Wow Your Mom on Mother’s Day!

For Mom

Can’t decide on flowers or candy? Then give your mom both – and some cupcakes to boot.

These cute candy flowers were inspired by fellow flickr user mommawants1more. She does a great job with this creative candy technique. Then I also found this decorating style featured in the book, The Whimsical Bakehouse, and saw how easy it was to do using colored candy melts. And you know, I have my fair share of those laying around the kitchen lately. So you guessed it, I started melting. Read below to see how you can do it too.

Flower Cupcakes

Find a design you want to use or draw it by hand for a more whimsical feel.
Place the drawing on a cookie sheet and cover with wax paper. Tape it down flat so it doesn’t move. Use one unmelted yellow candy melt for each flower center.

Candy Melts

Melt the white candy coating and use a plastic bottle (shown) or ziploc bag with the corner cut out to pipe the outline of your shape. Place in the freezer for a couple of minutes until hardened. Remove.

Candy Melts

Fill in the shapes with a second color. It shouldn’t be too hot. (or too hard… my niece even helped me with this.)

My little helper

Return to freezer to harden. Remove and flip over to reveal the flat side to display on your cupcakes. Easy!

Mini Cupcakes

And if you want to make some letters, that’s easy too! Use an alphabet mold and fill shape with melted candy. Freeze for a few minutes and then, pop them out.

Alphabet Molds



You’ll need:
Frosted Cupcakes
Squeeze Bottle or Ziploc Bag
Cookie Sheet with Wax Paper (taped flat)
Colored Candy Melts
… and a steady hand

Here’s three brands of candy melts:
Make ‘n Mold Candy Melts
Mercken’s Candy Coatings
Wilton Candy Melts

Here’s some fun stuff if you’re up for it:
Alphabet Candy Molds
The Whimsical Bakehouse (shows some examples and instruction on how to use this technique.)

And if you’re not up to the challenge:
Visit Sugar Coated Love and maybe mommawants1more can make some for you.

Mother's Day Cupcakes

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148 comments on “Wow Your Mom on Mother’s Day!”

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  2. Parabéns incrível!!!!!!!!
    Amei sua ideia fantástica ideia. amo ,amo amei de paixão..
    obrigada LOURDES ARAUJO

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  5. can i please have the daisy template :)

  6. Love these cupcakes and have finally found the perfect chance to actually make, I LOVE working with candy melts, so much easier than fondant, and looks just as amazing. Can you please sent my the template for the daisies, cause i CANNOT draw at all.


  7. Could you please email me the daisy template you use for the candies? Thank you SO much!

  8. Boy oh boy I can spend endless hours devouring your site. Everything is just so very amazing. I came here tonight knowing you would have the perfect idea for my little girl’s 3rd birthday and of course here it is!! These cupcakes are awesome!! Is it possible to get the daisy template emailed? I realize this post was quite some time ago…LOL… so o biggy if you can’t send it. I can always attempt my own drawings. :)

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic ideas! :)

  9. Could you please send me this template tonight…id love to do them for some cupcakes tomorrow…my email address is Thanks!!

  10. Thanks for the idea! I’m really excited to make these for my mom this Mother’s Day :) I’m confused about the flower template for the wax paper though. Do I just print out the template on wax paper? May I have a copy of the flower template as well?

    Thank you, once again!

  11. I too would love a copy of the flower template, please. Today is my first attempt at making cake balls so I am very excited. I love your book! Everything is so fun, creative, and colorful. My email is: Thanks!

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  13. Thank you so much for this very great and adorable idea i am going to change it around alittle but this is perfect for my daughters 3rd birthday!!

  14. haha I didn’t realize you had a template for the daisy design! I guess I can say mine are definitely more “free style”! Thanks again!

  15. I just made some of these for a bridal shower I’m helping with tomorrow. I think they’re so cute so thanks for your wonderful website and yummy ideas!

  16. Hi there,

    you can have a look at ebay -> stayathomemom (i think) , she sells candy melts in the uk .. but it´s to expensive for me because i live in germany and the shipping costs are so high !

    can you send me please the daisy jpg too ?
    my email adress is :
    kleine_maumau (at)

    many thanks and THANKS for your lovely blog !!

  17. Hi Bakerella. Do you know of any alternatives for the candy melts? I can’t get my hands on them over in the UK without forking out a fortune for overseas delivery. I really want to try out this design and a few of my own with this technique. Thanks :-)

  18. Hey Bakerella, I love your site and its inspired me to do so much more baking. Could you please send me the daisy template, that would be great:)

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  20. oh yeah, here is my email!!:) Thanks again!:)

  21. Can you email me the pdf for the flower drawings?! I am going to make these for my little ones first birthday! and have look everywhere for a cute flower like yours!:) Thanks!!

