Kits and cards… Kinda cool


Something fun arrived in the mail the other day.

I couldn’t wait to unwrap it.


Peek-a-boo… looks like it’s going to be cute.


Yep. Super cute.


A Cake Pops Kit.


Let’s look inside.


Colorful ribbons.


Sticks and treat bags.


A stand and pretty gift tags, too.


Plus a booklet with several projects … some old and some new.


I love cute stuff. And I love that my publisher does, too. As a matter of fact. They excel in all things cute. Not only does Chronicle make beautiful books, but they make gift items that are just as adorable.

This kit pulls from the book and also includes the items to package up your mini treats.
It would make a great little starter kit for someone new to cake pops or even the biggest cake pop star.

It’s available for pre-order and comes out in November. I can’t wait.

But, that’s not all.


Chronicle put together a boxed set of notecards too.

Perfect to send someone sweet little notes.


Like with these puppy pops…


… or with one of several other designs.


The notecards also come out in November. Yay!

Want to find out where you can get them both? Online or in stores?

Or in other countries, too. (A few other countries anyway.)

Then check out this site I just launched.

Let me know what you think. I hope you like it.


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329 comments on “Kits and cards… Kinda cool”

  1. This is AMAZING!!!! I love cake pops! You are awesome Angie. You should plan a visit to Mexico, you have a lot of fans here. :)

  2. How exciting, Angie! Congratulations!

  3. Oh my goodness! I think I’m in love with the new cake pop website. So cool! Can’t wait for the kits to come out.

  4. Just preordered 5, guess what I’m giving for Christmas! So glad you are doing ok. Every now and then I’m still throwing in a “and God bless Bakerella” into our prayers.

  5. awesome blog! I just discovered it! I love your photos and all your awesome ideas. I am thinking about making cake pop characters for the Jewish holiday of Purim (google it :) and give them out for Mishloach Manos (google that too :).
    If I do I will send picts!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so stinkin’ cute! I can’t wait till November, I have some baking to do for sure! Now I have to plan which cake pops to start with. You have so many great ideas that insire me everyday. Thank You!


  8. OOH! Those are super cute. I live the note cards! Since they’re too cute to write on (for fear of messing up and having to scribble over my writing) they would probably sit on my dresser, unopened and unused, collecting dust….hmm…maybe it’s better I DON’T get them.;P I would definitely use the Cake Pop Kit though. I have such a hard time shopping for those kind of supplies.

  9. Super cute, I love it! You are so creative!!

  10. Congrats! What a fun way to expand your book.

  11. Beautiful&Wonderful I love it Bakerella !!!
    What a great idea!
    Best regards

  12. The kits are totally adorable, and the new site looks great too. I agree with other posters that some of the candies needed would be a great addition for a deluxe edition of the kit.

  13. Ohhh, I can hardly stand the cuteness of it all!!!!!

    I’m so happy for you and all of your success with cake pops. :) Truly!

  14. that kit is to DIE for !!! adorable

  15. What a great idea! and super cute!
    Here’s another idea: Make specific kits that include the candy needed to complete the pops…eliminates the need to search around town for the right candies (no candy shops where i live).

  16. Way to go Angie-I am proud of you!

  17. omg! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. That’s a wonderful kit!

  19. These are amazing! I gotta get them!!!

  20. Yay, I love this kit and the cards. Will be pre ordering for sure.

  21. This Cake Pop Kit is the perfect way to expand on your book! It’s so well designed and makes a perfect gift. Congrats Bakerella! I’m hoping to achieve the same sucess on my baking blog, Take a look!

  22. Fabulous! I love it.

  23. I WILL be pre-ordering mine! I love your blog and the things you make seem too difficult and intricate for me! But this will help me get some practice!!

  24. This is amazing! It would be very useful for me whenever my church has another bake sale! :)

  25. That is super cute. I love how you manage to take mundane candies and turn them into things I just wouldn’t have thought of to make such cute items!

  26. No. Way!

    love love love love love love love LOVE this!

