Almost Easter

Easter is next weekend and I am way behind on making spring sweets. I’m hoping to post something again before Sunday, but in the meantime I hope you like these pretty pops.


Pink, yellow and white. They would be perfect just like this or with just a few white sprinkles dressing them up a bit.

But, I didn’t leave them this way.


Nope. These cake balls turned into something cute.

It’s hard to stop at simple sometimes. But I need to do that more often, because they can look amazing in just a color or two.


I dipped a third of the cake pops in white.

Actually Mercken’s Super White. Nice and fluid. Nothing added.

It’s easy to work with and melts like a dream.



Cake pop in. And out.

And nice and smooth.

Anyone wondering what I’m making yet?


Well, I used these fluffy chenille stems (or pipe cleaners as I still like to call them) if it helps any.

And if it doesn’t, the next picture that shows how I twisted them should.


Got a guess yet?


Yep! Pipe cleaners make super cute bunny ears.


I wish I could say I was really smart and thought of this first, but I saw an idea last Christmas when Lisa’s reindeer cake pops crossed my path. They served double duty acting as antlers and also the ties to secure her treat bags. Take a look at her pops and say hi. They are super clever.

Then, this weekend I thought her antler idea could also translate into Easter bunny ears. Making ears this way is a great alternative to gluing them to the pop – especially if you will be giving them away in treat bags. Because the ears can get knocked off if you’re not careful when you wrap and transport them.

But you can also just make them this way at home. Because. They. Are. Key-ute!


I tried two sizes but went with the fuller version since bunnies are full of fluff.


They worked out great.

To make cake pops, you can refer to the basic instructions here and let the dipped pops dry on a wax paper-covered baking sheet instead of standing them up in a styrofoam block.


To decorate the cake pops I used soft edible sugar pearls (found at Cake Art) to start. These are a little pricey but in small quantities they are worth it.

For the bunny nose I used pink coated sunflower seeds. The tongues are pink confetti sprinkles. And the bow ties and flowers are Daisy sprinkles.

And of course candy eyes for eyes. : )

All of the pieces are attached to the pop with just a little bit of melted candy coating for glue.
Use more coating to dot they eyes with a toothpick, connect the bowties or decorate the flowers on the pops below.

You can also use a pink edible ink pen to make rosy cheeks and a black edible ink pen to draw on whiskers.


Viola! Bunny.

And feel free to improvise. Swap the sugar pearls for white M&M’s or jelly beans. You could even just pipe them or the noses on with melted candy coating. Change the Daisy sprinkles to heart sprinkles or any other shape that you like. And you can always just draw on eyes if you can’t get your hands on any candy ones.

Spring is in the hare.

Here are some in pink and yellow, too. I think I like the white ones best though.


And here they are using the pipe cleaner bunny ears to twist, tie and secure the treat bags.

Seriously cute and sure to bring smiles to anyone you make them for.

Happy Cake Popping!

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166 comments on “Almost Easter”

  1. Omg!!!!!! These are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with them! I really don’t know how you do it but all you sweets and treats are yummy and pleasant to the eye only bakerella can do such a thing ! Love your site and I keep a close eye on it here from south Africa !!!!!!!!!!! Luv u

  2. Yay for Bakerella and for Easter! Lots of treats all round :)

  3. Glad you hopped to it! ;) These are so creative- Especiapipe how you used pipe cleaners for the ears. Loved your friend’s reindeer pops from Christmas too. PS. Thanks for recommending Sugar Art. Can’t wait to order te soft sugar pearls.

  4. You come up with everything…
    Oh hail, Bakerella the Cake Pop Queen! (:

  5. Simple is best for some of your followers perhaps (like me), but for you…Do not keep it simple! Continue to absolutely blow our socks off. Again. And again. Just like you did today!

  6. OMG too cute! Make me want to cake-pop it up right now (can’t – in middle of a move).

  7. love them…. too cute :)

  8. Super cute! You keep outdoing yourself in creating cuteness!

  9. Wow! You are a genius, I just love these little Easter bunnies. A perfect Easter gift. You are so lucky in the USA, you have such a large variety of cake decorations on the market.
    I love reading your blog here in the UK.
    Happy Easter Bakerella.

  10. Love this idea! Any pointers on using the white chocolate? I use both the white and super white merCkins super white and I can’t seem to get it to melt as fluid as milk chocolate, it seems to set very lumpy. I know the tempering is at a lower temp than milk chocolate, but nothing I seem to do prevents that molten lava clumpy look. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  11. “Thanks” for the inspiration, and for sharing your work. You are amazingly creative artist! I have one question. What size sugar pearls did you use? These are absolutely adorable!

