Cha Cha Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a super last minute idea or more likely – an early idea for next year. Just something quick and cute.

And if you don’t need any treats, you might want to mosey on down towards the middle of this post.


I made little heart chocolates. Hi.


And packaged them up like tiny candy bars. Too cute. And thanks for reading.

This is super easy. You’ll need a candy mold though. The product number is in the photo below if you want to search for it. I found mine at Cake Art. The squares are 1.25 inch.

And because I have a mini candy coating store growing in my kitchen, I decided to use some of it up for these.


Melt pink candy coating and then using a toothpick, draw heart shapes in the cavity of the candy molds. Let it dry and then pour melted chocolate candy coating over the top. Mercken’s is what I used for these. Fill the cavity enough so it reaches the corners without overflowing and then tap the mold on the counter to settle and even out the coating. Repeat with the remaining cavities. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to set and then pop them right out of the mold and place on wax paper. Repeat and repeat until you have what you need.

Of course, you make these even easier and unwrap existing candy bars to use.


Now the fun part. I had these pink foil wrappers that were lonely and waiting to cuddle something. They were really too big for the bars I made so I cut them in half.


Lay the chocolate on the wrapper, fold the two short pieces first and then the long ones.

The foil is super thin so you can press it pretty flat.

These are also fun to wrap up your cake pops if you do simple decorations.


After your bars are all wrapped in foil, you can add paper wrappers.

I created these with different sayings.


Even one for the pinterest lovers out there.

Here’s a pdf if you want it.


Making your own wrappers is a cute gift or favor idea. Use the same process and create your own wrappers for your theme. You can turn any candy bar into something a little more special.

But now let me tell you why I really made these.

I bought something for myself a few weeks ago that I thought was the cutest thing ever.

Or at least the cutest thing that week.

It was on sale thank goodness. Wanna see?

It goes with the theme so far.

And it’s really what inspired these tiny wrapped chocolate bars.

But this chocolate is a little bit bigger.

And sassier.


The good thing is it won’t melt in my hands.

Check it out. A Cha Cha Chocolate Clutch.


From Kate Spade.

Loving the label.


And look at the chocolate candy clasp.

I die.


And the inside lining. So cute.


It’s pretty big, too. Actually it’s a really big clutch.


Big enough to carry all my cha cha chocolates.


Thankfully it has a chain strap, too.


And yes, I couldn’t help but make little Cha Cha labels. It’s just too much fun to say.

But I haven’t mentioned the best part about this bag. It turns out I didn’t just buy one.

Yep. Right now I have one for each hand and that just looks plain silly.


So who wants to help me out and take one of these off my hands?



Enter for a chance to win a Kate Spade Cha Cha Chocolate Clutch.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and say something sweet about someone you love. It’s that kind of day you know.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 6 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck!

Okay, cha cha time. Let’s see who won the cute clutch. By the way, I’m so glad I didn’t have to choose based on your comments. I would have never been able to pick. So many of you have the sweetest sweethearts in your lives. It made me so happy to read your comments. Smiles and smiles.

But the random winner is………

chachawinnerYay! Congratulations Gayl! Hope you have fun with the clutch.

Note: Giveaway sponsored by moi.


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4,045 comments on “Cha Cha Chocolate”

  1. I love CHOCOLATE…any kind!!! I’m spending this special day cuddled up with my husband and our new baby girl…Ellayna Marie! Happy Valentines Day!!

  2. thank you so much for sharing your marvelous ideas. i love them, even if i can’t buy the things i need to realize them here in germany ;)
    my special someone today is my grandpa. i take care of him since my mum/his daughter died ten years ago. now he is in hospital and i’m not sure if he’ll make this day. but it’s ok to let him go. i’m thankful for everything he teached me and every time we shared.

  3. My mother gave me a card that had me sobbing this morning… she is my strength!

  4. Me me me! Wow, that is just so cool. So send it to Finland, please! :) (pretty please… with sugar on top?)

  5. My husband means the world to me, without him, my life would not be complete. He is a hot, loving, sensitive, understanding man; the complete package.

    The chocolates look amazing!

  6. Thank you for all your ongoing inspiring ideas!
    Happy Valentines Day to my family who support my passion, and hobby for Baking :)

  7. Oh how adorable is that! I am thankful for a loving husband who not only works hard as a firefighter to support us but he puts up with me and all my crazy cooking ideas and eats whatever I make :O)

  8. That purse is amazing! I love that after almost 5 years of marriage, my husband still asks me every morning if I slept well. So sweet.

  9. What adorable little chocolates! I live in a houseful of boy valentines… My wonderful hubby who wrestles with the littles most every night no matter how exhausted he is from work. And of course my two blonde cherubs (6 yrs and 19 mos) who keep my days as lively as can be. I can’t wait to celebrate all 3 with the cupcakes we’re making later!

