Bakerella: 2009 Bloggies Finalist for Best Food Blog

This is crazy…

What?!?!?!? How did that happen? And, what the heck are the Bloggies? I hope you guys have heard of these because I hadn’t until I received a sweet message from Makes & Takes letting me know she nominated me. But, I’m guessing a few more of you must have done the same. So thanks everyone… this is really exciting! Now, let’s check out who I’m up against in the top five…

2009 Bloggies Best Food Blog Finalists:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks – PW rocks the ranch when it comes to food. Heck, she rocks at everything. (I might as well stop here. She’s probably already won.)

Smitten Kitchen – I might just vote for her because her name is so cute. (Not really…I’ve already voted for myself, but I am smitten.)

Chocolate & Zucchini – If cuisine is your thing, then you’ll want to vote for Cotilde.

Cake Wrecks – They don’t make food, but they do make fun of it. They show the best of messed up cakes.

Bakerella – Then, there’s me. I think I’m the underdog here, but if you like things sweet, then vote for me.
I'm a finalist in the 2009 Bloggies

So glad I saved my mii cupcake in the freezer. It came in pretty handy for this.

Vote here.
Scroll to the right and choose your favorite blog.
Voting closes: February 2nd at 10:00 PM EST

Learn more about the Bloggies.


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81 comments on “Bakerella: 2009 Bloggies Finalist for Best Food Blog”

  1. you have my vote for sure i voted for you off the bat

  2. The pioneer woman won. What a disappointment for me. I wanted Bakerella so bad :(

  3. i love cake wrecks because they are what i use to slack off in class, but i’d have voted for you just because i’ve gotten so many ideas from you.

  4. I totally would have voted for you!

  5. Awe, thanks. And I didn’t even have to beg.

  6. Been and voted for you before I even saw your post. I was so excited to see your name on the list!

  7. No, I don’t double up. I use these and they’re pretty awesome.

  8. Hi Bakerella!

    So do you double up on your cupcake liners? Is that why the colors are still pronounced and you know they dont get the greassy baked look or do you just use better quality cupcake liners?

    Because I always have the problem of using pretty liners that you cant even see becuase when you bake in them they bake in to the cake and then they just look dirty greassy brownish color

  9. Abby – I’m pretty psyched about it.

    Atticelf – YAY!

    megan k – thanks!

    madaboutudon – Thank you

    Tara – sorry.

    Kathy2eggs – no, you’re the best.

    Doin’ It Digital (Shannon C.) – thanks, I’ll need it.

    thereddeer – Thanks

    Andi – Thanks so much

  10. Even before I saw you were only in one category, I voted for you because I just love your creativity!

  11. Congratulations :) – I just put my vote in for you. Good luck!

  12. I voted for you!!! Good Luck!

  13. You have my vote….you are the best!

  14. Can I order some of those cupcakes?

  15. Congrats! You have my vote!

  16. Ohh the cupcakes are soo cute..

  17. I voted!

  18. Congratulations! That is quite an honor – you’re in a category with all of my faves. Rock it!

  19. Allie – I understand. The good news for them is that they are all in more than one category. Unlike little ole me.

    Jeanelle – it was fun to do.

    Betsy – Thanks!

    Jen – Yay! Thanks.

    Kristen – cool.

    Helana – Man, you guys are awesome.

    bigsis – I think I’ll be saying…
    It was an honor to even be nominated.

    Kelly – make it a good one.

    Sue – you’re too kind

    Kim – They are all great.

    pecete – YAY!

    pinklittle cake – hopefully

    vaneblu – thanks

    Vanessa – thanks a bunch

    Pioneer Woman – Thanks so much Ree. I really can’t even believe I made the top five. Thanks for everything. I bet your link had something to do with it.

    The Cookie Girl – YAY – thanks

    deb – I’ll need it.

    Dionne – thanks!

    jamie b – Yay Yay Yay

    Donna @ Party Wishes – Wow… that makes me smile.

    Jane – Thanks

    Danielle – good. I wasn’t sure.

    Raina – too sweet.

