Cake Pops: An adventure

Today almost snuck up on me. I realized it just in time to reminisce and celebrate with you guys.

Oh and this is a pretty long post, but I had a hard time making it any shorter.

Four years ago today, on February 1, I posted something that changed my life and maybe even some of yours.

Cupcake Pops

I posted these cupcake pops. I posted them the day after I posted these pink cake pops. And I had no idea then the impact they would have. Seriously, read the old posts. Pretty amusing.

While the pink cake pops were super cute and definitely different since they were cake on a stick, it was the cupcake pops that became crazy popular thanks to so many of you.  If it hadn’t been for your enthusiasm, I don’t know if I would have kept experimenting and creating craziness like the muppets cake pops for instance. It could have just ended right here with the cupcake pops. And, that would have been okay, too. They are still my and my mom’s favorite. I guess I have an attachment to them.

A little background history…  when I first made the pink cake pops, I was so excited by how they turned out. I wanted others to see them too because I thought they were so cute and I just knew they would make people smile. I was following the blog Cupcakes Takes the Cake (CTTC) at the time and I thought that if I could just make them look like a cupcake, they might feature them on their blog. So after I made the pink cake pop, I figured out a way to shape the cake balls with a cutter and dip them twice to make them look like a cupcake. Success! I couldn’t believe it. So I added my photos to the CTTC flickr group and crossed my fingers that they would pick them to feature on their site. And they did.

For me that was it. I wasn’t looking for anything more. Just to keep baking and making cute treats. And hopefully bring smiles to anyone that wanted to look at them.

But then, something crazy happened. A month or so after I posted the photos, I was invited to show Martha Stewart how I make them … on her show… like standing next to her. I thought I was being punked. I mean I had only been blogging for about four months when I received the invitation. And I hadn’t been baking much longer before that. Let’s just say I was petrified. But I did it anyway. You can watch the video here on her site. The link is on the sidebar. If you haven’t seen it before I think you’ll get a chuckle at what she calls them. Of course it wasn’t funny at the time. I think I managed to mask my shock pretty well. I know I told them we shouldn’t use chocolate cake on TV. Good times.

Lots of other fun things have happened since then, too.

  • I started experimenting with designs and creating all kinds of cake pop themes.
  • I visited the Pioneer Woman and we had a cake pop demo at the lodge. So fun. Love you Ree.
  • I proposed to Melissa for Rich with cake pops. Miss you guys.
  • Betty Crocker invited me to make cake pops for the cover of one of their magazines.
  • I wrote a little book. You may have heard of it.
  • I made cupcake pops with Blake Lively. Ummm… what is going on?
  • You guys became Pop Stars.
  • I made some cake pops for Disney’s website.
  • I made a little kit and some cards, too.
  • My cake pops were featured in magazines like People, Entertainment Weekly, Taste of Home, Family Circle, O, and more.
  • I went on the Today Show. Kathie Lee shook the pop a bit too hard and got candy coating on her eyelashes. My stomach sunk. Mortified.
  • The book has been printed in several languages throughout the world. Craziness.
  • And there’s a couple more fun things coming that I can’t say just yet.


But that’s not all that’s happened because of these tiny treats on a stick. So many other things have popped on the scene because you all fell in love with the cake pops I made. Your excitement and enthusiasm for cake pops are probably the biggest reason for their success and why they are now so popular. For example…

  • Cake pops are sold in a certain world dominating coffee shop.
  • Bakeries and cupcake shops now sell them in their lineup.
  • Businesses have packaged sprinkles and such to market for them.
  • Commercials and other kits appeared. Some even use my designs. Flattering, I guess one could say.
  • Machines are now on the market to make them … albeit they don’t let you mix the frosting in or custom shape them.
  • Other books have surfaced on the topic, too, which just reinforces how popular cake pops have become.


But it’s not all that stuff that makes me shake my head in amazement. You guys have done so much with them on a personal level and have continued to inspire me along the way.

  • So many of you have started home businesses selling cake pops.
  • Or websites devoted to cake pops
  • Or created rollers or stands or just about anything else you can think of to make or use with cake pops.
  • I know many of you that make them just for fun. And make lots of them.
  • Your emails and stories brighten my day every time I read them. There have been so many sweet ones too. Emails from all over the world. From places I’ve never even heard of. Some that made me cry and some that made me laugh. But all that made me feel so special to have played a little part in bringing smiles to your lives.
  • Big hugs and congratulations to all of you, too!


I think cake pops have definitely made their mark in the baking world, making life a little bit sweeter.

