Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Love


That’s what I feel for this oversized cookie.


It’s the kind of love that involves brown sugar and it has everything to do with these little morsels.


Oh… butterscotch, how I love the…

I don’t even need the cookie. I could just munch on you guys for eternity.


Unless of course we’re talking about adding a little chocolate. Then, you could twist my arm and make me eat the cookie, too. You’ll have to twist hard.


Like I said… just a little chocolate. Spread the love.

The cookie heart pan is from Wilton. I found it the other day and snatched it right up. I’ve seen them online, at my local cake supply store and also at the grocery store. Grab one while you can.

Cookie Love

Alright, I’m going in…

Don’t try and stop me… you might get hurt.

Do it.

I mean it… all in.

Eat it!

yeah… that’s it.


Now, if you’ll excuse me… I don’t want you to watch the rest. It won’t be pretty.

Big Love

Big Love Butterscotch Cookie

1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter, softened to room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup butterscotch morsels

3/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup butter
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels

heart-shaped cookie pan (about 11 inches wide)

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Cover heart-shaped cookie pan with non-stick cooking spray.
  • For the cookies, whisk flour, baking soda and salt together in a medium bowl and set aside.
  • Cream the butter and the sugars using a mixer until fluffy.
  • Add egg and vanilla and mix until combined.
  • Add the flour and mix until combined.
  • Stir in the butterscotch morsels.
  • Transfer cookie dough to the pan and spread out evely until the bottom of the pan is covered.
  • Bake for about 8-10 minutes.
  • Remove and cool.
  • While the cookie is baking, you can make the ganache.
  • Heat cream and butter in a saucepan until melted and remove before it starts to boil.
  • Place chocolate morsels in a small bowl and pour cream on top. Let sit for a few seconds and stir until completely incorporated and smooth.
  • Let cool and spread on top of cookie with an offset spatula.
  • To decorate like the photo, you’ll need 85 M&M’s (red or pink or whatever) for the letters. Place candies on the ganache, using the photo as a guide. Use extra M&M’s for the border.

P.S. the heart-shaped cookie pan is also conveniently made to fit one package of refrigerated cookie dough if you so desire. And, if you can’t find a cookie heart pan, just use a regular pan and spread the cookie dough out. Depending on the size of the pan, you may need to adjust your baking times.

Try and enjoy.

Sandi said...


February 8, 2010 01:10 AM
Grapefruit said...

LOVE it!
You’re such an inspiration Bakerella :)

February 8, 2010 01:11 AM
Leanne said...

YUMM – O!!!!
You are truly SO inspiring – Thanks for sharing such deliciousness with us all! I’ve never been able to successfully make larger cookies (they always come out hard as a rock). I may have to give it another try with this recipe! Your photos are so wonderful . . . I feel like it could just taste it! ; )

February 8, 2010 01:11 AM
Sara T said...

so cute! i love that you decorated it with m&m’s! a lot easier and much more reliable than trying to make icing look nice :)

February 8, 2010 01:12 AM
Cha Cha said...

Girl, you are cruel. How am I ever going to shink my hips if you keep tempting me like this. I mean how is a girl suppose to resist the BIG THREE brown sugar, butterscotch and Ch Ch Ch I can’t even say it, for fear of gaining 5 pounds. I love you, but my hips hate you.

Cha Cha

February 8, 2010 01:14 AM
Dave -nibbleanibble said...

Looks great! How can you even eat it?

February 8, 2010 01:21 AM
Steph said...

This is so cute! I love the lettering on the cookie–very digital neon sign. :-)

February 8, 2010 01:26 AM
Rae Ann said...

This is the perfect thing for the sweethearts on my list. Thank you fopr creating such a cute tasty Valentine!

February 8, 2010 01:30 AM
Sue said...

Butterscotch and chocolate = Love

February 8, 2010 01:31 AM
Emilie said...

Yummy!!! Looks great!! I love butterscotch chips!!!!!!

February 8, 2010 01:32 AM
jenny said...

haha, i just baked a batch of blondies in this same pan yesterday! they went over well at the super bowl party i went to today :)

February 8, 2010 01:35 AM
LizinGreece said...

Yummy! I think I’s like a layer of caramel in between the cookie and the chocolate to make it even more sinful!! I love the effect of the M&M’s. Sort of like a neon sign!

February 8, 2010 01:35 AM
neocreations said...

yum!!!!!! ure amazing!

February 8, 2010 01:36 AM
Regina @ Margarita Bloom said...

Oh, nummy nums where have you been all my life!! lol…a piece of art that should be in my belly! lol..YUM!

February 8, 2010 01:39 AM
Diane {} said...