    Ms. D – I can. I have a lot to learn.

    tamilyn – don’t worry. I won’t hold it against you

    jori-o – maybe they will…

    Rachelle – It is pretty amazing at how many messed up cakes there are.

    janel – and just think if i handed out cupcakes, too.

    Joanne Kennedy- thanks

    Rita – thank you

    Bianca – I agree.

    Jennifer – That’s so cool. Thanks a bunch.

    Nicoleigh – I thought so too

    Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism – thanks

    Anonymous Tabitha (From Single to Married) – thanks

    Anonymous – me too

    puglyfeet – thanks my friend.

    Mathi – I lost one.

    Julie – thanks bunches

    Pam – glad you like them

    and thanks

    joanne wardle – awesome

    Blogger Talia Davis – PR Director – – Thanks for finding me

    Lauren – Super

    Jade – perfect compromise

    Courtney – thanks

    Baker’s Cakes – thank you

    Southern Belle – thanks

    JC – I dunno

    Nathan – Just vote for someone else, then.

    Ana and Savannah Anselmo – Thanks and hugs!

    Joy the Baker – Big congrats. That’s awesome.

    ShabbyInTheCity – it’s with fondant.

    Brindi – YAY

    Marie {Make and Takes} – Thanks so much for the nomination. I wish you had been a finalist too.

    Anonymous – Thanks Amanda and boyfriend.

    Anonymous – I know, tough choice.

    Cassykins – Luckily they are in more than one category.

    The Chic Cakery – Yay

    Jen – I’m so glad you liked your cupcake. It made me laugh. Congrats on all the nominations.

    Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster – thanks so much. If there ever is… you have my vote.

  20. I voted for you. While looking at the different categories, I saw Cake Wrecks in there at least 3 times. Hope you win as I love your site. Sure wish there was a category for best basket weaving website.

  21. Aw, I love my cupcake! (Jen from Cake Wrecks here) You really nailed the blue and the whole spirit of the site!

    I wish you all the best in the Bloggies: as some of your readers have pointed out, Wrecks is also up for Best New Blog and Best Writing, so hopefully everyone can vote for ALL their favorites in at least one category! :) Good luck!

  22. Okay, when I saw Bakerella and Cakewrecks competing in the Best Food Blog category I thought, ‘how on earth can I make a decision?!?’. But then I saw I could vote for Jen for Best New Blog. Whew! So Bakerella, you have my vote for Best Food Blog!

    Work it sister!

  23. Oh man, I just can’t do it. I love your blog and I love Cake Wrecks for two very different reasons. I cannot choose one of you over the other, I need you both!!

  24. this is wayyyyy too impossible 4/5 of these nominees are bookmarked and i check them religiously. i can’t pickkk! :(

  25. I voted for you too! Plus a few of my boyfriend’s fav sites were nominated in different categories so I voted for his and made him vote for you. It just seemed fair. Good Luck!

  26. Congrats! I’m so happy for you!! Thanks for the link back to me. I’m happy to have nominated you, along with many many others I’m sure! Good Luck.

  27. Good luck. I was over there voting for “Joy of Baking” – love her site! – and there you were. I must say that I love all of the nominees, but I did vote for you!

  28. HOW on earth did you do that? I mean those cupcakes? I’m so behind in this world…

  29. Congratulations! Isn’t it fun to be nominated! I got nominated for Best new Blog of 2008! It’s just wild! You got my vote!

  30. You got our vote!!!

  31. Josh darn it, I like you and cake wrecks…I might have to abstain…

  32. Ah, you are a shoo-in!! Best of luck!!

  33. I voted for you:)

  34. Congrats on your nomination!!! I am so excited for you! You deserve the recognition!!! danielle

  35. I voted! Good luck! =)

  36. Thank goodness cake wrecks is also under Best New Blog, otherwise I would have withheld my vote too!

    Good luck!!!!

  37. I am voting for you!!

  38. Ah! Could this be harder?! It was thru Cake Wrecks that I found you!!! I love you both for wonderful but different reasons. I agree with Allie, more specialized categories!

    And your cupcakes are PHENOM! I wish I could come sit at your knee and be your apprentice! :-)

  39. I voted for you ( also voted for yarn harlot!)

  40. PS – I voted for you – awesome blog!

  41. Your cakes and cupcakes are lovely! Just looking at those cute pops makes me want to eat 4 or 5 of them! I can’t believe this is just a hobby for you and you aren’t in business…or are you?

