Chewy Chocolate Meringues


I want to show you this new book from Williams-Sonoma.

It’s filled with delicious photographs and tons of recipes including …




Pop Tarts.


And pies to name a few.

Are your taste buds warming up yet? Mine sure are. I could hardly stand to flip through the pages of this book without wanting to make everything in it.

Home. Baked. Comfort. Yes, please.

And guess what, else.


This book also includes recipes from several bakeries and bloggers across the country.

Like Smitten Kitchen, Tartine, Cannelle et Vanille, Flour, Baked…

And more.


Maybe even one from someone you know.

With all this yumminess, it was really hard to decide what to bake first. I flipped through the book several times before I finally decided.


When I saw that one of the featured bakeries was from Minneapolis, I knew right away that was the one to try since I’ll be in Minnesota and at Williams-Sonoma in about two weeks for a book signing. (Details here.)

And now, I may just have to stop by this bakery, too.

Salty Tart. Cute name.


And her recipe for Chewy Chocolate Meringues is delish.

And easy.

And better yet, only needs four ingredients.


Finely chopped bittersweet chocolate.


Five tablespoons cocoa powder.


Sugar and egg whites.

This photo kinda makes them look like egg yellows though.


Whisk together the egg whites and sugar over – but not touching – simmering water until dissolved.


Remove from heat and beat the egg whites until stiff and glossy.


Then fold in the chocolate and cocoa.


Scoop out the batter on parchment lined baking sheets and bake away.


You want to see cracks. That’s part of what I love about this recipe. No need to try and make anything look perfect. These are already perfectly imperfect.


And oh so good.

They are highly addictive, too. I don’t want to tell you how many I ate before I even finished taking photos…


…but let’s just say that this photo is missing quite a few.

I’m so glad I tried this recipe. I’ve never made meringues before because they never really looked all that appealing to me. But wow! These chocolate ones will be made again. And again.

Thanks Salty Tart.

Chewy Chocolate Meringues

Chewy Chocolate Meringues

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Total Time 38 minutes


  • Chewy Chocolate Meringues
  • 1 cup (8 fl oz / 250 ml) large egg whites - about 7
  • 2 cups (1 lb / 500 g) sugar
  • 5 tbsp (1 oz / 30 g) natural cocoa powder
  • 4 oz (125 g) bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
  • 4 oz (125 g) cocoa nibs*


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a clean, dry heatproof bowl, whisk together egg whites and sugar. Set over, but not touching, simmering water in a saucepan.
  3. Whisk constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved and remove from heat. (I tested to make sure I didn't feel any sugar granules.)
  4. Beat the eggs on high using your mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Beat until stiff and glossy.
  5. Sift cocoa over the meringue. Sprinkle chopped chocolate (and cocoa nibs if you're using) on top. Then, fold together gently with a spatula until combined.
  6. Use a scoop to drop even amounts of batter onto prepared baking sheets about two inches apart.
  7. Bake for about 8-9 minutes. Rotate the pans and bake for another 8-9 minutes until the cookies are fluffy and full of cracks.
  8. Transfer the cookies, leaving them on the parchment paper, to wire racks to cool.


Adapted from Home Baked Comfort.

* I omitted the cocoa nibs because I didn't have any on hand and the cookies still came out beautifully.

The recipe says it makes about 2 dozen meringues, but I ended up with about 60 using a 1.5 inch scoop. I also used a scale to measure my ingredients exactly.


Home Baked Comfort by Kim Laidlaw
Photographed by Eric Wolfinger

Featured Bakeries
Baked, Brooklyn, NY
Floriole Cafe & Bakery, Chicago, IL
Flour Bakery + Cafe, Boston, MA
Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery, Santa Monica, CA
Pearl Bakery, Portland, OR
Salty Tart Bakery, Minneapolis, MN
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, Austin, TX
Tartine Bakery, San Francisco, CA

Featured Bloggers
Cannelle et Vanille
La Tartine Gourmande
Smitten Kitchen
and me : )

The book is available at Williams-Sonoma until February 2012. Then you’ll also be able to find it on Amazon.


Until then, want to win a copy?

You do. I promise.


Leave a comment on this post answering the following random question.

  • What is your favorite Halloween candy?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday evening, September 27th at 6:00 pm ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP!
  • One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Giveaway sponsored by me. : )

And the winner is……

comfort_winnerMyra – You’re gonna love this book.

