Hunting Sweet Designs

Hey guys –

I’m posting something a little different today and helping my friend Amy Atlas with a fun photo scavenger hunt she is hosting. There’s an opportunity to win a big bright blue prize if you want to play.

Here’s what’s happening. Amy will be sharing pictures across several blogs today from one of the dessert table chapters in her upcoming book, Amy Atlas’ Sweet Designs.


This is the first photo from the chapter she’s showing and the first stop of the scavenger hunt. (Hi there if you are just visiting for the hunt.)

This photo is a glimpse into the full table from the Pastel Pretty chapter in her book. Perfect for Easter. And just look at that Necco Wafer table runner. So cute. I think I see Necco Wafer kitchen curtains in my future.

If you want to play in Amy’s Sweet Easter Scavenger Hunt or even just see more pictures from her book before it’s out, visit Amy’s blog for rules and go here for the clues to the next blog locations popping up throughout the day. The next clue will be shared on her blog at 10:00 am. ET.

Now for the prize.
If you follow Amy’s clues throughout the day, you can enter for a chance to win a gorgeous Crystal Blue KitchenAid mixer on her blog today at 4 pm. She’s giving away 8 of them total. EIGHT! (that is one KitchenAid for one reader from each blog on the Scavenger Hunt) Pretty Awesome. So make sure if you enter, to tell Amy you are coming from Bakerella if you found out about the contest here.

And write the following code words down. You’ll need them to complete the hunt with code words from the other participating blogs:

is pretty in pink

Good Luck and start hunting.

UPDATE: Amy’s site went down before anyone could enter their answers to the scavenger hunt. Big bummer! But tomorrow she will be announcing when you will be able to submit your entries. I had fun with you today. I’m sorry we have to wait to see which one of you win. But thanks for playing and being so sweet and helping each other try and figure out the clues. I love you guys! So stay tuned to Amy’s blog for updates.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the information on how to enter the contest at 1 pm ET today (Friday, April 6th).


Can’t wait to see who wins.

Photography for the pastel photo by Johnny Miller. Copyright Sweet Designs.

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225 comments on “Hunting Sweet Designs”

  1. Thanks Lauren. Couldn’t find any info on the blog, but went to her facebook page and saw where she said it won’t be up until some time tomorrow. See you all then!

  2. I love you guys. Thank you for being so great about the glitch. I know Amy is beside herself right now.

    This would be the absolute last thing she would want for you while playing.

    Hopefully her site will be able to breathe again soon. I guess you guys were just too much for it.

  3. see you all tomorrow! ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing Elise—at least I KNOW now that I can get at least an hour of work done before I leave for the day! Have a great night all & good luck tomorrow!!

  5. FYI everyone, here’s an update from Amy on You have all been so amazing. We knew there would be great support, but the response was so overwhelming that we just can’t get our site back up. I am so sorry. I’m trying to figure out a way to deal with this fairly for everyone. In the meantime, unfortunately, I have to hold off on the last post until tomorrow. Even if my site goes back, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to put the last post up so everyone has notice. I know you have all been patient.

  6. THIS IS AMY’S UPDATE ON FACEBOOK: “You have all been so amazing. We knew there would be great support, but the response was so overwhelming that we just can’t get our site back up. I am so sorry. I’m trying to figure out a way to deal with this fairly for everyone. In the meantime, unfortunately, I have to hold off on the last post until tomorrow. Even if my site goes back, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to put the last post up so everyone has notice. I know you have all been patient.”


  8. it still is not coming up for me and when it does it still has Clue 7

  9. It’s still crashing for me

  10. I suggest setting a entry deadline (e.g., 11 pm on 4/6/12) and then do 8 random drawings for each blog site entry, since you have to mention which blog you learned about the scavenger hunt from. A fair alternative, so people will stop refreshing her page.

  11. The website is not crashing anymore…

  12. Well I had fun its been 7 hours in front of my computer and my neck is killing me I guess it wasent met to be. I want to thank everyone that help with the clues and Bakerella for being there. God Bless and Happy Easter bye.

  13. I’ve got it, but her site keeps crashing. Can’t wait to try to win this kitchenaid – I’ve been lusting after one since you first showed it!