Looks great! perfect design!

February 8, 2010 01:40 AM
Girl Japan said...

Besides sounding and looking all of DELISH, the cookie is ADORABLE. I agree..looks like a Neon sign hanging somewhere in Midtown.

February 8, 2010 01:48 AM
This American Wife said...

So cute Bakerella! The M&M “Love” kind of reminds me of a cross stitch pattern. So cute!

February 8, 2010 01:55 AM
Pam said...

Mmmmm…my inner nerd loves the retro dot matrix vibe.

February 8, 2010 01:55 AM
Jeanee said...

I love the M&M L-O-V-E lettering! Reminds me of Vegas lights!!!

February 8, 2010 02:14 AM
Alison, The Knotty Bride said...

Bakerella, you made me love you. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it.

February 8, 2010 02:36 AM
Kelly said...

Wow- so dang cute! And I couldn’t agree more about the butterscotch chips. They never get baked at my house because I have kids who sneak them away before I even get to them.

February 8, 2010 02:45 AM
Panya said...

I tried following you on the Networked thing, but I’m not sure if it worked. I follow you through my gReader.

February 8, 2010 02:53 AM
Jennifer said...

If I have the guts I want to attempt the Box of chocolates cake for my Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!
This is my back up plan if that fails. This looks delicious.

February 8, 2010 03:03 AM
Felicia said...

Super cute!! I love it, I can’t wait. To make it for Valentines day dinner!!

February 8, 2010 03:13 AM
jolyn said...

so cute!!! think i might just do this for valentines… great idea

February 8, 2010 03:15 AM
Mel' said...

This big cookie looks so yummy !

February 8, 2010 03:25 AM
jojo said...

“WOW” (my mind when I saw the m&m writing)

February 8, 2010 03:30 AM
debbii said...

Oh sweet sweet sweet pink sugar! *Licks screen*

February 8, 2010 04:09 AM
Maryam ALAwadhi said...

soooooooooooooooo cute…. loved it :)

February 8, 2010 04:50 AM
Leonie said...

You are truly an inspiration!

February 8, 2010 05:05 AM
Katie Haymore said...

OMG! Yummy!!!! and Beautiful!!!

February 8, 2010 05:24 AM
Vickie E said...

awesome idea

February 8, 2010 06:20 AM
A Cupcake For Moose said...

Love the lite brite effect you’ve created with the candies contrasted with the dark choco. Quite lovely, Bakerella!

February 8, 2010 06:27 AM
Jessica @ How Sweet It Is said...

This is so gorgeous! Love it!

February 8, 2010 06:29 AM
Sheila said...

Sinful! But definitely worth every bite I’ll bet….LOL

February 8, 2010 06:31 AM
Heather said...

I don’t even think I like butterscotch, but that looks awesome!

February 8, 2010 06:36 AM
Stephanie said...

My hubby always wants a big cookie, like they sell at the grocery and they always look so blah and not so good, but this is a big cookie that I can get on board with! YUM!

February 8, 2010 07:12 AM
Caroline's Cake Company said...

Completely inspiring – as usual!

February 8, 2010 07:15 AM
Mel G said...

Let me guess…..Valentine’s Day is coming up?? It’s a beautiful-looking cookie!

February 8, 2010 07:31 AM
Einav said...

Hi! I want to make the cupcakes pop on Friday and I have a question- how can I make cream cheese frosting ?

thank you/

February 8, 2010 07:33 AM
Barbara said...

Nothing like a great big heart chock full of goodies to make someone happy on Valentines Day! I think I have one of those heart pans someplace….I used it years ago to make Martha Stewart’s strawberry tart…which is also a good idea for someone you love!

February 8, 2010 07:42 AM
BAKFIA said...

oh! SUPER CUTE!!!!! Right Now I’m doing some swedish macaroons, heart shaped with a rasberry filling coated in white chocolate! They will be my Valentine present to my LOVELY friends! Thank U for such SWEET inspiration!

Many Valentine Greetings from,
Sofia – Bakfia

February 8, 2010 07:46 AM
AllisonMN said...

how cute! what a great idea!

February 8, 2010 07:50 AM
3 Baking Sheets said...

Oh man. The way you arranged those M&M’s is so cool.

If you pitched one of those cookies to Victoria’s Secret, I guarantee they’d pick it up.

February 8, 2010 08:14 AM
Sugarbear @ Bakingdom said...

Looks delicious! I love the ‘LOVE’. The letters are so fun! And M&Ms are PERFECT with cookies!!! And the frosting is what I could just sit and eat all by itself! Mmmm!!!!!

February 8, 2010 08:16 AM
Elizabeth said...

