About this time last year…

I was in Seattle and I had just begun my book tour.

Seattle had so many fun places to visit for cupcakes.

And not just the kind you eat.

While I was there, I was so excited to stop in and see my friend CakeSpy’s shop.


It’s in Capitol Hill and it’s pretty darn cute.


Jessie, aka CakeSpy, gave me and my friend Julie a warm welcome.


Her shop is as charming as she is.


It’s filled with her adorable watercolor illustrations of L’il Cuppie.


And illustrated magnets, too.


Plus, there’s lots of other fun cupcake items, shirts and even a cozy gallery space where she features local artists.


There’s even a Pug named Porkchop.


They are both as cute as can be.


Porkchop keeps watch over things from his ice cream throne.


If you pass by the shop sometime, you might even get to see Jessie at work through the storefront window. See if she still has that cute two-headed deer. Eeek!


Stop in and say hi if you do. She’ll greet you with a welcoming smile.


Here she is creating one of her more requested Zombie and L’il Cuppie illustrations. I love how tiny she works. It was so fun watching her do her thing.


If you’ve been following my site for a while, you may remember CakeSpy from some of my earlier posts.

I first “met” CakeSpy on flickr, when I stumbled upon her adorable cupcake drawings and had to have some of my very own.


These are the first ones she did for me. Yeah, I have several more.

And she’s the one I made this little video for. (Check out our other sweet exchanges here.)

And I’ve been following her with each new adventure.

When she sold her drawings on etsy.

When she went part-time at her day job.

When she quit her job to pursue her passion full-time.

When she opened her adorable shop in Capitol Hill.

It’s so great to watch friends fullfill their dreams.


And now she’s just about to begin her own book tour and celebrate the launch of her new book, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life. Yay!


The book has lots of fun little recipes like this one for Red Velvet Cake Shakes.


And of course the book is sprinkled with her signature illustrations.

Here’s her tour info with a launch party at the shop this Thursday.

She’ll be signing books at bakeries, too. Awesomeness!


Jessie, I’m so proud for you. You deserve all the sweet success that comes your way.