  22. Adorable. So creative and yet, so easy. thanks for sharing!

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  24. Just what you need, one more request for the daisy template. If it isn’t too much trouble will you send a copy my way in the next day or two?


  25. could your email me the daisy template? I would love to try these for mothers’day!

  26. Hi Bakerella,
    I love your blog, everything is amazing. The cake pops are so cute and delicious!
    I want to make a suprise cake for the mother’s day. Does it’s possible to email me the flower jpeg? My e-mail is
    Thanks and have a nice day ;-)

  27. I love your site and have tried my hand at a couple of your ideas. You are so creative. The pictures MAKE everything come alive!
    I know I’m about a year later than all these posts, but I’m hoping you might be willing to send me the daisy pdf so many have requested.
    Thanks so much and keep the wonderful creations coming!

  28. I’m looking to make these for Easter and would love your daisy flower template. Could you please e-mail?

    Thanks dear!

  29. too pretty to eat!

  30. Hi Bakerella!

    First of all I just love your blog and I follow it everyday!!! Your very talented…
    I came across the wow your mom on mother’s day cupcake.. Love it.. I was just wondering if you sill have the template for the daisey … I’d love to make these for my little girl 1’st birthday … Her theme is going to be cupcake and that would be awesome for the top of the cupcakes..


  31. Whoops! Here’s my email address:

  32. My mother-in-law asked me to make some “pretty cupcakes” for a party last week. I was in full on panic mode until I found this site. The idea worked great and everyone was very impressed. Thanks so much for the idea! However, my flower drawing skills leave a lot to be desired. I’d love to get the flower pdf if possible. Thanks!

  33. How far in advance could I make the candy flowers? My daughter’s birthday is March 16, and she wants me to try making cake pops with the flowers on top for her class! Thanks!

  34. I saw someone mention you on facebook earlier this afternoon and have been looking at your blog ever since! I can’t stop!!! I especially love this idea and can’t wait to try it!!! Could you also email the flower pdf to me?! I would really appreciate it! :)

  35. Kate – done. check your email.

  36. Is it possible to still get that flower pdf? I really want to try it but my skills in the art department are Zero. I love the look of those. You are such a creative talented lady. I made your graduation caps for my sons kindergarten class and they were the hit of the day! Thank you.

  37. hi bakerella,

    u have such amazing recipes and ideas! inspired me alot.

    thanks and take care!

  38. WOW!!! awesome!!! Love them!!! =D

  39. Cute and yummy! :)

  40. Could I get a copy of your daisy pdf from the “Wow Your Mom on Mother’s Day!” cupcakes?


  41. These are so lovely :). What a great idea, I may use your tips someday.

  42. Love your blog…everything is soooo cool. These cupcakes are adorable. I’m making them for my friend’s daughter…could you email the flower template?? Thanks!

  43. I love all your great ideas! Could I get the flower template, please?

    Thanks :)

  44. Can you send me the template for the daisy? I want to make these to put on my daughter's birthday cake.

  45. OMG!!! You are terrific,wonderful and I just cannot find the word to describe you. I am so glad my sis recommended your sit I LOVE making creative stuff and you just inspire me even more!! THANKS AGAIN!!!:0)

  46. I am an new lurker on your site and I am in LOVE!!

    I am hoping you still have the daisy pdf…if so, can you please send it my way? My email is


  47. Bakerella:

    What tip did you use to do the frosting? Thanks!

  48. Hi Bakerella! I am soooo inspired by your work. Your are very talented.

    Could I trouble you for the daisy template for the candy flowers? I want to make them for mothers day this year. I know they’ll be a hit!

    Thanks in advance :-)



  49. May I also get a copy of the pdf as well, please? I’m very excited to try this! You blog is making me feel ambitious!!

    adela_cheng (at) yahoo (dot) com


  50. Hey Bakerella! LOVE your blog, you do some amazing stuff girl!

    I’m also wanting the flower pdf. Could you please send it to me?


  51. Hi Bakerella:
    Your blog is gorgeous. I have been so inspired for my daughter’s first birthday party! Is there anyway that you could email me the flower jpeg? Many thanks.