  27. Love, love, love the little notecards. I think a calendar should be next….it would be a great seller I am sure.

  28. Oh wow they are wonderfull.. but there is a small mistake on the website

    It says available in Denmark ( dutch translation) that should be Netherlands..

    I make sure to order it .. tnx

  29. LOVE THESE!!!!! I actually emailed the link to my daughter and told her that the kit and cards would make a great Christmas gift for her Mom (YES, that would be me!! LOL!!) I really hope they are under the tree!!

  30. Thank you Angie for your gift of making people happy. My heart is a racin’ when I saw all your goodies and your website. You have an eye that is a true gift from heaven and I am so happy you share it with all of us. I bow down to you oh Queen of Cake Pop Goodness! Continued good health to you and your mom. I just luv ya! :)

  31. So Cute!! Can’t wait till the kit and cards come out and love the new site!

  32. Love love love the kit! This is definitely going on my Christmas list! :)

  33. OMG the cuteness just keeps coming :D

  34. I love it all! So, so neat. Just got the Family Fun with your cake pops on the cover the other day…YOU excel in all things cute, Bakerella!

  35. YAY!!! I am excited for you! I can’t wait to buy one!

  36. where can i buy this is beautiful i live in south america!!!!

  37. This is VERY COOL! Congratulations! The penguins are the coolest.

  38. LOVE them! I’m so excited!

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I can’t wait to order a ton for Christmas presents! I have a bunch of teenage girls at my church who want to learn how to make cake pops and these would be great gifts for after our lessons !!

  40. Oh my gosh! AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea! What a great gift! Seriously cute….I wish I could get a package like under my tree! :) I love the notecards, they are adorable! Can’t wait to put that on my list….my kids will love it and I love not having to hunt everything down to make them!

  41. Amazing! You are a great example of doing what yo love and being rewarded for it.

  42. Oh my goodness, how adorable! I know some people that these would make GREAT gifts for… and just in time for Xmas! Congrats on all the cake pop success!

  43. cool, you should so do kits containing the ingredients too, i would buy one every week! Wish we could get candy melts sprinkles and the kits in the UK – they are hard to come by and very expensive!

  44. Love it! Just ordered one for my niece!

  45. WOW! I just found your site 2 days ago and I’m already in love… and now it’s a complete franchise. Congrats!

  46. what a GREAT Christmas present idea! THANK YOU!!

  47. These are really darling and I love all the note cards and everything. Wow! You are so talented!

  48. Oh and the same with the book page :)

  49. Love it! Though there is one little mistake on your site. At this page: it says Denmark – Dutch version but it is Holland/ The Netherlands where they speak Dutch :) So you should change Denmark in to that, because it is about the real Dutch version, not the Danish.

  50. My Christmas shopping just got a little easier.

  51. How exciting for you! Congrats on the new kit and website. Looks fun! Love your pops and your blog!

  52. Bakerella, do I smell a giveaway? Cause I would sure love to win the cakepop kit!

  53. SO cute!!! one of these days I’m going to make cake pops. I had lap band in April, so stopped baking.. but might have to make an exception. lol

  54. Oh my goodness! What GREAT Christmas gifts! I am always trying to figure out what to give some of the younger teenaged girls in my neighborhood and at church, and now I will have all of them taken care of. Thank you ever so much.

  55. Way cool. I was at a friends this weekend and she pulled out these cake pops she saved for me from a party. She thought her friend was sooo creative. I pulled up your site to introduce her to the real brain child. I recounted the whole story of how I have followed you, you wrote a book, came to Toronto, we stood in line to get our book signed. How we made you some mits with cupcakes sewn and beaded on the back ect… How you are loved around the world. I will forward her your new site.
    Kits are way too cool. Just in time for Christmas! Woo-hoo.

  56. Oh honey, these are just fabulous!! I can’t wait until November., I know what Santa is putting in everyone’s stockings this year :)

  57. Great idea, LOOOVE it!!! Chirstmas gifts!!!!

  58. Super cute! I love the ways you share your creative ideas!

  59. These are so fabulous! Congratulations to you on all of your success. My daughter is going to go gaga over these! Can’t wait to see them in the store.

