Cartoon Character Cake Pops

I loved reading all your cake pop guesses from yesterday. And I’m happy to say that someone guessed correctly. Actually, several of you did. But the first one to guess correctly did so in the first twenty comments. I’ll announce the winner in just a sec.

First, I want to show you the cake pop I made.

It came out really cute.


Here are the candy coatings and candies that I used to decorate them.

So, everyone that guessed Smurfs … and there were a bunch of you… I’m sorry. Maybe next time.


I cut the tops off of candy corn to use for the ears.

That’s right. This cartoon character cake pop is an animal.

Any guesses now?


These light pink coated sunflower seeds were perfect for the nose.

They come in a long tube.You can find them in different color combinations especially during holiday seasons. I think I found these at a store called World Market.

Just keep your eyes open. I grab them whenever I see them, because the colors come in handy.


White m&ms. I found these sold by color at Wal-Mart a while back.

These were spot on for the eyes.

Okay, the next picture should give it away if you don’t know already.


Almost finished eyes. With orange eyelids.

I know you know now.


That’s right.


Everyone’s favorite sarcastic cat.

I’ve made Garfield sweets before. Take a look at these fondant covered cupcakes if you want to see.

But this time, I wanted to see if I could turn him into a cake pop. A little tougher than working with fondant.


When I’m trying to recreate a recognizable character, I start with finding candies that have a similar size, shape and color if possible.

I’ll shape the cake balls to match the shape of the character and then place the candies right on the uncoated cake ball to see if I’m going in the right direction.

This way I can adjust the size of the ball to be proportional to the candies if necessary. Remember to make the ball slightly smaller than what looks accurate, because once they are dipped the shape will increase in size a bit due to the coating.


To make the basic shape, attach the ears (pointing slightly forward) using candy coating and let dry before dipping the entire cake pop in more melted candy coating.

Remember to dip completely and remove without stirring.

Let dry completely.


When dry, attach your eyes. Don’t forget to leave some without eyelids for Garfield’s wide-eyed look.


Then carefully pipe on yellow candy coating right underneath his eyes. It will work better if the coating isn’t too fluid. Just let it set for a few minutes after heating to thicken a bit. Keep a picture of him nearby for reference.


Before the yellow sets, attach a light pink coated sunflower seed for the nose.

Let dry completely and then use a black edible ink pen to draw on all of Garfield’s iconic details.

I like to use the Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens.


If you want to have fun making these at home, you’ll need:

The basic how-to for making cake pops
Orange candy coating
Yellow candy coating
White m&m’s
Candy corn
Pink coated sunflower seeds
Black Americolor Gourmet Writing Pen
Small squeeze bottle


Now for the winners. Yep, plural.

Commenter #20 – Nicol was the first one to guess Garfield correctly. Yay! Great guess.


But, I’m also going to give one away at random… And that winner is…


Congratulations Elizabeth. You win a book, too. I hope you still come to the signing though. I’d love to meet ya.


P.S. – A bunch of you made guesses of character cake pops that I’ve already made.

Like these.


You can check them all out under the Cake Pops category if you want to take a look.

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204 comments on “Cartoon Character Cake Pops”

  1. omg! im still a kid but i love these cake pops!! i love baking and you make me want to go above and beyond on my cake pops and make them look so real!

  2. Garfield! I would have never guessed that! Thats so creative!

  3. white m&m’s??? We dont have them in holland:-(

  4. Hi!
    Your cake pops are amazing! I never saw something like that!

    I am researching about it, and I was wondering if, when you reproduce existing cartoon characters, like Garfield, lilo & Stitch, Whinny the Phoo etc, do you need to pay copyrights or if for food it doesn’t matter.
    it would be really useful for me to know, thank you!
    Can you answer to me directly? I am not sure I can set up to follow the answer. thanks!!!

