Toronto, Teatro and Today Shows

The final recap. Two book signings and two shows. But I thought I would wrap it all up in one post. I finished the last book signings for 2010 this past week in Toronto. It’s kind of sad. I really enjoyed meeting you all and seeing your smiling faces and sharing cake pop stories. It was a blast. And Toronto was no different. Just a lot colder.

While I was in the city, I also had the opportunity to be on Canada AM. It’s like Canada’s version of the Today Show.


We talked about these.


And these.


This is Heather. She was the food stylist who took care of preparing them because it would have been difficult to travel with Reindeer antlers still in tact. Thank you… you did a fantastic job on them.


Here are the hosts… Beverly and Seamus. Both so nice.

If you’d like to watch the Canada AM Segment, here’s a link.

That evening, I had the first book signing in Toronto at a store called Teatro Verde.


This gift store is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous! When I walked in, I felt right at home. Like being in sugarland.

Teatro Verde. Teatro Verde. Teatro Verde.

I can’t say it enough. If you are near Toronto, you should stop in this store.


I bought a couple of these ornaments.


And if I didn’t already have one, I would have bought one of these guys, too.


The first smiling faces to greet me were Marian from Sweetopia (on the right) and her friend Kim.

Marian makes the most beautiful cookies with a wonderfully whimsical charm.


She brought me these. Amazing detail!


And she brought all of these that are designs of some of the cake pops from the book. I squealed! I’m still squealing! Thank you so much!


Teatro was really a fun place to have a signing. I think everyone had a great time.


People joked around. I shopped.


And talked to Food Network Canada. Hi. I enjoyed our chat.


Here are the owners of the store – Shawn and Michael. They were great. Thanks for having me.


Then on Saturday, I went to the second book signing in Toronto at Williams-Sonoma.


Again, I was greeted with cookies. She was first in line with this beautiful cupcake pop cookie arrangment.


I love this. Everyone raising their hand has made cake pops. Impressive.


I finally got to meet Melissa and Rich. Hi guys!

Rich proposed to Melissa with a little help from my blog. You can read about it here:

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

I love these guys and was so honored to be a part of such a memorable event in their lives. After wiping my eyes – Yes, more tears in Toronto – the book signing began.



And so did the silliness.

Then, I was completely caught off guard by Carolynn.


She made cake pops. But not just any cake pops.

Perfectly themed cake pops and in their own sweet setting, too.


And … she drove almost five hours with her friend Candy to bring them to Williams-Sonoma.

Wait till you see them.


I could die. Moose and deer and the cutest little beaver family sitting on their wood dam. And a wintery white owl to top it off.

Seriously, Carolynn – You outdid yourself. These are FANTASTIC! Thank you.


And thank you too, for my new super cute t-shirt. Love it!


Yep. There were boys at the event, too. And this time, at least one wasn’t getting books signed for his mom or girlfriend or sister.

This one was for him.


He made the reindeer and Santa hat cake pops! YAY!


You can’t tell… I’m getting a little better at hiding it, but more tears here. She was so sweet.


And so were the kids that came out.


This little guy however, did not like having his picture taken.


Luckily, she did.


Oh yeah … I met Savannah and Janet from Redpath Sugar and got to play around in the cutest vintage truck.


My mom and I had a great time.  Thanks for making Toronto so memorable.


And if you stop in the Toronto Williams-Sonoma store, please make sure to say hi to Scott for me. He’s the best!



Ok. That was Toronto.

But before I flew home I made a pitstop in New York City.

This past Tuesday I was on the Today Show. Yikes.


On Monday I met with the food stylists, Bianca and Lish to prepare for the following day.

We planned everything out.


Post-its come in handy.


And so do cameras. My mom snapped this so I could remember where everything was going to be placed the next morning.

So I could practice that night. So I could prepare.

But I didn’t. I decided it would be more fun to do it on the fly.

Here’s a Today Show twitpic from the segment.


And here’s the link to the Today Show segment with Hoda and Kathie Lee. This was a bit more fast-paced than the Canada AM clip since we were actually rolling and dipping and there were three of us. But oh so fun.

Okay, that’s it.


Now, I can bake.

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  1. i might be checkin this page 10 months after but u do inspire me so much. i believe ur one of the most generous souls i’ve ever meet. the way u use ur gift to bless lives is truly worthy of recommendation. i hope u see this and keep doing what u do, cuz ur touching a life in nigeria.

  2. I love your website and your book. I actually found out about the website from the book. Your website and book makes me happy.

