Cake Pops

It’s real. It’s printed. It’s on its way to warehouses and bookstores and stuff. And, it’s crazy. When I started this blog I would never have thought of myself having a book. Ever. Especially one about cake on a stick. I mean really. It’s crazy. Crazy wonderful. I can hardly believe it.

But it is real. My publisher sent me an advance copy to prove it… and I was just plain giddy when I opened it. I gave it a big hug. There was a significant amount of squealing, too.

I really have to thank all you guys. When I first started making the cupcake pops I didn’t realize how popular they would become and especially how quickly. So many of you had questions and were excited to make your own that it inspired me to want to keep making them for you. And then I wanted to make them better and see just how far I could take them. I made so many that after a while, it just made sense to put them together in a book. A book that would also hopefully help answer some of the questions you’ve asked along the way. So thanks for inspiring me to push myself.

Want to see?

Just a little maybe?

Okay. You talked me into it.


Look at the cute, colorful cover.

Hardcover. Yay!


And here’s the spine…


…with wiro-binding inside!

Pink wiro-binding which is extra awesome.


It makes everything prettier when it’s laying flat.

Oh yeah… there’s also a bunch of pop projects inside. Some from the site and just as many brand new.


And look… there’s even some step-by-step stuff. I hope this helps.

P.S. That’s me pretending to be a hand model.


Pages. Real pages and lots of them.

All that rolling and dipping and decorating. The writing and photography and editing. Hours and hours at the computer. Did I really do all that? Was that me? So much work, but so worth it to see it all finished.


Plus, when I look inside … it just makes me happy.


I hope it makes you happy, too. Especially all of you who’ve made cake pops. Give a shout out if you’ve tried them before. I’d love to hear.

Cake Pops available in September or you can pre-order from the following…


Barnes and Noble


Chronicle Books

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992 comments on “Cake Pops”

  1. I’m so excited to get your book!!! It’s pre-ordered and boy am I ready for it!!! I’ve made the cake pops and everyone that has tried them, has loved them!

  2. Hi there,

    Congrats !!!

    i have pre-ordered at amazon germany ! *yay*

  3. So proud of you!!! Congratulations!!! I will be one of the first to get my copy – I can’t wait. And yes, I’ve made them several times – people just love them.

  4. Congrats so happy for you!

  5. Love it!! It looks so cool!! :) Congrats.

  6. My copy is already preordered and I live in Canada. I also plan on giving this as my “to my wonderful nieces” present that I usually take a year to plan and you have gotten the theme on track early with this wonderful book!!! Way to go! Be Proud!! What a great feeling I am sure. Any plans for a second book??? Maybe how to start a cooking blog :-)
    Your Canadian Fan, Lori

  7. kudos to you & your wonderful talent & creative side!!
    your blog is always a great place to be…& now the book release
    how very exciting…
    i do look forward to meeting you on your book tour!!!

  8. So excited for your book – it looks fabulous!! I have made the Santa hat cake pops, and they turned out adorable (not to mention delicious) and I got so many compliments on them!

  9. Wow…awesome. Cute book!! I think this calls for a cookbook giveaway!!

  10. I cant wait to get your book I love your website!!! :-)

  11. I am so happy for you! I can’t wait to get a copy!!

  12. Congratulations! I love making Cake Pops and always get rave reviews. I cannot wait until your book is out.

  13. Oh hooray, I will definitely buy this! Congrats

  14. CONGRATULATIONS on the long awaited arriival of your Pops cookbook–you are probably floating from place to place. I visit your site everyday and am constantly telling others about your blogspot. When you were a young girl growing up, did you ever imagine or dream about what you are doing now? I find you to be an inspiration to all females of all ages—I think you ROCK and want to thank you for blessing so many of us out here in cyberspace—i wish you were my neighbor or at least lived in my hometown :) God bless you,Bakerella !!!

  15. Hi,
    so excited for you!! Who says dreams don’t come true?

  16. So excited to see this book! I preordered it as soon as you said it was available. Can’t wait! You have inspired so many people! Myself included. Are you thinking of a book tour? Definitely do that! And find your way up to Cincinnati, or close. I’d love to meet you.