  14. Bakerella, can you get an ETA from Amy when you site is expected to be up and running?

  15. Here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
    Hippity Hoppity Easters on its way….

    Singing makes ya happier… :)

  16. I leave work at 5… if we could hurry this up since I have been playing all day have my clues and dont want to miss my opportunity! :(

  17. It’s just that this is so addicting and fun!

  18. This is painful. Been refreshing since 4, and while i can see the page, there is no new post. Was really hoping to win this for myself and my fiance as an early wedding present, since we are getting married next week :) Oh, well, i’ll keep trying since I spent the rest of my work day doing this! Loved the visting of websites though!

  19. Carla I had to meet my sister at the mall for lunch and I never got there she called me mad.

  20. thank you dawn (:
    this is so fun and exciting!

  21. This was fun but not being able to submit your answer is not. :(

  22. Thanks! I hope so too because if not I’ll feel really bad I wasn’t there and didn’t win hahaha :)

  23. @Joyce, it is more like two sentences joined together by a hyphen.

  24. Carla – I think I am going to get out of your (hopefully winning) way (so to speak).
    It was fun spending the day with all of you! Bye!!

  25. How sweet!!! My gosh I hope you do win!

  26. My husband is military and I’m supposed to be with him at a ceremony right now but he told me to get there later and win hahahaha

  27. Joyce, we are allowed to add “and” twice.
    You will end up with two sentences or one hyphenated sentence.

  28. there are 21 words… i don’t think it’s possible to make just one sentence. I’ve been staring for the past half hour…

  29. darn…every link I click on says “error establishing a database connection”…I guess it is not meant to be… :(

  30. LOL I know I wasn’t “attacking her” I just meant I’m not angry at her for her site crashing.

  31. Carla – I know what I should have been doing today – how about you?

  32. I don’t mean we’re attacking HER. I mean, her site. When you have a ton of people trying to get to one website at the same time, it’s called a DNS (denial of service) attack. The site can’t handle the requests and so it starts denying access to everyone. It’s not on purpose, we’re just so excited we can’t stop refreshing!

  33. It’s funny how some of us have to do something else or be somewhere else and we are stuck here waiting for the post hahahaha

  34. FUN..yes…..but now I have to get to work…Ive spent my whole day goofing off to play this HAPPY EASTER everyone & congrats to whoever wins!!! :)

  35. Oh ok I just read everyones posts lol. Yes I feel for her too, I hope it will get figured out. It was fun though! Was anyone else’s heart in their throat? :p

  36. I agree Carrie! Bless her heart, I’m sure this is probably a bit stressful for her. We’ve had fun with the scavenger hunt! Things will sort themselves out. :)

  37. Is anyone having problems posting your answer? I am waiting for the blog entry on her site but it’s not coming up. Is anyone having the same problems?

  38. Oh I’m definitely not attacking her or anything! I have to imagine she’s pretty stressed out. I enjoyed the day with the contest nonetheless.

  39. Feed that baby lamb!! : ) ) ) Baaaaaa

  40. Such a fun contest …let’s put ourselves in her shoes – bet she is sweating over this crash and it certainly wasn’t on purpose. I’m sure she’ll make it fair. I imagine her panic at this moment is greater than our inconvenience.

  41. I have had better luck getting on Amy’s blog when I click on it from Bakerella’s Blog then refreshing

  42. I guess this was too good an idea. I’ve been trying to get back on her page to make my post for over 20 minutes with no luck. :(

  43. well it was fun but not sure how anyone can post their answers now…

  44. And, the site probably can’t go back up as long as we’re refreshing so much. We’re un-intentionally attacking her site… There are more of us than there are resources on whatever server is supporting her site.

  45. Thanks Elise

  46. Hope it gets posted soon. I’ve got a bottle lamb waiting for lunch!

  47. my finger is getting tired of hitting refresh….lol BUT this was still fun AND my heart is still pounding!! :)

  48. Amy just tweeted “hey all I can’t put the last post up until my site goes back up”

  49. Disappointing!!

  50. Every third click or so I get on but no new post. Then when you try to click on anything, it crashes. The false hope is killing me ;) You would think I would know better.

