Kits and cards… Kinda cool


Something fun arrived in the mail the other day.

I couldn’t wait to unwrap it.


Peek-a-boo… looks like it’s going to be cute.


Yep. Super cute.


A Cake Pops Kit.


Let’s look inside.


Colorful ribbons.


Sticks and treat bags.


A stand and pretty gift tags, too.


Plus a booklet with several projects … some old and some new.


I love cute stuff. And I love that my publisher does, too. As a matter of fact. They excel in all things cute. Not only does Chronicle make beautiful books, but they make gift items that are just as adorable.

This kit pulls from the book and also includes the items to package up your mini treats.
It would make a great little starter kit for someone new to cake pops or even the biggest cake pop star.

It’s available for pre-order and comes out in November. I can’t wait.

But, that’s not all.


Chronicle put together a boxed set of notecards too.

Perfect to send someone sweet little notes.


Like with these puppy pops…


… or with one of several other designs.


The notecards also come out in November. Yay!

Want to find out where you can get them both? Online or in stores?

Or in other countries, too. (A few other countries anyway.)

Then check out this site I just launched.

Let me know what you think. I hope you like it.


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329 comments on “Kits and cards… Kinda cool”

  1. i want know..where i can get cake pop kit?and i cant get?

  2. Hola!!!!soy de México D.F.estoy encantada con el libro CAKE POPS y me gustaría adquirir el kit y el libro CAKE POPS HOLLIDAYS, alguien me podría decir como puedo obtenerlos???

  3. where could you order one can someone tell(:

  4. I just bought the book! Its fabulous! Keen to buy the cake pops kit too but concerned if the book content is exactly the same as the one that comes with the kit.

  5. Is there anywhere you can find peanut and treenut COMPLETELY free colored candy coating for the easter chicks??

  6. I want one but i can’t afford it because i’m from the philippines can i still purchase? thanks that’s my wish for my birthday!

  7. Hi I have discovered an amateur cake yesterday and I hope that our fundamental your web site rise in this profession, I know I like you So I’m glad that the cake was crying inside when I saw your website any material that unfortunately, even more beautiful cakes equipment do exactly like you, I want to be a professional has a lot to learn from you love I follow your site

  8. Hey, i bought it yesterday, but there’s no card/postcard in it (dutch version)… would love to have the card as well…

  9. where can you buy this? i want this soooooooo badly!

  10. Me gustaria encontrar el cake pops kit y no se donde conseguirlo.
    ¿Que hago?

  11. today i was walking in the Bruna
    wich is a dutch shop and a saw a box… with really cute round things
    and all it said was “cake pop`s”and all i was thinking was what is this and what are cakepops?
    and i found out
    and i like =D
    groetjes uit Holland (greetings from Holland)

  12. I’ve just bought this kit on amazon, and i just discovered cake pops lol but i cannot wait for my delivery and to get started, these look absolutley AMAZINGLY CUTE!!! Thank you so much for making this so fantastic-ly cute! but now im afraid i wont study and be making cake pops instead! hahaha

  13. omg im soo excited. So excited. i saw iit on chronicle books and was like “waaawwt” i cant wait!!! ? i have a feeling im not gonna sleep till i get it

  14. Where can u bye the sticks

  15. I got mine in the mail earlier this week! It’s so cute, I can’t wait to use it!! :)

  16. im going to ask if i can get one soooooo excited i love you and your site

  17. I love it! I want it! :)

  18. movember is coming up your bat confections would work great to add moustaches to all your cakes pops in November!! :)

  19. Uauu congratulations =)
    Love your blog =)

  20. love the website. uber cute! :)


  22. My birthday is coming up and this is the first item on my wishlist! My boyfriend can’t say he doesn’t know what I want this time :) I am also planning on getting some for a few friends that don’t know where to start when it comes to cakepops but are enthusiastic about eating mine. Amazing idea!

  23. I just loved the kit!!!! I think it’s a cute, practical, beautiful, great idea. I just can’t wait. I want it NOW!!!! Not even talking about the sweet notes toooo =)
    I have the book but still want the kit so badly. I’m from Venezuela, but will go to Miami for sure to get one.
    Good Luck with these new projects, i’m sure people is going to love it the way i do.