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4,028 comments on “Chewy Chocolate Meringues”

  1. Candy corns! They remind me of my childhood. Yum!

  2. I love candy corn! (or other shapes of mallowcremes)

  3. My favorite would have to be fun-size snickers, but I’m not crazy about candy. My favorite halloween treat would have to be cider and donuts.

  4. I love mini snickers!!!

  5. No contest for me-I love love love the cinnamon gummy devil heads you can buy in bulk at stores like WINCO. The more intense the cinnamon flavoing the better!

  6. Snickers!!!!

  7. I HATE candy corn and I HATE peanuts…. but mix them together and you get a wonderful concoctions that tastes like a nut roll!! So yummy!!!

  8. Mini sized sweet tarts and little crunchie bars!!

  9. I love the mini Twix bars — perfect sized portion control.

  10. Those yummy caramel apple suckers! They are sooo good and not many calories a piece! Love it!!

  11. Almond Joy, definitely!

  12. I love Candy Corn…can’t get enough!!

  13. This book looks amazing! I LOVE **easy** recipes.. No kidding. I’ve probably made your easy peanut butter cookies 15 times already. Everyone keeps asking for them! Anyway, my FAVE halloween candy is the chocolate and peanut butter coin-shaped candies that are covered with foil. Only once a year! I love those things! :)

  14. As far as Halloween candy (or any candy, really) goes, I have very simple tastes. I like chocolate. No nuts, no caramel, no peanut butter, no coconut (allergic!), no wafers, no mint, no anything — just chocolate. I’m partial to the mini-Hershey bars, or even better, the Hershey’s “nuggets.” Something about the different dimensions than standard Hershey offerings is appealing.

    I’ll need to stock up during the post-Halloween sales this year, because that’s the stuff that gets me through National Novel Writing Month (otherwise known as NaNoWriMo).

  15. Mini Reese’s Cups! You know, the teeny ones that are unwrapped. They’re heaven in bite size form!

  16. Normally I would say candy corn, but I smelled it in the store today and I think it took me back to a time when I probably ate way too many at once. So instead, I’m going to say those peanut butter candies that are wrapped in orange paper. I don’t know what they’re called. But they totally take me back to my trick-or-treat days.

  17. Mallowcreme pumpkins! I know they are the same thing as candy corn but I swear they taste even better :)

  18. Pumpkin-shaped cake pops!

  19. I love making caramel apple cupcakes and everyone enjoys them, but my guilty pleasure candy that reminds me of being a kid again is candy corn. Though I do really love twix and reeces peanut butter cups. Thanks!

  20. For sure its reeses pb cups. Once i start eating those i cant stop.

  21. I love to get the Autumn mix that Brach’s has with the 2 kinds of candy corn and the mellowcreme pumpkins it is so good!!!

  22. I have many friends that can’t stand them, but I love candy corn!

  23. My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn… I especially love it mixed w/ dry roasted peanuts. MMmmm!

  24. Seriously! No contest! Candy Corn with the chocolate bottoms is the ultimate Halloween candy. It just defines the holiday. Oh so very festive! Boo!

  25. Sour skittles

  26. I love the little packets of mini m&m’s… But I love A LOT of Halloween candy, it’s like a party to kick off 2 months of junk food eating! Yum!

  27. Mellowcreme pumpkins… love those things. Yummy!

  28. anything with peanut butter in it! though I do occasionally like the handful of candy corn!

  29. Love Hershey’s Symphony!

  30. First, I have to say that my absolute favorite holiday is Halloween!!! I put on a big ordeal in the front yard and I absolutely love scaring all of the kiddos in my neighborhood!! For my absolute favorite halloween candy, I would have to say that it’s a three way tie between Twizlers, Sixlets, or the flavored tootsie rolls!

  31. Mini chocolate bars! Don’t make me choose one!

  32. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!!!

  33. I love Candy Corn. I don’t know why, but I do.

  34. CANDY CORN!!! Brach’s with the honey added!! I look foreword to it all year!!!

  35. Love pumpkin shaped reeses!

  36. Reese’s Peanut butter cups are the way to go!

  37. I love candy corn! And mini snickers, and milky ways!

  38. Kit Kat!

    Looking forward to your visit to MN, and be sure to stop at Salty Tart, Sweets Bakeshop & grab dinner at Heartland in St.Paul.

  39. I’m a sucker for candy corn.

  40. I love the mini Tootsie Pops! Anything miniature is delicious! I like the chocolate and orange flavors best, but I’ll finish the whole bag eventually!

