Comic Cupcakes

Comic Cupcakes

These cupcakes were inspired by a cool tool I found recently. An edible ink pen. At first, I didn’t know how I would use it. But, when I came across some old Garfield books of mine, I knew exactly how I would try it out. I used to draw this cat a lot as a kid, so I thought it would be fitting to now try him out in fondant. And this pen worked perfectly for his signature stripes. I even sent Jim Davis (Garfield’s creator) a letter and some drawings when I was younger and he was kind enough to respond. I guess you could say that he inspired me back in the day.

Stuff I used:
Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens
Satin Ice Fondant
Wilton Rolled Fondant (another brand I’ve used)
Wilton Icing Colors
And, cupcakes and frosting, of course

Garfield Cupcakes

Garfield Fondant Colors

Garfield Cupcakes

Garfield Books

Oh yeah, Garfield turns 30 this June!

Garfield Cupcakes

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138 comments on “Comic Cupcakes”

  1. These are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It says a step by step tutorial for the comic cupcake, but I can’t find where the full tutorial is. Cam you please help me. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful photos! I will prepare them for my kids!

  3. Followed the picture of the Garfield cupcakes that Amy’s Baking Company are passing off as their own… Looks like Annie^^ beat me to it…

    May I suggest claiming intellectual property via Facebook?

  4. You should know that your Garfield cupcake photos are on the Facebook page for a woman with a restaurant in Phoenix. She’s been in the news a lot lately. Gordon Ramsey walked away from there – the owners are flippin’ insane.

  5. It’s not that hard to draw lines and make mouths out of fondant

  6. OMG!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  7. Great Cupcakes! Could you possibly make ‘To kill a mockingbird’ Cupcakes or Cake pops?!

  8. omg…the cupcakes look AMAZING. Plus I love fondant. rofl.

  9. OMG! i still love garfield and these are just like him! Adorable!

  10. i love garfield!!! i just saw your cake pops and i’m trying to decide if i like the pops or cupcakes better!!! i actually like cupcake better!!!

  11. you are truely an inspiration, i’m from nigeria in africa and what your doing is making me think out of the box. hope to come see u face to face someday

  12. Ohhh~ You know garfield too? So do I! I am garfield’s biggest fan! You know whats strange? We’re exactly alike! Check out my website and you’ll see.

  13. Me and my hubby loved these garfield ones, he’s our favorite cartoon cat. I am trying to make them for him ,this is going to be his first father’s day so hopefully they come out great.

  14. I love the garfield cup cake. Garfield is my favorite love to know how to make these.

  15. Love the cake pops and balls!! Bought your book, too, thanks for all the great tips! Made cake pops for my swim team and they LOVED them! Going to make another batch for my NCAA Final 4 party this weekend, and need an edible ink pen to make Butler Bulldog cake pops… any suggestions on in-store retailers that might carry edible ink pens?? Thanks!

  16. When my son saw this, he asked me to make for him too. Thanks for the idea and i have just made for his 3.5 years old birthday today!

  17. Not a single flaw found. A-MAZ-ING!!! I’m gonna show my son the comic book lover here right now. And I mean RIGHT NOW. As in Right. Now.

  18. You’re name is Angie?

  19. You are incredible!!!

  20. Great blog ! to much pretty things !

  21. WOW! you made them practically identicale.

  22. I love Garfield!
    Garfield was the first cartoon I learned to draw as a kid and it was my favorite….also for the fact that his girlfriend had the same name as me, Arlene! Woohoo!
    I was looking for Garfield pictures and I found this blog entry by accident. What a great accident! You have a lovely blog and I’ve saved the link to your blog just so I can read it all the time. =)
    You inspired me to want to make cupcakes now. =) That little letter from Jim Davis was wonderful. That was great that he actually took the time to write you back. =)

  23. I have a picture of these up on my wall. I never knew where they came from. Finally! Love the site.

  24. i luve the way they look they could come right the pgs of the book. u know how to get into charecter!!!!!!:)

  25. WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Awsomness overload!
    Wow! You really got talent!

  26. anybody has a easy recipe for rolled fondant.. not mm plsssssss help

  27. my husband is a huge jim davis fan, he also has a signed photo from him. I showed him these and he thought they were amazing.

  28. Someone on Facebook has posted a copy of the first picture in this series as their own work.

    just thought someone should know.