  17. Congrats!!!!! Very excited for you! :o)

  18. Congrats!!!! that is a awsome accomplishment!!! Cant wait to get my copy!!!

  19. Encore!!!!!!! First congatulations, looking forward to your first book, so looking forward to your next.

  20. Congratulations! That must be surreal to see your own book. I can’t wait to see it. I’ve tried your cake pops before (as a back-to-school treat) and although they didn’t look as great as yours, they were still super fun. My bakerella attempt:

  21. Congrats! And I love the spiral binding – All cookbooks should have spiral binding!

  22. Congratulations!

  23. so, So, SO happy for you!!!!! I preordered my copy on a week ago! I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail. I am quite the blog reader, and I must say that your blog is in my top 3 favorites!!! :)

  24. Congrats on making it a reality! I’ve made cake pops 3 times so far (Elmo & Oscar, pigs, and Easter eggs) & will be making them again next weekend for a friend. Thanks for your inspiration! Can’t wait to see the book in my hot little hands.

  25. Congratulations!!! I am sure you will find the book very successful, and truly worth all your hard work..I have preordered a few for friends for gifts..lmao Now I HAVE to have one for me!! I have done several variations on your pops and they are always big hits!! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts!! KEEP IT UP………PLEASE!

  26. Well done, Bakerella! You never know where life will take you and I know you will have every success! Best wishes always.

  27. Yaaaaaay!! I can already pre-order it here in Sweden! :DD
    Congratulations, and I can’t wait till it’s out! :D

  28. Congrats!!! That is so incredibly exciting, how cool! You make such wonderful things and it’s so wonderful that your creativity was recognized and that you have your own book, what an achievement!

  29. I’m so jealous Bakerella! Congratulations your wonderful little baker!

  30. Congrats! So happy for you. I can only imagine what it feels like to see your name in print. How exciting!
    I have tried making the cake pops before. Super yummy, but my technique to make them look pretty still needs a LOT of work.

  31. I can’t wait to get mine!! You deserve this moment to shine! (and I’m sure, many others!) Congrats!!

  32. Congratulations! So much hard work, but it was all worth it, I’m sure!

    I’ve made your cake pops a few times now. Cupcake ones for a few birthday parties and pumpkins for Halloween. Now I just need to slow down some in the baby department (we have three boys, three and under) and then maybe I’ll have the time to make some more. Can’t wait to get the book and be inspired! :)

  33. a million congratulations!
    that is such a wonderful achievement.

  34. I am so happy for you! You are now a household name!!! When I make cake pops people always say, “I love Bakerella”. No need to even explain!


  35. OMG! OMG! OMG! I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations!!! Amazon, here I come!!!

  36. Fantastic – Huge Congrats to you, as your labor of love comes to fruition!

  37. Well done, you should be very proud of yourself.

  38. I tried to make some but they fell off of the stick. Can’t wait to get your book and am so very happy for you!!

  39. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book. It looks awesome and congratulations. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas.

  40. congratulations on your book! i haven’t made cake pops yet, but i’ve been wanting to. i’m definitely going to have to get your book. :)

  41. DEFINTELY pre-ordering! awesome!
    congrats bakerella…. publishing is an huge acheivement.!
    love cake pops. yum yum yum. i made some and sold them at a market and they were a HUGE hit! but mine were not perfect like yours. you have serious cake skills xox

  42. I cannot wait to get the book and try making cake pops. Congrats on your success, I see how hard you work on this blog and how creative you are. You have the gift of making people happy and have shared your talent with us all. Thank you so much. Paulette

  43. WOW!! The book looks fantastic! Congratulations :)

  44. Finally! the most awaited book is out! yehey! =) Congrats Bakerella =) cant wait to have my copy,hopefully its available in Australia =)

  45. I sooo want that book! I hope it comes to Belgium too, otherwise I’ll have to purchase it online.

  46. Hi bakerella, congratulation$ on your book! I want to buy online but may i know how long will it reach malay$ia?

  47. Yes! I’ve made cake pops…thanks to you! Congrats on your book!

  48. congrats …. your book is very atractive …. nice colors

  49. Congratulations!

    It looks sensational.
    I can’t wait to order me a copy.

