrison Ford to name just a few.) I wish I could give everyone a shirt. But, since I can’t, here are the winning numbers from Random.org:

That means:

Congratulations and thanks for playing!
More shirts available at www.bakelove.com

And just for fun, I listed out some of your celebrity crushes so you could see them all together.


* Some of my past and present faves.