  52. sure thing

  53. I LOVE your blog Bakerella!! Always full of surprises and inspirational posts!! Thanks, Thanks THANKS!!! :P
    I was wondering if you could please email me the daisy template. Is it still available? My email address:
    Thanks, Ana

  54. I forgot my email address to get the flower template:


  55. i forgot my email address to get a copy of the daisy template/recipe:

  56. I had these at a shower and they were delic. Can you please send me the daisy template and do you have any hints/recipes on frosting? Mine never turns out so nice looking. You are amazing

  57. Glad you enjoyed it. These are pretty fun to do.

  58. Thanks for all of your great ideas- I just made these a few days ago for my daughters Daisy Girl Scout troop- they were perfect for that! I need to practice working with candy melts a little more to get them to look more like yours. ;)

  59. Terra – cute, cute story

    mother’s day flowers – thanks

  60. That looks so yummy! I totally love idea and the way you combined the cupcake and candy flowers? Pretty impressive. :)


  61. Bakerella, I have to tell you a little story and hope that you get a notice when you get a new comment, because this is an old post. (I just found your site the other day and am slowly making it through the archives.)

    When I was just a wee tot (five years old) we made those plates-you know the ones where you got to draw on a circular sheet of paper and then it magically turned into a plate?

    Anyway, I was still learning my letters and “W”s and “M”s were confusing to me, because one is basically just the flipped up version of the other.

    So, I was asking my mom which was which. I distinctly remember saying to her, “Mom, is an M like this or like this?” drawing the M and W in the air. Well, as you can probably guess, I used the wrong letter.

    To this day, there’s a plate hanging on the wall at my mom’s place that says, “WOW DAD”

    Your cupcakes reminded me of that fun memory! :D Classic!

  62. they look great, I would like to know the recipe of the frosting it seems delicious!

    I’m from Spain and here we don’t have cupcakes and baking is not a very usual hobby and trying to learn with your blog thanks for it!

  63. dobetter – that makes me feel so good. I’m glad you had fun.

  64. I just wanted to let you know I tried this technique to make R2-D2’s and it worked! Thanks so much! I would have never tried it without your blog and encouraging words.

  65. mrs. k – glad you enjoyed reading. Hope you make some fun stuff.

  66. i have to tell you i found your site last night and couldn’t even go to sleep because i so want to duplicate your ideas! i just started with my cupcake baking craze so thanks for feeding my addiction :)

  67. Thanks Melissa and welcome!

  68. I found your amazing site from another blog.

    I just want you to know I love you. LOLOLOL! :) :)

  69. You can find them at craft stores.

    Here’s an online store that sells them if you can’t find any.

  70. Hello again. Made a test batch last night and they were so cute! Kind of hard to pipe with the zip-lock bags, though. Where did you get your miniature squeeze bottles? I think those would be a lot easier and give more control. Thanks! Can’t wait to see your next creation — I’m sure it will as adorable as all the others!

  71. Kristen – sure you can do it.

    Keepin’ up with the Jones’ – I’m glad they were a success.

    The Thomas’ – I saw your cake. Looks yummy.

  72. Hello again! I made these “chocolate” flowers for a mother’s day cake I was making and they were a hit – and also super easy! Thanks for the idea!!

    (Here’s a link to some pictures)

  73. I wanted to thank you for the cute idea with the flowers. I was making cupcakes for a baby shower i was throwing and these chocolate flowers were the perfect addition. I usually think tasks will be easy and they end up taking hours and turn out not very cute. Not these. They were easy, quick and they were the hit of the party. Thank you so much for the idea. Don’t worry however, I gave you full credit for the idea at the shower! I’m not sure people would have believed me if I had said I came up with the idea anyway since I have no creative bones in my body!! Thank you again. I love your blog.

  74. oh my goodness, i love the step by step for this! It makes me think I could actually do this! The flowers are beautiful.

  75. Go Jenny!!!!!!

  76. Just wanted to let you know that I made a test batch of the flowers today and although they don’t look quite as perfect as yours, they came out adorable! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know these will be a big hit at the baby shower. :)

  77. Farah – you’re welcome. They’re pretty easy and fun.

    Jenny – will do.

  78. these are adorable. what a great idea! would it be possible for you to send me a pdf of the flower template as well? i’d like to make them for a shower this saturday. thanks!

  79. Thank you for sharing the chocolate transfer method. I always wondered how to do so. And seeing you here, I think I might give it a try after all. Thanks a ton!

    BTW..your creations are to die for. keep up the good work!

  80. Corinne – I will. thanks.

    Kelsey – they’d be cute for either.

    Dawn – no problem. I’ll send it.