  60. You are such a blessed and gifted person. love the new cakepops kit and website will make a great gift for my kids they both love your site especially when I attempt to create one of your masterpieces :D

  61. Must make you very proud to be so successful. I can only hope to be as successful someday. As I tell my kids often, anything can happen if you make it happen. Congratulations on your new items! I look forward to seeing more.

  62. Oh that is sooooo cute and such a good idea. Those will make great little gifts for the holidays!!

  63. soo cute!! what a great idea!

  64. I love the kit! It’s a perfect gift! I also checked out the new website and I think it’s lovely. I would love to see a “button” to make it extra easy to share with my friends on facebook!

  65. What a great idea! This is WONDERFUL!

    I’m so happy for you – for your success with your site, your book and above all your health.

    You’re an original!

  66. Cuteness overload. I can’t wait!!

  67. What a great product idea! Congratulations on the new stuff and new site. I’m so happy for you.

  68. So sweet just love it. Paulette

  69. Oh my !! I hadn’t seen the little penguins yet! OH MY LORD, THEY ARE ADORABLE. I want to make them now. Like RIGHT NOW. Too bad my dorm room doesn’t have a kitchen. Boo.

    Anywhoo.. the website is adorable Angie! You did a great job putting it together, and it’s very easy to navigate. :)

    You should put the link somewhere in your “Cake Pop” category on your blog, for anyone who goes there to check out Cake Pops can also check out Or just on the general blog would work too!

  70. What a great idea! So super cute!

  71. So fun!!!

  72. What a great idea for a baker friend or family member. I love it…I can see it now…cake pop action figures…cake pop cartoon show…The Cake Pop Movie…girl, you are a star!!!

  73. I love these sooooo much! Just a little comment… The ‘Denmark’-link is really to a Dutch website; like, The Netherlands-Dutch. I’m very excited your cake pops-kit is coming to The Netherlands though!
    Yay for you!!

  74. Want. SO MUCH.

  75. You are such an amazing role model! You must be so proud of yourself. What an accomplishment. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.

  76. I love it!

  77. Wow! These are too cool. I love the kit but I really love the cards. Such a great idea and just in time for Christmas. Did you make Christmas cake pop cards?

  78. I WANT IT!!!! Please tell me we can get it in SA.
    I totally suck at making the pops, but I keep trying. They look bad… really, like very sad and bad, but are at least tasty.
    Will keep a lookout for it – maybe in about 3 years time!

  79. Awwww they are absolutely adorable!!!! Congrats!!!

  80. Oh yes I want this kit!!! I command it from this evening!!!

    Your receipts are fascinating.

    Best regards

    The French admirer

  81. Yay! You can buy it in New Zealand!

  82. Look at you!!! Gettin all big and famous! I love it. I will certainly be pre-ordering! Congratulations, you deserve this girl!

  83. Congratulations Angie! … I live in Italy and so … it’s possibile an italian translation? thanks!

  84. Ohhhhhh AMAZING!!!! I must have one!!!!!!

    Hope it will be available for Italy as well!

    You’re great!

  85. Absolutely CUTE.
    Love it

  86. Hi!

    I’m a huge fan! Oh I just love all your creations. Your creativity is amazing!

    Question, how do I get a copy of your book and this kit? I’m from the Philippines. Thanks!

    Aizah (

  87. Congratulations! Your new kit is gorgeous!


  88. BRILLIANT…just BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
    kudos & best wishes.

  89. Love love love the kit and note cards! Will these be available in Asia or Singapore? Would love to get my hands on them! And what a wonderful new website too!

  90. Hello ! I love your ideas and work ! I live in Sweden. Can I buy this new item as well ? Love !

  91. Awww so lucky
    Belle of the baking ball with that kit :)

  92. I love the kits!
    I live outside the US and we don’t have here all the decorative items you have overt there so the kits are great (especially if they could also come with decorative candy where it’s needed etc. Even candy melts are very very hard to get here) if I could only get my hand on a kit…

    Great products, anyway.