  24. What a great idea!

    You ever come out to Hawaii? We’ve got a cupcake/cake pop movement going on here. Would love to meet you IRL!

  25. Oh Bakerella, Bakerella! My wallet and my hips tell me you are a dangerous woman! Good thing I have never listened to reason! Love it all.

  26. I want this for Christmas!!!!!!!!! :)

  27. Love it!!!.. want it!!!!!!!!… but it doesn’t get shipped here :( i live in Peru…

    I’ll ask my aunt to bring it over when she travels next month….

    Anilu :)

  28. So cute! Can’t wait to buy the kits!!

  29. Pre-order – check! Very cute!

  30. Just placed my pre-order at Amazon! I’ve been wanting to learn to make cakepops forever and this should give me the jump start I need! Super cute!

  31. My b day is coming up and I could have this for cake

  32. this is the greatest idea in the world

  33. it’s soooo cute!!
    are they available in Austria/Europe????

  34. I would love to be as creative as you are with the cake pops, but here in Germany it is very hard to find the decorating stuff, especially candy melts aren’t available.
    But the idea of a cake pop kit is awesome and I would love to have it.
    Keep on going you do a wonderful and inspiring job!

  35. wow you can see how much of the people only comments when there’s a giveaway

  36. ok i have to say that i got your cake pops book at my school book fair thinking this would be fun i started reading it and….WOW! you have changed my life i used to want to become a singer now im going to own a bakery im paige im 10 years old and all i have to say is ..thank you bakerella!!!!

  37. The kits are great. It nice to have everything all in one box. The notecards are cute also. I like the website. Great pictures!

  38. So cool

  39. Hey Angie!
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, you may have already, but just in case you haven’t, you should know about this amazing blog i found and what they’re doing with your cake pops!
    I know how much you love mini things so i thought this would make you smile :)
    -The other Angie.

  40. I want one of those kits so bad! I think it would be awesome to get one of those. Love your cake pop website!

  41. I love love love it…you are on your way to building your Martha Stewart-esk empire =o) congrats on everything. Can’t wait to buy a kit for myself and give out a few for Christmas!!!

  42. These are great, you are top shelf. I want them all!

  43. I wondered what to get for Christmas for my son’s fiance. She would LOVE this and it is not so expensive, she’d think she had to get me something pricey (they are both college students). Lovely!

    I just received the copy of Where Women Cook Celebrate that I had pre-ordered from Amazon. Really enjoyed your chapter.

  44. This is so cute!!! That’s it, I’m going to get it one way or another, even if that means going all the way to Dubai like I did to get your book!!!(I live in the Middle East, but where I live is considerably harder to get stuff like this)

    Keep baking, you’re so inspirational!
    -The 14 yr old baker, Reem

  45. This is so cute!!! That’s it, I’m going to get it one way or another, even if that means going all the way to Dubai like I did to get your book!!!(I live in the Middle East, but where I live is considerably harder to get stuff like this)

    Keep baking, you’re so inspirational!
    -The 14 yr old baker, Reem

  46. I cannot be more excited for you (and the rest of us)! This is so, so great! Congratulations!

  47. Right when I saw this I told my mom that this is what I want for Christmas!!!

    Plz check out my blog and comment!!!!!!!

  48. This kit is sooo awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  49. Love this, so so cool. Congrats!

  50. Wow, this is wonderful!! I had a smile on my face from the moment I saw this post!

  51. That is such a wonderful idea and it will make wonderful holiday gifts.

  52. These are super cute! Love them!

  53. what a GREAT idea!!! would be a wonderful gift for someone….or to myself!

  54. I love this! I bought your book and had so much fun making cake pops (some pretty good looking Angry Birds ones too!). I hope I can get the time off to catch your book signing in San Francisco this month.