  3. Angie,

    thank you so much for your posts. You are an inspiration to us all. I hope I was able to do things like you do…

    I hope your ideas will keep coming!


  4. Yeah Canada! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Those beaver cake pops are fantastic!

  5. Both of your spots were terrific. I actually prefer the pacing of the Canadian piece, but wish you had been able to actually make one on the air like you were in the Good Morning segment.

  6. Oh, don’t you just love Marian? Really love skimming through her site even though I’m not into decorating cookies at all :)

  7. I’ve just find out about your page by a friend, and God am I happy! I really admire what you do and I’ve only just begun going through your posts. I am really excited about making some of your recipes, as people say you truly are such a great inspiration. A whole new world has opened for me, and I have to thank you for that!

  8. Aw I love these pictures! You need to come to Orlando!!! I am dying to meet the Queen of Pops!!! You are such an inspiration to me and my dream!!! <333

  9. hi Angie,
    I have been following you since almost the beginnign and somehow feel this warm fuzzy feeling inside me knowing that all these good things are happening to you. I got my book a few weeks ago and have shown it off to anyone who comes to my studio. I wish you a fabulous festive season adn many more blessings in the new year.

  10. Great opportunities…the cake pops are making me hungry as usual

  11. wow! I regret that I am very late in reading food blogs! Wow, I really missed a lot. I can’t take my eyes off those beauttiful beautiful pops. I’ll hunt your book down!

  12. Yay!! You were on the Today Show!! Great Segment.
    Merry Christmas :)

  13. Ohmygosh!

    I just discovered your book today (which I will be getting), which led me to your blog, and I am heart-broken I missed your signing b/c I live in Toronto! =(

    I hope you had a great time here. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading your book and catching up on your website – it’s quite a gem – immediately fell in love with your work =)

    Much love sent your way from T.O.!! <3 <3 <3

  14. Hey Angie,

    It was so great meeting you in Toronto at William Sonoma… My daughter Miranda and I were thrilled to make your blog homepage (now we feel like stars)… I was the lady with the carrot cake pop…

    Thanks for bringing a little joy to our lives….

    Merry Christmas!


  15. You did such a great job on the today show! You did not look nervous at all!

  16. I can’t believe you were in Toronto and I didn’t know about it! I would have loved to meet you!!!! Looks like you had such a great time. I totally laughed out loud at those beaver pops. So clever.

  17. I accidently found this website and LOVE IT. Im from Nova Scotia and sniff cannot find your book anywhere. Im so excited to make these with the kids

  18. I LOVE your cake pops! You are so creative and inspiring! I really want to try to make the cake pops, however, I have a bit of a problem. My husband, his brother and our 2 nephews have a condition called Galactosemia which means any amount of milk, milk fat or protein could cause their liver to shut down. I have great cake and icing recipes that are nice for them, what I am wondering is if you can suggest a suggestion for the candy melts. Do you think I could use some sort of confectioners sugar concoction?

  19. Who makes the soldiers? I couldn’t find them on the Teatro Verde site?

  20. So inspired by all the Holiday decorations! When it comes to Holiday baking, I always like to incorporate Stars somewhere in the dessert menu. I LOVE this star bundt pan found here:

  21. I loved seeing the clip from your Toronto morning show. The host was so polite and gracious. I love that he gave you the opportunity to actually answer his questions and talk about your process and inspirations. I hate the ‘hurry along’ feeling from the Today show segment, but you did great, and you were polite and gracious as well. I just wish they wouldn’t try to cram so much in, that they can’t give ample time for the various segments.

  22. Loved watching you on the today show!

  23. I have the best time looking at the pictures of the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met. I’m excited that you got to meet Melissa & Rich! I first started checking out your blog at the time of his proposal. I thought it was so wonderful! I started following her blog soon thereafter, too. I love all the fun things you all make. I don’t bake much, as I’m a paper crafter, but I love looking at your creations and getting inspiration for the cards I make. :)

  24. Everything looks so cute – you are so creative. I made my first cakepops this weekend for a christmas party, snowmen, reindeer and trees. Not as great as your but everyone loved them just the same. The only problem was that the snowman hats were so heavy they cracked my snowmen. I even filled them with marshmallow cream to make them weigh less,but it didnt help. It was funny to watch people eat them and have the cream goo out though, ha, ha. From the pictures here you have different hats on, can you please tell me how you made them please?