Actually, I think we need a National Cake Pop Day. Or an International Cake Pop Day. And today seems like a great choice to me. That’s it I’m proclaiming February 1, the Official Unofficial Cake Pop Day. Who’s with me?

I’d love for you to tell me if cake pops have meant anything special to you.

  • Do you sell them? What’s your site?
  • Have you made them on your blog? I’d love to see.
  • Do you have a picture of yours on your facebook? Share a link.
  • Do you follow my facebook page for cake pop inspiration?
  • Do you have the book? Do you have a favorite design?
  • Are you a Pop Star? Do you want to be?
  • Have you started a business to help people make them?
  • Maybe you’ve just eaten them before. Or have seen them at a bakery or wedding or party.
  • Maybe someone has given them to you as a gift.
  • And maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about? That’s okay, too.

Leave a comment or a link and let’s share.

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507 comments on “Cake Pops: An adventure”

  1. I love your story Bakerella! So humble and so sweet, but you said it….making life a little bit sweeter. Congrats to you!

  2. I love cake pops and I have you book and my daughter just loves when i make them from your booK.
    I made these Cake pops for Diwali a Indian festival for lights and this was my first cake pops i made from you book red pops with hearts

  3. Thank you for introducing the world to these amazing cupcake pops! you really deserve all that!

  4. superb! you, your cake pops, the whole gig!

  5. You’re such an inspiration!! Thank you from The Bahamas!

  6. I’m with you! Happy (Inter)National Cake Pop Day! :)

  7. I made them as a SUPER present for my brother in law in one of the most difficult birthdays in his life :) He was amazed and happy. I was happy :) my husband was happy :) Cookie monster cakepops made our day!

  8. Congratulations on your success! What a great product you’ve created for the world to share and love!

  9. I think they are super cute – made them once so far and probably will again. Really I’m all about cute birthday party ideas for my kids, and these definitely fit the bill! I only have one pic of them on my FB:

  10. You brought tears to my eyes! I Love your cake pops and have done simple ones but would love to be “Bakerella” when I grow up! Your story shows exactly why you are such a success, you have a beautiful soul! Thanks for making life a little bit sweeter for all of us.

  11. I started following your blog just about the time you first made these. I tried them and have made lots of different kinds ever since althought not anything as cute as yours. You are so very talented. My daughter-in-law was one of the guests at Pioneer Woman’s house that day of the cake pop demo. I was supposed to be there with her but I couldn’t get off work so her mother went with her. Thanks for coming up with these, so cute and so good. Oh and yes of course I have the book.

  12. I’ve started a little cake pop business- that keeps getting busier and busier! YOU commented on my penguin pops that my hubby posted on your FB page and I felt like I was walking on the moon! And… I’ve come to realize that I think we went to college together! Ha- small world huh?
    Thanks for starting this craze- you have certainly changed and enriched my life for the better!

  13. You’re probably the sweetest blogger out there! I follow your blog and FB and bringing some chocolate fudge and bacon cake pops to a party got me talking to a guy that became my best friend. Seriously, I wouldn’t have one of my best friends in the world if it wasn’t for your cake pops. I make them for everything, kids parties, holidays, bake sales, and they’re always a huge hit… One thing I just have to say though, when I see the “kits” other people sell (especially the one that stole your design) I just get so heated!! It’s YOUR design, YOUR genius and it sucks that other people steal the designs and profit off it…. ok end rant! <3 you so much!

  14. You have inspired me so much and thanks to you I know make cake pops and I even made some for Anjelah Johnson (comedian) it has been so much fun. Thank you for sharing your ideas with the world. My Facebook page is :Cake Pops by Iliana”.

  15. love all your ideas and creativity! cake pops are very popular in my daughters high school. I have a homebased cake business and my daughter is always volunteering me to make stuff for school bake sales. I have been making 100’s of cake pops for the kids fundraisers. They usually order 100 at a time and sell out. They are SO popular and I love making them! Thanks for all you do!

  16. What an amazing journey! I remember stumbling across your blog after searching for Elmo Lollipops in 2009, which of course led me to the cake pops you posted. I was just amazed at your talent, and I have been visiting the site every since!

    I love making cake pops for fun, and anytime I take them anywhere people go crazy over them. I always end up writing down your web address and tell them they have to check it out!

    Thanks for all the baking inspiration! You should be so proud of your success!

  17. I seriously love making cake pops! I think I’m addicted. While I haven’t ventured out into anything too exciting yet, like certain animals or other shapes, I enjoy making these tasty treats and I love making them for people. I’ve made tons for friends and family for special occasions. I mean, you can not look at a cake pop or cupcake pop and not smile! I am totally with you on declaring Feb 1 National Cake Pop Day!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and being such an inspiration!