  5. i think they would be really cute if you made spa party ones caus’ i am having one in april and really want them

  6. SO CUTE BAKERELLA YOU ARE AWESOME my friend made snowman ones and they were so cute i ate 3 and and so did almost everyone else

  7. OMG! how did you get that so detailed!could any one make those? there so cute and elligant!

  8. Is there a 3 eyed alien 1 from Toy Story

  9. Can you do angry birds please! You are an inspiration! Just bought your book!

  10. Don’t do anything with the Peanuts Gang as their lawyers are ruthless. However, if anyone ever does, I’d so love to see them. I adore the Peanuts Gang.

  11. Have you ever used boba? You know, the little balls that look like caviar but have fruit juice in the middle? Those things are the best and I would love to see them incorporated into a dessert!

  12. omg i just my pop it came out so cute

  13. Please let me know if you ever do a Snoopy cake pop! Snoopy’s my favorite ever, and I think he’d make a great cake pop. And Woodstock. And all the Peanuts gang kids basically have round, cake pop-shaped heads anyway. <3

  14. I would like to see if she could make swurfs if possible

  15. I recently made some cake pops and bought edible ink pens, but they would not, at all, write on the cake pops. I did thin the candy coating with shortening a little bit. Do you experience this problem with the Americolor Ink Pens?

  16. GO Garfield! You know, maybe you could make the Classic Peanuts cakepops! GO SNOOPY TOO!

  17. [color=#C80046]A[/color][color=#C80013]w[/color][color=#C82300]e[/color][color=#C75000]s[/color][color=#C87A00]o[/color][color=#C8A700]m[/color][color=#B1C800]e[/color][color=#7EC800] [/color][color=#4DC800]B[/color][color=#15C800]a[/color][color=#00C829]k[/color][color=#00C75D]e[/color][color=#00C88E]r[/color][color=#00C8C3]e[/color][color=#0097C8]l[/color][color=#006CC7]l[/color][color=#0042C8]a[/color][color=#0012C8]![/color][color=#2400C8]?[/color][color=#5600C8]?[/color][color=#8800C8]?[/color]
    Your Amazing

  18. aww garfield, i loved him as a kid :) and you sesame street pops look like the bracelet i made in 09! awesome :D

  19. These are amazing! I’d love to see Pooky and Odie ones as well :)

  20. i have ur cake pops book, Bakerella! awesome!!!

  21. First they are really really cute.Where can you get those color sunflower seeds. I can get them but they are 5 dollars of a tube 1 by 1 at this bird store.

  22. Hi,
    Sooo very beautiful !! Love your site & creations :)
    Thanks for sharing … Glad to follow you :)
    Cheers !

  23. I’ve just discovered your site, I love it. Garfield is so cute!

  24. Hi! I love your cake pops and website!! I bought the book and read it on vacation:) I have tried a couple of times to make these wonderful treats and never get them right. I run into several problems and I am impressed that you can get the pens to write so dark. I am not sure what I am doing wrong :( I still love them even though I haven’t had any success. I think you should offer a give-away and have a day with you and making cake pops. lol!

  25. I want to make these so bad but I don’t know how to make them into balls. My mom and I are looking forward to this.

  26. Bakerella, your cake pops are AMAZING! I was looking online for helpful hints to make Jack-o-lantern cake pops for my three boys and I found your website. It was so insightful and inspiring, I will definitely be visiting again.

    Thanks for sharing!
    M.J. =D

  27. Garfield looks GREAT! You never cease to amaze me….btw just got your book in the mail…..and have been drooling over all the fab pics! You rawk!

  28. What brand of markers does anyone use? Everytime i try to write or design on the cake pop, it never show up or its just carves into the chocolate. help please!!!!

  29. I love your wonderful creations, im a stay at home mom and i love baking and doing little projects and you have given me so many cute ideas of things i can do with my daughter !!! You really have made an amazing website with all your work ! I hope to buy the book soon !!