  10. This is too cute! I just love your blog and can always count on a fabulous new idea for each holiday! You inspire me!

  11. So cute and cute purse too!
    I really adore my best friend, she’s there whenever I need her. Even dropping everything to come and stay with me when I had a crisis last year.
    She’s the best! The sweetest! I would love to give this purse to her as a thank you.

  12. my baby and my hubby are my heart <3

  13. Hi, Bakerella!
    I love your ideas.
    The love of my life is Cristian. He makes me smile everyday.
    Recently, we decided share the rest of our lives.
    I’m sorry about my bad english, I’m from Argentina.
    Best wishes for you and happy valentine’s day!

  14. I heart the clutch!

    My niece is my sweetest valenetine. Especially when she tells me I’m “cool” – high praise from a kindergartener!

  15. Is there anything better than hearing little Sophie’s voice calling me in the morning and look at my husband laying in the bed next to me? Happy Valentines Day <3

  16. I am lucky enough to have a husband and toddler whom I love dearly. My hubs takes care of us and the house and car and my son takes care of making me laugh every day. This bag would take care of my style needs..hint hint.

  17. Happy Valentines Day to my sweet hubby who is the best in the world and makes me feel beautiful and loved.

  18. My love is Brad, he is so rad! I’ve felt more love for and from him than any other. Happy Valentines Day!

  19. These are so cute!! Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  20. HaHa, you always make me smile, you would be the funniest person to hang out with, just love the bag :)

  21. That purse is amazing.

    My kids are the chocolate to my bar. I love them.

  22. My Husband is the greatest! Wouldn’t spend today with anyone but him!

  23. My hubby is the best…love him!

  24. Those chocolate are just so precious! I’ve made them with molds before, but I never thought to individually wrap them!

    My birthday was just before Valentine’s Day and my finacee made me breakfast before work and supper after work. That was the greatest gift of all, not worrying about what to make when I got home. :)

  25. My Husband is the best. And my 14month old son gives the best hugs and smooches.

  26. My daughter Lily and soon to be daughter Layla are my precious valentines! Happy baking!

  27. That purse is ADORABLE! Thanks (as always) for doing a giveaway! I’m feeling all sorts of sweetness for my husband lately. We’re in the middle of a big project, the kind of thing that causes stress and anxiety for a lot of families, and he’s being a total rock star. I’m so lucky to have him!

  28. Every day is like valentine’s day with my husband and kids!

  29. My special someones are the girls at my new school that have really made an effort to be nice to me, they are so sweet and I feel like I’m on the road to happiness! Lots of love to them xx

  30. What a fun clutch. I love my husband so much. He is currently staying home with our three kids while I trek out for an ultrasound of our 4th kid. Love!

  31. Will have to try those chocolates some time!

    A very happy Valentine’s Day to my 3 loves!

  32. My husband is my best friend. We’ve been together more than half our lives now, and I just can’t imagine life without him. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day only because every day is Valentine’s day with him in my life. :)

  33. Happy Valentine’s Day to my amazing daughters! You make every day fun!

  34. Awe, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!
    My husband, he is the sweetest man I have ever known!

  35. I don’t have someone to love, but I would love that bag!

  36. I love my boyfriend dearly. He means the world to me and I am such a lucky girl to have him in my life.

  37. Love those chocolates! What a great idea! My special someone is my husband Josh who always knows how to help me. Whether it be playing with the kids so I can go to the store by myself, letting me nap without kids crawling on me or just knowing when to give me a hug. He’s fantastic and I try to tell him everyday!

  38. LOVE this clutch! I have 4 sweet Valentines… my husband of 25 years, and my 3 boys!

  39. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and I still discover new reasons why I love him.

  40. I love my sweet husband and precious daughters!!!

  41. Happy Valentines Day to everyone… Im missing a loved one this year, it’s not the same without you, but Im gonna pretend your right here with us… Ive been searching for something new to make this year, boy did I find some, my only problem now is narrowing it down, I recently came across bakerella and I spend my free time here as much as I can, I absolutely love it, my sister is dying to know where & how I come up with the receipes that I have lately, I couldn’t help but smile and tell her Im just Ive got to share with her though because I want her to see all these great pictures and receipes. This year is lots of yummy treats, All My Love to my 2 wonderful Girls, Husband, Mom, Sister & Brother, we cant wait to get you back home! :)

  42. While I do have three valentines this year (all my daughters, of course!), my most special valentine is my middle girl. My little brother was in a very bad car accident this weekend & we’re waiting for him to wake up from his coma. I told each of my girls that they could make a card for him since they can’t visit him right now. Instead, my 7 year old made a card for God asking him to heal her uncle. She says “Since Uncle Michael can’t see right now, God will be able to respond faster.” She’s such a special girl…and my very favorite Valentine.