  50. WOW!!! Congratulations!!!! :D

  51. Woo Hoo!! I just pre-ordered it from Amazon! What an awesome book to add to my collections of cookbooks! I can’t wait to make everything in it!!

    So happy for you!! Congratulations!!

  52. Congrats! What a gorgeous looking book. Hopefully someday my cake pops will turn out as amazing as yours. Until then we will just enjoy the rustic look of mine :)

  53. Yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!! Sooo awesome and so crazy excited for you! I remember when my sister first sent me the link for your cake pops. I was so bummed because I had just finished my daughter’s first birthday party and I would have loved to have made them for that. I did however make them for a “sweet exchange” that I hosted. Everyone loved them! They were so fun to make. I’m yet to find the confidence to try the more elaborate versions. Can’t wait to get my own copy and then have you sign it in San Francisco!!!

  54. oooooh i can hardly wait for mine!!! even if it was just a boring old brown book i would be excited! but oh my goodness, PINK wiring, hello, i can hardly wait. i just might be jumping up and down when i get mine!!!!!

  55. “Cake on a stick”–LOVE that! It’s cake. It’s on a stick. What’s not to love? I’ve made them for 3 or 4 occasions now, and they are always a hit. Can’t wait to get my copy of the book and to make my next batch of cake-on-a-stick!

  56. Congrats! Awesome book!

  57. Oh my goodness! I cannot wait! Congrats!

  58. Congratulations on the book! I look forward to buying it :)
    I tried making the plain cake pops for my daughter’s birthday but they didn’t come out as pretty as yours. Still, everyone loved how good it tasted and I gave out links to your site to everyone at the party :)

  59. Congratulations!! what a lot of love has gone into that book along with the work! I will definitely see if I can get my hands on a copy. I have been contemplating making some cakepops for my daughters birthday this weekend, might have to now!

  60. I can’t wait till I get my very own copy!! Yippie…
    Congratulations BAKERELLA!!!!

  61. Congratulations! It looks beautiful!

  62. I ordered your book the minute I found your website!

    I keep making my cake pops and introducing my friends to your website and your book (to pre-order it)!!! I have made the cupcake pops, Elmo cake pops, cupcake bites and pops of various colors/decorations.

    I make your cake pops and cake bites at least once a week–sometimes two!!! I finally bought my Kitchen Aid since I am baking all the time now that I read your blog. I have been shopping for supplies, baking and decorating non-stop since June.

    I just got done making Elmo cake pops and they are still talking about them! My son keeps asking for more and he’s two! I actually planned the party around the Elmo cake pops.

    I also called cake pops for back to school, New Years Eve, Super Bowl and nearly all the major events in my circle. I told them that it’s not me, it’s Bakerella!

  63. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! I’m so happy to see this book… I just want to ask you a signed one. Would it be possible?

  64. So happy for you! You are a very talented person. I’ve made cake pops a couple times (Red Velvet) and my family loved them. I’m still trying to get the chocolate covering down…I have issues with it. I guess practice will make perfect and my family doesn’t mind the mistakes! The book looks AWWESOOOME!

  65. A hearty congratulations on your book being published! I can’t imagine how exciting that must be! You deserve it, and I know it will do well. I live on the south side of Atlanta so if you have a book signing I might even get to come!

  66. I just love to follow all of your perfect goodies you create, i will be buying the book ASAP ! So exciting ,congratulations from NZ

  67. OMG I love it!!! I hope they’ll publish this in the UK soon also :) Congrats also of course, am sure you must be ecstatic!

  68. Made some cakepops for a baby shower once – blew everyone away and I couldn’t stop eating them! So happy for you! And grateful to you for sharing such a wonderful thing with all of us!

  69. PS- I make cake pops for every Holiday and pot luck. I am not so good at the super-fancy ones, but the plain ole round ones… I am GOOD with. I just decorate with contrasting drizzled candy melts and some matching sprinkles. They are ALWAYS the first thing gone.

  70. I will be pre-ordering this. Honestly, it could not have happened to a sweeter, kinder, more-humble person. Congratulations!

