About this time last year…

I was in Seattle and I had just begun my book tour.

Seattle had so many fun places to visit for cupcakes.

And not just the kind you eat.

While I was there, I was so excited to stop in and see my friend CakeSpy’s shop.


It’s in Capitol Hill and it’s pretty darn cute.


Jessie, aka CakeSpy, gave me and my friend Julie a warm welcome.


Her shop is as charming as she is.


It’s filled with her adorable watercolor illustrations of L’il Cuppie.


And illustrated magnets, too.


Plus, there’s lots of other fun cupcake items, shirts and even a cozy gallery space where she features local artists.


There’s even a Pug named Porkchop.


They are both as cute as can be.


Porkchop keeps watch over things from his ice cream throne.


If you pass by the shop sometime, you might even get to see Jessie at work through the storefront window. See if she still has that cute two-headed deer. Eeek!


Stop in and say hi if you do. She’ll greet you with a welcoming smile.


Here she is creating one of her more requested Zombie and L’il Cuppie illustrations. I love how tiny she works. It was so fun watching her do her thing.


If you’ve been following my site for a while, you may remember CakeSpy from some of my earlier posts.

I first “met” CakeSpy on flickr, when I stumbled upon her adorable cupcake drawings and had to have some of my very own.


These are the first ones she did for me. Yeah, I have several more.

And she’s the one I made this little video for. (Check out our other sweet exchanges here.)

And I’ve been following her with each new adventure.

When she sold her drawings on etsy.

When she went part-time at her day job.

When she quit her job to pursue her passion full-time.

When she opened her adorable shop in Capitol Hill.

It’s so great to watch friends fullfill their dreams.


And now she’s just about to begin her own book tour and celebrate the launch of her new book, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life. Yay!


The book has lots of fun little recipes like this one for Red Velvet Cake Shakes.


And of course the book is sprinkled with her signature illustrations.

Here’s her tour info with a launch party at the shop this Thursday.

She’ll be signing books at bakeries, too. Awesomeness!


Jessie, I’m so proud for you. You deserve all the sweet success that comes your way.


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78 comments on “About this time last year…”

  1. ahhhh love her pug!!!

  2. Cakespy rocks!

  3. Yay for her!! Looks amazing!! And Porkchop is adorable!!!!

  4. cupcakes! who needs a day job when you have cupcakes!

  5. Anyone who loves her dog that much is a winner. :)

  6. Oh when might you be back in Seattle? I missed your visit and would love to make the next date!


  7. What a great post! We’re huge fans of Jessie (aka. Cakespy) We LOVE her shop and recently picked up a copy of the new book. It is so awesome and I know my kids and I will have a great time baking our way through it!

  8. OHHH Jessie!!! I love he <3

  9. How inspiring!!! Love it!!! Dream on ladies, dream on!!

  10. I love the cover of Jessie’s book. Sure thing inside was totally even sweeter! :D

  11. OMG Bakerella is so awsm!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Congrats to CakeSpy!!!

  13. Wow! What a cute shop. To bad I live to far away to visit:(

  14. I can’t believe I’m in Aus right now :P

  15. The little vid is so cute! LOL. You should make more.

  16. I love to hear stories of people getting to live out their dreams! Sounds like she chipped away at it for a long time and is now enjoying the sweet fruits of her labor of love. It inspires me to keep going with mine. Thanks!

  17. I think I need a pug now. Yep, I do.

  18. Will look for this book…:)

  19. Love, love, love CakeSpy!!!

  20. Such a sweet post and I love your photos!

  21. If you follow your dreams anything is possible

  22. Cakespy is SUPER CUTE! I was hoping you would have some type of a giveaway on this post….Guess I just need to get some of her stuff on my own!

  23. thats so cute! lolz

  24. Is it possible that Jessie is using a Corelle Spring Blossom plate as her palette? If so, I’m simultaneously appalled and charmed. I have that pattern tattooed on my wrist!

  25. Thank you for sharing Bakerella~ Can’t wait to check out CakeSpy while I’m in Seattle~

  26. I think Porkchop is the most perfect name for a pug I’ve ever heard. Adorable!

  27. Congrats! One of these days I should visit CakeSpy, and I live in the Seattle area!

  28. Congrats to CakeSpy! Your story is an inspiration!

  29. I got sent a copy of Cakespy’s book to review a few weeks ago, and I loved it! I’ve already made several recipes out if it, and I can’t stand the cuteness of the illustrations–so adorable!

  30. I had the pleasure of decorating a cake with Jessie at the Wilton Blogger’s Workshop this Summer. She’s so much fun to be around, and I cannot WAIT to have that book in my hands!!

  31. so cool! i have heard how you like macarons and stumbled across this website on etsy.com. the website is at http://www.etsy.com/listing/59527042/3d-macaroon-earring-studs-handmade
    and i saw it and thought that you would like this.