  43. My whole family is my favorite Valentine- they always stand beside me and bring me so much happiness! I never forget how fortunate I am to have them.

  44. Happy Valentines to my mom! The one person I can always count on to be my Valentine ever year : )

  45. This sweet purse would be totally perfect for my little brother’s wedding next summer. He and his fiancée are the most beautiful couple and I am so happy they found each other and will be happy together ever after <3

  46. My mum who manages to still take care of me while recovering from serious illness herself – I want to be her when I grow up…

  47. I love the chocolates. You make it look so easy. I may give it a try! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  48. My family has to be my best Valentine – where would I be without them??

  49. Love the chocolate idea –and that gorgeous clutch!!! I would like to talk to you about my oldest son. He is 16 and he is such a great kid! He does have his moments of being a teenager, lol, but overall he is one of the kindest, most sincere kids I know. He is respectful and quirky and talented and ever so much fun. He loves the theatre and we are having a blast right now, watching him perform in show after show, growing in his gifts and talents from the Lord. Gosh, i love that kid! :)

  50. (I’m sorry, in the other comment this is not my website ! In this one, that’s my real one ><" you can delete the other)

    Your chocolates are so cuuute é_è
    I wish I could offer them to my love :) (and maybe eat one or two of them (._.”) they look delicious)

    Your website is awesome ! :D

  51. I love my two valentines this year. My boyfriend and mom are the best people in my life. I hope to have these two as my valentines for many, many years to come. I hope they both know how much they mean to me.

  52. Thanks for sharing!

    I thank God every day for my husband and my two sons. Simply put, they are my world.

  53. Oh how cute!!!! I have 2 Valentines today… my sweet sweet little girl and my wonderful husband!!! I love both of them to distraction! :)

  54. My Valentine’s are my sweet daughter and son, the lights of my life! Sweet chocolates, I love your ideas!

  55. Your chocolates are so cuuute é_è
    I wish I could offer them to my love :) (and maybe eat one or two of them (._.”) they look delicious)

    Your website is awesome ! :D

  56. I have two of the sweetest little girls in the world! I was in the middle of a terrible sinus headache the other day while my husband was away. It was just me and my girls (ages 7 and 4) and a debilitating headache-complete with severe eye pain and nausea. The headache came on slow but progressed until it was unbearable. Even at such young ages, my girls understood the pain I was in. They were more than happy to wrap me up in blankets in a dark room and play quietly in a neighboring room so that I could try to nap off the headache. They brought me fluids to hydrate me, soft little kisses on the forehead and eyelid (soft little kisses are the best!), and just made sure I was as comfortable as I could be. I ? these girls! They were sooo good and so nurturing! They deserve something really special!!

  57. Cute post as always! Love the simple but sweet idea:)
    My love, my hubby, is one in a million! Love him now and for ever!!!

  58. I love the chocolates!! I made pouches filled with chocolate for favors at my wedding that are reminiscent of these. I think I will suggest these to my cousin for her wedding. I am blessed to have the family I have, God has given me everything I could have ever asked for when he gave me them. Happy Valentines Day!!

  59. I joke that I only got married so that I wouldn’t have to carry things anymore… but it’s kind of true.

  60. I love a guy on the other side of the country but we just can’t be together because we are both busy at our side of the country you know, school, work it is very hard because I know he is my soulmate. love your blog too haha. hope you are doing much better now. I also hope that you are going to post more sweet treats because I adore your work. btw, I live in the netherlands so I understand if you won’t pick me due to the high shipping rates. but I thought I might give this a shot and hope I’ll win :$

  61. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! you always do the cutest giveaways. I would love to have that. I adore my 2 year old sister. She is so sweet and says anything you want her to. Thx for the giveaway!!

  62. I have recently discovered your blog and bought your wonderful book. The kids have had great fun making cake pops over the last few days. Yum!
    Valentines day happens by complete chance to be our wedding anniversay – of course my husband would have to be the one to love on a day like this!

  63. I dont really like to celebrate valentines day, but I have 1 and a half special people. My hubby and our soon to be born baby girl! :) Cant wait to meet the new love of our lives within the next 3 weeks!

  64. My wonderful hubby of 18 years is my Valentine. I think he is wonderful!

  65. Those are the cutest!!! Love your blog!

  66. My valentine fills my life with sunshine.
    I’m one lucky girl because I found him so early – at 17! We’ll be 27 this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better decade of my life.

  67. I absolutely love this!
    My special someone would have to be my cat Roary he is such a darling cat especially since my other cat Chloe died last year in October only six years old, so for Christmas i got Roary my little kitten! He makes me laugh and always puts a smile on my face even when he attacks me!

  68. My grandchildren are my Valentines.

    I never knew a love like this. I love my children tremendously but the grandbabies………..that’s a whole different love.