  29. cats claw – thanks!

    Anonymous – That’s Arlene.

    Hilda – thanks and your english looks good to me.

  30. Really fantastic…
    I could live in your kitchen.
    Congratulations for the marvellous blog and for the sweet-little-lady helping you.
    Kisses from Spain and excuse my bad english, please.

  31. Perfect!! loved the puffy lips on the pink one =)

  32. cool!!! seriously! they all look awesome!!!

  33. bjanem – Thanks my fellow feline fan.

  34. These are unbelievable! I too am a Garfield fan and I bet you made Jim Davis proud! Love your site.

  35. maggie – use them. they’re fun! I just need to get them in some other colors.

    anonymous – thanks!

  36. wow. that is AWESOME!!!!!!

  37. Wow, you replicated Garfield perfectly! I have those edible pens and have yet to use them (after having them a year or so). I might have to try this. I love Garfield.

  38. Anonymous – Great blog!

    Anonymous – thank you for saying so. Anonymous said…

    SimplePleasures – glad you like them

    Anitha – why thanks!

    motupikogirl – Well HB in July then!

    Cindy – Yeah, it brought a lot of memories back for me too.

  39. So adorable!! Brings back the childhood memory :)

  40. WOW!!!!! i want that for my bday
    i have the same bday as garfield

  41. Very pretty & cute :-)

  42. wow these are really cool looks so awesome I’m in awe

  43. You are the best! Congratulations on!

  44. OMG!!! These are TOO CUTE!! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  45. Great blog!

  46. Jess – I know. How cool is that. And it’s already on

  47. OMG!!!! How cool that Kim from Paws, Inc. contacted you! I can’t believe that you’re going to be on!!! You are amazing!!! :)

  48. Jess – it was super cool.

    But not as cool as what I just read in the next comment.

    Kim – I SURE WILL. I’m so excited. I emailed you already!

    melissa – thanks!

  49. Wow, what gorgeous cupcakes!

  50. Bakerella, you are awesome! I work for jim Davis, the Garfield cartoonist at Paws, Inc., headquartered in Muncie, Indiana. I just shared the link to your CupCake page and your Blog with Jim and he said, “very cool!” All of us at Paws just flipped over your beautiful creation! Can I put a news story on

    It was also fun reading about your history with Garfield. We would love to have a new generation of Garfield kids who enjoy the comic strip and cartoon shows — I bet if they each had one of your cupcakes they’d be fans for life.

    Can you get back to me?

  51. Those are so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!! WOW!!! Each new creation is even better than the previous one!! I was also a huge fan of Garfield as a child … your pictures of those old books brought back good memories. And how COOL that you got a letter from Jim Davis! He would be very proud of your cupcakes. You are awesome!!! :)

  52. Lee – Thanks. I actually have another one too. I was a fan.

    Anonymous – OK. I’LL TRY & THANKS!

    Richelle – I found the cupcake liners at:

    Mrs. Cupcake – I got creative by using portions of cutters for Garfield’s mouth and the eyes were made from the large opening of an icing decorator tip that I reshaped after cutting to get them all the same size.

    Jo – thanks!

  53. They are so cool! I love them!

  54. did you freehand cut these? Or do you have cutters for all this?? WOW! I think it’s time you wrote a book!

  55. These are so cute! And they look so professional, you should do a book! Then you can be on Martha again!

    Where did you get those cute red cupcake holders?


  57. Your blog is so great! I love those cupcakes, and the letter from Jim Davis was so cute.

  58. Janna – I do like working with it. It’s easier than you would think.

    Melanie – thanks!

  59. Holy moly! The care you put int these are mind boggling, but it shows! I wish I had your patience … and creativity!

  60. Those are AWESOME! I am SO very impressed! Do you enjoy working with fondant and gumpaste? I have yet to experiment with either…

  61. Sandy – Garfield’s still got it.

    Debbie M – thank you!

    VEGAN TICKLES – thanks!!!!!

    CatHerder – I’m glad. thanks.

    Book Hog – me too.

    knotology – you are welcome.

    Susan from Food Blogga and maybe strawberry – I’m glad they came out so good.

    xoxoTori – you’re too nice. thanks.

    Tartelette – that’s a great compliment coming from you.

    Bakerette – sure and cute name, too.