  12. I looked back at the list of items, and I see they are 8mm. “Thank you” again. : )

  13. Wow hoppin, poppin, gorgeous little bunny! Amazing…sooo cute!

  14. Love them! Too cute! Their eyes are adorable!!

  15. I literally just exclaimed at how cute they were– you seriously amaze me EVERY TIME! & I especially love these little guys as I have a bunny of my own (he has long down ears though). So well done!

  16. These are too stinkin’ CUTE!!!!! Too CUTE to eat! :)

  17. OMG! So cute! You are so clever! :-)

  18. Wow, everytime I see one of your posts I think the next one will never have the same effect, but I must tell , you improve yourself every post and I´m sure next ones will be better.
    Love the buns, they are wonderful!!!
    Love from the north of Spain

  19. I love this idea as my little boy doesn’t really like chocolate. I’m going to attempt a simple version. Rx

  20. I don’t understand why they don’t crack themselves from pure and absolute cuteness. They are the most cute pops I’ve ever seen. And you’ve made lots of hiper cute things these years. But these… Are awesome.

    No entiendo como no revientan de puro monísimos que son. Son los más monos que he visto nunca. Y eso que en estos años has hecho cosas preciosas, pero estos son una auténtica maravilla.

  21. Angie just when I think you couldn’t possibly come up with another amazing creation you outdo yourself again. OMG these are so adorable. I love the cute little bunnies! You do realize no one is going to want to eat them. They’re just too precious. I can’t wait to try them.

  22. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable !!!!!!!!

    another great pop !

  23. So adorable and intuitive! Waaaay better than a boring chocolate Easter egg! Your posts’s are always explained right down to the last decoration and I love it!

    Hope you’re well!

  24. Is it actually possible to fall in love with a cake pop?! I think I just did… Swoon ?

  25. These are adorable! How far In advance do you think you cOuld make these and they still taste fresh?

  26. so very cute and brilliant white
    with fluffy ears… what more could you ask for :)

    Betty Bake
    ps happy Easter :)

  27. Omg, these are without a shadow of doubt, the cutest Easter treats I have ever seen! Brilliant, Angie!

  28. Love the cake pops! Love the pun…Spring is in the hare!!!

  29. These are a must make!!!!

  30. So perfect and so beautiful. You are so clever!

  31. Happy Easter to you Bakerella! Those Easter bunny pops are absolutely THE cutest & most creative Easter treat by a long shot. Think I may have to try them for my Aussie Easter celebrations. Greetings from Sydney :)

  32. These are so stinkin cute! You are so awesome Angie!
    Question: Are the candy eyes Wilton candy eyes or did you make them yourself? I saw the Wilton eyes at the store but they looked kinda large. Thanks!

  33. These are too cute! Love these!!

  34. Hey

    They look so amazing.

    I’m from Germany (that’s the reason why my english is so bad) and your blog was the first blog I’ve ever followed and I love your blog so.

    Happy Easter!

  35. Very cute, Miss Bakerella! Gotta love some bunnies for Easter. Somehow your Easter ideas always end up being some of your most adorable stuff. :)

  36. Seriously cute, indeed! I love your little blog email messages….I always know something amazing is in my mail. Thanks for brightening my day!

  37. I was so excited to scroll down and see your latest treat! These will so much fun to try! I’ve made the other bunny pops, sooo cute! But these are simply adorable..and easier for me with not having to do the candy ear part! Thanks for another amazing Cake Pop Miss Angie! :o)

  38. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!!!!!!will have to.give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!awesomr job like always!!!!

  39. Oh gosh. These are just too darn cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. Love the pipe cleaner ears!

  40. Omg!!!!!!!! Love them!!!! Will have to gove it a try!!!!! Awesome work like always

  41. These are super adorable!!! I love them!!

  42. Too cute to be eaten but knowing how yummy cake balls taste, I’d eat it! :)

  43. The Easter bunnies are so cute! You come up with some really creative ideas!

  44. These are great! What size are the eyes?

  45. I can only say awwwwww.

  46. So precious Angie!!

    HOPPY Easter to you, love!

  47. they turned out BEAUTIFUL…

  48. These are just perfect Angie! Love your work :)

  49. Ohhhh, so cute!! It would probably take me a week to make 10 of these… :P

  50. These are so adorable! I like the version where you used the pipe cleaners to secure the bag because the pipe cleaners are not edible….and this adds an adorable packaging/presentation to it. Great work as usual!

