Pop Stars for $800

Something crazy happened yesterday. I started getting comments and tweets from people and friends that I was a question on Jeopardy. And I was like what?! No. That can’t be. I mean somebody must be mixed up. But, then last night I saw it… and oh my gosh! I was totally a clue on Jeopardy. Crazy!!! Below is a clip I posted on Instagram, but I thought I’d share here too because it’s so surreal.


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I love that John got the answer right… without hesitation… and then went on to win the show. YAY! I also love that John’s wife saw her husband on my instagram post and commented. Full circle I tell ya. Congrats on winning John… you’re the pop star!!!

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54 comments on “Pop Stars for $800”

  1. seriously awesome!

  2. That is so cool! I am so happy for you!

  3. Ohmygosh! I LOVE it! That is so awesome!!!

  4. Always think of you when I see them…in freezer cases, Starbucks… Jeopardy!!! So fun!!

  5. I saw this ! So cool for you !

  6. I was watching that episiode (and crocheting at the same time) and must have missed that question! This is so awesome! Congratulations!

  7. yay!! I watched this episode and was SO excited when you were a question! Congrats girlie!!! :)

  8. No way!! I’m guessing CAKEPOPS are going to Webster’s next :)

  9. See we always knew you were a POP STAR!!!!

  10. So awesome!!!

  11. Wow! That is the big time! :) Awesome!

  12. That really is SO COOL!! I must say…with all of the darling pops that you have made…they could have chosen a little cuter picture!!! Actually a LOT cuter picture!!! Your cake pops are the cutest ever!!!

  13. Yep ! My husband & I both shouted out the answer. LOL.

  14. I saw it and thought of you! Very cool!

  15. How awesome is that!

  16. This is so awesome !!!!!!

  17. This. Is. Awesome! You are the original pop star!

  18. That is so cool!!!! Congratulations

  19. That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!!! :-) Way to go John!

  20. Amazing!! Congratulations!! Wow!!

  21. This story is the best ever! My husband dreams of going on Jeopardy someday, so cool that you’ve “been” on it!!

  22. Congrats! That’s brilliant.

  23. So awesome!!!

  24. Angie, that is so, so cool! Wish I was watching because that’s one question I would have got right. I asked my husband the question thinking that he might not know it. And guess what, he knew that answer too!!! He said, “Of course I knew Bakerella, don’t you think I listen to you.” LOL. CONGRATS!

  25. That is so cool. What a fun surprise! Congrats :)

  26. I love the word play ” pop” stars! So cute…

  27. You know you’ve “made it” when… Congrats! So cool to be featured on Jeopardy!That’s my favorite show (I’m a nerd)!!

  28. That’s so cool! Way to go Bakerella!

  29. He answered so fast and I’m sure when he chose that category he was thinking of people, not goodies!
    Way to go oh famous one!

  30. Sooooo cool! Next come the NY Times Crossword!! Love your creativity. I bought two of your books yesterday. Looking forward to making cake pops with my little girl! God Bless You!

  31. That is freaking awesome! Congrats!

  32. I was watching and I thought to myself, “Bakerella, you’ve really made it to the big time!” Congratulations!!!!!

  33. Wow. One more confirmation that you have truly “arrived”. Fun clip. Congrats.

    Have a nice day.

  34. I was watching!! That’s so awesome!!

  35. You’re really in the big leagues now congratulations!

  36. holy-ca-moly!!!!!!!!!! I guess that’s it! The pinnacle! I can’t imagine what else is out there!! My gosh!! On Jeopardy!!!!!!! That is amazing and I can only imagine what a thrill it was!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You. Are. There!! :-)

  37. You should be a question on Jeopardy! You are awesome! Congrats John!

  38. Haha that’s so awesome!!!

  39. very hip…
    kudos to the Jeopardy researcher!

  40. We were watching, and I yelled out Bakerella! My husband thought I was so smart.
    Congratulations, you’ve really made it to the big times now!

  41. That is way cool!

  42. Oh that is awesome! How fun. :)

  43. I just bought your book since I’m planning to make some cake pops for my daughter’s baby shower & I’m an avid Jeopardy watcher. I got the answer correct! Congratulations!

  44. That’s too cool!

  45. That is awesome!

  46. This is soooo cool!! Way to go famous gal!!

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