Candy Jewel Pops

Candy Jewel Pops

I shape cake pops all the time by hand, but you can also use some candy molds to help you make them. So, today I thought I’d show you a fun way to use the Gems Mold from my product line with Make’n Mold that came out last year. I love how cute and perfect they turn out.

Bakerella for Make'n Mold

The flexible silicone mold makes six different shapes.

Bakerella Wafers

I went with three of my bright candy wafer colors to make these.

Candy Pops

I love the Sunny Yellow, but they look really great in just plain white, too.

You can make solid candy pops by simply filling the molds completely with melted candy wafers and inserting a lollipop stick after the coating starts to set a little.

Cake Pop Jewels

To prepare the molds for cake pops, fill each cavity with melted candy coating.

Then turn the entire mold upside down and let the excess coating fall back out onto a wax paper-covered baking sheet. You may need to gently shake it a little to help it fall.

This is an easy way to make sure that the entire inside of the mold gets coated. And when the excess coating on the wax paper starts to set, you can remove it to reheat.

Let dry completely or place the mold in the refrigerator to help set quickly.

Cake Pop Jewels

Now that you have an outer shell, press cake pop mixture into the coated cavity leaving enough room on top for more melted coating to seal and also touch and attach to the coating already on the inside of the cavity.

Before the coating starts to set, insert a cake pop stick straight in.

Place the mold back in the refrigerator to set again.

To remove pops, gently separate the lip of the mold from the candy and then carefully push the shape out of the mold from the bottom.

Keep in mind that if you shake out too much coating in the beginning, leaving a thin shell, that the pop may break when removing.

Coated Sunflower Seeds

You can also use the same technique to fill the mold with small candy like these coated sunflower seeds.

Surprise Inside Jewels

Just let your recipients know there’s something fun to expect inside… and maybe give them a bowl ; ), so when they bite in they don’t make a mess.

Jewel Candies

I probably wouldn’t make these into pops though. Just serve them as standalone surprise inside candies.



Below are the Bakerella for Make’n Mold products used in this post if you want to give them a go.

You can find them in stores at A.C. Moore Crafts.

And, if there’s not a location in your area, you can also order online from Make’n Mold at the links below.


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38 comments on “Candy Jewel Pops”

  1. Melissa, I was wondering the same thing! Will absolutely be making them at some point, but how can they be sealed off without the coating filling the cavity as well?

  2. Dear bakerella. I really love your website i saw the candy shape molds i do a lot of baking i was trying to buy the candy shape bolds fo my mini cupcakes but unfortunately i cant find were i could buy them .

  3. Love the candy filled gems! How did you seal them so the candy coating doesn’t seep into the sunflower seeds?

  4. These look awesome Bakerella! I can’t wait to use them for my son’s pirate treasure at his 3rd birthday party next month. With that being said, I have to say that I am VERY disappointed about the shipping cost at Make N Mold. $10.95!!!! I ordered these and it came in HUGE box that my son can sit in. Not only was the price for shipping crazy it was also wasteful. It could have easily fit in a much smaller box or even an envelope.

  5. Adorable for the Valentine’s Day Holiday.

  6. Such a cute treat! Thanks for sharing!

  7. wow these look so cool and professional! Can’t wait to try them out! :)

  8. these look so good – love this idea!

  9. Love these ideas! I can’t wait to use the molds I got at Cake Pop Con!

  10. Love this! Cake pops even prettier and easier than before! Weeee!

  11. Where do you come up with this stuff?! You are amazing!

  12. I so love these! Love the surprise inside candies! :)

  13. Love the molds & this idea! I can’t seem to get the website to work though… I’ll keep trying, too cute not to have!

  14. Wow! These are ingenious! They look so perfect, and I love the candy coated sunflower seed surprise inside some of them too.

    My kids would die with mini chopped M&M’s inside, hehe.

  15. I can totally get on board with these shapes – I think I’ve o.d.’d my family and friends with my round little cake pops, and this will be a super surprise to them all! The fillings that can be used are inspiring – cake, fondants, candies, my oh my! This is brilliant – thanks Bakerella!!!

  16. Such a fun idea to fill them up with candies! Can’t wait to try it.

  17. These are so much fun! They would be adorable for a birthday or bachelorette party. I love the ones filled with candy but the cake pops are most impressive. The lines in the frosting are so sharp, they look like something you could only buy from a fancy bakery!

  18. Just saw these molds today at AC Moore! How fabulous for little girls, brides-to-be and all jewel-loving gals!
    Your ideas are fantastic as usual!

  19. Wow! So creative, fun and they look delicious. Well done!

  20. How fun. the possiblities are endless.

  21. OMG these look amazing! They look way too good to eat

  22. These are adorable!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. They will make great sleepover treats.

  23. WOW! angie – what a great idea! now I have a way to use all my cute silicone molds for cake pops! I’ve been able to use the molds to mold the cake mixture, but actually making the whole thing IN THE MOLD is genius!! (no dipping!!)
    thanks for all your wonderfully creative ideas. happy 2015.

  24. These are absolutely genious!! can think of sooo many things to do with them, cant wait to get a chance to try them!!

  25. Oh my gosh, those are stunning. I wonder if you could add something to make them glitter. I know a little girl who loves the new my little pony show and there’s a dragon who eats gems. These would be perfect for her birthday party.

  26. You are amazing! What a great idea! Definitely on my list to try! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Perfect for kiddie parties! I am definitely gonna try to make these.

  28. I love these! They look so pretty. Definitely on my list to try!

  29. Oh those are too cute. And a good way to propose-a real jewel in a fake one ;)

  30. The filled gems look amazing and from here look easier than dipping cake balls by hand. I’m going to have to try it out!

  31. These are drop dead gorgeous…beautifully done.

  32. These are so great! Love your post, as always! :)

  33. The colors are amazing!
    Super easy and stunning jewel pops, love it.

  34. Love this!! Do you think this will work with the other silicone molds from your line or would those not be deep enough?

  35. Love these little gems! I’d fill them with Jelly Belly’s for a fun surprise.

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