Christmas and some cookies

Okay… finally, the post from last weekend. My camera never did wake up by the way. But I did manage to get all the photos off using a friend’s card reader. Yay! Unfortunately, no built in card readers on my printer or computer… Boo!

And, I would have posted this last night, but I spent the evening at Pioneer Woman’s book signing in Atlanta. Fun! Fun! More on that soon. Thankfully, I did have a working camera with me for that. A brand new Canon Digital Rebel XSi that I borrowed. It’s nice having generous friends. But, I kinda wish I hadn’t started using it. I might not be able to give it back. Bigger screen, More megapixels. And I’ve convinced myself the photo quality is far superior. It is. I know it is. Maybe my camera will be unfixable. Is that a word?

Anyway, here’s the goods or goodies from last weekend.

It’s coming up on Christmas, so I wanted to make some decorated sugar cookies. But I didn’t really want to make traditional Christmas shapes. So instead, I used a cute little cupcake cutter I recently bought. I also went with a less than traditional color scheme and chocolate sugar cookies to help make the colors pop.


I love sugar cookies. Too bad I love them more than they love me. I’m still trying to perfect my piping. I will not give up. I will have non-lumpy lines one day.


These were two of the better ones.


These … not so much. But squint and they’ll look better.

Snowflake Sprinkles

See …… Okay, I’m kidding. I kid. These are the good ones. Well, the better ones anyway.


It helps to plan ahead when you work with royal icing. Draw out the colors you want for borders and the colors you want to fill with in advance.


The cookie recipe is from the book, Cookie Craft. Get a copy if you have any desire to learn how to make these kind of decorated cookies. It’s jam-packed with tips and tricks.

Or maybe you’ll win this.

Cookie Stuff

Yes, the original Cookie Craft came out with a mini Cookie Craft Christmas book.

Christmas Craft

Also with recipes, ideas, and tips. It’s very cute. And small, which you know I like.

Cupcake Cookie Cutters

You’ll also get this cute 2-piece cupcake cookie cutter set. Love it!

Cupcake Stencils

And some cupcake stencils. You can use these on cookies, too.

Cake Tester

A cupcake-shaped cake tester. This totally unnecessary utensil was too cute to pass up.

Mini Cupcake Spatulas

And so were these mini spatulas. I bought all the goodies (except for the cookie book I picked up at the bookstore) from Crate & Barrel if you want to look them up. I like finding cute things. Hope you like them, too.


And it all comes stuffed in a sparkly stocking.

Enter to win it all.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you want this Christmas. Big or small. Silly or Serious. Let’s share.
  • Me first… I want to spend time with all my family. Laughing. Hugging. Eating. And I want to take lots of pictures of them with my brand new, big, shiny camera. Yeah, that sounds good.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 9 at 7:00 pm ET.TIME’S UP!
  • Winner selected at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck.

We have a winner. And it’s a high number this time.

#5935 – YAY CAROLINE! Hope you like the stocking full of stuff and hope you get that immersion blender, too.

And everyone else that entered. Thank you for sharing your Christmas wishes. I’ve smiled and cried multiple times reading through them. Some really important ones out there. I hope you get them granted. Hugs to you all.

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6,670 comments on “Christmas and some cookies”

  1. I’d like a cure for MS.

    And … seeing as you asked, I’d like a Sony eBook Reader :)

  2. I want a new purse. Mine is currently falling apart! Of course winning this giveaway would be great! Fingers crossed here…..

  3. For Christmas I’d like more time in the day! I always have such grand plans but seem to lack the time to get it all done.

  4. Gorgeous cupcakes!! I would love to attempt those :) And I am sure my kids would love them even more. For Christmas I would love a tv for the bedroom, but I know thats not gonna happen LOL

  5. My christmas wish is selfish, but sometimes mommies NEED that! I want a week to myself! I have 3 young children, the youngest is my crazy monster child, plus I am back in college, & to top it all of we are in the middle of a messy house remodel. Yeah for us! But what I really want most is a week to read, craft, bake, scrap, & sleep, ALONE! Yes, I said alone! Sometimes we all need a little “me time!”

  6. peaceful family time- no squabbling, no tears, no guilt… just time spent enjoying each other… and new boots :)

  7. looking forward to Christmas cause I get to teach my little ones the meaning of the season. Actually this year I looking forward to after the season cause I go on vacation on the 27!

  8. For Christmas, I would love a sewing machine! And maybe some more time in the day? :)

  9. I want to have lunch with Bakerella and The Pionneer Woman. You girls are a sunny spot in my day… thank you!

  10. these are adorable!!!

    I’ve never made (or had!) a chocolate sugar cookie.

    What do I want for Christmas? Why to win your prizes, of course!

    No really- what more could I want, my wonderful hubby and son already gave me an early pressie of a shiny black Kitchenaid mixer! SCORE!

    Just joy, fun, and memories are all I need! Hope you get all you wish for.

  11. I love your stuff…always so cute! For Christmas I would like a relaxing new year…

  12. I am looking forward to spending Christmas at home with my family and hoping my baby waits until after Christmas to arrive! (He’s not due until January but is acting like he’s not wanting to wait!)

  13. I want a new laptop that doesn’t take 30 minutes to start up!

  14. Is it too much to ask for world peace? It is? Dang. Guess I’ll ask for that next year.

    For me, it is all about family time: the big family party where we pack 60+ people into my grandma’s little house, the Christmas Eve dinner my SIL makes, the lazy Christmas morning spent in pajamas, seeing my niece and nephews’ excitement, the late nights playing games or just talking and laughing. That is the thing I want most (and get) every year.