  69. My husband did the sweestest thing this weekend. We had gone to Orlando and he saw a roadside flower stand selling Orchids so he pulled over and purchased two of them. One for me and one for my Mom. He is a grumpy kind of guy but never forgets my Mom on Valentines Day.

  70. I love my husband because he doesn’t worry about Valentine’s Day. He gives me lovin everyday :).

  71. My 2 /2 year old daughter, she has changed me so much for the better.

  72. What adorable chocolates! Your hand-drawn hearts are perfect! And oh, that CLUTCH. Incredible.

    My loving husband, my beautiful daughter, and my awesome son, newly a teenager, are my special Valentines today and everyday.

  73. My boyfriend always sends me cute little emails throughout the day to make me smile @ work.

  74. Those are the cutest chocolates EVER! And the clutch is fabulous :)

    My mom is the best Valentine I could ask for. She’s always there for me and I don’t know what I would do without her!

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for all the sweet ideas!!!

  75. I love my husband! We met when we were 15, got married 8 years later and now we will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary this October! Love is sweet!

  76. Great post! Wish I didn’t have a busy day or I’d make them as a last minute treat for my kids and hubby. Their hugs and kisses make it feel like Valentine’s Day every day.

  77. Love the chocolates, sooo cute.

    My Valentine’s are my husband and children. They fill my heart with love and laughter.

  78. I love my husband so much, and today is the day we got engaged 5 years ago. He was laid off this week, so he needs a little extra TLC. I will always support and encourage him and I know we will get through this because we always have each other to lift each other up.

  79. Other than my husband who is my #1, My 7 year old daughter is my super special someone. She makes me laugh everyday and she’s the most exception thing I’ve ever ‘made.’

    That Kate Spade clutch is adorable.

  80. I have two someones I love! My two brothers, who are always there for me, who always defend me, who always make me laugh, and who always tell me my cupcakes are delicious, even when they’re not :-)

  81. I have to say my husband Charlie. We’re married 26 years and have survived so much together. He works hard to provide for myself and our two pups. I thank the Lord for him everyday. He’s also a cancer survivor so I continue to pray for him non stop but in the mean time, never take one day for granted. Life and people are precious which you know too. Keeping you in my prayers as well and Happy Valentines to you and your mom!

  82. I have been lusting after this clutch for quite some time! My fiance is my special someone. We’re going into our fourth year of long-distance and he’s always doing something thoughtful to make the distance feel a little less.

  83. Those chocolates are adorable! I would give them to my mum, one of the most selfless people I know.

  84. Love that purse! My Valentine is my dad, who is always there when I need him! He is the best!

  85. so jealous of the bag, i love Kate Spade bags the one that says “eat cake for breakfast” is my other favourite!

    I’d have to say my mum, she is an exceptional cook and the one that got me to always try and finish all my food. This means I am a massive food fan but can also never say no!

  86. My 16-year-old daughter has the biggest heart EVER and I love, love, love her to pieces!

    If I win this clutch, I’m giving it to her…
    Happy Valentine’s Day to my Sweetie!

  87. My daughter gave me a sweet Valentine gift yesterday, a pipe cleaner bracelet that she made at school with heart beads! I will be wearing it proudly today!

  88. OMG..too Cute! While I’m not a mean hearted person I’d love to think that I’m at least half as kind as my husband. I’ve never known anyone like him.

  89. Happy Valentines Bakerella!
    I’m just fortunate enough to have been with my family on this day. I may be living far away from my friends but I hope this will be the one and only Valentines day where I don’t know anyone after moving states. I love my family.

  90. Wow! I just wanna lick that clutch!

    My Valentines are my family. Without them, I’d be lost. My son is smart and handsome who will be 16 next week *sniff* and my 13 year old daughter is sweet, smart and beautiful. And then there’s my good-lookin hubby of 20 years. He’s so hard-working and I’m proud he’s mine!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  91. Forever, my Valentine will always be my daddy!

    he’s the one who’ll wake up at 6 to make red, heart shaped valentine’s day pancakes! =)

  92. Adorable!! :) My husband is currently working 10 hours a day, from 5am-3:30pm, waking up at 4am each day, at a job he is overqualified for and doesn’t really like…because he loves me.
    And when he comes home, he does household chores and helps me out since I’m completely wiped after a day of graduate school (I had a stroke last year and I get much more tired than most people). We are very fortunate :)

  93. To my husband…

    “You know you’re everything to me and I could never see
    The two of us apart
    And you know I give myself to you and no matter what you do
    I promise you my heart”

  94. oh bakerella what a gorgeous giveaway, thank you for offering it up to us! my boyfriend-type person is the one i love, he is working away but still sent me a suprise in the post! very spoilt!