  30. Your blog is amazing, and everything you cook is so so pretty. I have just discovered you and I’m really happy to heard about you and see how many incredible things we can do with food. You have won a new follower.kisses

  31. Love them!! You have some real talent! I have tried using candy corn as ears before but had little success. Congrats on get those little suckers to stay put ;)

  32. Sweet! I knew you were going to make these someday.

  33. Oh my goodness Garfield is my favorite cartoon character!

  34. Absolutely adorable! Could you make a series of the lovable Madagascar characters?

  35. Wow. U r amazing!

  36. Those are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! I can’t wait to try!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Incredibly cute, as always. Thanks for sharing!

  38. I come across the same problem every single time I make cake pops. I keep the pops ( with the sticks adhered with the melts in them) in the freezer overnight, to make sure the pops and the stick stay together. However, in the morning when I dip them, the cake pops always fall off the stick because they stuck in the candy melts when I try and dip them. I’m assuming they’re not melting enough? Anywho, I’d love some advice. Thank you so much!

    Also, these are completely gorgeous!

  39. i just loveeeeeeeeeeee your potato head cake pops

  40. omgosh i love all the different expressions on the pops! these are really amazing!

  41. i have been making cake pops for some time now and have starting selling them… lately they have been cracking!? any ideas why?

  42. I was wondering if you had taken the wonderful pictures of your cake pops. The pictures are beautiful in my mind they are the worlds best piece of art.

  43. When I bought your book on cake pops I fell in love!
    Your book has inspired me to try a new ways of mini cake instead of cupcakes. On October 8th I am doing a cake pop sale at Odyssey school. You are the doing of this!

    Thanks so much

  44. I rarely comment, but I always read your blog (I follow by rss feed). I just want to say what an amazing job you do, all your treats look so perfectly perfect. Your site and all you do is beautiful as well as you and your radiant smile. Good luck in all you are going through with your health. Thanks for sharing some goodness!

  45. How bout smurfs?

  46. Wow! This is amazing, so cute. You’re a food artist.

  47. You are simply incredible!! They look so realistic! You are the sole reason I decided to create my own cooking website (although it’s not nearly as nice as yours). Also, if you are looking for more chocolate covered sunflower seeds, this is a great website that sells them by the pound:

    P.S. Im coming to see you when you visit Minneapolis on October 8th! Its already on my calender ;)

  48. Hi again,

    I feel so stupid, I don’t know anything about blogs, how to reply to them, how to post pictures. I put the link to my facebook page in the “website” box but you can only view the first 8 pictures, it then tells you to log into FB to continue.

    Can someone help me figure out how to upload my Smurf cake pops? I really want other opinions, and what better place to do that then the cake pop site of the world. :-)

    Thanks again Bakerella! You have come up with such a good idea that I just might be able to make some money at this. From everyone I have talked to here in Des Moines, nobody has really heard of cake pops except from Starbucks, and I have heard they aren’t that good. :-( That might be a good thing for me though. LOL

    Any help anyone can give me on how to blog or how to link my pictures up would be great!

    Thanks in Advance,

  49. I just love your ideas. I have been following you for a few months now. I had to go on disability and have no income. I decided to start a cookie bouquet business. While looking for ideas I ran across Bakerella and fell in love with cake pops. I saw there were a few posts asking about smurf pops and I just so happened to be making an order for a friends’ little girls birthday party.

    I put the link in the “Website” box, not sure what I was supposed to put there. Hopefully it works. Can’t wait to see your Smurfs. I am sure yours will be much better. I used a lot of fondant as I couldn’t think of too much in the candy department that could be used on a smurf and keep them as close to original as possible. My friend LOVED them and hopefully so will others.

    Thanks for the great ideas, I can’t wait to make a Garfield, and Mr. Potato Head.

    Keep the great pics and ideas coming you are an inspiration to us all.