  81. I’ve been following your blog since December and check for new posts almost daily – brilliant ideas, lovely photography! I plan to make either these flower cupcakes OR the cupcake pops for my twins’ birthday party — both are so cute, I just can’t decide! Would it be asking too much for you to post the daisy design on your blog somewhere (or e-mail to me? I wish you much success and happiness! :)

  82. What a precious idea. I can’t wait to do this for the bridal shower I’m hosting! I might just do it for a baby shower, too!

  83. Hi Bakerella!

    I wanted to let you know I loved your post and creativity. It was included in my “Mother’s Day Roundup” on the Celebrate with Style blog.

    Check us out!


  84. Anonymous _ it was 199 or 32 I think.

    Anonymous – It’s scrapbook paper. And it’s very handy.

    Designtjejen – thanks.

  85. Wow.. this is so great! What a good idea!

  86. Wow! Love the site, love the cupcake ideas but really LOVE the photography. Everything just really pops and as I look through your site, I’m making my list of all the things I need to buy at Michael’s.
    Are the backgrounds you use just cute scrapbook paper or do you do something special in Photoshop?
    Such talent!!

  87. Just like what others said, you’re so creative. May I know which nozzle tip you used for the frosting? By the way, could you email me your daisy template? Thanks!

  88. jillytacy – you are most welcome.

    morgana – Thank you my friend

    Kat – email me and I’ll send it to you.

    Mireia – your english is fine and thanks.

    Sweet Sins – you are too kind.

    Erika – it was pretty fun I have to admit

    Jessica – Be on the lookout. I emailed you a pdf.

  89. Too cute! I am going to make this for a huge picnic with my in-laws on Mothers Day. There’s going to be 32 of us so I have my work cut out for me. Maybe the little ones don’t need such a fancy cupcake. Anyway, think I could draw that flower but just in case, where did you get it? Thanks!

  90. I love your cupcakes! I use this technique all the time on cakes and cupcakes. It is very whimiscal, super easy and people ooh and ahh!

    Congrats on the Garfield website too!

  91. You are brilliant… and amazing! this is a fab idea!! I just love it! What would I do without you!

  92. This cupcakes are so cute! the frosting seems delicious!

    sorry for my English I’m from Spain and I love your blog!

  93. These are SO cute!! Great, now I HAVE to make them :)Where did you get your daisy templete? It’s perfect. You’re work is so inspirational. I can’t wait to try this.

  94. Congrats, again. You’re really creative and so talented…

  95. These are very cute and you always make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing your talents and expertise with us!

  96. Kacey & Chris – thanks

    Lisa – I melted the chocolate first and then poured into the bottle. And I’d love to see a pic of your cupcakes if you have one. Also, you can try using the larger diameter lollipop sticks next time. That may help since you have the larger size cutter. And make sure the chocolate sets around the base of the stick, too.

    Clare Anita – Hope they turn out great.

  97. I am definately going to do the candy flowers,really sweet!!!

  98. These are just amazingly adorable! Thanks so much for inspiring and sharing! I want to make these flowers and was wondering if you could melt the chocolates in the bottle or if you melt them and then transfer them? Can you please let me know? Thanks so much!

    I made your fabulous mini cupcakes for many special occasions this week and they were very well received! So darn cute! My little flower cookie cutter was a little too large, though. Some fell down the stick! Still tasted good, though!

  99. Wow I love those! So cute!!

  100. Tempered Woman – You’re welcome

    CB – Thanks Clara!

    Tracey in WA – Me too. There’s a lot you can do with this technique.

    Suzyhomemaker – thanks!

  101. I LOVE them! Awesome!

  102. FABULOUS!!!! My mind is in a whirl witht he possiblities for this!!! Just wish I had time to play, darn work keeps getting in my way!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  103. You are so creative and inspiring. I love that you share your creations step-by-step. I am sure any mom would love them. :)

  104. Those are so CUTE~ thanks so much for doing the step by step. I really love that. Excellent idea for Mother’s day cupcakes, now you’ve go my mind buzzing…hmmmm

  105. RecipeGirl – Yeah you can.

    Deanne – Welcome!

    Skrapkaka – thanks.

  106. Is it possible? Sooo cute!

  107. just found your blog and wow!!!
    all your cupcakes are amazing, esp those flowers, i’ll be trawling through your blog now for ages, drooling.
    will defo try some out x
    thank you so much for sharing

  108. Wow, even I can do this. What a wonderful idea to do neat decorations for cupcakes! I’m so bookmarking this for future cupcake experimenting!! Thanks for the great post :)

  109. My Sweet & Saucy – thanks!

    Lettie – mahalo

    Andria – thank you

    gail – thanks!

    suneeta – well I have to say, I didn’t think of it first, but I wish I had.

    mika – it’s easier after having worked with the candy melts on other projects

    Kim – you are welcome.