  32. So exciting. Can’t wait to see the book!

  33. Cuteness overload in this post :D glad things are working for her.

  34. Thanks for the sweet post. Hope to meet Jessie someday at her shop. It’s been wonderful following her career, and her new book is awesome in every way. :)

  35. LOVE IT!!! The next time I am in Seattle I will have to stop by!!!

  36. Nice to hear that Jessie has achieved her dreams. I have to order from her site so many cute products Thanks

  37. That is so great and so inspiring to people like “me” who one day hope to get to fulfill there dream of making and baking allllllllll day long :) Thank you to the both of you for doing your thing….it helps me to keep doing mine!!!

  38. Yay! Congratulations! I love to see people fulfill their dreams.

    And I was laughing because in one picture, it looked like she was carrying her pug in a baby carrier. Could it have been so? he he

  39. Such a pretty post. Love all the whimsical photos.

  40. What a nice post!! Having met Jessie, I agree 100%. My only lament is that Pork Chop was not at the store during our visit.

  41. So fun!!! Can’t wait to see her book. So sad she won’t be in TX :(

  42. Congratulations Jessie! Many wishes for a hugely successful book tour and continued success with Cakespy!

  43. Great stuff! Congrats on the new book, Jessie, I hope there is much more to come!

  44. aw, love that story :) It’s inspiring. I’m also trying to quit my “day” job. It’s hard work, but worth every minute…And I am also super angry at myself! I was JUST IN SEATTLE last month, on vacation, in Capitol Hill, but I didn’t do enough research on where the cool stores were, I guess, and missed it! Next time…

  45. I know where Capitol Hill is…or at least I’ve been there.
    -Googles up Capitol Hill-


  46. congrats to jessie……………………..i’m sure she will enjoy the tour as much as you did…………………….wtg girls

  47. that video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute lmao

  48. omg that is the cutist thing i have ever seen i can see how you two are friends your so much alike!!!!:)

  49. This is really a sweet post. I love to see successful women supporting and promoting other successful women. The more we support each other, the more successful we all will be !!
    I wish the best of everything for you both.

  50. I love it when people follow their dreams and are able to make a living off of it. She should be very proud of herself. Way to go!

  51. this is so sweet, thoughtful and inspiring. thank u!

  52. Your shop looks amazing. The photos are inspiring as well.

  53. Super exciting! Congrats and best wishes!

  54. That is terrific. I love seeing everyone making a go of their dreams. It gives me hope that I will branch out some day into my own dreams.

  55. Congratulations & very inspiring article! Love the photos!

  56. Jessie is truly the sweetest. Thank you for posting all the great photos of the shop!

  57. that looks like one of the funnest places on earth. …yes, I said funnest.

  58. French may be good for “patisserie” (pastry ?) but nothing worths the american books to realize beautiful/funny/sweet cakes.
    I love her illustrations !

  59. Omg, I LOVE Pugs! There as cute as can be…. I just wanna steal Porkchop away from you (Not literally, just LOVE Pugs) ! And cool art about Li’l Cuppie!

  60. How fun! love the post! wish i could visit the shop….someday…

  61. yay! my husband and i stumbled upon cakespy when we were wandering around Seattle on our honeymoon last year. we loved it; i still have the postcard i picked up hanging at my desk at work. cheers to your success!

  62. Awesome! Food brings people together..well, desserts mainly..lol. I’ll be waiting for you in LA CakeSpy! Bakerella, if you want to come back to LA/San Bernardino area, I’ll be waiting for you too! :)

  63. :) this is great, the dog even looks like a cupcake

  64. Sweet indeed! I can’t believe I live only 2.5 hours from Seattle and haven’t been to her shop yet! I. Must. Go!! Congratulations, Jessie, on all your success!!

  65. That’s me and my fiance in the 3rd pic! We were visiting Jessie from Boston and was so happy to meet you there :) It was such a great coincidence. Two of my favorite bloggers in one place ?

  66. typo with the question mark above hehe

  67. Your page is absolutely brilliant. Love what you do, and very inspiring.

  68. First of all I have to thank you very much to share exclusive pictures in this post.

  69. Great inspirations from your work!
    I’m promoting my blog, walk to visit me?
    Nice day! :-)

  70. The new cakespy book is AMAZING! It’s innovative, creative (duh!) and “cuppie” filled! I love it! ~Regina

  71. I absolutely LOVE the stop-motion animated film!! This inspires me to make more little films like this like I used to make… the little cupcake is adorable!


  72. so cute + awesomeness = this!!

  73. Since I have only this one life, though, it is my personal choice that to the greatest extent possible I am going to use my energy to “work” for the people I love.

  74. How cute! I’ll definitely have to add her shop as one of my places to visit when I stop by Seattle again! :)

  75. love the video

  76. the video is awesome

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