A Stitch in time

I made a couple of new cake pop designs recently. Both for Disney, both blue. One old and one new.


Here are some Cake Pop Sorcerer’s Hats inspired by the 1940 Disney classic animated film, Fantasia. From such a long time ago, but still so recognizable – even in candy.


These cone-shaped cake balls are the same shape I used to make these Christmas Cake Pops. I love how simple shapes can transform into so many different themes…


… and by using a different color candy coating and moldable candy, you can transform the shapes into Mickey’s magical hat.


For the complete instructions on making these Sorcerer’s Hats, visit Disney’s family.com or click on the button at the end of this post.


Now, while we’re talking blue cake pops, here’s a more recent Disney character that starts with a round shape.

Our favorite blue alien, Stitch.


Actually, Stitches.


Stitch uses chewy candy too, but in a different way.

I’ve tried to simplify the sprinkles down to the fewest possible to still resemble him.


The black ones may be more difficult to find, but feel free to substitute something similarly-shaped. Even piping on black candy coating will be fine.


These Disney projects were created for their website. For the complete instructions on making them, visit Disney’s family.com, or click on one of the buttons below. You can also poke around here for more cake pop ideas on bakerella.com.



P.S. – If you’re around the TV tomorrow, December 7th at the 10 am hour, I’m going to be on the Today Show showing Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make holiday cake pops. Eek. Excited and Nervous.

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176 comments on “A Stitch in time”

  1. Oh my goodness, those are SO cute!
    Good luck on tv! :)

  2. They look amazing! Have a great time on the Today show :) sounds like a great day to be in NY!

  3. Those are so adorable! Have a great time – you will do great!

  4. I was so impressed with the Fantasia hat, then you MADE MY DAY with Stitch! He is my favorite Disney character! It seems like Disney isn’t marketing him much anymore, so THANK YOU!!!

  5. Soooo CUTE!!!! I’m a DISNEY fanatic, I love these! Good luck on TV! You will do fine. Come to Lubbock for a book signing, please!

  6. I am utterly jealous and amazed at your talent!

  7. Ahhh!! Soooo cute!! I am a Disney freak!

  8. What kind of chocolate do you use??

  9. Cute…cute…cute!!! I think I have been in a hole lately and have no idea who stich is but he has a nice smile! I am still trying to make the Xmas pops in your book…just fantastic…please keep popping!

  10. I need to start getting my creative juices flowing and coming up with some ideas too! Love them!

  11. sooo cute!

  12. you amaze me…

  13. they are SO cute and I’m SO excited for ya…..just programed the DVR to record YOU tomorrow on TODAY! :)

  14. Stitch! I love that little guy! So cute.

    And, good luck tomorrow!!! I’m sure you’ll do great!! I’m sooo happy for you!

  15. How cute! Have a great Today Show!

  16. Today show! WOW!! Congratulations! <3

  17. So creative! I love them!

  18. Too cute…love them both!!

  19. AWESOME! I watch the Today Show everyday! I’m excited for you :)

  20. I will be watching!! I love Bakerella!!! <3

  21. Adorable, as always! Love the sorcerer’s hats the most! So much talent!

  22. Hey! I am the girl from Orange County WS book signing that works at Sea World! We have brought animals tons of times to the Today Show and it is crazy! They work at the fastest pace I have ever seen and boy when your segment is over do they want you outa there quick! Hope you have a great time in New York. We always stay at a nice hotel near the M&M factory…yuumm….

  23. Love them both. Congrats on the Today show- that’s awesome!

  24. Wow, these are awesome. I wish I could make some of them for my kids, uuummmm, maybe after Christmas with all the craziness and all :-)

  25. so exciting! I was browsing the guide and saw “cake pops” listed and automatically hit record for tomorrow! yay! I will be watching too!