  95. My Valentine (my boyfriend) encourages me to be me. To be silly, to have an opinion, to make decisions for myself, to be strong. We may not exchange gifts or cards today, however, I know without a doubt that he loves me!

  96. Your chocolates are so cute and that purse is really fun!

    I have the best dad in the world who always is so encouraging and supportive. xoxoxo

  97. I love my husband very much, but we aren’t big Valentine’s Day people, so we usually spend it with an evening at home. That said, I have to say my dogs are my special loves- they are our kids, and are thus spoiled rotten. My girl, Sloan, is my heart- she has the unique ability to both make or break my day with one snuggle or one misbehaving action. My “little” boy, though… he’s my heartbeat. My husband says Max and I are like E.T. and Elliot, so connected we feel each other’s pain and emotion. It’s true. Oh- and for chocolate? I was accused the other day of “punctuating my day with chocolate”- and it’s true. A little square of tasty dark chocolate compliments ANYTHING!

  98. Such a cute post – you always make me smile! :)
    My husband is my best Valentine!

  99. My mom is the strongest person I know. She’s been through an abusive marriage, two lawsuits in the past year, and had to start a new career at age 62, amongst other things not the least of which is having to support me since I can’t support myself. Somehow she manages to keep smiling and I honestly don’t know how I could have survived the past few years without her.

  100. I would fill the Kate Spade clutch with these chocolates…..and give them to my mom. She is 80 – still full of sass and style….love her forever….will always be my valentine.

  101. Can I edit that? He says the ugly ones taste the *best!

  102. The purse! I want it!
    My special someone today is my lovely boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost 9 months now. And we’re still really happy :)
    We don’t celebrate valentines day, but I’m crocheting him a granny square blanket which should be done soon.

  103. Oh the places I would go with a chocolate wrapped clutch. ohh lal la. I hope I win:)

  104. Chock full o’ adorable!

    Hands downs my special Valentine is my Brady boy. He’s a munchkin, our youngest child, but one of the happiest, most courageous guys I know. He’s just starting to put words together and “I love you” is one of his most practiced phrases. I melt, I swoon…every day is Valentines Day when I hear those magic words in his tiny, sweet voice!

  105. I love this!

    My husband Brandon is my love bug!!!

  106. My sweet 20 y/o daughter just left for France last Friday for the adventure of her life…so far! I’m missing her like crazy!!! But I have my sweet beagle, Bella, to keep me company. Also boyfriend Gene. But I miss my baby!

  107. Cute treats! I’m going to look for that mold. The clutch is so cute too. My husband has been my favorite Valentine for over 40 years.

  108. My valentine is my daddy – the sweetest, kindest dad a girl could have! And he always eats ny baking experiments, telling me that the ugly ones taste the gest!

  109. I got married 2 months ago, and am thrilled my honey will make me smile for years to come.

  110. Great Idea! My valentine is my hubby of 12 years.

  111. great post & giveaway!
    happy v-day to you ms. bakerella!
    today as always my heart belongs to my husband!

  112. we have just done vlentines day and i got jumped on with squeals and i love you from my 5 year old daughter and 10 year old son at 6 am and then my son presented me with a family valentines day card, after school i bought them choc hearts and got them cards to swap with each other then waitied for daddy to come home after footy training we ate pizza on the floor watching telly together eating valentine choccy….perfect

  113. Happy Valentine’s Day! We love your blog and of course all your recipes. You bring sweetness into our lives!

  114. Love your ideas and receiving the newsletter. Always so full of ideas.

    Would love to win the clutch and give to my special friend my sister. She is always there to listen, support, share a tear or a smile even though life has handed her more than her share of knocks.

  115. Oh that handbag is delish just like my man;)

  116. My husband is my best friend. There’s no one I’d rather spend time with, talk to, hang out with, laugh with… he’s the best!

  117. My husband of 33 yrs is my Valentine! He’s a pretty special man, cleans up the entire kitchen after I am done cake-popping…I am blessed!!!!!

  118. My valentine is my mom! She is my best friend a girl could have.

  119. My special someone is my daughter!
    I’ve battled through leukemia, to see her grow up and to see her graduate. She has had a car accident and now she battles with life. We are best friends, supporting each other through days of adversity.
    She’d love this gift! And I would enjoy seeing the look on her face!

  120. I love Valentine’s Day! Especially with my son getting so excited with making his valetine box & cards for his school party. Funny how things change as they grow up. My teenage daughter is all excited about her present to her boyfriend. Life is sweet, it’s all about giving, not receiving. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas bakerella!!

  121. So cute!

    My husband is my best friend and the love of my life. I’m so grateful that he decided to make this journey with me.

  122. Love you. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing them. have a wonderful day!

  123. The idea is so cute and really creative! I love how you make things so much fun and inspiring to try out ;)

    My Valentine’s day is filled with loved ones family. I adore my handsome husband who has been my best friend for 17 years and our 3 kids under 6 and 4th on they way! Lots of love to share on a very special day, and excuse for some extra chocolate!