  25. Congrats on these amazing experiences. So glad you could come to Canada. While I couldn’t come to Toronto, I enjoyed the blog post and your Canada AM appearance. All the best this season, Heidi

  26. Congrats on all your appearances, Angie! I was very impressed with Carolynn and the moose/deer/beavers she made. Oh my!

    Loved your segment on the Today Show; that is huge!

  27. Congrats on all of your amazing success! I knew you would be huge from the first moment I saw your blog and those beautiful cake pops (along with all of your other yummy treats!)

    I’m hosting a Giveaway this week for a full set of cupcake icing appliques (Penguins and Snowflakes) and also giving away a chance to win a coupon for loads of dried fruits, nuts, chocolates etc…perfect for holiday baking, and there are loads of bakers here who I’d love to give it all away to!! LOL You can see it and comment to win at ;

    Happy Holidays to All!! :)

  28. I so wanted to see you at Williams-Sonoma and just wasn’t able to get there. Looks like I missed a wonderful time.

  29. Absolutely loved meeting you in TO and SO happy that you liked my ‘Canadiana’ cake pops. Thank you for including them in your blog!

    Love you and your cake pops! Please visit us in Canada again soon….next time Ottawa?!

  30. You were WONDERFUL on the Today show. I was so excited to see it. Love making cake pops and now I got my entire school doing it.

  31. I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading and seeing your reports about your signings and “watching” you on tv. Thanks for sharing with those of us who can’t attend in person. I’m also loving “Cake Pops” – I pre-ordered so received my copy hot off the press and it is WONDERFUL!

    I can’t wait to see what you are baking now that you’re done touring and being a tv star for a while. :0)

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  32. You are just awesome! You are not only full of great ideas, talented and just all around a nice person. You are also very sweet and natural and simple, I loved seeing the clips! Wish I could meet you, but I’m in France. :( I haven’t tried making cake pops yet, but I’m dying to, however I’m not sure where I’d find candy coating in France, nor even frosting, without it costing me an arm and a leg. :( That would have made such cute gifts for my daughter’s school teachers.

  33. Angie,
    You are amazing. Not only are you a talented artist and quite a magician with tasty treats but you are a great inspiration. Your attitude and energy are infectious.

    Thanks for making the world a little sweeter and kinder. You rock.

    PS Your mom rocks too. :)

  34. You were great on the Today Show! We absolutely love your blog, and make cake pops all the time!

  35. Wow! Did you know you are featured today (12/11) in Huffington Post’s Food Section as one of the Top 10 blogs-to-cookbook for 2010?

    Happy to see you getting the recognition. Love the Cake Pops book.

  36. You are amazing! My students love everything that you do! Congratulations!

  37. I was at the gym the other day and it just happened to be on the Today’s Show and it immediately caught my attention when I saw the cutest holiday themed cake pop creations EVER being made. My 2 year old’s birthday is coming up and I have been struggling to figure out what to make this year for him since I’m doing a finger food/appetizer food theme. THANK YOU so much for you awesome creativity and providing it for me to copy! I have a feeling after I make these they will become a regular staple and I will need to start going to the gym A LOT more frequently!!! :)

  38. Please come to New Orleans in 2011!!!

  39. omg… Are those Canada mitts?! Do you know where I could get some?!

  40. That is so cool! This post made me smile. You look so happy.

  41. i love the cookies from sweetopia! ^^
    the details are amazing and
    it looks really gorgeous~
    i can’t wait to see you bake more bakerella :D

  42. Angie, you should’ve heard the squeal I let out when I saw your book on the shelves here.. It seemed almost unreal, Cake Pops here in my little corner of the world (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Also, Meg beat me to it, but the guy in Toronto is a cutie (psst, if you happen to be reading this.. Hello there :) ) Looking forward to your next big adventure! xx.

  43. I have two words for the guy who made cake pops. They’re both “hubba”


  44. I had so much fun reading this post, looking at the pictures, and watching your clips! What a busy time to be doing all this traveling but how much fun it must be too :) I’ve been inspired to pull my kids into the kitchen this weekend and make some holiday treats for teachers and neighbors. All the best to you!!!

  45. It was so great to meet you! Thanks for making moving to Toronto so worth it for me!

  46. You posts such great pics of your tour! Love your blog and I love making cake pops for that wow factor.

    Are the gingerbread houses in your 4th picture made from the book that’s in the picture? I can’t make out the name. Do you know?

  47. It was so much fun and a memorable experience! You also did a great job on the today show!
    Thanks for including me in your post!!