  71. btw i took pictures of the ones i made!
    front cover of my website :D thanks! :)

  72. wow! what an inspiration! :)

    i loved making cake pops!
    i would love to buy this book and make more! :)

  73. Yay! I actually pre-ordered mine over a month ago! I have been following you for years and infact was just talking about you and your wonderful cake balls tonight at one of my passion parties! You are an inspiration to all that love to bake as a hobby.

  74. I hope I can pre order here in the Netherlands, book looks delicious

  75. Congratulations!! I know you must be so happy and proud! You deserve to be! I can’t wait to read it and experiment! I’ve tried basic cake balls, I’m ready to step it up! :)

  76. Thank you for the inspiration.

  77. Congratulations!!! I cant wait to have it!

  78. It looks wonderful! I can’t wait to get it! :)

  79. can’t wait :)
    this will make a great birthday gift for my cousin!

  80. your excitement is contagious… congratulations!

  81. I don’t bake (i have no oven D:) but I feel like buying your book!!!!

  82. woooohooooooo so good to see you have it in your hot little hands………………….congrats !

    i have pre-ordered mine………but i wish i could have it signed……..will you ever get to australia????????

    can’t wait for my copy !!!!!!!

  83. I’m doing the happy dance b/c I can’t wait to have my hands on your book! It’s exhausting going back and forth online to your site, I can’t spend that much time here, I have housework!

  84. been waiting for this to come out! :) congratulations

  85. Oh myyyyyyyyy
    Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkk fo publishing a book and share your tips with us.
    I’m going to put it in my wishlist :)

  86. What a fantastic accomplishment – Congratulations!

  87. P.S. It looks AWESOME!

  88. I would be GIDDY too!!! I can’t even imagine…I already ordered one! YAY for me!

  89. it looks great!! congratulations!

  90. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Felicidades =) Big Fan ?

  91. I’ve already pre ordered at Amazon and I live in Singapore!! Loved your work and would love to look into the book when i get my hands on it !! A pity candy melts isn’t widely available in our country…

  92. Any chance one of us … ME… could win a free copy? (insert big hopeful grin here) :)

    CONGRATS! Love your site, your inspiration, your hard work, and all the creativity. Thanks for sharing such great ideas with us.

  93. So Fun!!! Love the pink binding!!!

  94. Congratulations! What a masterpiece!

  95. Oh my gosh this is amazing! Congratulations! Isn’t it great to see the fruits of your efforts?


  96. I’ve tried them a few times and get better and better. I look forward to getting the book. Only $13.46 when pre-ordered from Amazon!

  97. CONGRATS on your book! It looks so CUTE and I really want one!

    You did a great job putting it together. (For me, I’m so glad you added a few step-by-step pages!!!!) You should be very proud of it and of you!

  98. I cannot wait to buy this book! Congrats! Your cake pops have made me look like a dessert super star and I’m so grateful. I’ve never seen the robot ones before. My 4 year old guy will go nuts!!
    You’re just peachy.

  99. congrats on your book! what a big accomplishment. Can’t wait to get it!

  100. Congrats! That is very exciting! I love the binding.

  101. Congratulations I am happy for you and your dreams ….lovely.

  102. congrats on your book!! i’m happy for you. :)
    i’ve made the hello kitty pops for my daughter to give for valentine’s day to her classmates — they were cute, but not any where near as cute as yours!

  103. I want the book now! I recently went to Brownsville (I live in Mexico) and I was looking so badly for the book, I thought it was in stores now, but I only found the Pioneer Woman cookbook.
    I’ll wait till September… but i’m very anxious I want the book in my hands!! :D

  104. congratulations, what a cool accomplishment!!

  105. SO AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this!! Your blog is one of the best, I love reading it. I’m so glad there’s a book to go along with my addiction now!

  106. I pre-ordered the first time you even mentioned it. I cannot WAIT. You deserve every single compliment, award, kuddo, bravo, and acknowledgment you get. Congrats!

  107. i want one, now! congratulations!

  108. Congratulations!! What an incredible accomplishment. I always love making your cake pops and I can’t wait to pick up this book!

  109. Congratulations!
    I don’t have the patience to make cake pops. I make cakes and easy cookie recipes – LOL HOWEVER, I want this book. I think if you bake or create in any way, things like this can inspire you to try something new. My birthday is in October….it’s on my wish list…and, I just added it to the list of gift ideas for Christmas gifts for others. What a pretty book and the spine/spiral thing – way cool.