  18. I make cake pops(balls) for work all the time and coworkers have come to expect them!

  19. I can’t wait to comment on this post!!! They have changed my life!! I (very much accidentally) stumbled upon your blog (didn’t even know what a blog was) in December ’09. The cake pop blew me away. So i tried the cupcake pop. My family (mostly my sister & daughter) went nuts for them! This was so awesome for me as I’ve always loved cute treats but held back from making them because i didn’t think i could do a good job of it. The cupcake pops were the catalyst! I made several of your cake pops too! My sister really went nuts when i made the “Frosty” cake pops for her birthday last year! She kept telling me to start my own blog…WHAT??? so…back on 10.31.2011..with inspiration from YOU and urging from her..I did! And i LOVE it :o) So a HUGE thank you to you Bakerella! I am still praying for you and your Mom. Very sincerely, Karen Dunn

  20. Inspired by your cake pops, I actually made Cocoa Krispie Pops! So delicious!

  21. Bakerella! You have inspired me to start a business, and am actually looking to open up a cake pop shop this year!! I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a pop star 5 or 6 times in your amazing Pop Stars Section, and live, work, and dream about cake pops 24/7!! My facebook page is and I guess when you click my name you see my website too
    I have your book, follow this blog, and am an avid contributor to your facebook page. You’re so poppin’ inspiring!! Hooray for Cake Pop Day!! xoxo <3 <3

  22. Congrats on all of your success!! :) I’m Andrea and I found your website and got in love with your cake pops and went and bought your book btw it’s a really good book really helpfull. Then we tried to make them and turned out really good except that the chocolate wasn’t so soft and we added the shortening but it kept being hard if you could help me with that it would help alot. But they tasted delicious and looked pretty good. Umm I’m planning on selling them and making a blog too :) anyways keep bloging and making cake pops God Bless You -Andrea

  23. You changed my life – it sounds huge eh? But it is!
    I made them first in April 2011 – now I am selling them and it gets bigger and bigger.

    Been blogging about it on my website:

    Heres a huge list on flickr:

    And for German people I started my website: – so they can order from there.
    If there wouldnt be no Bakerella… I would have never had SO much fun baking and blogging. I bet!

    Thanks for being there and to inspire me and allll the other gazilliooon people on this planet :-)

    Many blessings,
    nina from Germany

  24. Bakerella, Thank you so much for this little internet treat you have given the world. Because of your page I have found my true love for all things baking, especially cake pops and cupcakes! I’ve made them with my family (who love them) and I’m always looking for new ways to improve them. Happy Cake Pop Day!

  25. Thank you so much for introducing me to cake pops. I love your blog and read every single update you provide. I made several cake pops for myself, friends and colleagues, but still have to learn a lot. Your ideas are amazing and I’m very much looking up to you! Thank you and happy cake pop day!!

  26. Hey Bakerella! I love cake pop and I actually do sell them! They are to die for! Vist my blog and see the cake pops I made! I do follow ur twitter Facebook ! Love your inspiration I bought your book when it first came out I was super excited! I’m 14 years old with a cupcake/cake pop/cake/ business! Hope you reply Bakerella! Xo

  27. I saw that epsiode of Martha and I printed off the recipe and I made them that weekend! Then I made a birthday cake, then I made a wedding cake! Then I started my own shortlived cake making business! I made those cupcake pops for all my brides and their bridesmaids as a free treat! I don’t make wedding cakes anymore as we move too much, but I do now have my own blog and it all started when I saw YOUR cupcake pops on Martha! So thank you! I am amazed that I am here writting to you! I still have that recipe in my cookbook!
    You are amazing and I am so happy that these sweet little treats brought you so much sucess!!

  28. I’ve definitely eaten some. Red velvet, OH MY. Crazy to think this all started 4 years ago! Maybe I’ll make some for V-Day!

  29. I own your book and follow your facebook for inspiration. I love making cake pops! here’s a link to a photo of my last batch (inspired by you of course!)

  30. I can’t think of someone more deserving of your success. You’re a fun, kind, creative soul and you earned every last bullet point on that list. Bravo, Miss Bakerella.

    My blog has been on an 8 month hiatus (waiting for my creative side to get its groove back) but prior to the break, I did manage to churn out 2 film-related cakeballs/pops.

    Angry Swan –

    127 Hours –

    See what you’ve done? I bow down to you. For real.