  48. Oh Bakerella…I cried…I couldn’t get to Toronto. I wanted to so badly but my son was sick and I had to stay home. I dreamed of my fun get away day to come to Toronto and meet you. I am happy to see that everyone made you feel welcome and celebrated. I sat with my little guy and looked through your Cake pop book…the closest I could get to being there. Oh well…maybe next time. Any thoughts on a second edition????
    WIth admiration and a little self pity, Lori from Port Perry :-(

  49. Lovely! Glad you are enjoying your book tour!

  50. Yay Canada! So glad you could make it here.

  51. thanks for the links, i was so sad i missed you on the today show.

  52. Thanks for sharing all the pics and your talent. It was fun to meet you along the way. Time for Cake Pops II?

  53. You’re amazing? My favorite has got to be the snowmen!!!

  54. I just have to say Rob, you do us Canadians proud!! Melissa hold on to him, he’s a good one!

    I am so excited…. your book is the only thing on my Christmas list. I really hope Santa gets my list this year.

  55. You were great on the Today show! And your nail polish is amazing… can you share the color? ;)

  56. your post made me glad your Mom gets to be in on the happiness too!! Hope ya’ll have a VERY Merry Christmas :)

  57. You were great on both shows! You look like you had a great time and were so natural in front of the camera. Thanks so much for sharing!

  58. Awww…Bakerella, your mom is adorable. I saw you on the Today Show and you are such a vibrant natural personality for TV. And I love the fourth hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda and it appears they loved you….of course! Happy baking and Merry Christmas dear Angela!

  59. it was so fun to meet you in toronto; you are just the nicest person ever!
    my mom, my baby (the little cupcake girl who was asleep for our signing but then smiling for your mom’s camera later), and i enjoyed getting our books signed and seeing what everyone made for you.
    you are welcome back to toronto anytime!

  60. Looks like you had an AWESOME time. And those ornaments were ADORABLE…if I would have been there I think I would have bought half the store out. LOL. I LOVE Christmas and can not wait to make cake pops for the family, they have never had them, so I will make some for them and then my moms work loves when I bring Cupcakes so I thought maybe some cake pops would be great as something different.

  61. hope to see ya soon in houston…u can come visit a real Sugarland (no really…a city jus south of town is called Sugarland – sweet!) we are having a cake extraviganza in september and we would LOVE to have YOU as a demonstrator and teacher!!!!

  62. Any chance of visiting Orlando next year? Love your cake pops Angela :)

  63. Just watched the links to both of the shows…you did great! Love all your holiday cake pops, I want to try the snowmen!


  65. I saw you on Canada AM and am now following your blog. It was a great segment- your cakepops look so fun. It’s amazing what you’ve done with them and where they’ve taken you lately. Glad you had fun in Toronto!

  66. Loved both the clips. I must admit though, I am super glad you are done with your signings so you can get back to baking. =) Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  67. You did a wonderful job on the Today Show segment… I’m a HUGE fan of your blog and keep up the good work! I LOVE making the wonderful goodies I find on here!

  68. You did a wonderful job on the Today Show segment… I’m a HUGE fan of your blog and keep up the good work! I LOVE making the greatgoodies things I find on here!

  69. You’re a Rockstar!

  70. It was SO great to meet you! My little guy (the sourpuss, who eventually warmed up when Scott gave him the buttons) distracted me from telling you how much I love your cakepops, that your Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is the only one I ever use to make Chocolate Chip Cookies anymore, and that your cakepops are a huge hit everytime I make them… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming to Toronto! You were well worth the long line up and wait!

    p.s. hope you like the earrings and that you get a chance to wear them!

  71. The Today Show clip made me laugh so hard. Why did Kathie Lee keep calling you Dudley? So silly! Haha! Your creations are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  72. You are an artist. Amazing work, as always!!!!

  73. I love the Canadiana Cakepops and the t-shirts. Toronto does it big! :D

  74. Congratulations on surviving the tour. I want you to know that you’re so deeply ingrained in my mind as Bakerella that when I saw your name badge in the pre-taping Today Show photos, I couldn’t believe that Angela was actually your name. We’re all looking forward to your next baking adventure. Cheers.

  75. Yay! SO EXCITED that you finally posted your Toronto Book Signing adventure! Thanks for the link to my blog :) You really are awesome! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next…I need some new ideas! By the way, love the sweater you wore to the rehearsal!

  76. I’m still crying in my disco dust that I didn’t make to the signing when you were here in Costa Mesa, California :( Time to start working on book #2 so I can have another chance!

