Ghost Cake Pops

I set out to make a few fun Halloween cake pops Sunday.

Cake Balls

I baked cake, crumbled it, mixed it with frosting, rolled into balls and then molded them into different shapes to play with. I had big plans. (Basic Cake Pop Instructions here.)

Then I realized I didn’t have any of the right candy coating colors on hand for my plans… I was out. Boo…Hoo! … Okay, time to switch gears.

I did have white. I always try to keep white and chocolate in the house.

Halloween Cookie Cutters

And I still had these cutters sitting on the counter from the other day because I wanted to use them again soon. And soon turned out to be Sunday.

One of the cutters inspired a cute quick variation to the ghosts I’ve made before.

Shaping Cake Pops

I thought the grave mini cutter would work great to make ghost shapes. And it did.

Just press the ball inside and use the height of the cutter to help mold the shape.

Remove and press the ends down so the sides are flat.

And don’t worry… you can totally hand shape these even if you don’t have a similar cutter.

Flatten the rolled balls and then shape them with the aid of wax paper. It helps a lot. Promise.
Just press, slide and rotate the shape against a wax paper covered baking sheet and it will help form flat and smooth sides.


Then just use a lollipop stick to press into the bottom of your ghost.

And now I have a sudden urge to make Pac Man Cake Pops.

Decorating Cake Pops

For arms, you can use white licorice pastilles. Good and Plenty candies would work, too – they are just a little bit thicker.

Cut about a 1/3 of the candy off using kitchen scissors. And then attach the cut end of the candy to the shaped cake with melted white candy coating. If there is excess (see bottom right) use your finger to spread it in a thin layer on the surface of the cake. This is mainly so you don’t have a big lump show through the coating after you dip.

Ghost Cake Pops

While the coating is wet, attach an orange sixlet candy under one of the arms. Or any other similar candies … M&M’s would work – they’d just be flatter. Hold candy in place until set.

Let the cake pops dry and draw faces and a handle for the bucket using a black edible ink pen. I like Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens by the way.

Ghost Cake Pops


I’m pretty happy with how these turned out as an impromptu pop.

If you would like to use these tags for Halloween, you can download the tags here.

Ghostly Goodies Cake Pops


And I’ll try to get around to some more pops before Halloween. When I stock up again on candy coating! : )

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195 comments on “Boo!”

  1. What’s the cookie cutter above the haunted house in your picture of your mini cutters?

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  3. You do such INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL work. I am amazed at your precision!  I would love to see a video of you dipping your figures (like your little precious trick-or-treating ghosts) because I never can get it that smooth. Appreciate any “secrets” you’ll share! You are an extremely talented woman! 

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  7. I’ve used the Americolour Pens before but can’t get the same effect as you. Any suggestions?

  8. love the ghost cake pops. They look so cute.

    which brand of edible colour makers did you use? I tried the wilton foodwriter edible colour makers and they did not work well at all…

  9. Hi my dear Bakerella, I am a colombian nephrologist and I love to cook in my free time… This year, as every halloween I will cook something sweet for my hemodialysis patients and I will try it with your amazing little ghosts!! I am sure they will love them!
    Please, let me send you photographs of halloween in my dear renal clinic with your magical recipe! You are awesome!!

  10. OMG!!!your like off the HOOK LIKE FOR REAL

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  12. I made these for my son’s Halloween party at school today, and they turned out so cute! When I saw your email come across earlier this month, I just knew I had to make. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful and creative ideas.

  13. How do you get your black writer to be so sharp and detailed?? I’m using Americolor too but mine isn’t at all the same! Help!

  14. Having a hard time finding mini cookie cutters..suggestions?
    Also Jackie D. did you buy the mini hollowed cutters from Hobby Lobby on line or in the store. I neeeeed these. Please help

  15. Those are SO cute! I really want to try making cake pops, and I might do these!

    I don’t know how I missed them earlier this month!
    They’re awesome!!

  17. Just curious Bakerella, what were your “original” plans for the colors? They turned out absolutely adorable!!! You are an inspiration.

  18. Hmmm… no one in my family much cares for licorice, but we all LOVE pretzel sticks. Wonder if I could coat them first to thicken them up a bit. This calls for an experiment…

    I LOVE EXPERIMENTS (especially when they involve sweets)!

  19. I love all of the cute cake pops, and have been fairly successful making them and keeping them on the stick, but have had the same problem with writing on them with the pins. I got a Wilton set, and then got one of the AmeriColor sets and have the same problem. I really want to make these; what am I doing wrong??