  41. Although they aren’t exactly ‘Halloween’ I love Reeces Pieces mini cups!

    Congrats on the book! I <3 William-Sonoma cook books, so now I have another one to add to the wish list

  42. Miniature peanut butter cups!!

  43. My absolute favorite Halloween candy is candy corn!! Yummy!!

  44. Candy corn! Nothing says Halloween like candy corn!

  45. Reeces Halloween Pumpkins!

  46. I’m an equal opportunity candy eater…I like them all!

  47. Chocolate bars. The little bite size ones that are everywhere around the season. Caramel apples are a close second.

  48. Hmm, I think Twix! That book looks awesome, by the way. Can’t wait to check it out!

  49. I love when my three boys get Almond Joys. Nobody in the family likes them but I love them!

  50. Love love love ALL Halloween candy, but especially Starburst!

  51. …anything chocolate!!!

  52. ahh the cover of that book is so pretty! I have to say, I am a sucker for candy corns when the Fall season rolls around! :)

  53. Kit Kats and 3 Mustakeers!

  54. CANDY CORN!!! I already downed a bag I had hidden in my nightstand drawer. Shhhh… don’t tell.

  55. Carmel Twix right out of the freezer, the caramel gets nice and chewy!

  56. CANDY CORN!!! And caramel apples – all things fall!

  57. Those mallow pumpkins… So good!!

  58. Rockets!!!

  59. popcorn balls…my mom used to make every year but mine never turn out the same…something about being little, helping and eating them is a lot different than being an adult

  60. Caramel apple pops!

  61. Take 5 bars! The perfect combo of salty an sweet, chewy and crunchy :)

  62. reeses =) can’t get enough of those!

  63. those caramel apple lollipops made by Tootsie Roll! so yummy!!

  64. I am a slave to chocolate, anything chocolate for Halloween! …will have to try this recipe soon!

  65. Which one is my favorite? Well I could say all of them since I – I mean the kids- get them for free. ;) I am a Starburst fan, I like to leave the yellows (because they are my son’s favorite color) even though those are one of my favorites sniff sniff ;) and I leave the pinks (because it is my daughter’s favorite color). What a mom does for her kids. Ha ha ha! ;)

  66. My favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins.


  67. I love Halloween because it is the only time of the year I can get candy corn and candy pumpkins.

  68. candy corn!!

  69. Candy corn mixed with dry roasted, salted peanuts!

  70. Hmmmm, my favorite Halloween candy would have to be candy apples. I was never allowed to eat them as a kid, so now I love them as an adult.

  71. Candy corn and the candy corn pumpkins!!!!

  72. banana laffy taffy!

  73. Popcorn balls – my next-door-neighbor used to make them just for me :) Good memories!

  74. I love candy corns! Cute Autumn colors!! (:

  75. I love to mix candy corn and peanuts. It tastes like a payday bar.

  76. When are you coming to MN? I’m so excited!!!

  77. Candy Corn all the way – specifically the Autumn Mix that has the regular candy corn, the indian corn and the pumpkins…yum!

  78. Do Pumpkin Scones count? =) I am obsessed with pumpkin baking the last few years…. candy has taken a back seat!

  79. My fave halloween candy is mini heath bars– yum yum! The book looks amazing!

  80. At this moment, snickers or twix lol but since im 6 months preggo it’ll change often lol

  81. i absolutely love york peppermint patties!! & candy corn too!! :)

  82. Bite sized snickers! Sooo goood

  83. My favorite Halloween candy is Tootsie Roll Fruit Punch flavored Frooties!! Yum :)

  84. My favorite Halloween candy is definitely cherry tootsie roll pops. Every Halloween I troll the pop boxes trying to find the bags with the most cherry pops. It’s serious business. ^_^

  85. Mini chocolate bars! My fav is Krackel, Crunch, and Mr Goodbar. But to bake or make sweets, I love candy corn. They just make any sweets, cookies or cupcakes look cute!

  86. My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn.
    The colors just screams Fall and the they’re just so cute!! (:

  87. Candy corn, by far, is my favorite Halloween candy. Even though it’s available for sale year round, I can only eat it during this time of the year. Thanks for having this contest, Bakerella, and congrats on being featured. Being featured in a Williams Sonoma cookbook is a BIG deal! :)

  88. Candy Corn of course!

  89. I love the big pumpkin-shaped candy corn :)

  90. OOOH! looks like my type of book.. and snack!
    My favorite halloween candy is, well, all of them but if i had to pick one.. candy corn!! :)

  91. Just popping on to say that you DEFINITELY want to visit the Salty Tart but you also CANNOT miss Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis. You would kick yourself into a brusied mess if you did.