  51. sometimes i get clue 7 sometimes i get error page

  52. :(

  53. There’s not really any way to make the contest fair at this point. Random draw I guess :(

  54. The picture is 15 minutes late…

  55. Unfortunate for everyone who made plans to be available at 4pm.. here we all are – still waiting at 4:15

  56. @sue – I noticed the same thing. I keep getting clue #7 but no picture. :(

  57. Website CRASHED :(

  58. I’ve been able to get on a couple of times, but it’s still showing clue #7, not entries

  59. The picture is not posted yet…

  60. Argh.. So frustrating and I totally know the phrase. Too bad :(

  61. It’s not nice to toy with a poor, recent college grad like this! ;)

  62. Good luck to each of you that has been trying and beleives they have the correct sentence.
    It was fun and this has shown me that there are some amazing women on this blog.
    had fun with you all today

  63. the 4pm post is not even up yet — how dissapointing!

  64. Oh no!

    I’m sure she is trying to get it back as soon as possible.

  65. I got on! she has not put up the picture yet.

  66. The website has crashed :( I think i figured it out too…

  67. I don’t see the 4pm post. Has it not been posted yet?

  68. Crashed!!

  69. her blog is down! there must be a million peoplep trying to enter. grrrr

  70. Crashed. :(

  71. CRASHED! So unfair to do to us!!

  72. Her site is crashing! I can’t even get on :(

  73. Lisa at Amy Atlas: Thank you!!!

  74. Her website is crashing… :( O’well, I don’t think I have the phrases in the proper order anyway! :)

  75. I’m getting database connection error. There probably aren’t enough database connections for everyone trying to refresh at the same time… :( Oh well, I tried.

  76. Did anyone get that her website crashed again?

  77. Sorry – I meant to address that to Elizabeth

  78. Hi everyone.

    Punctuation does not matter. Just make sure the words are in the proper order so that the sentence makes sense.

    Hope that helps. Thank you, everyone, for participating. And Thank you Bakerella so much!


  79. Thank you so much for everything, Bakerella. Love that you’ve been there every step of the way!

  80. Laura – its there. the code words are easier to find on some sites than others.

  81. It seems to make two sentences. I would write them both out or connect them with a hyphen. I don’t think either will be wrong as long as you have the order of the words correct.

  82. I had so much fun following along with this today. I’ve always loved your blog Bakerella, and I had fun getting to see what other blogs (baking and otherwise) that are out there too!

    Can’t wait to see what the next recipe you post is! They’re always so delicious :)

  83. So Bakerella – we add a hyphen too? I had that at first but erased it because that didn’t seem like what they wanted. I have my “ands” and have a place to add a hypen – should I?

  84. Yes Rgirl. – two “and”

  85. I found the website…but NO CODE WORD on #5…what am I missing!!

  86. Dawn, the site is already freezing!.. so annoying when this happens!

  87. Bakerella – Got it! Thank you!
    Lauren – I have been concerned about the site crashing as well

  88. Arrange the Phrase and you will be able to add in 2 “and”.

  89. Sorry Dawn

    This should be better.

    You will need to add two “ands” in between the code word phrases to make it work. The phrases are correct. Just reorder them adding “and” in two places and the sentences will make sense.

    It will make two sentences or one long sentence connected by a hyphen : )

  90. I have a feeling the site is going to crash at 4pm, it already crashed once already today :(

  91. strange sentence?

  92. Here is the deal. Just checked with Amy.

    You will need to add two “ands” to the code word in between the code word phrases to make it work. The phrases are correct. Just reorder them adding “and” in two places and the sentences will make sense.

  93. did everyone notice that the 7th clue was just updated. Helps!

  94. I’ve come up with some…kind of. Can we add commas and stuff?

  95. The last phrase has thrown me off a bit, but I think I have them arranged. Maybe.
    I was thinking it would be an easy sentence, but boy was I wrong.

  96. So far I’ve come up with several coherent sentences. How to figure out which is correct…

  97. which blog is #7 supposed to lead to?

  98. @Carla: I am wondering the same thing.

  99. Can’t figure the sentence out for the life of me.

  100. Are we supposed to arrange every phrase or the words inside each phrase?

  101. I am having a very hard time putting together a sentence…anyone else?

  102. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the sentence doesn’t seem to be coming to me

  103. Bakerella have you had any luck?

  104. Shannon, I Googled “wedding cake blog” and it was the first one that came up for me. The key words are “more than just one layer” Hope that helps some!