  124. Happy Valentine’s Day. What I love best about my hubby of 21 years is the “dailiness” of our relationship. I pick out his ties, he has hot tea ready for me in the morning – you get the idea. There aren’t any wide screen TVs or diamond necklaces showing up today, but every day we try to show our love in little ways that mean a lot.

  125. I love this!

    My husband has been so insanely supportive for the last few months and it means the world to me!

  126. What a cute purse! My special someone is my fiance. He is a very loving guy and always makes me feel good by complimenting me.

  127. Tomy and I have been together for more than 10 years. He is the one that makes me grow up, he is the one that tell me all the painful truth about the world and support me unconditionally. He is always by my side, he doesn’t let me take the easy way and he never give up on me. I am pretty sure he loves me and I love him too.

  128. I’m spoiled with 2 valentines – my hubby and our 2 year old son. They went shopping for valentine’s day gifts yesterday and our son picked out brownies, cookies, and a box of chocolates for me – guess my sweet tooth isn’t much of a secret? I am so lucky to have them both – which is why I’m up at 6:00am to surprise them with pink heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast!

  129. First–love those cute chocolates. Second–the clutch is stop-my-heart-precious. I have been attempting lots of recipes and my sweet husband has been so excited. It is so cute when he pops his head in and asks if he can do anything (like lick the bowl).

  130. My sweet husband arranged a babysitter and a date night out even though I told him not to worry about Valentine’s Day.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Bakerella!

  131. What a cool idea! Who do I love? Food Bloggers, such as yourself, who inspire me day in and day out with your words, recipes, and photography. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  132. I love my family, but it’s questionable at this moment if I might love that clutch just a teeny, tiny bit more. :)

  133. I love these chocolates what a cute Valentines day treat!

    My boyfriend is my valentine, he is the the sweetest and loves my all my baked treats even though they never look as pretty as yours. <3 Happy Valentines!

  134. Love my four favorite Valentine’s….John, Emma, Anna and big Daddy:)

    Happy Valentine’s Day Bakerella…you inspire me….always!

  135. my world is cheery-er because people create things like chocolate clutches..and individually handmade and pink foil wrapped heart chocolates. :)
    i am so lucky in love with my husband.every day doesn’t have to be a fairy tale, and yet this princess is still happy…that says alot for my prince.

  136. The chocolates you made are so adorable!

    The special someone in my life is my husband. He has been a constant support to me, especially when it came to some health issues I had last year. He is also a wonderful father to our two boys. I love him so much!

  137. What a unique design for a clutch – love it! =) My boyfriend is my high school sweetheart, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, ever.

  138. Big love to my best friend Darcy, who is going through hard times and needs a lot of love!!

  139. I love the bag, the chocolates and your blog!
    And of course I love my boyfriend :)

  140. My special someone is my wonderful husband. We are expecting our first child in just a few months and I’m so excited to see what an amazing father he is going to be to this little girl!!

  141. Wow, these are so sweet! Truly a gift from the heart!

    He’s a lover of chocolate, He’s has a warm heart.
    And He has no idea how I’m falling for him! x

  142. Love my husband and kids…they inspire me everyday to be a good mommy and wife b/c they are precious!

  143. Today the person that I can’t get off my mind is my grandmother. She passed away last night at the age of 95. Today would have been my grandfather’s 98 birthday, his name was Valentine. I like to think she decided to go yesterday because she wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with her “Valentine”. RIP Grandma.

  144. First, WOW, those chocolates are awesome. I didn’t know candy molds were so easy, I definitely need to invest in some.

    Secondly, WOW, that clutch!

    I don’t have a SO right now, but my special someones are my sisters. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. They are the loveliest, coolest and prettiest ladies on this earth :D

    Happy Valentine’s day! x

  145. Thank you so much for inspiration!!! Yappy Valentine DAY to all lovers))) I love my Rustam, look forward to present him me Valentine cake and make this lovely chocolate bars!!!!

  146. Being a single mom, my kids are the loves of my life. 2 are away in college and i miss them desperately, my youngest is at home and she’s my little silver lining who keeps me smiling. To whomever wins this clutch, congratulations. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – bring on the chocolate!!!!!

  147. Thank you for providing this! It’s extremely cute and just the perfect thing for valentine’s day.

    My Valentine’s Day message is for my parents.
    If there’s anything I’ve learned about love, I’ve learned it begins with two people who are willingly to sacrifice their lives to be with one another. Thank you for showing what love is and what it’s like to be in love. There’s so much patience and kindness and you both show it in numerous and creative ways. Your love doesn’t end with each other, but it carries on to us. I am forever grateful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  148. I <3 my sister cause she listens to me rant about everyone and everything with only a slight annoyed look on her face :)

  149. Love your website and all the recipes. My special someone is my loving husband, who’s been with me for three and a half years, and takes really good care of me, even though sometimes I’m not that good for him. Now, with a broken foot, he does everything for me, and I have to thank him every day, for being so nice.