  92. Anything choc orange wins my vote…. though as Erin Maree said… not much halloween activity in my part of Aus…. where did you see the green creme eggs Erin Maree?????

  93. Candy corn, the pumpkins from “autumn mix”, oooh and caramel apples!

  94. peanut m&m’s!! Put them in a jar with a cute ribbon and they make a great hostess gift!

  95. I love the Brach’s autumn mix, but I only like the pumpkins and traditional candy corn so my husband is left with a bowl of the chocolate candy corn.

  96. My fave Halloween candy is : Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ( snack size)

  97. My favorite candy was definitely dem bones by Brach’s, but I think they stopped making them :( I haven’t seen them in years..

  98. I like the mini chocolate bars, especially the Kit Kat ones. I wouldn’t typically eat a Kit Kat but the mini ones are sooooooo good!

  99. I don’t know if it is “technically” a candy but I LOVE caramel apples…mmmmm. I am 9 months pregnant and I can’t wait to whip up a batch of caramel and enjoy my favorite fall treat!!!

  100. Candy corn are my favorite!

  101. Twix…. frozen… with a nice glass of milk. :)

  102. When I was a kid my grandma always made popcorn balls and caramel apples. I’m 40 now and still want them at this time every year. thanks for the chance to win what sounds like a great cookbook.

  103. My fav is candy corn!!!

  104. I am in love with Sixlets. SO delish but hard to find!!! :)

  105. How can you make me pick just one? Candy corn…no…Snickers….ummm….Reese’s….wait….M&Ms….oh goodness….I can’t pick just one!! *sigh*

  106. Candy corn! Although I love them all, candy corn just say Halloween to me!

  107. Not to be redundant, but CANDY CORN!!! Plus I’m the only one in the house that loves it, so the kids leave it alone!

  108. My favorite are those little molasses taffies with the peanut butter center. They’re in orange and black wrappers, and I only see them at Halloween. Reminds me of my mom. :)

  109. rockets!!!!!

    cant believe ur in another book! congrats! definitely would like a copy!

  110. Reese’s, always and forever!!

  111. Candy corn!

  112. candy corn =)

  113. Hmmm almond joys. Anything that has nut, chocolate and coconut makes me lose all will power.

  114. I love kit kats!!!

  115. I love the candy pumpkins. They’re candy corn but in pumpkin shapes and a gazillion times more delicious.

  116. Candy corn of course!!

  117. Mini crackle bars!

  118. iAbsoluteli LUV Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkins!!! <3

  119. Pumpkin Mellocremes

  120. Snickers are my favorite.

  121. My favorite candy is Laffy Taffy!

  122. Who can choose? I don’t celebrate Halloween but I LOVE the fall candy! Candy corn! Only in the fall <3

  123. I still think I have the metabolism of a little kid, so the thing I like most is the quantity. :P I really enjoy just about any candy, but gummies will always have a soft spot in my heart. (And they’ll keep a soft spot on my waist!)

  124. I confess a fondness for those Mellowcreme pumpkins. I will eat far too many at once and then spend a lot of time putting them on cakes.

  125. Candy Corn mixed with the same amount of dry roasted peanuts…. sooo good! Taste like a Pay Day candy bar with no fat!!!

  126. I love Snickers. I can’t resist!

  127. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins!

  128. The pumpkin candy corn are so addicting..

  129. Reeses Peanut Butter cups!!

    The book looks awesome – another to add to my wishlist :)

  130. Tootsie Pop Ghosts!
    (sigh) I used to love to make them with my boys for their grade school classes…alas- at Jr Hi they got too cool for them. :o/

  131. CANDY CORN! Hands down candy corn – all varieties of it, I’m not picky! :)

  132. Love the little candy pumpkins (kinda like candy corn). Gonna have to go get some tomorrow – thanks a lot for making me think ot them, lol! :)

  133. I would have to say…

  134. Candy Corn!!

  135. Mini Kit Kats and Coffee Crisps!!!

  136. Wow! These look great! I love chocolate so I always have to “quality control” my nephews halloween haul for Hersheys!