  20. This is the cutest thing ever!! I’m so amazed by your imagination and creativity! <3


    check out my page as well and like it please :)

  22. So cute & attempting these this weekend. Agree with others comments re the Americolour pens. After buying lots of them and none working the best I’ve now resorted to using edible dust and confectioners glaze and painting faces on.

  23. Your photo taking ability adds so much to your pages! Everything stands out so nicely and you can almost taste the treats you’ve made! Love the Halloween ideas…keep them coming! :D

  24. So adorable – I can’t wait to get started!

  25. ACK!!!!!!!! I am in love with these.
    I can’t wait to try some!

  26. You are a genius!

  27. Hi,
    Love your cake pops but how do you get the candy melts so smooth? Whenever I do it it ends up a lumpy mess, unless I use the chocolate ones which seems to get thinner….please help me improve my pops!


  28. I’m actually getting ready to make the knife cupcakes for tonight. I work at a haunted trail and thought they would be perfect for our freaky group!

  29. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! They are all so cool! Love it all! I am making goodies for my grandkids and their friends – what fun these would be to use! Happy Halloween!!!

  30. I love anything eyeball!

  31. I like the googlie eyes. Have you tried for your chocolates? They have great chocolate products.

  32. Now that would be a spooktacular prize. Love it all!!!!!

  33. Absolutely LOVED the cupcake toppers!!! I can’t wait to make ’em!! PLEASE PICK ME!!! LOL! You ROCK Bakerella!

  34. What Fun!! I’d have a party of friends come over for a decorating party!!!

  35. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Just looking at the give away items makes my heart beat faster!! I super love the cookie pumpkins decorated with a star tip. :)

  36. I never cease to be amazed at your creativity! If I didn’t know myself (I would eat everything I make), I would try and copy everything you make. Instead I just visit your blog regularly and enjoy the eye candy! You never disappoint!


  38. Halloween brings out the crafty baker in me, too! I can’t resist the spooky, creepy playfulness of goblins, black cats, witches and ghosts. Being born on Halloween, I find this day, always on the cusp of welcome brisk fall weather, to be full of treats and a few welcome tricks like spider topped cupcakes.

  39. Luv the cake pops. They are a hit wih all ages. Happy Halloweenie

  40. My oldest son is going to be 16 on Halloween, and he actually wants me to make these for his birthday! (: I’m very excited, and I can’t wait!

  41. thats beautiful sweety!!!

  42. I have been searching for ideas for my daughter’s halloween party. These are so adorable. The girls will love them. Thanks! Your blog never ceases to amaze me!

  43. OMG this is total cuteness :0)

    Thank you for your inspirations.


  44. Just had to say that you rock my world! Thank you for always sharing your tricks and for being available to answer questions.

  45. Oh my! I see PAC Man ghosts in the future….

  46. what do you think of cake pop machines to make the cake pops? And does the coating/dipping work the same?

  47. These are absolutely adorable. :o)

  48. ohmy! these cake pops are waaaaay too adorable. I love them, especially that itsy-bitsy jack-o-lantern.:D

  49. How perfect…!!!
    Love those cute ghosts. :)

  50. I just did a nail design that goes perfectly with these! They are little glowing ghosts.

  51. Cute!! Beautiful work!

  52. These are the cutest thing ever! The little pumpkin candy bucket is an adorable accessory.

  53. Wow, they look amazing!

  54. I have been following your blog for a while now and have become obsessed with making cake pops myself. I am in the UK and we don’t seem to have as much choice for cake pops coverings/sprinkles/decorations that you have and most of my stuff has to be ordered online. I have been using white chocolate to cover my cake pops, with gel food colourings for the different colours, and it’s been working well. Candy melts are impossible to find in shops over here and are a little expensive if you order online and pay for P&P etc.

    Anyway, my questions was, what do you use to get your cake pop coverings so white? I ordered some white Wilton Candy Melts this week in the hope they would be pure white but they’re no whiter than white chocolate (so more yellow really). I was really disappointed because I’m looking forward to making your cake pop ghosts for Halloween but I can’t be having yellow ghosts! Can you recommend a brand or product that comes pure white? Or a way of colouring white chocolate white? If that’s makes sense… I had wondered if white food colouring (if this even exists) would help the white chocolate but I’m not sure if that would work. 

    (sorry for the long comment!)