  31. Congrats on your story! I’ve been following for many years and am really happy with your success! I make cake pops just for fun!! My wish for you is that you keep up the good work, have a healthy and happy life… here’s to many pops in your (our) life!!!

  32. You are seriously my cake pop idol. I found your site and was hooked from day one. I hope one day to make my cake pops as amazing as yours. Congratulations on all of your success!

  33. How funny that I just did my very first “google search” for cake pops and today is unofficial cake pop day. I plan on making my first ever batch tomorrow for my daughter’s birthday treat for school. I’m sure they will be a hit! Thank you!

  34. You are so genuine and generous in your blog and sharing of info, and you deserve all the success in the world! I love coming here and seeing your creativity and designs. I made my first cake pops last November (candy corn style) and then I made more for my kids’ winter school party — they were a huge hit. I’m excited to see your recipe in Home Baked Comfort; I preordered the book and am getting it next week :)

    candy corn cake pops:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  35. great post , as always. you inspired me to start making cake pops, which in turn led me to start selling my cake pops on etsy. thanks for your inspiration!

  36. You know another great thing that happened ? We all met YOU !!! I enjoy your blog, your projects, your thoughts, your recipes. I worried about you when you didn’t blog for so long .. then I worried more when I found out why. I was thrilled when you were getting better. You are a virtual friend and I am delighted to check up on you every week. Thanks my Cake Pop Pal !!! xo

  37. You are such and inspiration to me. I bought your book in a kind of rough patch in my life and it helped pull me out! Now I am officially addicted and so are my friends and family! Thank you for all the inspiration and all your awesomeness!

    Here is one of my favs to make

  38. I can’t believe you have done all this in four years!!! That is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing these great treats with us. I am a college student who sells cupcake bites in the Houston area, and I’m always looking for new ideas.

    My business is called Sweet Crumbles and here is my site.

    Thanks for being a great inspiration and looking forward to the many years ahead.

  39. you are such a talented and sweet lady, I would love to be able to fly to the US to meet you at one of your signings one day or just see you in a cupcake cafe and say hey Angie, thank you for giving me the confidence to set up my own business, you’ve changed my life! (and please don’t run) :D x x

  40. Bakerella you have been such an inspiration. Whether its from a baking side of thigs or just about life and struggles. I have attached my facebook page photos link so that I can share with everyone what You have helped me accomplish.
    As you will see i love simple design and have come up with some of my own creations through my sons imagination (the bones and blood ones are my favorite from halloween).
    Thank you for you continuous inspiration and all your blogs and books to help beginners like my self get going!

  41. You have come a long way, and we are all following. You have touched our hearts along your journey, sweet times and difficult times. For me it started when my daughter gave me your 1st book. What started out as a hobby has not bloomed into my small home business Cakepops101. Not only do I make and sell cakepops and cakepop stands but also host instructional cakepop classes. Although I’m small it has been a great outlet for me to create and share what i love with others. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your loving spirit with us all.

  42. I make them and we eat them. You are truly an inspiration, and not just because of cake pops. Because of you.

    Thank you.

  43. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

    I sent you an email two years ago about being a college professor and not able to do anything creative. I found your Elmo cakepops for my two-year old’s birthday and I was hooked. After a few trials, I finally got them right. You allowed me to be able to do something that my little one was so proud of. You wrote me back and I was thrilled. I have it today in my cake pop book! I have bought numerous books for all my family and friends.

    In two years since I found your website, I went from having a crate of baking supplies, to seven, making cake pops for every occasion or for fun. I make them for every holiday, birthday or event. My favorites: the basic cupcake pops, the pumpkin and halloween ones. I am in the process of making footballs for the Superbowl.

    Thank you for inspiring me…I owe you big time!

  44. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I don’t bake – ever (I know my limitations). But you were the very first blogger I started following primarily because of your amazing photos. Happy Anniversary and thanks for inspiring me to start blogging!

  45. Your blog has meant a lot to me! I had NO idea what cake pops were about 1 1/2 years ago, when my brother-in-law asked me to make them for his wedding. I did a google search for “cake pops” and found your website. I know that when I started searching through your site, my eyes were HUGE! I couldn’t believe the possibilities! Since then, I’ve made TONS of pops for people. I make them to give to friends and family that have babies (it’s my special treat to them)! I sell them to people who want them (in fact, I was completely booked for the holiday season, and am for the whole month of February!). I am a stay-at-home mom of two young boys, so it’s not a full-time venture for me…yet. I LOVE making them, and seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they receive them! I have had the opportunity to make some for auctions, to help raise money for families. I love it! Thank you for all of your inspiration!! Here is my facebook page:
    You have certainly inspired so much creativity all over the world!!!