  50. I cant believe it! You did it again Bakerella! You just, like……i dont know what you do but to tell you the truth, its like you wave your magic wand and they pop up, amazing as always! I love your site and have so much fun stalking it and your every post you write! :) You grant so many wishes around the world! I love BAKERELLA.COM!!!!!!! <3 I am so overwhelmed! How do you do it? And those chocolate chunk muffins…….oh dont even get me started! <3 those guys! they are the BEST!!!! i made them the other day for my sister and she was head over heels in chocolate land! Thanks again bakerella…..wherever you are…..for making the world a sweeter place, one pop at a time! :)

  51. AMAZING….you are so talented.
    I just can’t imagine how you do it even though you kindly show each stage. Is there nothing you couldn’t make?
    Nah….I thought not. ; D

  52. These are fantastic!! Amazing likeness of Garfield – a favorite in our household, btw! You have a wonderful gift! -Steph

  53. I love visiting your site to see your latest creations and to get some inspiration for baking at home – the Garfield cake pops are amazing!

  54. Wow!!! These ones are AMAZING!! :)

  55. so cute¡¡¡¡¡
    These pops are awesome,
    sweetest greets from spain¡¡¡¡

  56. I love the Garfield ones!!! SUPER CUTE!!!! I was watching the garfield show yesterday!

  57. OMG Garfield! This brings me back to elementary school and how I would spend hours in the library reading comics such as Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes. :3

  58. I just bought your book and so excited for the possibilities ahead. I just read this post today after reading today’s Garfield cartoon on my desktop…which is about blogging. If you want to see the cartoon:
    Greetings from Alberta, Canada, love your blog!

  59. Love your blog!!!!!

    Have a look at ours:

    intwoo food

    Marija from intwoo

  60. Hello!
    I love your cake pops!
    You’re on the website of the Duth Elle Food : )
    Here’s the link!

  61. These are adorable. You are truly and artist.

  62. I’m so used to your one post a week that I didn’t scroll down to see that you posted the day before. I am so happy to see that you are doing well. It was a real scare when you told us the news. I wanted to tell you to switch to making non-sugar granola pops or veggies on a stick because I want your amazing creativity, gorgeous photography, etc around for a long time. We need you to go make more cakepops with Blake Lively!! So happy to hear you r doing well. :) A big fan.

  63. Ack! He is too cute. Brings me back to the days when you could buy a Garfield telephone. I don’t know how anyone will be able to bite into that cute face?! Put little kisses all over it yes, but to eat him I just couldn’t. :))). Btw, how are you doing? Hope you are not eating too many of these:)

  64. that’s awesome!! you truly make food art. and you definitely the best at it of any site i’ve ever seen!

  65. You are so incredibly talented. I tried the Easter bunny cake pops 2 years ago and determined that you need more than just a tutorial to make these, you need “the gift,” and that is what you have. Awesome.

  66. i love the idea of garfeild and hello kitty. i would love to see a dog one or a flower.

  67. These… are a stroke of genius and so clever and cool!

    Seriously, Garfield would approve! Though i think he would prefer they were in the shape of Nermal just so he can bite his head off!

  68. You are an incredible artist! And, of course, a huge inspiration!

  69. These are so awesome! I would love to try a Wade Duck or Orsen the pig too.

    You can also get the candy coated sunflower seeds at Remke Bigg’s for those not near a world market. I miss world market, all the ones in my area closed.

  70. wow Bakerella! I think one of the hardest things to do is replicate a well-known character and that Garfield is fantastic! Btw, I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and everytime I see a new cakepops book or product at the store lately, I can’t help but to smile because YOU are the QUEEN of cakepops!

  71. But does it taste like lasagna? Love all your work & glad to know you & your Mom are doing great!!!!
    I went to college at Ball State University — near Garfield’s hometown of Albany, Indiana!

  72. I don’t know how you bear to bite into Garfield :( He’s definitely one of my favorites though! =D

  73. These are FABULOUS!!! LOVE the photos, as always!!!

  74. I am planning a Peanuts Gang inspired first birthday for my son and want to have cake pops for the party. Does anyone know of someone that does a fabulous peanuts gang that might ship their pops?