  55. Are you kidding me? They are too cute!

  56. So fun, you are so creative!

  57. I have just loved you ghosts!!!! Tooooooooo cuteeeeee :D
    Hug kiss from Uruguay

  58. As usual, I both love and hate you. These are too stinkin’ cute but I don’t have the time to make them this year.

  59. This is so cute !

  60. es unamaravilla

  61. These are adorable & look so easy to make! I love that you used a cookie cutter to get the shape, great idea! :)

  62. Bakerella,

    I used Wiltons candy coat, a mess!!!! Where can I find Merckens, is that the name? Thanks a lot! BTW, I use Wiltons edible markers and work just fine.

  63. Oh my gosh, these are ADORABLE!!!! Totally want to do this for Halloween! ?

    Adella, Botanica Wellness Sanctuary

  64. These are ADORABLE! I am always amazed and inspired by your creativity.

  65. You never cease to amaze me with your creative talent! These are too cute and perfect for any Halloween party :)


  66. OMG- Am I the only one in love with the tiny pumpkin baskets? It’s precious!

  67. These have to be the most adorable things I have ever seen. I am obsessed with making cake pops , mine taste perfect but I have so much trouble getting my chocolate to the right consistency for dipping smoothly …. Please help … Thank you and I look forward to getting emails when you post something new… Your work is amazing.

  68. Ohhh my word, the cuteness of these is almost unbearable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Just curious…

    Who eats all these treats? Before I met my boyfriend (who has two teenage sons), I gave away a lot of my baking at work. Hungry grad students are happy on a sugar high!

  70. I loved baking with my sons. It was always such a creative time for us. Your cake pops are the best of creativity!

  71. oh my cute!!!

  72. Too lovely and super cute.What a great imagination.

  73. I squealled!!! Those have to be the cutest cake pops EVER!!!!

  74. I love those! So adorable!!

  75. I went back to the first ghost entry. I love how you said ” maybe I should do a book for you guys…” or two? And a kit, and ……
    It was also neat to see your improvement ( for lack of better word) over the years.
    You keep us smiling with your great creations!

  76. Those are insanely cute! Too cute to eat! (almost)

  77. They are so cute. Thank You!

  78. These are surely amongst the most adorable creations you’ve had so far!

  79. Even if Halloween weren’t my favorite holiday, these would be the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!!

  80. These are so pretty! I wish I could eat them all!

    Hey, where I live, we dont get candy melts and shipping them from the US is really expensive. Is there anything that I can use as a substitute?
    Please let me know..

  81. LOVE these – you are just awesome!!

  82. Good gosh those are the cutest things ever!!!

  83. Super awesome! You are sooooo creative!
    Can’t wait to make these and see the look on my adopted grandson’s face – yahoo…:o)

  84. And THIS is why you are the undisputed QUEEN of Cake Pops ;) These are just the cutest!!! {LOVE}

  85. Shut the door with these adorable ghosts!! The tiny Jack ‘o Lantern treat bags are amazing!! Angie, I will go to bed smiling and dreaming of these precious ghosts. xo

  86. Now, I just need the courage to pull the cake mix out of the pantry …. I can do it!

  87. You’re a Genius!!!

  88. So clever! I have to freeze the dough for it to hold its shape with a cookie cutter.

  89. I just realized I have been sitting here with my mouth open, awed by the fact that you made these as a last resort after not having some ingredients you needed. When that happens to me, my family usually ends up with rutabaga sausage cookies or something. Your ghosts are SO CUTE! Wow.

  90. Oh. My. God.

    These are just… I don’t…


    The little buckets…! The KILL ME!!!

  91. Gosh, those are cute!

  92. i do NOT like licorice but i’m imagining you could still do the same thing with jellybeans…

  93. First of all I love your website, and I bet I have made every other recipe you post. I want to ask your advice on the Americolor pens. I bought a set, and I have such trouble with them. I color on the candy, and wipe them off with a paper towel, but they never seem to color on candy again. Is that just the way it is? It seems sad for how much they are. Maybe I’ll have to come up with a new product. : )

  94. I agree with some of the comments…I get SOO frustrated with the markers and I’m using the same ones you use…how do you get yours to look that bold and perfect! It is never a nice dark color and it usually just stops working on the chocolate no matter how many times I wipe it on the paper towel (which is shows up perfect on). HELP!!!!

  95. seriously?? Just when I think your cake pops can’t get any cuter you prove me wrong. Great job!