  137. I love candy corn!! Or the candy corn pumpkins….yum!!! :)

  138. Anything chocolate is fine by me!

  139. I love the fruit flavored tootsie rolls!

  140. Dark Chocolate Milky Ways. Yummmmmmm…

  141. I love carmel apple pops!

  142. MMMM Peanut butter Kisses and I dont even like PB :)

  143. I don’t discriminate against Halloween candy, BUT… Hershey’s has “fall flavored” kisses in flavors like Caramel Apple and Candy Corn. Super yummy and they look sooo uber cute in a candy dish :)

    Otherwise, I will say Butterfinger :)

  144. Wow, those look really good! I have a few friends that are gluten free, so I’m always excited to see recipes that would they could eat!

    My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. Nothing fancy, but it’s delicious!

  145. Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups! YUM!!!

  146. I just like all candies. And I mean it, all! hahaha. Now it’s time to start looking for a costume and figuring out what to bake for this Halloween :)

  147. My favorite halloween candy is caramels.

  148. caramel apples!

  149. Caramel corn!

  150. Gummie crabby patties! :)

  151. Mini chocolate bars….esp the Krackel ones, because you can’t find the large bars anywhere!

  152. It’s a four way tie between Butterfingers, Twix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats. :D

  153. I love Reese’s peanut butter cups!!!

  154. Candy Corn all the way! I even like chocolate candy corn too!

  155. I love the candy pumpkins that are similar to candu corn

  156. In Australia we don’t celebrate Halloween that much, but I would love to try Candy Corn! Though I haven’t tried them yet cabury has brought out creme eggs with a green filling (instead of white) for Halloween (though few people celebrate it here) which I will probably end up trying with my friend (who loves creme eggs!).

  157. I love Brach’s candy pumpkins! Can’t believe fall is here already.

  158. Hmmmm that’s tough either candy corn or mini snicker bars

  159. Really, any candy any time of the year is wonderful/ I suppose it’s really the fact that everything this time of year is pumpkin flavored that really makes this season wonderful :) but I suppose if I had to pick, it’d be peanut butter cups.

  160. Mini Snickers!!!! My kids are lucky if I don’t steal them all!!

  161. My favorite candy is smarties..sooo tart love them!

  162. Green tootsie rolls!!!

  163. anything tart/sour: War Heads, Sour Patch, Sour Punch etc :)

  164. The Reese’s pumpkins! They always seem to taste better when they are fun shaped :)

  165. I really love those mini boxes of nerds! lol

  166. i’m in love with the variety in the fun-size package for the trick-or-treaters, but my go-to candy is reese’s peanut butter cup. it never fails. :)

  167. Mini Charleston chews. (vanilla)

  168. caramel candy apples all the way!!! thanks for an awesome giveaway. :)

  169. Caramel Apple Pops!!!

  170. I love toffee apples or any sour candy. Yummy

  171. caramel corn, hands down :)

  172. I want the meringues AND the book. My favorite Halloween candy is Chocolate. My favorite CANDY is chocolate. :)

  173. OMG my all time fave Halloween candy is the caramel apple chews that are in sticks….I was just complaining today cause I already ate too many.. LOL

  174. Reese’s fastbreak.

  175. Dots! I can’t get enough of those tiny yellow boxes

  176. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

  177. I love all Halloween candy. :) Halloween is my Favorite holiday.

  178. Butterfingers? Or maybe Almond Joys. No, Kit Kats. Really? Do I have to pick just one?

  179. Candy corn…it gets me every time!

  180. I love Reese’s PB cups for all the holidays, not just Halloween! Thanks for the giveaway & congrats on being included in the book!

  181. does spiced (spiked) cider count? :)

  182. Pumpkin rolls if that is considered candy or Twizzlers :)

  183. Smarties-the chocolate ones (canadian version). One mini box always tastes like two or three. In my newly acquired lifetime at Weight Watchers, these will not be entering my house this year!

    … here we call american smarties Rockets

  184. I love Williams-Sonoma cookbooks! Those meringues look really great too! :)

    My favorite Halloween candy, hmmmm. This is a tough question ;) Though it’s probably those Halloween themed Kit-Kats with the (orange colored) white chocolate.

  185. My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn, the ones with chocolate.

  186. Umm, I love Halloween.. I don’t love candy though! But.. if we can count things like caramel corn.. or pumpkin cookies.. yum :)

  187. Candy Corn!!!

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