  46. Cake pops have helped change my life too! I’ve been able to be a stay at home mom for the last few years and make extra $ on the side too. Way better than one of those “stuff envelopes at home” or “secret shopper” gigs!

    I’ve been grateful to have been featured in the local newspapers and magazine, and also been selected for being a PopStar twice.

    The potential designs and flavor combinations of cake pops are endless. I’ve formed relationships with people all over the country due to cake pops. Its been a good ride.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  47. Cake Pop Day! Bring it on!! I have made cake pops but no one in my family liked the texture of the insides, so instead I make truffles (chocolate, peanut butter, peppermint, you name it) and decorate them as if they were cake pops.

  48. Hi!
    Yesterday I posted my version of your cute cupcake pops. I even purchased your book, it took a while to be delivered here in Bulgaria, but it worth waiting :)

    I wish you all the best!

    You can check my cupcake pops here:
    Unfortunately, I don’t have an english version of my blog yet…

  49. Happy anniversary!
    I love the way you came up with a brilliant idea and ran with it – very, very impressive. Just love what you do with them.
    I must admit I was late to the cake pop party but I finally got around to making them and showing them on my blog. Huge success and one of my most popular posts… I didn’t get over ambitious, kept them simple, but colorful. You are way out of my league, but I love, love, love seeing what you come up with next :)
    Here’s the blog post (in norwegian….yes, cake pops have arrived in Norway! )

  50. Oops..i was so excited to comment on this post i forgot to say Congratulations & Happy Cake Pop Day!!

  51. I made snowman cake pops on my blog!

    These aren’t the first cake pops I’ve made, but I think they’re the cutest. As I say in my post, I started making cake pops because I was inspired by you! This year for Christmas I actually gave my mom & brother an inaugural membership to my “Cake Pop Club” where I send them different pops each month :)

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration, Bakerella!

  52. I have made them for a few years since I found them on your site. I adore them. I have your book too of course. Hubby bought it for me last year for Valentines…so sweet. I did blog about you and them on my blog here…

  53. HAPPY CAKE POP DAY!!!!!! I make them for fun wiht my nieces and nephews, WE LOVE UR SITE!!!!!!!! :D

  54. Happy Anniversary!! Has it really been that long??? Thanks so much for your creativity! It certainly makes baking a lot more fun!

  55. I love your cakepop designs! They are so fantastic! My sons 1st birthday party theme was Red & White with a hint of “Laubster” (Our last name is Laub and our family nickname is Laubster) i wanted to incorporate cakepops somehow but wasn’t sure how…so I made Lobster cakepops! They turned out so great! I molded a lobster shape out of the crumbled cake, added a candy heart to the back end to show a tail then dipped it all in red chocolate. I added 2 more candy hearts to the front from claws, red licorice rope to the head for antenna and candy eyes for eyes (duh) they turned out SO great – everyone loved them! Thanks for the inspiration Bakerella!

  56. I have been a secret stalker for over a year. I made my first cake pop one year ago and fell in love! Friends and family all love the cake pops that I have made and designed. making them is purely therapeutic and I feel like I am in withdrawals if I can’t bake and create on a regular basis. I have tons of pictures posted on Facebook Thanks for all of your hard work and inspiration!

  57. I think you got a view into how cake pops changed my life from the Popstruck post you commented on (I’m still screaming) — that inspired me to start baking (baby steps, with cupcakes) and I now have an official date next week when my friend and I are attempting our first cake pops!!!! We’re calling it Epic Baking Day. It will require some alcohol to get through it, primarily because of my poor baking skills. Wish us luck, and thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  58. I can’t remember how I found cakepops but from the first time I made them they were an instant hit. Whenever a party is coming up there’s always someone who asks me if I’m bringing cakepops. While sometimes I’d love to experiment and make something totally new, I listen to what the people want. I’ve tried different flavors and colors. They just make everyone so happy. I love having the book for instructions but also ideas for flavor combos. Your site, not just cake pops, has given me such inspiration to find new and exciting treats to indulge my passion for baking.

  59. I made them for my triplets’ birthdays twice. The first time was Sesame Street:
    and for their fourth birthday, I did robots:
    I may not be great or neat at making them, but the kids all LOVED them!

  60. Thank you Bakerella for inspiring me to start my own cake pop business! I love your creativity and strength. Keep up the good work!