  55. I love these internet success stories. It really just… my heart swells up with joy when I see “regular” people (fabulous people!) do well! <3

  56. I am so happy for you. You are very talented!

  57. This is oh so adorable. My best friend and I (currently on opposite sides of the country because of college) love to bake together. Whenever we are both home on break, we do some sort of fun project. I think I might have to get her this for Christmas! I know she’d love it!

  58. LOVE the kits, the note cards and LOVE your new Cake Pops site!!!

  59. I almost died of cuteness! Congratulations Bakerella! This site gets better and better by the day!

  60. This is SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!! I put together a kit for my sister last year…but of course not this cute!!! Love it!

  61. Awesome!!!

  62. Oh… I forgot. You’re a genius.

  63. In the words of Einstein “Vahoo!” I recently started making cake pops inspired by Bakerella and my 21 month old daughter saw my first attempt. They were plain and looked like chocolate lollipops but the wiser of us two screamed for one at her first glimpse and said “cake!” With this kit I may trick her. Thank you Bakerella!

  64. Oh wow, the kit looks lovely! Want want want, I hope they also ship to The Netherlands!

  65. Adorbs!! & Congrats!! It all looks wonderful!!
    Hope to catch you in Minneapolis and the W & S ~

  66. can’t wait to get the kit and the site is wonderful. just starting out so will take all the help i can get.

  67. I thought I was excited for my birthday, but now I can’t wait for Christmas! Didn’t exactly know what I wanted for christmas. NOW I DO! Cake pop kit is now the first thing on my list. Can’t wait

  68. This looks fab!.sooo.pretty!

  69. do you have any idea how cool you are! wow those kits are amazing! cre-a -tive!

  70. Wow, what a great idea!!! I can’t wait to order some!

  71. i have pre-ordered mine just then!
    can’t wait to receive it! :)

    <3 you bakerella.
    you absolutely inspired me.

  72. oh wow…..congrats bakerella………………………….that is soooooooooooooooooooo cute ! and it’s so cheap too…………….gotta go pre order myself one………..who knows when we will get it here in australia

  73. I love it! it’s perfect
    I guess I’ll need a copy since I’m new in the kitchen practicing before getting marry :)
    I live in Syria now how can I get a copy?

  74. i want it now!!!!!

  75. Adorable! Just in time for Christmas :)

  76. Too cute! What great ideas. Love the kits…perfect for my kids and their friends!

  77. How exciting! I see Cake Pops everywhere – they’re at Starbucks and Harrods in London. A while back when Blake Lively was on a talk show, she talked about making them for the set of the Green Lantern and spoke of you. I hope you are proud of this amazing creation!

  78. These are beautiful!! I love the notes and the kit, forget it…. It is perfect!!!! I would love to get one. Cake pop couldn’t get easier or prettier to do!

    Congratulations, Angie!

  79. I can’t believe my luck! They sell them in France at the FNAC! :-)


  80. Aww, I’m so happy for you, still taking the world by storm!

  81. I want a kit, How do I pre order one.

  82. A manufactured cake pop stand? I might need it just for that — I used a block of foam, and it was semi-disastrous, trying to make them stay put and not touch each other.

  83. Oh. My. Word. How absolutely adorable!!! I’ve already got all the supplies but this might have to be added to my must have list. I have a problem.

  84. Love it! They are so adorable! I love how you are moving forward with something you love and enjoy so much and sharing your creativity with everyone!

  85. So cute!! I just hope the kit includes the 1.5 inch cutters that you recommend. That would be fabulous addition.
    Waiting for Nov!
    Congrats to you!!

  86. Great idea for Christmas gifts this year!!!!! Awesome I love it!

  87. What a great idea! The kit is perfect.

  88. Congratulations! I am so happy for you, you are such an inspiration! Did you ever imagine when you first started bakerella that your passion + talents would become so amazingly inspiring and successful?