I love the way you did love out of M&M’s! That definitely takes a steady hand…

February 8, 2010 08:17 AM
Lorie said...

Ooooo….YUMMY! Love that brown sugar and butterscotch! Looks fantabulous!!!

February 8, 2010 08:46 AM
Jennifer said...

It looks fantastic, I can think of three kiddos who would love to dig into it.

February 8, 2010 08:53 AM
Dandy said...

Oh my. Oh my!

February 8, 2010 08:56 AM
peachkins said...

Gorgeous dessert!

February 8, 2010 09:01 AM
Mrs. Jen B said...

Oh the joy…

February 8, 2010 09:12 AM
Jamie said...

oh yum… the pink candies on the dark chocolate are so pretty!

February 8, 2010 09:15 AM
Virginia said...

Um…how bad is it that I want that for breakfast?! I shall be adding that to my list of things to make on Valentine’s Day. Looks beautiful with the pink candies too!

February 8, 2010 09:36 AM
Rae said...

Dear Munchin’ On M&M’s,
I think my five year old would be very excited to help me make this. Do you think we could call it spelling and math for the day?
Searching For Sweetness in NE

February 8, 2010 09:44 AM
Colleen said...

Gorgeous! I have been thinking about what I will make for Valentine’s Day, and this just may be it! Thanks! <3

February 8, 2010 10:00 AM
Elaine said...

Oh my gosh! YUMMY!

February 8, 2010 10:04 AM
Jamie said...

Love how you put ganache on it – brilliant (that’s my word for today I think since it was all over my post sand I keep saying it!)

February 8, 2010 10:18 AM
Cheryl B. said...

I am definetly a fan of butterscotch chips! In-fact, just recently I made an enormous batch of oatmeal butterscotch cookies. So-o-o good!!! {If you use the Quacker recipe, triple it and add one extrememly ripe banana to the mix, right after adding the butter. The banana helps make the coookies moister).

I have a question for you in regards to your last posting – the one about the football cupcakes. In it you had said that this time you had frosted the cupcakes one by one. How else is there to do them? I mean, when I did the three hundred cupcakes for my brothers wedding, I did them one, by one, by one …

Next you need to try baking homemade fudge brownies in your heart shaped pan. When our “boys” were in school, I use to bake them in a round pizza pan, after baking added orange cream cheese/butter cream frosting and then via using M&M’s and candy corn, made them into Jack-O-Lanterns, one for each son’s classroom. I made sure that there were enough M&M’s and pieces of candy corn used so that each student in that class got one with their slice of brownie (pieces just got moved during cutting).

So, your assignment is (o;-p) – use your heart shaped pan to bake home made fudge brownies in, and then top the cooled brownies with pink colored cream cheese/butter cream frosting.

And if you want extra credit (o;-p!), also add chopped up dark chocolate M&M’s to the brownie batter (I used my kitchen shears to cut all of the dark chocolate M&M’s in at least half). Talk about maxed out yumminess!!! (I’m drooling here just remembering …)

You know, I might just have to make some myself now ….

February 8, 2010 10:28 AM
Gayle Rogers said...

Love that pan.

February 8, 2010 10:36 AM
Katrinka said...

I have a springform pan – considerably smaller than you’re using here – with a heart insert. Think I’ll do something like this, but make several smaller ones.

February 8, 2010 10:53 AM
Laura said...

Ohh I just want to hug you- that looks SO good! I made your cake balls and they are even more amazing than I thought! I took them to a lunch at work, and now I think I’m getting a raise:) Thank you!!

February 8, 2010 10:53 AM
Lilly Higgins said...

This is so *cute*! I love it. The techno writing is so cool too. Valentines day is such a brilliant excuse to make gorgeous things like this! Well done! x

February 8, 2010 11:03 AM
Creations by Lyndsay said...

Valentine baking is too much fun, Miss Bakerella! My family will love this. Thanks!

February 8, 2010 11:27 AM
Dianne said...

Baking this is going to be the highlight of my weekend! Totally cute.

February 8, 2010 11:40 AM
Marianne said...

YUMMY! And so cute. :)

February 8, 2010 12:17 PM
suhey said...

Omg, i just love it! I will be trying this its perfect for a lil gift for this weekend. i will be celebrating my 6th aniversary on Valentines, perfect way to tell him how much i love him…u ROCK!!!

February 8, 2010 12:19 PM
Becca said...

Love your pictures; always so wonderful!

Just thought you’d like to know that it’s “how I love THEE,” not the. :-)

February 8, 2010 12:41 PM
robin said...

you had me at butterscotch and brown sugar… yummmm.

February 8, 2010 01:51 PM
Married to an Aussie in OK said...