  96. OH MY GOODNESS…Seriously?
    These have got to be the cutest things I’ve seen lately!
    Love them!

  97. Dang those are the cutest ghosts ever. Love the little treat bags they are holding!! You are so creative!

  98. Hi Bakerella,

    I fell in love with your cake pops and you blog a few years ago and have been making them ever since. Your creations are just simply amazing and soooo adorable. I have one question for you….how do you make your edible markers so dark and fine? I used the americolor edible markers as you suggested but they NEVER come out clean and defined like yours. Is there a trick? Would love to know the secret, if you don’t mind sharing!!!

    Thanks a bunch!!

  99. I love these and have some of those mini Halloween cutters in my stash, so I’ll have to find them!! I like to pipe the features on with dark chocolate instead of using the pens. It’ gives them a bit of dimension and if you use a fine Wilton tip #1 or #2 it works just fine in a little bottle.

  100. Loooooove how cute these are! As always, you come up with the cutest pops ever :)

  101. Hi Bakerella

    Can you please tell me what edible markers you used on this project? I tried making some pops a couple of weeks ago that needed eyes, smiles and hair curl (the baby pops). Had no luck what so ever writing the chocolate.


  102. OMG…they are soooooooo cute!!! You always inspire me so much…

  103. Oh my gosh!!! Seriously the cutest Halloween cake pops ever!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!!

  104. Angie these are just too cute! Thanks for the template. You amaze me with your creativity.

  105. those are so stinking cute, the pumpkin sixlets are just prefect.

  106. Soooo cute! I think these are my favorite ones — I love the pumpkin candy bag! Adorable! I need to find Mercken’s– our Joann’s or Michael’s doesn’t carry it, and I ordered some through Amazon and when I got the bag (during the summer) it was melted!!!! Such a bummer. I haven’t had much luck with the Wilton candy coating — it’s soooo thick and my cake balls always fall off of the stick

  107. Boo-tiful, just boo-tiful!


  108. They’re suuper cute!! I want them for Halloween!! hahaha

  109. Oh my goodness! These are the cutest ever!!!

  110. Absolutely Adorable!!

  111. So adorable! Almost too cute to eat…. almost ;)

  112. They are Super Cute!!! Going to have to make these cute ghosts. Again…you are amazing!

  113. These are super adorable. You never stop amazing me with your creativity and talent.


  115. these are THE CUTEST!

  116. Angie, I have a feeling these are gonna go viral. But then again, everything you do does that-guess that’s what happens when you’re the QUEEN OF CUTE!!! :)

  117. Wow is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. You’ve probably been asked this a zillion times -but what type of food marker do you use? Mine NEVER work well on candy melts. Its like the oil/fat gums up the marker and they really don’t work at all. Please share! :)

  119. Awwwwwwww

  120. These are cute, however, hope you have a lot of time to do them

  121. These are amazing!! I can only imagine kids’ faces when they ring a doorbell and get these as treats!

  122. how adorable are these!!! I can’t wait to try them this month. You are so creative :)

  123. I almost fell off my chair when I saw your pumpkin pop!!!
    Your little ghost is adorable!!

  124. Double-dipping! Great idea! As are your cute candy accessories. The Bakerella is ready for the Halloween ball!

  125. Thanks so much guys!

    Sarah – that’s what I love about cake pops – making people smile. And laughter is even better.

    Megan M – Yes – Several candy tubs. And I can never find what I want. I need a better system.

    Niki – these are Mercken’s Super White and don’t need anything added. They melt nice and fluid.

    Jackie D – They were at Hobby Lobby. Not sure of the brand.

    Kristen – Mercken’s super white. You can also spread a very thin layer of coating on the front to help if any cake color shows through. It gives the same effect as double dipping without the double thick layer of coating.

  126. CUTES THINGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these ghosties with their pumpkin candy holders!!! HAHAHA!!! LOVE EM!!!!!!! Thanks for such a cute idea!!!

  127. Halloween is getting near now and these trick or treat goodies are great. They’re so yummy

  128. D’awww those are soo cute :D

  129. Seriously, can these be any cuter?! You have such talent!!!

  130. cutest ghosts i’ve ever seen! :D

  131. These are soooo cute!!! thanks so much for all your great ideas. Can’t wait to make them.

  132. These are absolutely adorable. Another great idea Bakerella. I can’t wait to make these. I’m going to make a practice batch this weekend so I can make them for Halloween. Theyre so cute its spooky.

  133. These are adorable. I love how the candy coating (unlike frosting) doesn’t need a crumb coat. If I didn’t like frosting so much, I would try and candy coat all of my cakes!

  134. Oh Bakerella, I tried to make my cake pops for the first time…oh what a mess! They fell apart, the coating was too thick..just terrible!