  110. Wow that is so wonderful! I’ll be putting it on my birthday list!

  111. omw iv been waiting:) def going to place my order now!!!

  112. I just went and added this to my ‘wishlist’. That way the hubs will know I want it when he starts looking for presents :)

  113. Is that a popcorn cake pop I spy? Awesome.

    Congratulations, and how delightful to have something solid to hold in your hands to show for all of that work.

  114. Congrats on the book! I am excited for it. I have made cake pops a few times, but I haven’t been able to get the dipping part right. They’re fun to make though!

  115. So exciting! It looks beautiful! Congratulations! I made cupcake pops for my daughter’s b-day a couple of years ago. (They are in one of your galleries) Wish I could get a better look at the robot pops for my son’s b-day in September!

  116. Aaaahh! How are you even containing your excitement!? I love it already – you had me at pink wiro-binding! :)

    I have definitely made cake pops. They were so much fun and anything that mixes cake and frosting and covers it in cuteness – irresistable!

    Congrats on book #1!

  117. I’m so happy for you!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to have a copy ;)

  118. Congratulations! You totally deserve this!

  119. I’m so excited!!! It’s gorgeous. Congratulations!

  120. I’ve made a few of them. I thought they looked great, but not as great as yours. Can’t wait until I can have the book in my hands! Congratulations!

  121. So excited for you, Angie!

  122. Congratulations!
    I’ve made pops several times and they are a HIT whenever I do! You are a genius!

  123. Congratulations on publishing your book!

    I’ve tried to make cake pops twice. I can’t get the smooth, pretty coating that you do, but they taste great anyway! For my daughter’s birthday, I used the mini cones (regular, not sugar), put the cake pop filling in the base of the cone with some candy melt to glue it in, and then a cake ball on top to look like the scoop of ice cream. The kids love them, and they tasted even better a couple days later after the cone had softened just a bit. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  124. it’s beautiful! i can’t wait to find it in a store by me and BUY it :)

  125. I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

    I have made cake pops before! I made them for a bake sale my son was having to raise money to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree this summer. They sold out! Everyone LOVED them!

    Thank you!

    P.S. My son is at the Jamboree as I type this!

  126. Congratulations on the book! I love cake pops!

    I’ve made:
    red velvet dipped in chocolate,
    chocolate dipped in chocolate,
    strawberry dipped in chocolate and white chocolate, and
    mint dipped in chocolate…the possibilities are limitless.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  127. I totally just pre-ordered mine!!! I can’t wait to get it.

    Congrats. I can’t wait to get it.

  128. I’ve made your pops before. Congrats on the book, it looks AWESOME.

  129. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I pre-ordered the book a while ago – I CANNOT wait for it to arrive in my mail :-) I have made cake pops a few times already, and they have been major hits with everyone who tried them!!!!

  130. Promise if I buy your book I will be able to make your cupcake sticks? I love your blog and all the creative energy you put into every project.

  131. Soooo excited for you!!!! i’m pre-ordering it now from Amazon. I am so happy for you!! All that hard work…your pictures are stunning!!! you should look into photography on the side :) hehehe! Everyone loves your cake pops and I’ve turned so many people to your website!!!

  132. I have not made the cake pops, but have always admired them on your blog. They are so cute! I can’t wait for the book to come out.. In fact, I am pre-ordering it now from Amazon. It is a beautiful book. I am a “cookbook-aholic” and I love all kinds of cookbooks. I especially love the hot pink spiral binding so that it will lay flat. Love & blessings from NC!

  133. I can’t wait to get it in September I will be looking for it!

  134. My first experience with your blog was making the cute apples for all of the fellow teachers at my school last fall. They loved them!

    I’ve since made 2 sets of cake pops, which I found much easier than the apples, because of being able to swirl them on the sticks, instead of a spoon :) One set of pops for a friend’s baby shower and another for a friend’s future sister-in-law’s bridal shower :)

    I’m planning to make more in the next few weeks, and will definitely have to ask my husband to pre-order the book for my birthday, which is also in September! :)

    Congrats and thank you for showing us such a fun — and tasty — project! I second #64, please come to Chicago!