  150. Those chocolates are adorable and the bag is awesome! As for something sweet about the one I love, there’s no one I’d rather spend time with than my husband.

  151. my special someone is… a secret.

  152. My hubby is the sweetest thing in my life. And I think he’d roll his eyes at a chocolate purse, but I also think he would think it was completely me. Thanks for the chance to win this darling clutch that would so be me (and so be a good place to keep a little stash of chocs for emergency purposes).

  153. Ahhh I love the chocolates so much! They look so cute with the wrappers and all! My mom is everything to me. She loves baking too

  154. I Iove this clutch and post too much to not comment! I’m not spending Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend but we’re eating dinner together via webcam! He’s the sweetest and I love him so much! :)

  155. My girls are my sweet valentine’s.
    These are so cute. I am gonna have to make some of these.

  156. this is something really cute :) thank you for sharing.

    we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day so much in Italy, I rather try to “love” my valentines all year round just as my parents teached me, so in a day like this I think about them, because they spend their life treating me and my sister with love

  157. I think that is the cutest clutch I’ve ever seen.. If I got this clutch with chocolate in it.. it would be the sweetest gift of all!

    I love my cat.. May sound like an old crazy cat lady but he always purrs when I feel bad and he is so frizzy, although he doesn’t like to cuddle as often as I do.. :)

  158. I am grateful that I a have healthy, happy and loving family. I’m proud of you all – it’s what keeps me going!! Happy Valentine’s Day to John, Danielle & Ryan. Love you all <3

  159. I love Erik because he makes me laugh. Even when I’m cranky and don’t feel like it. The clutch would probably posses similar powers.. :)

    Love all your treats!

  160. My husband is the greatest. He makes sure that every day he thanks God for me, and tells me he loves me.

  161. Valentine’s day is the perfect day to express my love to the sweetest guy, my husband.

  162. My sweet boyfriend is my valentine. He is always there for me – through good times and bad times! I love him! :)

  163. The purse is adorable, lovin’ the candies too!
    I couldn’t begin to tell you how proud I am of the men my two sons have grown into! They’ve always been the easiest part of my life:@)

  164. My love is off doing his thing for the USMC so I will be working to allow others to enjoy their Valentines! He is amazing and I am the luckiest to call him mine. I can’t wait for him to come home!

  165. Something sweet….
    The boy I’m in love with curls his lip when he sleeps. And he does the same when he looks at me and pats me on the head.

    It makes me all melty inside, like warm chocolate. Oh yum^^

  166. First the chocolates are adorable! I would to pack them into that clutch too! My boys are the sweetest valentines today and everyday!

  167. Wow it’s so simple and easy and cute too..I’ll be doin this with my 6 yr old who looooooooooooves baking and chocolates…..

    My valentines will be my
    1. Hubby who cares and works hard like 15 hrs a day so I can stay at home with kids
    2. My 6 yr old who loves me no matter what and shes my bff and loves crafting ,cooking or playing with me
    3. My 2 yr old who’s so naughty and cries for me if I disappear for a sec…

  168. My husband is the perfect husband for me and the perfect father for my girls!

  169. I would have to say my boyfriend. It is the first relationship I’ve been in since I split up with my husband, and he is amazing. He is my rock, and I’ve never been this happy in a relationship!

  170. My mother is incredible! Not only is her birthday the day before Valentine’s Day, making this giveaway perfect and timely, she has always been there for me to give advice, comfort me, push me to better myself, and share a funny story. She’s my Valentine this year! :)

  171. Those chocolates are so cute :)

    2 of the most important people in my life are my sisters. I had to wait 7 years for the first one, and I couldn’t have asked for 2 better sisters. They both live far away, and I miss them a lot.

  172. Oh Bakerella… My heart seriously started to race when I saw that it was a bag. Then I saw it was a Kate Spade number and a little gasp escaped. My darling husband asked what was wrong… I could not explain. Please let this be my lucky day. The thought of receiving a parcel from you and taking that little bag on so many fabulous outings puts a smile on my face!

  173. You are SOOO cute and thoughtful–what a giveaway!!!

    My husband is the sweetest because he puts up with my crazy emotional rollercoaster as I go through my first pregnancy. Ask me in a year, and he might have competition from our new baby though… ;)

  174. Everyday I feel so lucky and grateful to be married to my best friend, my lover, my sweetheart, my all, my forever.

    I would be lost without you, Bear x

    Thanks for the sweet as contest B!