  61. Oh gosh, Bakerella, you changed my world like crazy! The best kind of crazy possible! I owned a cake pops business for nearly three years before it got too busy for me to manage. But one sweet little reminder I’ve kept is this custom necklace I had made. Cake Pop Necklace by Metal Sugar. I mean, what’s not to love about the sugary world of cake pops?! Thank you, sweet lady!

  62. Absolutely incredible! Love it ALL!!!!!!!!

  63. January 3, 2009 I married my high school sweetheart. At one of the parties beforehand, my mother-in-law’s cousin served these delicious things called cake balls. We were hooked! I searched for how to make them and found you and your wonderful site! We started going pop crazy! I have the book now and I’ve made cats, monkeys, cupcakes, ice cream cones, and owls (which are my favorite). I’ve played with flavors and coatings, and I find continual inspiration from your work! I’ll never be a cake pop queen but I do enjoy spreading the cake pop love! I’ve done a couple of kid’s parties and one wedding as a gift. I’ve even ventured into the birthday cake world! So thanks for the inspiration, the art, and of course the satisfied sweet tooth!

  64. Congrats on four successful and fun years of cake pops! You have created a revolution in sweets and started this new trend! Thanks so much for sharing your inspirations and creations in your blog.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy 5th year of cake pops, and looking forward to the fun things that are coming up!

  65. My goodness, how quickly four years can go and how much can happen in that time!! Once in a while someone is touched with true inspiration….a real Einstein moment. There is a danger (with most instances I guess) that the moment passes and nothing comes of it, but you took the inspiration and ran with it. What an amazing journey it’s been, and I am sure there is still a long, long way to go! Congratulations on your continued success and long may it continue.

  66. I am a stay at home Mom who started my own cake business 3 years ago. I call myself “The Cake Baker’s Daughter”, as my Mom has been making cakes for 45 years. I found your recipe for cake pops last Summer and have made them several times. I haven’t tried any of the cute designs you have in your book (I received it as a gift for my birthday), but everyone loves the taste! Kudos! Your idea is the “true” cake pop. I don’t think these pop machines are the same thing. Mixing the cake with icing…that’s the BEST part! :) Happy Cake Pop Day!

  67. Yes you have definitely changed the world with Cake Pops…I do it for fun and creativity…my kids love them and people I make them for. :)

    Thanks again..

  68. Oh thanks Bakerella for this post. Yes, I did them for my kids and they were so happy, I saw stars in their eyes while they were saying “Waou Mum, it’s so beautiful!”. They are on my blog hereâteaux%20pour%20enfants
    Many french blogs did them too. Today, in a birthday, they become an “obligation”.
    Thanks for charing with us your ideas…and I wish you the best.

  69. I’ve made dozens of different kinds of cake pops and posted many of them on my blog. The most popular ones by far are the football cake pops I’ve made:
    but my personal favorites are the ones I made and used as place cards at my wedding:
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  70. I’ve made many many cupcake bites. The cake pops didn’t work out so well for my family. We loved them but really loved the cupcake bites. I have 4 daughters and they have all requested cupcake bites for their birthday parties – at least 2 years running. We’ve given them to school teachers and to church groups. They’ve been passed out for soccer and swim treats. I’ve referred many people to your site so they can make their own. Yay for Bakerella!

  71. Hi Bakerella! It’s my first post here :)
    It’s funny to run into this post now since I’m making your Hello Kitty pops today. I’ve got the strawberry cake in the oven right now. Not sure they’ll turn out perfect since it’s only my third or fourth time making cake pops, but it’ll be fun anyway!

    I’d like to thank you for making such an awesome and inspirational blog, and congrats on the anniversary!

  72. Congrats on the anniversary! The first time I visited your blog was after seeing a tweet you sent to someone I was following (same way I found Pioneer Woman) – lucky day for me! I haven’t made any cake pops yet but after telling my daughter about you (way back when I found your site) she made them, took them to work and they were an instant hit. She gets requests for them all the time. Good luck to you on your future endeavors!

  73. Congratulations! You should be very proud of your accomplishments, and to know what a great impact, and how many lives you have touched because of you (and your creations)!
    I am marking February 1st on my calendar, so that I can join you next year for Cake Pop Day!

  74. Happy Pops-aversary!!! cake pops have changed my cake-loving life! I only make them for myself, my family and friends, and share them on the blog sometimes. They are my favorite things ever and they’re so easy and fun to decorate!

    Here’s the link to the last pops I made as practice for my son’s upcoming first birthday!!

  75. Hard to believe it all started just 4 years ago! Cake pops certainly have made a mark on the baking world. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story.