    Shanae – simply thanks!

    sterling – thanks for the compliment.

    Vägen från 137kilo – Yay – I was hoping people would like them.

  62. WOW! That just braught me right back to my childhood! Amazing work!

  63. those are astounding…but then again, it seems most of your creations are!

  64. These are simply awesome!

  65. I love coming to your blog and finding something new and exciting. I will add you to my favs on my blog if that is ok with you :)

  66. You are so talented it hurts…in a good way!

  67. Those look fantastic! They are too cute too eat! I wish I was that talented!

  68. wow!!! they look exactly like the characters. you are good!!!

  69. I used to love Garfield when I was a kid! I even had those puffy stickers on my notebooks. The likeness on your cupcakes is phenomenal!

  70. I just found your blog today and wanted to say thank you! I love it and can’t wait to read through the archives, your baking is inspiring! Have added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with everything. Congrats on the Martha show!!

  71. Those are amazing!! They are almost too cute to eat – except I can *always* eat a cupcake. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with.

  72. omg I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

  73. WOW!!!!!

  74. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I am totally blown away!!! You are AMAZING!!!
    I have just come across your blog while blog surfing and I am in awe!

    Debbie M

  75. Hello, I visit your blog often but don’t leave a comment because there are so many posted already. I had to comment on this post though because I still kept my ‘Garfield Takes the Cake” comic book and my 6 year old reads it every night before bed. I love your character cupcakes! Congrats on your Martha S. appearance!

  76. Thanks Future Envy of the PTA and Tarah

    Cakespy – it seems we are a duo.
    That’s pretty awesome.

    Suzyhomemaker – oooh , maybe I’ll try it out on cookies, too.

    Candi Tardio – why, thanks!

  77. these have got to be the cutest cupcakes ;)

  78. Oh wow! Those are incredible! I’ve been thinking about getting some gourmet writing pens for cookies and such, never really thought about cupcakes!

  79. The letter just made my heart ache! I have a letter from Roald Dahl that is a treasure to me!!

    But I digress. Garfield was one of my ABSOLUTE Favorites! I think that it would have to be a pretty awesome lasagne (it’s Garfield after all!) to earn a spot as main dish before these babies! :-)

  80. Those are so adorable! You are extremely talented!

  81. These are so adorable and impressive!!!

  82. Wow! Thanks for all of the great comments. I am really happy that you guys liked Garfield and the gang. They were fun to make and those pens definitely make me want to try some other comics out. I only have the black pen so far, but I think I’ll be getting the set.

    For those that showed interest in the fondant, Satin Ice is basically just another brand. It comes in a tub. I’ve used it a few times now and really like it. And don’t let fondant intimidate you. It’s actually a lot of fun to work with and worth trying out. I will say though that it’s nothing like the taste of yummy buttercream, but all you have to do is put a good layer of frosting underneath the fondant to compensate.

  83. What an artwork!

  84. WOW!!! these are so great! I LOVE Garfield and you have all the characters spot on with these adorable cuppies! You have some serious talent, no wonder Martha wanted to have you on her show!

  85. You are a genius!!

  86. adorable! ive been dying to work with fondant, but then i heard it tasted awful, satin ice seems to be everyones pick though, guess i need to get some!

  87. Get out … are you serious? Did you make those cupcakes? I am amazed!!! Wow … you are good!! You blew me away!


  88. Fabulous cupcakes. I wish I had had that marker for my son’s cake sale back in March. I used black icing with a fine tip, not quite as neat. There is always next year :)

  89. These are incredible! What great work!

  90. What cool cupcakes! I have never used fondant before, but seeing so many people using it since I started blogging, makes me want to try! (and I probably will!)

  91. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have those pens too and have nto used them yet … thanks for the inspiration!!! Can I ask a dumb question, what do you use the satin fondant for? Is it different fromt he rolled?

  92. those are the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen in my life. I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for all the creative ideas :)

  93. I love Garfield–these cupcakes look so much like the cartoon characters. Great job!

  94. Absolutely amazing – I can’t wait for your next creation!

  95. wow, i’m obsessed.