  89. Adorable! Cake pops are so darn cute to begin with – but decorating them as cuddly, round critters amps the cuteness level up a whole ‘nother level! I’ve GOT to get me a cake pop kit…

  90. Oh my goodness, I love it! I’m a sucker for dainty ribbon, pretty packages, and cute stationery.

  91. why don’t u ship to the middle east? :(

  92. Absolutely LOVE the notecards!!! I want them all!

  93. OMG. I need this. SO CUTE!

  94. This is awesome! I bought your book and I love making the cake pops in it.You explain how to do everything so well and I’m sure this will make things a whole lot easier. Thank you for everything!

  95. Super Cute!! I love these and want them. I see Christmas Pops and the Christmas cards to put with them. :)

  96. so so gorgeous, want one!! And yes we can’t get the candy melts here easily either… there’s an idea…………….

  97. ooober cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Your ideas are so cute, I’m glad that you’ve been able to take it one step further with the kits. Perhaps one day I will find a place where I can buy melting candy and all the other things you use to make cake pops, I’d love to try to make them myself. :)

  99. I could so use those owl cakepops for my son’s second birthday party this weekend. His theme is owls, so perfect. I guess I will have to wait til November. Soooo cute!

  100. Love it. Wishing we didn’t have celiac in the family.

  101. So cute! I will have to order some for Christmas presents!

  102. wooohoooo! cant wait for these! btw, would u be travelling arnd the world for signing? if yes, please come to singaporeeee.. would love to meet u in person! :D

  103. LOVE IT!! Going to order mine right now! These are super cute!
    Angie- Congrats on all your success!!

  104. ADORABLE , I simply MUST have them! I am so putting both on my Great Pumpkin list, wait, they don’t come out til November …/sigh.
    Okay no problem, I will have to make up some sort of gift giving holiday in November so my DH and kids buy them for me!

  105. penguins!!!

    (sorry, once I saw those everything else went out of my mind)

  106. Beautiful! I love it all. Congratulations!

  107. i love this! i’m just starting out with cakepops and thia woud be great :)

  108. This is awesome! Great jobs and congrats on all the new stuff!! So exciting!

  109. I absolutely love it!! I can’t wait till the kit & note cards come out!!! They are a MUST HAVE!!!

  110. Oh I love it :) Congratulations!! It looks so fab!

  111. Congratulations! Well deserved as you are the Queen of Cake Pops! Can’t wait to buy the kit and the cards!! Your the BEST!!

  112. You…. are so freaking cool!!!! This is adorable and wonderful and fabulous!! YAY!!!

  113. I love the kit and the website! too cute

  114. Love it! What a perfect little kit! A lovely idea, done very well, as per usual, good on you Bakerella!!!

  115. Wow!! Congrats! That will certainly make life easier!! Love kits!! LOL

  116. In a word, BRILLANT!

  117. OMG!
    I am so happy for you and so happy for all of us.

    I have the book. Preordered the Kit. And can
    hardly wait. My husband bought me a cake ball
    baking machine so I’m geared up for making
    something good.

    Congrats Angie, you are a lovely person and deserve all the goodness that comes your way. Thanks for making my life more enjoyable.

  118. Yay!! They look super cute!

  119. hi – i think the kit is a really great idea, especially for beginners, but i really really love the note cards – super cute! congrats!

  120. I LOVE IT!
    I wish I could get it ,, its just so expensive to have it sent to Iceland… :(

    Well, Love it, and Its amazing!!

    If only you had a contest giving some away…
    hmmm, just an idea.
    lol, but seriously SO CUTE!!!!
    Love it

  122. so cute! i’m almost done christmas shopping but i’m sure i can find someone who needs a cake pop kit!!! plus i love stationary, so i’ll be sure to grab those notecards!

  123. soo adorable!!!!! love the book :)

  124. omgosh congrats on the new kits and site! i know what i want for christmas :)

  125. Yay!!! I just ordered mine and the book too!

  126. I just came into the web today becouse I wante dto tell you how happy I am becouse you are great, and back….. and I see this wonderfull thing!!!

    Everything you make it’s just great! But please tell me….. when are you going to make it in Spanish??????????? please please please…… I want one of those cake pops kits… I think I am going to order one for my b-day…. but it would be so much better if you could come to Spain and show us your magic…..

    Congratulations.. you are making lots of people very happy…..


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