  76. I loved reading this! And I think we SHOULD declare today, “Cake Pop Day.’ National, International, whatever, just declare today THE DAY! I made beach ball cakepops last week for my daughters 1st birthday… And have made tons of varieties before then. I always love seeing what new fun themes you’ll come up with next!

  77. Woot! For National Cake Pop Day :D Congrats sweetheart! All of your joy shines through, which has lead you to much deserved success :D {{hugs}}

  78. Hi again from Spain !!!

    You gave me a new reason and a new way to create sweet things. We even invented a new word for cake balls in Spain “bizcobolas”. It is not a pretty word but it is funny and that’s all I wanted from it.

    It was a privilege to meet you via internet. You are so creative, so sweet, so generous, so… Well, I thin you have a very very very big heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing a piece of them with us and for starting this cake pops crazines over the world. :-) <3

  79. Your Cake Pops were definitely an inspiration! They are one of my favorite things to make & are my family/friends favorite things to eat! Everyone loves them & I owe it all to you & your genius idea! I’ve posted them on my blog once, but I make them constantly! LOVE you, your book, and your ideas :)

  80. I forgot to add. The day is almost over in Spain but next year (if depite Mayas there is still a world) I promise to do my best to celebrate the CTTC day in Spain. :-)

  81. I have been following you for about three years, trying all kinds of different pops and other baked goods. I have made pops to sell at an auction for disadvantaged kids, I have made them as a fundraiser for the spouses association here and I have made them for my kids as favors on their birthday (and a million times in between). I have your book and I love how detailed your instructions are, you make me feel like I can brighten someone’s day even if I’m not the greatest baker or crafter out there. Thank you!

  82. Happy National Cake Pop Day!! :-)
    I’ve made them for fun before and took them to a party once. Everyone loved them!!

  83. I bought your book for several months ago and it was very difficult for me to find candy melts here in Belgium until last week :o). Some shops have begun to sell it. Thank God! Happy Cake Pop Day everybody and thank you Bakerella for all your ideas. You have an amazing talent!!

  84. I’ve been following your blog since before that fateful day in 2008–and it just thrills me to death to see your cookbook on the shelves! I will be making cakepops tonight to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of your cleverness :)

  85. Happy 4th anniversary!

    You inspired me to make cake pops for my daughters 3rd birthday last February and have since set up my own cake pop bakery business here in the UK! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love the idea of an international cake pop day!

    Here’s my website and my facebook page

    Looking forward to seeing your exciting new plans!

  86. You have been such an inspiration for me! The first time I made cake pops, they failed miserably. I tried again, and success! I got so good at them that I made 800 pops for a charity event. It was a lot of work, but I had so much fun doing it.

  87. I have been following you for a little while now. I came across your site awhile back and fell in love with it. I love to tune in every week to see the new posts and look at your recipes for other desserts. I have made the hello kitty pops for my goddaughter’s birthday last year. I actually had a conversation about you and your website to my male coworker. I was telling him about your cake pops and the post you made last week. I told him also that maybe I might start making a little blog one day.

  88. I came across your blog about 18 months ago. I was looking for a fun back-to-school treat to make my kids and found your apples. I was instantly challenged by and hooked on cake pops!

    Your experiment has changed my life. I have gone from a stay at home mother of three to owning my own business, selling my cake pops all over Chicagoland and out of a bakery store front in town. This turn of events has taken all of us by surprise, but I’m embracing all of it and seeing where it takes me. It is so exciting!

    I am forever thankful for your blog, creativity, inspiration and guidance! Happy Anniversary, Bakerella!!!

  89. Happy Cake Pop Day!!! I am so glad to be a reader and a fan of you, Bakerella! You have inspired so many of us. I make cake pops & everyone I know loves them. I started out making them for fun and sharing them with people, soon after you shared your technique on here, and that turned into making them by the dozen and selling them. Last October I had a big order for a wedding (250 pops!), and I designed a stand to make for the display (it looked like a cake). They are great, and I must say your technique is the best all around. The machines/molds that make them are just not the same as the real deal.
    It seems almost every week I have someone placing an order for a dozen or more. It’s such a pleasure making them and being able to share their awesomeness with others.
    Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

  90. Bakerella-I declare, you could say “HI” on your sight and have a 100 people send their regards. I am a Totally Disabled Chef; I have Titanium Knees and Migraines so I am home all day/every day. I do Cake Pops, Decorated Cookies and other “treats’ and just give them away. Making Cake Pops is really quite therapeutic. I do not have a blog-maybe some day. This past Monday, I made Cake Pops for my Niece’s niece who is 12 and just diagnosed with a fast-growing Liver Cancer. Amy is doing a Benefit this Saturday to help with the cost. I am not YET a POPSTAR, but someday! My sister, Deb, and I met for coffee & conversation at a Target and your POPS sat proudly there. I did buy your POP Book, but ended up giving it to one of our Grand Daughters,but I plan to buy one for myself soon. YOU ARE ONE WONDERFUL, CREATIVE STAR, BAKERELLA. I would like to learn how to mae it look so easy. I’m behind you~100% on a National Day~or Let’s have a CP Parade!!!