  26. Those both look fantastic! I wish I could skip work to watch you tomorrow :( Good Luck!!

  27. i love the sorcerer’s hat a lot! (:
    the color combination and micky’s ears
    are the best part :D
    the hat and stitch both look MAGICAL~ ^^

  28. So simple… and so pretty!!! You are a genius!

  29. LOVE the sorcerer’s hats! hmmm and someone has to eat all those extra starbursts, yum!

  30. So cute! I watched Fantasia at least 7 million times with my baby brother when I used to babysit him, mostly because he loved mickey the scorcerer!

  31. How cute are these?! I love the way you utilize the Starbursts. They’re so accessible, and much more tasty than fondant! :D

  32. You were fabulous on Canada AM so you will be great on the Today Show as well. Have fun!

  33. How about something like the little mushrooms in Fantasia? So much to work with in Fantasia!!! Very cool, lady!

  34. I’m going to have to make those sorcerer’s hats! I love everything Disney!

  35. I absolutely LOVE your stitch pops!! Stitch used to be my sons favorite character when he was little! Him and Stitch could have been brother since they are both little trouble makers!!

  36. So cute! I love the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Hats! I’ll be at Mommy and Me workout tomorrow morning, but you can guarantee I’m Tivo-ing The Today Show! Can’t wait to see you!

  37. Love these! We made cake pops on Saturday. I will post them on Saturday! Loving your book!

  38. I cannot stop giggling with joy at the Stitch pops, definitely one I will try…and oh my goodness, Kathy Lee and Hoda, will definitely have my fingers crossed for you, never know what craziness the ladies will bring. Have fun!

  39. Good lord, that’s amazing. Do you ship them? ;)

  40. I added your book to my chronicle books giveaway list!


    I love your pops!

  41. These are too cute Bakerella! Best of luck to you on TV tomorrow – I’ll be watching!

  42. You will have many fans supporting you tomorrow- Good Luck! You’ll do great! PS – don’t take any crap from Kathy Lee :(

  43. how do I send you a pic of some cake pops that I made that I think you’ll really enjoy? btw congrats on the TODAY SHOW! awesome you’ll do great!

  44. wow, i am IMPRESSED! these are gorgeous and so fun…they really remind me of Fantasia!

  45. Super cute! You are extremely creative.

  46. Hi Bakerella :) You are such an inspiration. I literally became obsessed with your cake pops after randomly coming across your book 1 week ago. Since then I’ve read all your posts and I’ve already made zombie cake pops for my zombie obsessed boyfriend’s birthday and he (along with everyone else) loved them. I’m so happy you did a Disney theme because I actually just made some Jack Skellington cake pops… to try out some different flavor combinations of course. After the semester’s over, I’ll have a full month to go crazy and I’m super excited!!

  47. Hey Bakerella! Congrats on the Today Show!! How exciting! I love these new pops…Super cute! I also wanted to let you know that I sent my address via email re: the book contest – hope you received it! Thanks again and good luck! :)

  48. oh my goodness! I love these! You’re so CREATIVE!!! U always amaze me!

    Can’t wait to see you on Today Show!

  49. Oh my!!! Those stich pops are adorable!!

  50. She does it again!!! I want to look inside your head and see how you come up with all these ideas!

  51. Adore the fantasia ones, I love how you use the simple shapes to transform into so many magical pops too.

  52. me likey!i love stitch! it’s my niece’s fave cartoon character…I’m sure she’s be delighted to see and eat this. I’ll make this one when they come & visit me here in March! sooo excited!!!

  53. You are having an awesome NYC trip! Can’t wait to see the Today show!

  54. I’ll be watching!

  55. Those are so adorable!

  56. Good luck, I’ll be watching and you’ll be great!

  57. I love yuor pops, this is amazing

  58. Precioso!
    Mglòria de Gourmenderies

  59. love the stitch cake pops!

  60. when i saw Stitch, I died. x_x

  61. Oh my goodness, the sorcerer’s hats are just too cute! I love them!

  62. OMG! total cuteness. Love them!

  63. I love the sorcerer hats with little ears! They are too cute!

    I will definitely dvr the show so I can watch you later!