  105. she said she is going to post the full picture @4 and then you have to arrange the clues to form a sentence to go with the picture if I understood it correctly..wait why am I sharing this..I want that mixer…lol! Good luck everyone!

  106. any hints for finding #7?

  107. Lauren – you should be able to arrange them easily to form a sentence. I think having them in phrases helps. But you have me curious. I’m going to see if I can figure it out too.

  108. Can someone clarify how we are suppose to put this sentence together? I imagine there would be more than 1 way that makes sense.. Any ideas what to do once you have all 7 words? Is there a place that shows what the sentence is?

  109. This is soooo much fun! I feel like a kid! :) Not so easy though. I hope I can win this for my twin sis. She has been wanting one for a while.

  110. This is soooo much fun! I feel like a kid! :) Not so easy though. I hope I can win this for my twin sis. She has been wanting one for a while.

  111. Tals,

    Don’t give up hope!!! One International winner will win a signed copy of Amy’s book. You can still play and have fun!

    We have loved all of the responses that we have received.



  112. I love how helpful and supportive everyone here is being! Doesn’t seem to be happening on the other scavenger hunt sites.

  113. I’m sooo sad cause I don’t live in USA… I want the mixer so much! My cupcakes would be happier with it!!

  114. Kathy,
    Clue “people find C_ _ _ _ _ _ in food”
    that’s the word. I had a hard time finding it

  115. ggrrr…#6 still has me completely stumped…I think I’m over thinking it perhaps?

  116. Thanks Dawn, Carla, Carrie and Kristin I will keep on trying, if I dont qualify at least I tried but Iam gonna have to save up and buy me one. I really need it to start my little business. Good Luck to each one of you.

  117. Thank you so much! You rock!!! :)

  118. ooops, got it….yay! :)

  119. Rachel – starts with a c

  120. Soooo stumped on #6….aargh! lol

  121. Thank you Carla :))

  122. Dawn it did say if you were an international participant that they were giving away a book

  123. I would keep playing if I were you Ivonne. If you win and you aren’t eligble, I’m sure Amy would give it to the runner up (second person). And if you are eligible (since PR is part of the USA), then YOU WIN!!

    Clue #6 is fairly easy, but it stumped me a bit. Good thing Google starts thinking ahead of me and as I was typing my search, it suggested the answer!

  124. Dawn, people living in Puerto Rico can’t participate on many sweepstakes and giveaways. I’ve been there, I just moved to the US a year ago.

  125. Only one more to go!!!

  126. ….However I now see that the rules say US residents :(

  127. There is just one clue left… :)

  128. Ivonne, my understanding is that Puerto Ricans were all made US citizens as of 1917.

  129. Okay – I’m back. Ran to get a sub from Publix. Starving.

    You will need to arrange the phrases to form the sentence and I think you wait until 4 to enter.

  130. Do we have to wait until 4:00pm EST to submit the answers?

  131. Brittany Thank you so much it was right in front of my face, Iam still not sure if I can participate since Iam from Puerto Rico but I wish you all the luck.

  132. Thanks! It’s looking like it’s going to be a long sentence, lol. And Ivonne, you almost have it! Google “oh joy blog” then scroll down. Good luck!

  133. Iam stuck on clue #3 please can any one help, Ive read all the comments but I still cant find it, is it “Oh Joy” or “Oh!”

  134. Brittany-
    They are all mixed up a little bit but since they are phrases it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

  135. #5 stumped me for a minute since I dont follow many blogs but finally figured it out…but I doubt Ill win cause you folks are super fast..but this would be such a nice late Birthday

  136. Are the phrases like “is pretty in pink” already in the right order?

  137. Went to Amy’s site…BUT WOW!!! Too confusing to participate for me. I am blonde I guess it shows. It’s a great mixer but it’s like IKEA directions on putting something together for this win.

    Perhaps not enough coffee today yet? Good Luck to everybody who can figure it out.

  138. Der! Found it, hard to find the contest on her site though!

  139. Lauren – almost – but think shorter

  140. Totally lost on 5… seems like it should be howdoesshedoit but thats not it!

  141. Wahoo!!! Got clue number 5!!!!!!! Only 2 more to go!!!

  142. Thank you Kristin,

  143. Once again….bruising my refresh button!!! I am blog CRAZY…I love reading them and truly love this little game!!!!

  144. Thanks Kristin. You are a sweetheart.

  145. Don’t give up! I’m single, no kids, so I know nothing about parenting blogs. But, once I read the line under the Clue 4 image, it was a quick find. Just google the thing she tells you to look for.