  96. You really are amazing!!

  97. Wow! I am at a loss for great adjectives because these are so incredibly amazing. You are very talented.

  98. I am so impressed. They are lovely

  99. Those are so cute!! I love that you included Nermal and Pookie!

  100. I need these for My Birthday! I also turn 30 June 19th. So, of course, I have a garfield obsession.

  101. These are amazing! You are SO SO SO talented!

  102. qzktqdNot that it needs to be said, but you are ridiculously talented. I’m currently obsessed with your cupcakes on a stick. I plan to try them very soon, but this novice baker has a lot to learn before she can consider herself a true baking diva like you. Wishing you the best.

    Stay Sweet;)

  103. so impressive I can’t even come up with a comment!

  104. holy crap! if i hadn’t seen them on tastespotting, i would never have guessed they were edible!

  105. WOW! I can’t believe you got a letter from Jim Davis!!! That’s really cool. I had a garfield lock for my locker in 6th grade and Eric Dobbins stole it! Can you believe he did that?!?!?!?!

    These cupcakes are waaaaayyyy toooooo good!!! You are so talented! Are you going to eat them? I think you should have them gold plated.

    Aren’t you so glad LOST is coming back on tomorrow? I’ve been having withdrawals!

  106. These are great! I’m a big fan of the americolor food writer pens too!!

  107. Those turned out PERFECT!!! Great job Bakerella!

  108. This is fabulous!!!!!!!! I need theses pens!!! :P

  109. I love Garfield (who doesn’t?). I think I had Garfield Takes the Cake as a kid, too. Your cupcakes look amazing, as always!
    I’ll have to try out those pens–my husband would love to try them out on some cakes.

  110. oh my god! I love Nermel!

  111. awesomE!

  112. Oh wow these are too cute for words. I was the biggest Garfield fan when I was a kid so these are extra cute to me! So unexpected and so fun!

  113. You are so talented! These are absolutely perfect. You’ll be on Martha again soon! :)

  114. These ARE amazing!!! I LOVE them!

  115. Oh, my goodness! These truly are too pretty to eat. If you can capture the Peanuts characters on a cupcake, I bet my 3-1/2 year old son would find a way to buy them from you!! :0)

  116. These are so cute! You really captured the characters! I love those AmeriColor pens!

    I loved Garfield as a girl and now my son reads them. :) Good ol’ Garfield!

  117. wonderful! I love them!

  118. The art of baking. A great inspiration, I should say!

  119. You are so talented. Very nice. You’re making me want to try something now. LOL!

  120. Wow! I am absolutely blown away by you and your creativity! You keep us all guessing what will you come up with next???

  121. These cupcakes are too cool. They look texaco like the Garfield cartoon characters. Good job Angie! I will be attempting this, tho’ I am not very artistic.

  122. They are gorgeous! You are so talented!

  123. Se que no me vas a entender en español pero FANTASTIC…..

  124. These are so perfect…

  125. OMG. These are the funniest cupcakes I’ve ever seen!

    You’re the best. ;-)

  126. I LOVE THESE! You are wonderful!

  127. These are fantastic and so creative! It would be a shame to eat them . . . :)

  128. Wow, what a fantastic job!!!!

  129. So I always check regularly and wonder “what will she come up with next?” Thanks for always being so entertaining. GARFIELD is simply a throwback to a great childhood for me, you rock! AND, I haven’t had TV for about 4 years, just knowing I was going to miss you on Martha Stewart about broke the yoke for me. Thank heavens for the video on the website, you are the best great job! Lastly thanks for the camera tips previously. I’m sending my wishlist to not only my husband and my family but about everyone I know slightly hinting what I want for my birthday. You are inspiring in your baking, photography, design, artistry and composition. WOW.

  130. So much fun! I was also a huge Garfield fan. My piano teacher had all the books in her waiting room. I have some of those edible ink pens and love them for details on my Christmas cookies. Love your blog! Tomorrow I am going to try the Martha cupcake pops.

  131. Those are so awesome!!! I love Garfield, he is the best!

  132. OMG! Garfield! Is Garfield walking out of my screen? I must be seeing things!

  133. You’re hella good!

  134. These are so cute. It brings back memories of reading Garfield comics when I was a kid. Too cute to eat!

  135. seriously could those be anymore perfect!? :) you are SO talented!

  136. I think my head exploded from your awesomeness!!!

  137. Whoa. Fantastic fondant job!

  138. wow, those are amazing. you are so talented! =) they look exactly like they walked right out of the comic books.

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