  64. Darling cookie pops. Love them. Will be watching you on the Today show. Congrats again. Now your famous. Love it. Paulette

  65. OMG !!!! I love Stitch !!!! And these are going to be one of my favorite pops ever, of course.

    You are a genius.

  66. Way to bury the lead…:-) I’m hoping someone TIVOs your TV appearance so we can see it! Good luck today – you’re going to be awesome!

  67. Lovely!!!! you always surprice me darling!!

  68. i love the stiches pops and i’ll be DVRing you this morning!

  69. Wow these are all beautifully done I can’t pick a favorite! But I think its definitely Stitch. :)

  70. I love love love the Stitch pops! They’re so cute!
    And no worries about being on the Today show, you’re a pro now, you’ll do great; which reminds me, I need to set my DVR!

  71. So excited to see you on The Today Show….today!!! We PVR’d it!
    Rich and I will be watching it later!

  72. Super Duper cute! I just made cake pops last night. I did Vanderbilt colors for my friend who is a huge Vanderbilt fan.

  73. Holy cuteness on sticks!

  74. I live in Florida and am quite the Disneyaholic and I must say that those disney creations are right on! I could see those selling at the theme parks. I would love to see a nativity scene in cake pops. Are you up for the challenge?

  75. Oh no! My daughter has doctor’s appointment at 10! Guess I’ll have to Ti-vo it. Good luck!!!!!

  76. Love them:) Thanks for sharing. It was wonderful to see you in Toronto:)

  77. Good luck and have tons of fun! The DVR is on!

  78. Did I miss Bakerella? I didnt see her on the Today show.

  79. My TV is on – can’t wait to see what you do!

  80. JUST now saw this post!!! 10:17a.m. !!! hope i didn’t miss it! WOW, i am so excited for you :)

  81. to cindy…she will be in the 10oclock hour.

  82. To Karen..shes on the today show right? Cause I just watched the today show from 7-10 my time and didnt see her. Unless, I’m totally messed on what show lol.

  83. To Cindy: at 10:25 EST they just showed her prepping in the Today show kitchen – she’ll be on soon. :-)

  84. Ok theres another Today show coming on at 11 my time. And it showed the cake pops. So next hour she will be on. Thanks Kathlyn. :)

  85. I made them for Halloween and Election Night! However , I cannot find edible ink or the spray on edible spray – Any suggestions! Everybody at my house LOVED my. . . er. . . . your. . . .um. .. . . our cakepops!

  86. Totally cute! I see your little face coming up on KL and Hoda! YEAH! xoxox Deborah

  87. Just saw your segment on the Today show! Great job!

  88. I agree! And you have the cutest laugh! Didn’t see any silly side waves. : )

  89. Love ’em!! I CAN NOT wait for the “Disney Cake Pop” book. That would combine my two favorite things in the world (besides my kids).

  90. Aw, man! I wish I would have checked your blog sooner so I could have recorded the Today Show. Now I’m stuck at school, and I don’t think my 2nd graders will appreciate the Today Show. Scratch that. They would love it. It’s the principal that wouldn’t appreciate it. :)

  91. The DVR is all set! Congrats to you on all of your recent success…you must want to pinch yourself sometimes!!

    Consumed: My Culinary Adventure

  92. Ohmygosh, soooo excited to watch you tomorrow on the Today Show! We’re routing you on!!!

  93. YOU DID GREAT!! Just watched the Today Show! You were wonderful. Hoda and KLG on the other hand….they were worthless!
    You are just too cute!

  94. All I can hear is that ominous oboe playing as the broken pieces of broomstick start forming into new brooms. Sceery!

    Hope your Today Show gig was awesome.

  95. Just saw you on KL and Hoda. You were awesome!!!

  96. I cannot believe how you keep thinking of new cake pop creations! One word – Amazing!

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