    And on clue 3, the phrase “Oh ___” is a happy exclamation, but I think it’s usually used in a more sarcastic sense… If you can think of that and google the phrase, it should be top of the results.

    Hope that helps & unstresses!

  146. When someone talks a lot they _________ – rhymes with rabble.

    Visit the Family Kitchen blog on their site.

  147. Ahhh Iam not doing so good I can’t get Clue #3 or #4, Iam giving up Iam kinda stress right now good luck girls.

  148. Ok I am not doing as well as I thought on this one.

  149. I was having so much fun! But I have to go to class :(( I forgot about the time zone difference.

  150. This is a great way to introduce us to new blogs!

  151. So much FUN! #4 (check)… I’m on a roll now….great new blogs (for me)…love this!!!

  152. Wow! have to say Ill have to go back to these blog sites to read on some great ideas! How fun.

  153. Tricky, but got it! (: Very fun.

  154. Rgirl – she has them mixed up but should be pretty easy.

    Also 4 is up. Read the text under her clue. This site is big.

  155. Bakerella,
    Question, do you know if the “code words” will be in order or mixed up?
    I am thinking mixed up

  156. Well I’m hearing about it from you, so I’d say I need to investigate this bright blue device :)

  157. I have butterflies in my stomach for you guys. It’s coming soon. Just checked with Amy.

  158. Lol, (: The anticipation!

  159. My refresh button is bruised ;)

  160. all in good time ladies…
    But i keep refreshing also

  161. Keep refreshing the page waiting for #4, lol.

  162. I have to leave my house for a moment and I haven’t waiting on clue #4 hahahaha

  163. Thank you!

  164. Dawn – I think so.

  165. Is clue 4 late?

  166. Thank you so much. I’d hug you, but since your not here I will hug my friend Ha Ha

  167. I finally figured it out…DUH! I was way over thinking it!

  168. If you search the two word phrase in quotes on amy’s blog, it will come up in google.

  169. Yeah, I know what goes in the blank…but that’s not helping me. I’ll keep looking

  170. Think 3 letter word for happiness.

  171. So excited!!!! This is awesome!

  172. I can’t get clue #3 either. :(

  173. And I cannot for the life of me get clue #3…! Help:(

  174. Sounds like fun with a great prize at the end

  175. WOW what a great giveaway. I’m heading over there now!

  176. Too cute of an idea. :) Thanks for sharing. LOVE the blue…

  177. Hey Rgirl – See – not all baking. You might be a contender.

  178. Shannon,
    Hostest with the mostest
    just trying to help

  179. I absolutely can not get the second clue! And I thought I was blog savvy…

  180. I love it. have fun is this!!

  181. yay! this is so exciting and fun!

  182. I love it!!! :)
    is pretty in pink

  183. Thank you. You have made my day
    Good luck

  184. Rgirl / Barbara – you got it. Thanks for the helping. And don’t worry. They won’t all be baking sites. Hope you play.

  185. If I had this, I really would be very happy :3
    is pretty in pink !

  186. Love the pastel candy! This should be fun!

  187. Barbara,

    That is perfect! Thank you! Lisa

  188. Barbara!
    Wow how easy was that?!!! Thank you very much. You should write directions for a living! ;)))

  189. This sounds like so much fun! An awesome idea! Love the blue mixer!

  190. Good Morning,
    I don’t visit many other baking sites, so I don’t htink that I will do well at this.
    From what I understand, you have to go back to Amy’s blog at the times she has listed and she will give you a clue to another bloggers site. You have to figure out who the blogger is from the clue and go to that site. When you get to the bloogers site you will find more words that will help you make the sentence at the end of the hunt.
    Hope this helps.

  191. How pretty !! i really love this!!
    Is pretty in pink

  192. This sounds like a lovely idea, however I have found the rules to be incredibly confusing. Can anyone help me out?

  193. I knew you had to be one of the blogs. lol Loving the pic so far.

  194. AWESOME! And I, too, LOVE the table runner! That is an awesome idea!!!

  195. woo hoo headedin back!!

  196. What fun! Thank you Miss Angie! :o)

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