  75. These look so cool! Super cute! I love the idea of making characters out of food!

  76. Bakerella… I absolutely love your work. I always check for updates on all you do. :)

    I actually have a question for you. Recently I was making some Mickey Mouse cake pops and when I would dip them in the chocolate, and try to remove any excess chocolate… the front would look fine, but the back looked horrible from the chocolate that dripped to fall off. How do you get both sides smooth and not leave too much chocolate on… or stop the dripping when you pull them out of the dipping proccess? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  77. Hey Bakerella! I work for Jim Davis — someone pointed these Cake Pops out to us and I just wanted to say AWESOME! Actually, those are Jim’s words, but I concur! Amazing talent you have!

  78. Absolutely love your work! You captured Garfield’s facial expressions perfectly!

  79. These are so cute! BTW I ran across the colorful candy coated sunflower seeds in my local Dollar Tree the other day! I haven’t ever seen them there and I don’t have a project in mind yet, but I will have them if I do!!

  80. Thanks everyone!

  81. You truly have outdone yourself!!! These are absolutely amazing!!!!

  82. This is just too impressive, I don’t know how you make them look so perfect!

  83. You’re clearly a genius! These look so amazing :) well done and congrats to the winners :)

  84. Okay, I have seen enough!!! I have to ask, would you ever consider teaching a class or two! I have made them onc and they turned out cute, but would love some help!

  85. Oh Bakerella…who CAN’T you make into cake pops?!?! I think you should try to cake pop-ify yourself, just for a challenge. ;)

  86. And how about making a video to show us how you did such a great job!!


  87. OMG! They are so cute!! Garfield is one of my favourite characters. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re on the road to recovery and feeling much better.


  88. Oh my those are just perfect! I wish I could get candy melts in my country. Will have to stock up on the next trip to the states!!!

  89. OMG is so cute!!! love the cakepops and ur amazing tutorials, thank u so much for share with us :)

  90. Really cute — but now I want to see Smurfs from you!

  91. amazing…………….I wish I could snap my fingers and make those too…wow!

  92. I am totally blown away by your fantastic cake pops. They look incredible!

  93. You are wonderfully talented! Thank you for sharing with us

  94. Your garfield cake pops are awesome looking. I think someday I will make a patterned cake pop. I’m still enjoying the ones I make that are just cake and frosting on a stick (with a dark chocolate coating). Yum!

  95. How cute-should have one witha red chin, for his love of lasagna

  96. Wow! These are fantastic! You are one talented lady!! ;-)

  97. You are absolutely AMAZING!!! Love Garfield. I will deffinately try this one. thanks for ALL your inspirations and wonderful ideas!!

  98. Bakerella-may I just say I love love LOVE your site! I’m sure you’ve gotten this question dozens of times before, but how do you get the dipping chocolate so smooth? Every time I make cake pops the dipping chocolate is just too thick! I’ve heated in microwave and the double boiler method. Any advice?


  99. You HAVE got to be kidding! These are unbelievable, but then again, I seem to say that about all your fantastic creations. Your talent is amazing!

  100. SO cute! That’s amazing, the amount of detail you put into in Garfield and his friends!

  101. Bakerella, you’re just awesome! Can you try making some Smurfs?

  102. Absolutely adorable! Are you ever on the East Coast?

  103. I love Garfield so much! He was my favorite as a kid. I used to sleep with a Garfield stuffed animal ;)

    I just pinned this to Pintrest :)

  104. Those are super cute and detailed. I’d love to see an Odie too!

  105. And where is Odie?? LOL

  106. Would love to see Phineas and Ferb Cake pops!!! :) You are awesome!
    My best friend gave a kidney to her son almost 4 years ago. They are celebrating his Beaniversary in Oct. We loved the kidney cake pops!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  107. You are amazing and gifted. Just love seeing your creations!!