  135. You inspire me. :o)
    I love to see everything you come up with.
    Thank you.

  136. You should have heard my reaction to these adorable little devils. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” “They’re SOOO CUTE!” :D

  137. YEA!! Finally just in the top 100 comments!!
    These are AWESOMEE!!!

  138. wow!!! they look so cute!!!!
    I’ll try to make them this weekend ;)

    thank you!!!

  139. They’re sooo cute!!!!!

  140. How on earth do you make all your cake pops, especially the crazy-shaped ones look so absolutely PERFECT?! The coating is so smooth. The ghosts’ expressions are spot on. SOOOO cute! I love Halloween!

  141. Wow!!!! So cute!!!

  142. So cute! They remind of E.T. for some reason.

  143. These are too cute! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m so glad to see these on Oct. 1. Can’t wait to see what other tricks (and treats) you have up your sleeve. Way to go, Bakerella!

  144. Soo clever! I love the little pumpkins. Great job once again :)

  145. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I think they might be the cutest pops you’ve made so far! They’re perfect!

  146. WOW! Soooooo unbelievably cute… what a creative idea for the arms! And the mini jack o lanterns are TOO MUCH!! How DO you do it again and again! OUT OF THE PARK!

  147. Angie! I swear….you take cute and kick it up a million notches! These are PERFECT!!! And, yes, PacMan next! ;)

  148. Aww! Those little ghosties are the cutest, Angie!!

  149. What type of white candy coating did you use for the outside? Just curious because I was worried the chocolate cake would show through? THANKS! These are AMAZING!

  150. These ghosts are super cute! Awesome job as usual, Bakerella. You always continue to inspire :)

  151. Hey Bakerella

    Your stuff is always awesome! Creative… Inspiring…

    I have a post request… Do a post just on dipping your items in chocolate/candy melts. I need your secret to smooth cake pops. Yours always look professional and perfect – mine not so much! I’ve got the shaping, attaching the stick, decorating and eating down pat just not the dipping.


  152. The creativity never ENDS :) Thank you for sharing your amazing talents.

  153. YOU ARE AMAZING. All of your stuff is super cute and I can’t believe that was impromptu. I wish I had your brain!

  154. Love love love!!!

  155. Stop it, I can’t even handle the cuteness right now… It’s too much for me.

  156. Would you mind telling me what brand the mini-cutters are? Also, if you happen to know the model number, that would be great. I would really like to buy a set but can’t find them! Thanks!

  157. wow they look sooo cute!!! I want to eat them :-D

  158. Angie, how do you get your coating so smooth? Do you add anything to the candy melts?

  159. Now all I can think is “sixlets sixlets sixlets!” I loved those and haven’t had them in forever! By the way, how big is your candy drawer? Is it a candy tub? ;)

  160. Too good, just too good :) I’m so excited for Halloween baking I cant even begin to describe!


  161. These are the cutest Halloween treats!

  162. Those are dang cute. Love the little treat bags they are holding!!

  163. Love them! So when you doing Pacman, LOL?

  164. You are the best, these are fantasticcc

  165. Do you ever get tired of people commenting and saying how cute your creations are? Well if so, sorry, because these are just too cute! (Those mini jack o’lantern buckets?! Squeee!)

  166. Those are so cute! I love the teeny tiny pumpkin candy buckets!

  167. Those are the cutest ghosts ever!

  168. You’re simply the best. These are awesome!

  169. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

  170. These are great!

  171. OMG I LOVE these so much! I think I have to make these without the arms, in colors, and make them the little Pac Man ghosty guys.

  172. These are too adorable for words!

  173. You are killing me! These are amazing!

  174. You amaze me with your cuteness!!! Love the cake pops!

  175. Adorable! The pumpkin bucket is BRILLIANT!!

  176. I love them ~ absolutely adorable!

  177. These are the cutest! They made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

  178. You know, I don’t like the taste of cake pops (I haven’t found the right gluten free recipe to use), but your cake pops are pure artistry.

  179. CUTE! These look absolutely delightful.

  180. Oh I love the little pumpkins they are so adorable.

  181. These are too cute! I am so glad it is finally Fall!

  182. Wow- they look amazing and yet you make the process appear so simple! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to attempt the arms but I’ll give the ghost outline a shot!Rx

  183. Absolutely stunning, defintely going to try and make these for Halloween.

  184. Oh they look so adorable! :)

  185. So cute! And I’ll be using those tags. Thank you.

  186. These are so cute! I love them! Wish I had the time to make such cute cake pops.

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