  51. Too cute.
    Too tasty!
    And you are TOO talented!

  52. These are super cute! Now I need to go make more cake pops!

  53. They look perfect, like everything you do!

  54. You never cease to amaze me or inspire so many. Thanks for sharing your talents. I hope God blesses you three fold for as many times as you bless others. I pray you are doing great and hope to meet you someday!!?

  55. Oh my goodness! These are so cute!!! You are so talented!

  56. “Like” are you kidding??!! LOVE is more like it. These bunnies are awesome :) hop. hop.

  57. Gosh they are CUTE! And here i was just going to do up some pastel egg shaped cake pops for Easter! I’m off to find me some pipe cleaners – thanks for always supplying us with inspiration!! ( i am totally going to ROCK my kids school with these) ;] lol.

  58. There must be something wrong with my phone because I posted twice and it hasn’t come up.

    Anyway these are so adorable. You’ve outdone yourself again with these darling little rabbits. They’re so cute no one is going to want to eat them and ruin this precious little bite.

    What did you end up using for the cheeks on the bunny? I can’t tell if they’re marshmellows or something else?

    Love these and look forward to trying them and sharing with the neighborhood kids.

  59. These are super cute! What size are the candy eyes??

  60. cute bunny!!!!!!!

    please visit and follow my blog :)

    Thank u,

  61. These are so CUTE, I’ll try to make then this week

  62. i’ve been following your blog for several years now, and i was just struck again by how much i sincerely love your posts. such a bright moment in my day, and your beautiful pictures and simple layout make me want to read this blog forever!

  63. These are so so adorable! Thank you for sharing your amazingly creative ideas!

  64. Very cute!! My 4yr old daughter thought the yellow ones that were wrapped up were wearing wedding dresses, also cute. Then she asked me to make some for her.

  65. These are beyond adorable! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. :)

  66. Wow! Such a fabulously cute idea. Thanks for sharing it!

  67. Too cute!!!

  68. Those are darling! You are so talented! Where do you get candy eyes at?

  69. oh my goodness these are so stinkin cute!!! Love, them you always have the cutest ideas!! You go girl…always love visiting!! puts a smile on my face!! Happy Easter!!

  70. These are the most adorable Easter treat I have seen! In LOVE!

  71. Those don’t even look edible! They look like some kind of cutie toy I’d put in the kids’ baskets! Love them!

  72. Adorable! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity

  73. Yep, you said it…SUPER cute! Doing the stick this way has been my favorite thing lately…quicker and easier!
    Also, instead of icing I’ve been adding smooth peanut butter to my plain (golden/yellow) cake crumbs…divine with milk chocolate coating and a few crushed peanuts.

  74. These are super cute!! Everyone has been wanting to make cake pops and I think you just gave me the best idea! Love your work!

  75. I’m so bummed! I just tried to make some cake pops, and they turned out HORRIBLE! I don’t know what I did wrong :\

    Even when I first rolled them out, they didn’t even roll into balls… & as soon as they were shaped, I put them on the pan and they flattened out :( Then they wouldn’t stay on the stick, even after I let them set in the freezer.

  76. they are very cute..

  77. they are so cute.. i know what ill be making for easter :))

  78. These are precious! You are so talented.

  79. those pipe cleaners look SO fluffy! love it!

  80. My cooking teacher tried to make chocolate cakepops as a request from her students for her last class. Hers were horrible, to be honest. Yours are perfect!

  81. They look so cute! Love them!

  82. So cute, adorable!!!

  83. so stinkin’ cute – so much personality those little faces have!!!
    You are so talented – you must work hard to create cake pops that haven’t been done before!
    I think I have a couple ideas of cake pops that haven’t been done (crossing fingers) – but I better get going on them because they are everywhere and have been done in a million different ways!
    Love the idea of adding the (non edible) accessory though!
    Happy Easter…can’t wait for your next post :)

  84. O-M-G, the bunnies are ADORABLE! I have a friend who would absolutely love this.

  85. OMG so Cute! You are so creative. I love your blog!

  86. Oh my, these are so cute and very inspiring. Great job! :)

  87. you are so very clever
    i love how white and perfect they are.

  88. Absolutely ADORable! Cutest I have ever seen.

  89. They are tooooo cute for words..had me smiling from ear to ear…

  90. OMG those are adorable-they make me smile :D

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