  93. Wow!!! I want one of those Kits… are they going to be available on

  94. Super cute!! Love it :)

  95. Hi!
    I LOVE THE SITE! I think you are just the nicest, cutest person, as cute as your cake pops. I wish you would come to San Diego, so I could meet you. I hope you are feeling well and that the numbers are great for you and your mom. I think of you a lot and wishing you much happiness and great health.

    Tracey A.

  96. Wow, that is nice to have. What a great idea!

  97. Can you plz send it to Sweden or tell me how to get it ordered and shipped to Sweden??

  98. ooops… i forgot… i’m going to SF to your book signing!!!! i can’t wait!!!! I’m gonna buy all three!! cake pop book, cards, and the kit!!! yippie!!!

  99. two words……………… LOVE IT!

  100. ahhh~ so cute! maybe you can do a giveaway too with this one! too bad it’s released on November i want one now….

  101. What a CUTE idea! I also LOVE your new web site!

    Hope you are feeling better. :D

  102. oh wow – those are adorable, I love them to death! How about Sweden, can we get them? I’m gonna look into it for sure ;)

  103. what a great idea…. Want them all…. :) Congrats!

  104. Adorable!

  105. So much cuteness! I love the Cakepop site!

  106. Congratulations Angie!!!!!!! The kit is soooooo cute!!!! The note cards are wonderful I LOVE them!!!!! You are such a talented and great person!!!

  107. The website looks awesome!

  108. Love it :) can’t wait to get one!!!!!!!! Love the website too:)

  109. It looks super cute!!! Would make a great gift for my baker buds!! The website is also cutsie!

  110. Wow- fantastic! And super glad to see I will be able to order it where I live! But I do want to say that you have a link that says “Denmark- dutch translation”- which leads to the dutch site that I order all my books from. They speak Danish in Denmark, and Dutch in the Netherlands- I don’t know if it was intentionally said that way or not.

  111. WOW That is fabulous!!! I gotta get one of those!!!!

  112. How do I get one…for some reason my pops are always a mix between a scary monster and a cute crooked, cross eyed puppy….

  113. Wow. Cutie patootie. Way to go.

  114. Yea for you! Yea for US!!! : )

  115. Oooooo, purty!! I have been obsessed with your site for the past few months, cake pops are taking over my life! Love the new cake pop site, I’ll be stalking it constantly!

  116. Very cute! You are clever and creative!

  117. OMG!! I have to have this!! I just love it! I can’t wait to make Christmas tree ball ornaments for my son’s teacher for a Christmas gift!!

    You’re stuff is so inspirational!! Thank you so much!

  118. Talk about CUTE . . . so cute . . . so cute! LOVE the kit and love the notecards. Congrats!

  119. I really want one now!! These look all too cute. I hope that I can buy it online!!!

  120. I just pre-ordered it. It should be here between november 21st and the 23rd. I already called called in sick for those days… im thinking a lot of baking will be going on :)

  121. Those cards are SO cute!!!! How fun!

  122. Adorable! Now I have another item to add to my Christmas list!

  123. Absolutely adorable! Going to ask for this for Christmas!!

  124. Congrats! I love it and I can’t wait to get one!

  125. I love this! I wish it was coming out sooner than November because then I could ask for it for my birthday!

  126. Love it! Can’t wait to place my order.

  127. Love the note cards. This will be my new stationary for the next couple months. The kit is great too!

  128. They are SUPER ADORABLE!! =D I CAN’T wait to get them! You just make cuter and cuter things!

  129. a MUST HAVE!!!!!!! darling…..such great gifts

  130. Oh my gosh! I am definately gonna have to get that! I have been looking around for “proper” supplies (because what im currently using is not up to standards) and this would be perfect! I cant wait to meet you when you come to Minneapolis in October!