  108. Your talent simply amazes me every single time I visit your blog. I love the Garfield cake pops!


  110. OH! You should send some to the writer of garfield!!! (Jim???)

  111. OMG.. You are so talented. I am trying this thing again I just have to. Garfield looks amazing. I went to sleep dreaming about once i get the cake pop down who can I create so I can become one of your popstars :). I am going to buy your book tomorrow. Every week I have been treating myself to things I need for the cake pops

  112. You are freaking brilliant.

  113. OMG, maybe the cutest cake pops ever!

  114. aww. Oh boy, those are really cute. I would love to make them but unfortunately I cannot find ink pens or colored candy melts in my little corner of the world. Anyway, these are amazing! :D

  115. Ok, you are seriously talented. Those are too cute!

  116. I always love your character pops. You do such a great job of making them look exactly like the character! These Garfield ones are awesome, just like the original garfield.

  117. You are INCREDIBLE!!!! I am ALWAYS AMAZED!!!!!!!!
    Fantastic job!!!!!

  118. OH! MY! GOODNESS!!!!! HOW ADORABLE!!! I’m going to have to make these for my mom! She LOVES Garfield! As always, an inspiration! Still excited to see you in Minneapolis!

  119. Awesome job as usual! Love Garfield!

  120. Is there any way you can post how you make a mario cake pop? My 5 year old really wants them for his birthday! Love your stuff!

  121. That was one of my top guesses, actually, but it had been guessed so I knew I didn’t have a shot. They look AMAZING. Way to go – really!

  122. wow! these look amazing!!!

  123. You are insanely talented, Miss Angie. What an inspiration indeed.

  124. I LOVE Garfield! He’s my all-time fav cartoon character! Now you just have to make lasagna for him. = )

  125. Hi…Just wanted to say “Thank you” for your website and your blog. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day- I come to your website and it really does put a smile on my face. Thank You for turning my frowns upside down :)

  126. Congrats to the winners!!! Those winnie the pooh pops were really cute! You should come to a signing in NYC, because i’ve never seen one posted. I’ll hold it at my house if you can’t find a venue!! (Lol)

  127. Ugh, I seriously dislike Garfield. I totally knew it was gonna be garfield, but I was like, “Know way it’s garfield! She already made those!” Haha, nice job Bakerella:)

  128. OMG! Who doesn’t love a fat cat in a cat pop! Great job! :)

  129. Been wanting to give cake pops a try!!!!! You make them look super easy!

  130. I love these!! And I love the fondant cupcake version too (I just saw those for the first time now through the link you posted). My favorite creations of yours are always the ones that are based on recognizable characters…its so fun to see how closely they resemble the real thing. Glad to hear that you are doing better now! :)

  131. Bakerella,

    I love seeing your new ideas. I made the owl pops last year for a baby shower…I find that no matter what i do my chocolate cracks…what am i doing wrong???


  132. Yipppeee!!! Can’t believe I won! I am SO excited!! I emailed you my contact info a little bit ago and a silly idea I had too, hehe ;)
    Elizabeth :)

  133. you are so talented!
    what an artist you are (:

  134. Wow, I totally thought Garfield, but then thought, “No way, why would she make him?” So I didn’t answer. Grr. lol

  135. Genius… I love the way your brain works.

  136. You never cease to amaze and challenge…I’ve done wedding, birthday, and many character cakes, but your talent knows
    no bounds! I am loving these cake pops!

  137. those are perfect. Can you do the penguins of madagascar?

  138. Whoa! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Love them!!!! I made your Hello Kitty cake pops for my daughters 5th birthday.

    Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and making me feel like I can make any of these wonderful treats!

  140. Wow! You make it look so easy! Great job!

  141. Incredible! Thanks for making me smile!

  142. I was so excited to see which one you made..kept checking all during work today!! I LOVE it :)

  143. You never cease to amaze me!!!!

  144. Love it!! For the first time I tried and made cake pops for my son’s birthday party last Sunday and they were a hit~ Now my daughter wants me to make the Hello Kitty cake pops for her birthday next time~ Wish me luck~ LOL~ =P

  145. Wow! Since I discovered ur web and your book (so thankful that Amazon exists! Lol) i’m in love w/ cake pops, but these are AMAZING! I’m sooooooo impressed! They are gorgeous! You should come to Spain and make us a visit!