    Darling729 – I thought peopel would like this, so thanks.

    Min – look at this post. I have some links to buy online

    sugarlens – thanks. And I am still looking for that go-to recipe. This one isn’t it. It’s an enhanced cake mix recipe using pudding mix and sour cream. When I find a scratch one I like, I’ll be sure to post it. The frosting is the same one from the chocolate cupcake valentine post you mentioned.

    EriKa – I’m glad. That makes me want to keep doing more.

    scorps2178 – Yeah, but I don’t know where to start.

    Amber – You can do it for sure.

    Thimbleanna – thanks!

    Anonymous – I wish I knew.

    BeachMama – I’m glad to shine some light on things for next time.

    Charlotte – I’ll take a look.

    Janna – I can always use a helper.

    Sarah C. – You’re welcome.

    Gbemi’s Piece – Try

    Nicole – thanks!

    Anthony and Brittany – Wow. thanks for faving me.

    ali – that’s good to know.Thanks for the info.

    addy – same for me too.

    Julia – you are definitely welcome.

    Carol – yeah, they are handy.

    Aly – Sure… I love them too.

    Hillary – I’m sure you can.

    tiffany – fooled ya.

    Natalie – thank you

    Karen – Glad to help.

  110. These are too cute!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  111. Wow. I’m so impressed.

  112. I totally thought those were paper flowers. I love this idea!

  113. Gorgeous decorating job you’ve done there. I wish I could make such beautiful cupcakes!

  114. You’re so talented!

    But I do have a question: Where do you get the dark brown cupcake liners that you used? They bring the entire “look” together!


  115. Very cute! I need to get that alphabet tray!

  116. What a great idea!!!! Thanks :)

  117. You are so awesome! Another totally fantastic idea – I shouldn’t read your blog at work because then I immediately want to start baking and can’t.

  118. I found you off of She’s Got It All’s website… such CUTE ideas you have! Thanks for sharing!

  119. these are so beautiful! what a great idea! i simply love this site! i added this blog as a fav. link on my blogger!!

  120. Those are adorable!

  121. Those are really cute! It’ my first time on your blog and I LOVE it! I’ll definitely be back. Looking to make some cupcakes for my son’s birthday. Where can I get those dark brown cupcake holders? Thanks!

  122. Great idea! Thanks for the wonderful step-by-step instructions with photos. :)

  123. Okay, You are my creative hero!
    Can I be your kid and help you make fun things in the kitchen?

    These are SO stinkin’ cute!

  124. I love these little cupcakes so much :) I have to let you know that I made some of your cupcake pops – this was a really big deal for me (being quite domestically challenged!) and they were a big hit so thank you xx

    (see my attempt here!!)

  125. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing the flower technique. I could have used it a month ago when I wanted to make a sun for a cake. I couldn’t figure it out so the garden was ‘sunless’.

  126. another masterpiece. where do your ideas come from? :)

  127. Holy Crap. You Rock, Ms. Bakerella!!!

  128. Wow that looks like something I could actually pull off! Very cute idea!

  129. These are just adorable. Thank you for all the great ideas. Have you ever thought of starting a web business?

  130. You inspire me!

  131. Bakerella,

    Could you share the recipe you used to make these lovely cupcakes and the frosting? I loved the chocolate cupcake receipe you posted around Valentine’s Day. Now I am looking for a go-to yellow cake and white cake recipes. Thanks so much.

  132. You are simply awesome.

  133. Oh dear, I don’t think they sell candy melt here.. maybe if I just melt any chocolate block, that would work ? Anyway thanks for the idea.

  134. Love It! Love It! Love It! Thanks so much for your adorable ideas, but even more importantly, thanks for showing us HOW to make them!!

  135. These are darling! I have a big bake sale at church next weekend. These flower cupcakes are perfect for spring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  136. Thanks a million to share this technique, I was so curious about it… ^_^

  137. Thank you so much for sharing such an “easy but would never have thought of it myself” idea. The tutorial is great and I can’t wait to try it out soon.

  138. lovely! i agree with lettie youre one creative person.

  139. I love your blog…you are SO talented!!!!

    Andria @ Elements of Entertaining

  140. You are very creative and talented. I love your whimsical creations. You inspire me, and I really do mean that!

  141. These are soooo cute! What a great idea for Mother’s Day!

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