  42. Congratulations on your nomination! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog the past few months- best of luck to you!

  43. I am sure to vote for you the u have a glass cupcake like the glass slippers cinderella owns? just curious :)

    ~ mathi ~

  44. You all the way.

  45. You have my vote. Wish I could vote lots!!

  46. Love that you’re up for a Bloggie award – you totally deserve it!

  47. Over from Cookie Girl Creations – and wow, I am glad I came! What an exciting contest to be nominated for. I haven’t been to any of the others, but it was so sweet of you to include them all in your post – and even decorate them all! Good luck!

  48. How creative. And what a fun way to show all the nominees! Good luck!

  49. I:m one who nominated you as well. I was also lucky enough to get to help pick the finalists, and I am so torn to have to pick now! Good luck!

  50. Congratulations. Hope you win. Will cast a vote for you. Anyone who loves chocolates as much as me deserves to win!

  51. Just voted… Good Luck!

  52. You got my vote! Love your blog.

    Good luck!


  53. You are so sweet to make cupcakes for the other candidates! If only that spirit could be infused into politics and many other aspects of life. I’ll vote for you for president!

  54. Awesome work on those cupcakes, WOW!

    That cake wrecks blog is funny! I’ve never heard of them before. Having worked in a bakery before (never made any mistakes, thankfully) I lol at those!

    Good luck!

  55. I think all the others should vote for you JUST for making their cupcakes! How do you do it all, woman?? =) You’ve got my vote!!

  56. I love that you did cupcakes for everyone. I am amazed by your talent. I can’t draw a stick person on a blank piece of paper! I will have to go check out the site. That is a hard choice as I have frequented a couple of these sites, but your stuff is A-MAZ-ING

  57. I cannot believe you weren’t also nominated in the photography category. Sheesh!

  58. I’ve never seen anyone look more gorgeous in fondant. And how refreshing to see grace in competition.

  59. oh my gosh those cupcake are amazing I love the PW one totally looks like the pic on her blog – LOVE IT good luck

  60. Holy Schmoly! That PW cupcake is amazing! You always had my vote!

  61. I voted for you! Pioneer Woman is up for 4 or 5 awards. You have caused a sensation with me and my girlfriends! I can’t say that about any other blog! You rock!

  62. i voted for you! :)

  63. You deserve this! I love all your ideas and recipes! I just voted for you.

  64. How freaking cool are those cupcakes?! My mind, blown. Good luck!

  65. Congrats on being nominated! Hey..I did get it right on your cupcake. Yippee for me!
    I will be voting for you of course.

  66. So happy you were nominated, Bakerella! You have a wonderfully delicious site and deserve all the good things that come your way.

    Your Wii cupcakes were…were…just perfect. Wow.

  67. I love some of those others but your creativity, not to mention your graciousness and kindness, make me feel that you deserve this so so much.
    You’ve got my vote!

  68. Of course we are voying for YOU… at least I am ;p

  69. I just voted for…YOU. Your blog is addictive.We, blonds are made to win, good luck!!

  70. I voted your blog when saw your photo and post and recipes and everything… Good luck…

  71. You are so gracious! I think it’s great that you took the opportunity to toot a horn for everyone!

  72. You’re blog is definitely better than those! You have my vote!

  73. Posting my vote! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  74. You’ve got my vote, Bakerella! I just submitted it. You definitely have a great chance to win! All the best to you!


  75. You can count on me to vote for you!

  76. You’ve got my vote!

  77. Hooray! I’d seen this yesterday and already clicked for you. Congrats on the nomination. I’m rooting for you.

  78. Yeah!!! Congratulations!!!! I voted for you!!! Good Luck!! xoxoxoxo

  79. I love that you made a cupcake for each nominee!! What a gracious competitor you are!! :)

  80. I am so not voting!! There are 3 of you on here that I absolutely ADORE, therefore, I can’t just pick one!! I’m so sorry. They should break it down to baking vs. Cooking vs. food humor or something. That would have made it easier. GOOD LUCK!

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