  146. These are amazingly creative. I don’t know how in the world you figure out how to create all of the things you do. I guess it’s a great gift you have been given! Love it! :)

  147. Garfield, Mr Potato head and Winnie the Pooh are absolutely AMAZING! I love all the other ones too, of course. Honestly… you rock!

  148. These look amazing!! While I am super disappointed I don’t get a Cake Pops book, Garfield was way better than my guess :)

    Your talent at making all of your cake pops look perfect simply blows me away!

  149. These are brilliant!!! Well done, too cute!!! :)

  150. My son’s favorite in the Sunday comics. I can’t wait to show these to him, Angie! They are perfect!!!

  151. I can’t believe you made those, they’re so well done! I think they’re your best so far. There’s so much detail and it looks so complicated to make them. But you did a fantastic job!

  152. These pops are completely awesome, you have a great talent for seeing art in candy pieces.

  153. I am in utter awe. I ended up flattening a cupcake pop (the ones made to look like cupcakes) BEFORE I even got the tops done just to deal with the frustration! You must have the patience of a saint!

  154. Adorable! You are so talented!

  155. So glad that you are back to good health and back to being creative. Wishing you and your mother all the best.

  156. Oh dear Lord, you got ahold of my heartstrings with this one!!!
    As one fellow transplant (or should I say two-time transplant) to another, I am so glad to hear you are doing well. :-)

  157. These are adorable!

    But I have a question for you , where did you post that picture for people to guess? I have you on my twitter, and on my facebook and I didn’t see it posted on either. Thanks!

  158. OMGOsh….so cute and now my mind is heading towards another orange and white cat….Tigger!!! :-)

  159. I made the Hello Kitty cake pops and they came out super cute! It is a bit time consuming but sooo worth it! :D

  160. Absolutely amazing! Your talent is endless. SO glad you are back in the swing of things.

  161. These are amazing!! Garfield is one of the best cartoon characters and his love of food makes him even more appropriate as a cake pop

  162. These are just perfect! Again! You are incredibly creative and skilled, and I am so grateful that you share it with all of us. Blessings.

  163. Those are fantastic!! Really, I love them to death! I wish I was half as good at making stuff look this good as you are *sigh*

  164. Wow! Awesome! Bakerella, any chance that you could do a video tutorial on cake-pops. I always have the most difficult time with the dipping and having it come out smooth. Best regards.

  165. BRAVA!!!! Wow. I never could guess what cartoon character you were doing even with all of the hints. Nevertheless, they came out BEAUTIFULLY. You’re amazingly talented.

  166. Adorable! But I’ve gotta know… How do you grasp the M&Ms to dip them in orange coating?

  167. How cool! I used to draw Garfield a lot when I was younger. I much preferred him to Heathcliff.

  168. Oh my gosh….my kiddo is going to be *begging* me for these! I think we need a “Nermal” cake pop next! ;)

  169. WOW! Those turned out fantastic! You always think outside the box when it comes to the candies you use to take your pops to the next level. I love it!

  170. I LOVE STITCH! How did you do that?????

  171. Love your site and your creative ideas. Please come out with another cake pop book soon! You rock!

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  174. you’re a genius!!
    sweet kisses from Barcelona!

  175. Jodi – that makes me so happy to hear.

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  180. bakerella, you’re too cool to be true! :)))
    gaaarfield – my way-before-jason-donovan-before-rick-astley-before-johnny-depp-before…i-don’t-know-who-else-teenager-idol! i was addicted to garfiled magazines and i “wallpapered” my bedroom with garfield-posters! :)
    love your blog! sweetest greets from hamburg, germany!

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    it is a real pleasure to vist your blog
    have a good day
    herve lesateliersdhys (from France)

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