  77. you should come to monterrey mexico! im dying to meet you! congratulations!

  78. omg …..i both teared up and laughed at this blog. i teared just at the thought of how everyone loves you and you meeting all these people you have meet online…………the joy you must be feeling that everyone loves you……good on you sweetie.

    and i laughed…..dudley……..omg those girls on the today show made me laugh……….you all made me laugh…….

    how excited you must have been……….and you gorgeous on tv……

    now get yourself down here to australia !!!!!!!

  79. I loved watching the clips of the shows – you seemed so comfortable and at ease. I also love watching your journey from blogger to huge internationally known blogger to book author to now being on TV! You are such an inspiration and you’re so much fun to watch!

  80. I’ve enjoyed watching your adventure on your book tour. I ordered your book and it was backordered for a while, but I’m happy to have learned that it shipped! Just in time for Christmas! Have a happy holiday!

  81. I just saw your book in the English bookstore in Zurich! Glad to know you have gone international!

  82. I can’t get over how adorable you are! This might sound weird but..your hair..your hair is FANNNNTASTIC. I am so envious of it! It is always so beautifully styled!

    I love these cake pops, I made some “ornament” shaped cake pops last year with some blue and silver lustre dust, and my husband is CRAZY about them. He constantly asks me about them and wants more this year!

  83. wow – there are a lot of talented bakers in canada! i’d feel guilty eating such pretty pops!

  84. I am so so sad to have missed you in Toronto! But a big shout out to the gal who made the beaver and moose cake pops! Those were awesome! And the maple leaf shirt was totally wicked! If I were in , I would have asked … What is next for Bakerella?

    I am on my way to Teatro Verde!

  85. I just watched The Today Show clip–you were adorable!!

  86. Whew! You must be one tired lady!!!

    I made cake balls for my dept birthday potluck and the ladies INHALED them. Then the evening shift girl said she had seen you on the Today show :-)

    My supervisor asked me for the recipe so I sent her the link to your site!!!

    So now you have even more Bakerella Fans in Harrisonburg, VA

    Ps…the ladies begged me to make them again for next Wednesday’s Christmas potluck :-)

  87. OMIGOSH!!! What fun!! Everything is amazing–all your stops, visits, and THE TODAY SHOW!!! Congrats! And I love that store! Sugarland, indeed!! I wanna go! :)

  88. Hi! Going to try and make thsi long story short…
    I am a Canadian girl, living in Australia…LOVING life and Bakerella! Loved the Canadian book signing pics – gave me a glimpse of home :) Wondering 2 things…1) Will you ever come to Australia (hey, Oprah is here right now! LOL) and 2) where can I find those ‘I (canadian maple leaf) Bakerella’ shirts?
    April xx

  89. I’m so glad you had a link to the Today show!! I set my DVR to record it, but it shut off at 10:00, and didn’t record your segment!! I was devestated. Thanks for posting it here!!!

  90. Angie, it was so great to meet you! You and your adorable treats are an inspiration!
    Hope we cross paths again someday!

  91. Will you be traveling somewhere in Asia for a book signing too? -heehee- =) I can’t wait for your book to be available here in Manila.. still can’t find it in our local bookstores. I guess online shopping is my only option for now. =)

  92. Angie we are so glad that you came to Toronto. It was wonderful meeting you and hanging out at the store seeing all of the very happy people who came to your signing. Your pictures are great! One quick question????? Did the cookies that Marian made make it back with you in one piece?

    Once again, thanks for thinking of us here in Canada….Marian and I had three snow days this week! So you came at the right time…Toronto did not get hit as bad as elsewhere in the province.

  93. You have been so busy!! Thanks for the Today show link!

  94. Kathie Lee is such a nut.. You did a great job keeping up with her though!!

  95. what an incredible time! you always look like you have so much fun :)

  96. thanks for sharing…wow! wow!

    & meeting michelle & rich…so very cool…how could we forget that proposal…it was fantastic….

    i love sweetopia’s blog…
    i have such creative virtual friends!!
    continue to inspire all of us! happy holidays!

  97. Oh, it’s so awesome to see you having so much fun and all this great recognition for everything you do! You’re awesome and inspiring!

  98. Wow! Angie…this is must have been an awesome time for you…and lets hope that its not done! Cant wait to see what else you have in store for us…thank you for inspiring us and giving us so much love…you truly are a Southern Belle!

  99. great pictures! loved seeing you on the Today Show – you made the adorable cake balls look so easy:-)

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