  135. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to get mine… mine, mine all mine!!!!
    How about a contest for a signed copy????

  136. How absolutely fabulous to have this amazing thing become so real for you.

  137. PLEASE tell me there is a chance of you doing a world tour book signing! If there is, come to CHICAGO!! I will be the first in line! This is what I am getting for holiday gifts for my fabulously creative friends…with…a set of cake pops of course…made by yours truly!!

  138. Congrats Bakerella! It looks amazing!!!

  139. I’ve made them, and I am eagerly counting the days until the book comes out!! I am getting your book as one of my special 18th birthday presents!! I love your blog Bakerella, and your recipes always make me smile!! :D

  140. That’s so AWESOME….Congratulations! I am putting this book on my Santa’s wish list with lots & lots of stars next to it!

  141. Mine is already on pre-order at Amazon! :] I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I hope you do a book tour to Pittsburgh PA!!!! I’m also going to make a batch of cake pops tomorrow to get me ready!

  142. That’s fricking awesome! I think the wiro binding is fab, I just hate dealing with regular binding when it comes to cookbooks – CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. cant wait to buy the book!!! Congrats to you!

  144. Can’t wait!

  145. I love it! Love the pink spiral binding. Can hardly wait to see it in person. Congrats!

  146. Amazing!! Can’t wait to get one in my hands!

  147. Just placed my order! I am SO pumped!!
    Great job on the book! It is really beautiful.

  148. I cannot wait to get this in my grimy paws! So awesome! Excited for you! Congrats!

  149. PS THANKS for making it a spiral binding! BRILLIANT!

  150. Awsome but i could never get your book as im in new zealand =( But an amazing colourful book!!

  151. You must feel so proud and I am so pleased for you! As I said before, I’ve made your pops to GREATacclaim and I’ve always directed everyone to you for the credit. Can’t wait until my copy of the book arrives (I pre-ordered it)!

    Hugs, a quick hop and a little clap,

  152. Congratulations on your book! You are so amazing! We will definitely be buying one.

    I’ve only attempted to make cheesecake pops once, and they were a huge hit. Can’t wait for more ideas and guide to make them better! :)

  153. I am very excited to get your book. I ordered it from so long ago and can’t wait for it to get to my front door! I make cakeballs all the time and everyone just loves them.

  154. Totally deserved and can’t wait to see it for myself in real life.

  155. Eeeee, congratulations, this is so fantastic! I especially love those robot ones, I hadn’t seen those before :)! I *just* tried to make some earlier this week, and had all kinds of chocolate fails — I am still working on getting my coatings to be so beautifully smooth like yours, but in a pinch, my ganache is tasty + pretty ;) Congrats again!!

  156. Congratulations! It looks beautiful!!!

  157. Wow, how thrilling it must feel to see your own work flower into something that will last forever! Congratulations!!

  158. Fabulous news!!! Well done!

  159. I made the Mickey Cake Pops for my little sister’s graduation party and have made red velvet pops more times than I can count…thanks so much for all your recipes :)

  160. congrats!!! I am definitly buying a copy!!!!

  161. Congratulations on your book! It looks awesome! I’m the buyer at an indie bookstore and I know we are going to sell bunches. We are even going to feature it in our holiday catalog. Would you consider adding to your list of sites to buy the book from so that people might support both you and their local bookstore?

  162. congrats. You deserve it!

  163. Congratulations! I love the spiral binding on the INSIDE of a hardback. All cookbooks should be that way.

  164. That is so fabulous! You are such an inspiration! I’m thrilled with the pink spiral binding. Functional and cute! I get excited when someone leaves a comment on my blog. I can’t imaging what it feels like to have a real book. Take care and enjoy every minute of your cake pops adventure!

  165. CONGRATULATIONS! It’s insanely beautiful, and I’m just thrilled for you. What an amazing accomplishment and moment. Enjoy every single second.

  166. It looks amazing!! Thanks for the preview!

  167. Congratulations!! It looks amazing!! I can’t wait to get my own copy. And several more copies for friends, because I adore cake pops.

    Enjoy your success!