  91. Happy Cake Pop Day! I stumbled upon your website a few years ago, and ever since then I look forward to waking up Monday mornings to read your latest post (typically that’s when you post them I’ve realized) I’ve always been obsessed with baking, but after seeing your website and trying them out I’ve been hooked on making them. I’ve started a little baking side business, and cake pops seem to be everyone’s favorite! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come with all of this! xo Cali

  92. Wow, how time flies. I didn’t realize how long it had been, but once I got to thinking about, I remembered it was almost three years ago that I first saw your cake pops, made them, and put them on my little family blog! Here’s the link, if you’re interested: I haven’t made them since, despite my best intentions, so we might have to celebrate Cake Pop Day and make a batch! My husband went to The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last year and watched Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman from Food Network demonstrate making cake pops. He even got to try one. And to think, it all started with you! Thanks for sharing your vision.

  93. I am making this Cake Pop Day for sure! I cried when I read your post because cakepops have changed my life as well! I stumbled on to your blog about three years ago and fell in love with something that I never heard of but knew instantly was brilliant. I debuted cupcake pops to my town at a friends birthday party knowing that it would start a sensation. I have a cakepop business in my home now and love making them because they make me and the people I make them for so happy! I shared with my family wen you went through your surgery this year and they all prayed for you because I told them how much you meant to me! I know you won’t think that’s weird because I know that you are a kindred spirit! May the Lord continue to bless you as you are such a blessing to others! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  94. OMG Bakerella, you are the QUEEN of cake pops!

    Yes I following your facebook pages, and have posted many of my work on there. Yours are always absolutely perfect! You have paved the way for many of us, who have opened a business just selling cake pops. I’m from Whitby, Ontario (just outside of Toronto) in Canada, and cake pops are only now creeping into Canada. A lot of people still never heard of them, and they go crazy for them! I’ve made character ones, celebrities (Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj, Snooki), and recently been getting orders for ‘adult’ ones….the options never run out.

    Here’s my facebook:

    I would love to be a pop star! My journey has started just over a year ago when I made my first cake pop. Six months after I was featured in the local newspaper, and just last month was on a local TV show, doing a mini demo! It truly is a passion and I’m so glad you’ve been there to inspire me.

    Thank you again to you for inspiring me with your beautiful work, and ‘allowing’ other cake pop artists to post pictures to your facebook page. I know you’ve had to go through some things the past year or so, and please believe me when I say we all think & pray for you & you have sooooo many people out here who love you!!

    Thanks again & keep on poppin’!!

    Lori Igwe
    Sweet Tooth Cake Pops

  95. Your story is so very amazing. I saw you on Martha that day and it wasn’t until months later I tried to make cake pops on my own. My first attempt was EPIC FAIL. Which only pushed me to try them again and again until I got it right. It was those darn cute cupcake pops that got my little home based biz started too. I made those cupcake pops and sent a pic to my friend who said I needed to get serious and sell them. So I must thank you for the inspiration and also thank my friend for pushing me off of the clif I would of never had the guts to start out on this cake popin adventure if it wasn’t for her support. It definetly has changed my life!! I have a cake pop fan page with over 1,000 fans that I LOVE and adore. Thank you and have a Happy National Cake Pop Day!!!

  96. Congratulations to you! I’ve been following you since those very first pink pops and have enjoyed your posts the entire time. This is the only blog I keep up with that I always find enjoyable; I never get bored with what you’re posting.

    I attempted plain cake balls just before Christmas. They came out looking more like cake bombs, but they tasted great!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


  97. You totally rock!! I remember seeing this post 4 years ago and fell in love. I knew instantly this would be something great. I was so excited when you started on your book and I pre-ordered and screamed with delight when I finally had it in my hands. I wish you nothing but continued success and Im excited to know what else is in store…Keep being blessed…

  98. You were not the first person to come up with cake balls. They’ve been around for quite awhile; in fact the recipe for them on dates back to 2006. You may have been one of the pioneers in putting a stick in them but the original cake ball has been around much longer than this blog.

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