  175. I actually consider moving to the US so I can participate in all those cute traditions. Over here Valentines Day is pretty lame…

  176. You never cease to amaze me. I get all excited and giddy when i come to your page because i just know you are going to have another fantastic project that i will want to try! My Valentine shout out goes to my 7 wonderful grandchildren who have made my life just so happy! They love cake pops and motivate me to keep making them! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all youtr loved ones and thank you again for being the wonderful talented person that you are!

  177. Aw, those chocolates are so sweet! Kate Spade does the sweetest bags, I love her book clutches.

    My boyfriend is lovely, I feel like I’ve found my other half. I don’t know what I did without him!

  178. I love the little chocolate pieces!!

    My special someone is my Mum. As I grow older, the more I appreciate everything that she is to me, and everything she has done with her life (and mine). She is such a strong and amazing woman!

  179. The cutest little hearts!

  180. You always put a smile on my face. :-)
    Happy Valentines Day.

  181. Valentine’s Day is every day with my husband of 41 1/2 years of marrage!! I am so-o-o lucky!!!

  182. I love my man more than I love chocolate, but I don’t tell him cause I’m afraid he might melt

  183. My love is my boyfriend, Peter. He’s always there to make me smile and he teaches me how to really enjoy the little things :)

  184. Mmmm, this is so cute & sweet !!! It makes a perfect idea for today :)

    My thinking is for my Valentine. It’s been more than 2 years since we’ve been -and moved- together. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness and his love during those past 2 years 1/2. He has been supporting me since the beginning in everything I’ve done, in the best or in the worst times. He’s someone I can rely on, he is the smile and the laughter upon my everyday face, he is the man I love more and more day after day and who still surprises me. Today, I know I have someone I want to spend my lifetime with and today makes it more special ever ?

  185. I have many Valentine’s and for that I am very grateful, but the best of all is my sweet baby girl who makes everyday happy. She loves to bake and work on crafts like I do and so every holiday is filled to the brim with things for us to do together. She is 5 now and growing by the minute so I cherish every memory that we now make. Happy Valentine’s day!

  186. These chocolates are just adorable!
    My sweet someone is my fiance =] I always want to be around him and I love how he looks after me when I’m feeling unwell

  187. I love my sister and would love to give that to her since she loves Kate Spade and chocolate.

  188. My husband was so sweet today, he popped out to get a few things from the shops and suprised me with a box of Raffaellos and a Happy Valentines Day kiss… part of the best bit is normally he never remembers special days and the other best bit he chose one of my favourite treats. Thanks for the chance to win the clutch, it looks divine :)

  189. Happy Valentine’s Day, Bakerella~!

    I have my loves in my life: My parents, my fiance, my brothers, et cetera… What I love the most about each and every one of them is that they fill my life as well as others with unconditional love and support. I love them all~

  190. for me i love my sister! although we’re not that young now (17 & 20), we still keep up our ‘tradition’ of squishing each other like soft toys (: sometimes random hugs just feels so good!

  191. Joyeuse St Valentin.
    Quel dommage que ce jour ne soit pas plus important chez nous en France!!!Mais l’important c’est d’avoir son Valentin!!!
    C’est un plaisir pour moi de me promener sur ton blog “so cute”

  192. Those are too cute! I’m getting married this year and those might be the perfect DIY favors! My chocolate lover fiancé will be thrilled! He is my best friend and I can’t wait to marry him!

  193. What a whimsical give-away! I love it! I am such a Kate Spade fan and wrote a post on a pink bag last week that I just had to make mine. I hadn’t seen this cute clutch. Adorable chocolates and wrappers too.

    I love my boys and miss them so much while they’re at school. I haven’t seen them since the holidays and I am way past needing a hug!

    Thank you for such a cheerful give-away. :)

  194. My Valentine is my darling husband, who is the funniest, most fascinating person I’ve ever met. I want to wrap him in foil and eat him in one mouthful!

  195. Hi Angie! I can not call it so? I feel a little intimate after discovering your delights, Livros and buy your share in your blog, I would love to buy some products, but I live in Spain, do not know if is possible … Well, my comments are only good for you, I wish you the best semper! A kiss!

  196. happy valentines to you bakerella!!

  197. What an adorable purse. I read the whole post and I love the little chocolates you made. And the wrappers are so cute. I just bought 3 bars of chocolate for my husband, daughter and son. I’m going to wrap them up nice.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  198. The chocolate are gorgeous! As is the bag. I love my little brothers because they are really cute:)

  199. How cute is this?! I would love to win this!

    And I love my beautiful little family. My best friend and husband are my rock and my little son who are the light of my life. Where and what would I be without them…

  200. My daughter has the sweetest laugh & melts my heart! She is always wanting to give to others & loves to bake with her momma! We both LOVE chocolate so the purse would be perfect! Happy Balentine’s Day as my little girl would say.

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