Awesome. My husband told me the other day that if we ever win the lottery, he’s getting me one of those movable filing systems for all my kitchen stuff… I am completely out of space!

February 8, 2010 02:24 PM
Maarja said...

i wish i could move in with you!
that looks delicious… i bet i even tastes even better

February 8, 2010 02:42 PM
Laura P. said...


February 8, 2010 02:53 PM
Seanna Lea said...

Allrecipes has a giant chocolate chip cookie that I have made twice now: once in a pizza pan and once as two giant 9″ rounds (the biggest cookie whoopie pie). The only problem that it nearly overflowed my pizza pan, which makes a heart shaped pan probably too small. It looks so good though that I think I have to go for it!

February 8, 2010 03:10 PM
Kelly in Cincy said...


February 8, 2010 03:32 PM
Linda said...

That looks awesome. Wish you were my valentine.

February 8, 2010 03:40 PM
Kristi said...

That looks delish! Then again, anything with your ganache on it is so good. I could just eat a bowl of that and call it good.

February 8, 2010 04:12 PM
Jennifer Bokma said...

Butterscotch, mmmm. Those sound like better than sex cookies :) Do you have any food allergy dealings though? I love your website for inspiration, but my concauctions adapated from your recipes can be pretty interesting! Just wondering :)

February 8, 2010 05:48 PM
Sues said...

Oh yum!! My boyfriend LOVES cookie cakes, so I really need to make this pan. It’s so pretty too :)

February 8, 2010 06:08 PM
jessica said...

Love it! I love the colors and I would love it if I could taste it.

February 8, 2010 06:57 PM
Beth said...

Just found my valentines treat for my husband! Thanks!

February 8, 2010 07:11 PM
TuTu said...

woooooooow am in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,, am soo gonna try making thissssssssss thankssssssss alottt for sharingggggggg

February 8, 2010 07:12 PM
Georgia.Pellegrini said...

I just sent this to my friend… I hope she gets the hint.

February 8, 2010 07:17 PM
MarianaB said...

that looks absolutly delicious!!!!

you are great bakerella!

February 8, 2010 08:14 PM
emily said...

I am swooning in appreciation for this amazing bit of wizardry!

February 8, 2010 08:25 PM
Strawberry Cake said...

Thinking I will make this for my kiddos on Valentines Day! Thanks for the inspiration!

February 8, 2010 10:30 PM
Morgan said...

*drool*. I’m so making this for Valentine’s Day. YUMMMMM!

February 8, 2010 11:53 PM
Rachell said...

This looks good:) I was just wondering, does the cookie come out hard and crunchy or really soft and chewy?

February 8, 2010 11:58 PM
Chris said...

You kill me!! I love seeing all you come up with! And anything with pink I absolutely love!! I just wish I could reach through the computer and get a piece!! I may have to try this for the fam for Valentine’s! Thanks for the inspiration!!

February 9, 2010 12:02 AM
Maniacraving said...


February 9, 2010 04:17 AM
Diana Merrell said...

You had me at butterscotch chips!

February 9, 2010 07:13 AM
Natalie said...

Mmmm wow this looks so good, its like a giant Millies Cookie that they do but better! The butterscotch chips look amazing, i wish they did those in england :( america gets all the good stuff hehe :P

February 9, 2010 07:23 AM
cecedon said...

that looks absolutely yum. My favorite cookie in the world is a butterscotch cookie! thanks for sharing!

February 9, 2010 08:26 AM
Dishing Donna said...

One of the bes baking blogs I have ever seen! …. now if I could just learn how to bake. ;-)

February 9, 2010 12:29 PM
katie o. said...

oh lordy that is adorable.
you come up with the cutest things ever!

February 9, 2010 01:22 PM
Mowielicious said...

All that pink is making my heart sing! I love it

February 9, 2010 01:41 PM
Julie Schaeffer said...

Yum. Just yum.

February 9, 2010 03:31 PM
Stacy said...

I love your blog you are an inspiration to me. So, I gave your blog an award. Thanks for the ideas!

February 9, 2010 03:49 PM
mouni said...

it’s so yummy!!!

February 9, 2010 05:21 PM
Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Mmmm….I love butterscotch too! This looks too good!
How could you go wrong with a cookie, butterscotch and ganach. Plus the added bonus of the M&M’s. good gracious!

February 9, 2010 06:36 PM
Sandy said...

OH MY…death by oversized cookie! YUMMY!!! I am always up for baking!

February 9, 2010 06:37 PM
cait said...

Soo scrumptious! I really wish you were my Pastry Arts Chef in School. =)

February 9, 2010 07:54 PM
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