A Stitch in time

I made a couple of new cake pop designs recently. Both for Disney, both blue. One old and one new.


Here are some Cake Pop Sorcerer’s Hats inspired by the 1940 Disney classic animated film, Fantasia. From such a long time ago, but still so recognizable – even in candy.


These cone-shaped cake balls are the same shape I used to make these Christmas Cake Pops. I love how simple shapes can transform into so many different themes…


… and by using a different color candy coating and moldable candy, you can transform the shapes into Mickey’s magical hat.


For the complete instructions on making these Sorcerer’s Hats, visit Disney’s or click on the button at the end of this post.


Now, while we’re talking blue cake pops, here’s a more recent Disney character that starts with a round shape.

Our favorite blue alien, Stitch.


Actually, Stitches.


Stitch uses chewy candy too, but in a different way.

I’ve tried to simplify the sprinkles down to the fewest possible to still resemble him.


The black ones may be more difficult to find, but feel free to substitute something similarly-shaped. Even piping on black candy coating will be fine.


These Disney projects were created for their website. For the complete instructions on making them, visit Disney’s, or click on one of the buttons below. You can also poke around here for more cake pop ideas on



P.S. – If you’re around the TV tomorrow, December 7th at the 10 am hour, I’m going to be on the Today Show showing Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make holiday cake pops. Eek. Excited and Nervous.

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