  168. Ahhh, congratulations! I can’t wait to bring my copy home! So exciting!

  169. I ordered mine already!!! Do I spy a koala bear???? =)

  170. Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL book! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  171. I made cake pops for Easter, but I think they have a lot more character than they are supposed to. They made me laugh!

  172. Congrats on your book! Red velvet cake balls are popular in my house.

  173. Congratulations on your book! You deserve the success from all of the hard work and inspiration you’ve provided to all of us! So excited to put my order in!

  174. I can’t wait to get it!!!! :)

  175. I am thrilled for you. I think you’re great and just want to wish you my heartfelt congratulations!!!!!

  176. FUN! FUN! FUN! I’m so excited for you :) Can’t wait to get a copy and see all your wonderful creations.

  177. I can’t wait to buy this book!! I have only tried the pops once (I actually just made cake balls) and it was a mess. I did what you said by only putting a small amount of the candy melts in the bowl so that it wouldn’t cool down as fast but it still got all gooey. How do you dip your cake balls without a stick? Would using a fondue burner work so it stays hot? THANKS!! Good luck with your book, I know it will do great!

  178. CONGRATS!! What a lovely book! I’ll be definitely looking this up for myself (a horrible non-baker, who always inspires to bake and make it look and taste good) and Christmas present for my sister in law (who is awesome at baking and so patient and has a cute family – my bro & nephew – to eat her sweet treats!)!!

  179. Ohh this is soo cute. .. I’ve done them a few times, I’m not so good at the dipping, but I’m sure I can get better — great even!

  180. Just ordered it! Can’t wait to see it. I’ve only made them once and I, like Karen, didn’t do nearly as good a job as you, but I’m determined to keep trying.
    Congrats on the book!!!

  181. I have made them once, and have a few things to learn to make them as wonderful as yours. My daughters and I will devour your book – it looks beautiful!

  182. Yes, we’ve made cake pops several times. They never come out looking like anything on you make, but we have fun. As a matter of fact, just this week my 4-year old son was asking to make them, and indeed, we will this coming week. And I just pre-ordered your book. Just for fun, since I know ours will NEVER look like yours… Congratulations!

  183. I cannot wait for the book to come out! Just CANNOT wait! I find so much inspiration from the projects you post on your site. Thanks for all that you share!

  184. I am so excited! I cannot wait to purchase this!!!! YAY!!! GRATS, GIRL!!!!

  185. That is just wonderful, congrats! It makes me so happy to see it done, not only because I like cake pops (and think you totally deserve this success), but now I can get a copy for my aunt, who loves to bake for her little girls, but for some strange reason doesn’t like reading blogs! She always make me print out neat recipes that I tell her about, and now I can just hand her a book! Fantastic!

  186. Congratulations on your book! I’d love to have one, but I can’t order it here in South America. I’m hoping you might someday have a giveaway with your book as the prize! Crossing my fingers!!!

  187. I pre-ordered my copy and I can hardly wait to get my hot little hands on it….CONGRATULATIONS to you!

  188. I’m SOOOOO Happy for you!! It looks like an AWESOME book!! =) Yayy Congratulations!!!

  189. OOOOOOH! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!! Congratulations, Bakerella! :)

  190. I want one……I am going to go pre-order right now. I am soooooo excited. I’ve made many cake pops. We love them.


  191. What an absolutely fantastic day you must be having. Congratulations….I cannot wait to buy my copy.

  192. Congrats on your new book!

  193. Probably without knowing it, you followed an old business strategy that says to be successful you should find a need, and then fill it. People have been either snacking on, or throwing away the trimmings from their cakes for years but you found a clever way to “recycle” cake scraps and even make a little money off them. Congratualtions on all you success and your first of many (I’m sure) books.

  194. Congratulations!!! It is perfect!!! I can’t wait to gift it to someone…and I hope someone gifts it to me as well! :)

  195. Congrats! I can’t wait to get a copy of the book.

  196. Wow, Wonderful book!! Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!!

  197. Did I see a koala pop? I can’t wait!

  198. Bravo! and just in time for gifting.

  199. Awesome! I totally made some cake pops today with my niece. It was amazing to make with an 8 year old!

  200. I love the look of your book! The colors are great! I am looking forward to finding it at a bookstore. Congratulations!

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