  131. This is great, it would be wonderful for my 2 girls and I!!

  132. Wow–that’s amazing! I love it!

  133. awesome.

  134. Awesome! I have to say a few weeks ago I saw a cake pop kit but it had Duff on it. And while I love Duff and Char City Cakes I was like, ‘what the crap? Where’s Bakerella?’
    These look amazing, as always.

  135. Super cute, perfect gift, not sure if I could part with them though x thank u Bakerella, the gift that keeps on giving x

  136. cuteness overload!!!

  137. How adorable is that? And what a fun gift it could make, too!! Bakerella, you should be very proud of yourself, girl!

  138. Waaaaaay fun!!!! I love it!!!!! Felicidades=D

  139. I’m so glad you come up with these! I was going to put my own kits together for Christmas gifts, but now I can just use yours!

  140. Way Awesome. Love it.
    Love everything. The books. The kit. The cards.

  141. OMG!!! Amazing! I cannot wait! Congratulations!

  142. omg SO CUTE!! I love cute things <3

  143. LOVE it!! Can’t wait to get a kit!! Like the new website too!

  144. So so so so cute! This is definitely going on my Christmas & birthday wish lists! Great work!

  145. Congrats!!! Love it!!

  146. This is pure *Joy* in a box! ? it!!!!!

  147. Yay!!!! What a nice surprise for my bday!!!!

  148. You. Are. Amazing.

  149. I love it! I must start hinting to my husband to purchase this for me. :)

  150. So happy for you B. Now I know what to buy for Christmas presents. :)

  151. What a fabulous idea! I think my sister needs one of these for her birthday. I can’t wait to see them.

  152. Oh I so want them!

  153. Awesome!!! I love stationery and can’t wait to get both items! The site looks great!

  154. FABULOUS!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  155. I love it, i hope it comes to PR.

  156. These are the cutest!!! I can’t wait to see them.

  157. I love these! They are so cute.

  158. Just in time for Christmas!!!!

  159. Super~Awesome just gets better and better & cuter and cuter!!!!

  160. I’m amazed at your resiliency. All you’ve been through the past few months and look at you! Successful as ever! As a medical social worker, you make me proud =)

  161. So inspired by and proud of the continuing world dominance f your Cake Pop empire. You are so awesome! Congratulations on the new goodies.

  162. I’m in love with the notecards!

  163. AWESOME!!!

  164. Oh, I was just looking through my Cake Pops book to find something to make for my daughters 4th birthday! Writing a list of everything I need, might have to add this kit to the list!!

  165. LOVE IT!!!!! So cute!!!

  166. I NEED, I WANT!!! / / /
    I have the brazillian version of your book “Cake Pops”
    and is AWESOME!
    I hope we can have this kit here in Brazil too…
    otherwise we buy it at amazon! ; )

  167. These are adorable! I am so excited for them!

  168. yay yay yay!!! I love this its adorable!!!

  169. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! The cutenss factor is over the top! :)

  170. Congrats! This is wonderful!

  171. OMG!!! So adorable!! I will NEED this kit :)

  172. So fun! Loving the cards too! I’m a sucker for stationary.

  173. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!

  174. I love it!!! Can’t wait until November!!

  175. AWESOME!! I want one!

  176. Fabulous . Fabulous . Fabulous !!!
    Well deserved. Congratulations Bakerella!

  177. This is SO COOOL!!

  178. That is WONDERFUL!! Congrats to you!!! High FIVE!!!

  179. I think I know what will be on my Christmas list :) So cute and fun!

  180. That kit is adorable! What a great idea!

    And I like the Cake Pops site, awesome. :)

  181. I can see I am going to have to get one of those kits for the greatest cakepop fan of all–my daughter, Anna, who had a Bakerella birthday party for her 6th birthday . Those are so sweeeeeet!

  182. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I Love it! What a great idea. Must pre-order now!

  183. Awesome!!

  184. OOOooooohhhh!!! I *want* one!!!

  185. I love it! Can’t wait to get it :) I think I found my CMAX gift

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