  15. all I really want is for everyone in my family to be happy and healthy.

  16. I want a couch! My husband and I haven’t had a couch in 5 years. Our living room has no furniture at all!

  17. Of course, I want to have a great day with my family! But also you could throw in a flash for my newish camera.

  18. Well, I just realized that I want a sparkly stocking!!

    Also, I need a watch. So badly. Just ask the people who are always waiting on me…. :)

  19. I want some time to myself!

  20. A stand mixer, and my sanity!

  21. I want to have an enjoyable holiday in my new house, with the in-laws playing with the kids while I unpack! Also some time to bake…

  22. A job. Getting far too close to the financial edge and it’s quite unsettling. Need some strong eggnog to find my Christmas cheer!

  23. um, yes please! I’d also love a new camera. I have a point and shoot that I received from my old office at Christmas a few years ago that works fine, but an upgrade would always be welcome. Too bad my husband doesn’t read your blog!

  24. a job for my DH and after that a vacation from all this stress!!

  25. I want a pair of Frye boots!

  26. This Christmas I reaaaaally want some house renovations. But alas – I’m not sure my Christmas wish will come true :(

  27. I wish I could spend Christmas with all of my family together…and it wouldn’t hurt to be somewhere like Disney World!

  28. I want frosting lessons from you! They look amazing!

  29. I really want this house we have under contract to get to closing for once! We’ve had 2 under contract and 3 bidding wars.

  30. For christmas…to be able to retire with plenty of money!

  31. My default “want” on any occasion–Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays, project completions, etc.–is always cake. In fact, my boyfriend says that I can justify celebrating “just about anything” for a piece of cake. So… cake. Yup.

  32. I want that giveaway for chirstmas!!! Or really just anything to do with cakes or baking.

  33. I just went to a class on truffles and was so inspired to make those and cookies…I wish I had more time to bake! I could spend hours and hours….

    I think your cookies are adorable and I love your website. I have found some of your tips very helpful! Thanks

  34. I want a nice surprise from my cute husband. Nothing expensive, just a nice surprise.

  35. I already got my present. A beautiful baby boy. Now I just want him and his older brother to have the best possible Christmas.

  36. I want a new episode of Castle. God, that show is addicting! (And Nathan Fillion to treat me the tricks of the trade. Cause he’s awesome like that.) =D

    Oh, and SLEEP. *yawn*

  37. OMG those cookies are too cute! I love them!

    For Christmas, I would like to spend more time with my sister, my boyfriend & my friends. I also want a nice cross-body leather bag.

  38. I think your piping is nothing short of perfect! :)

  39. Love, love, love your posts!
    This Christmas I am looking forward to spending time with my family and my beautiful baby girls….two of which will be celebrating their first Christmas this year!
    Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a new fancy shmancy camera either….but that’s a big “WISH”!!!!
    Thanks for your blog… all it’s cuteness!!!

  40. I want a new camera, like yours! A Canon SLR or whatever it is called. I have a little digital camera and I’m increasingly frustrated trying to snap pics of my 13 month old. I’d also like to spend time with my family. And I would love a whole day of uninterrupted me time to bake sugar cookies and watch holiday movies like Steel Magnolias (yes, it is a holiday movie!) and The Family Stone! Happy Holidays!

  41. Super cute cookies! What lumpy lines? I don’t see any lumpy lines!?!?!

    I’ve asked Santa for some good flour for making artisan bread. I suspect he’s pretty amenable… I’m pretty sure he enjoys a few good carbs now and then ;-)

  42. I want to watch my children’s faces when they see their gifts from Santa, a new boat for my husband…and a little Tiffany blue box for me!

  43. Gorgeous cookies! I want my son to get better and not have ear infections in the upcoming year.

  44. Once again…WOW. Bakerella, you are the baking BOMB!

    I want a Keurig single cup coffee maker so I can have yummy coffee with all of these baking goodies I try to make, lol.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  45. I got what I wanted over the weekend, which was current family pictures! So, now I just want to have lots of time to visit with all of my family for the holidays and for the weather to allow us to make it to Oregon! Oh, and winning this contest would be great, too! I love cupcake shaped things and decorating cookies.

  46. I would love to get into some of the masters programs I will be applying to. I won’t know until early next year but it is nice to hope. Otherwise, I want everyone to find happiness.

  47. I want to bake lots of pretty and tasty things with my time off from grad school :-)

  48. I want the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and a subscription to Food Network and People magazine. I also want to spend loads of time with my family!

    LOVE the cupcakes!!

  49. I want my kids to have a great Christmas, just to see their smiles and joy is pretty darn awesome.
    Thanks so much for having your awesome give away.
    And have a great Christmas!

  50. Funnily enough, Cookie Craft is on my Christmas list! Along with Martha Stewart’s cookie and cupcake recipe books!

  51. This Christmas all I want is to watch the excitment on my little girl’s faces. My adorable little twins are almost three, so this is the first year that they are really going to “get” it, and I can hardly wait. Much to my husband’s dismay, if I had my way we would have pretended it was Christmas days ago!!

  52. I would love to love this extra 20 pounds of baby weight! Maybe it would help to quit eating cookie dough for breakfast :)

  53. I’ve got all I want for Christmas…a happy/healthy family…would love to win your giveaway!

    Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for bloggin’ goodness!

  54. A vacation, somewhere warm :) I’ll settle for a quiet, delicious Christmas morning with my husband and new dog though.

  55. I want to be pregnant for Christmas! Really want for next year to be all about a little one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I want supplies for cooking – tools, gadgets, ingredients, whatever.

  57. Now, those are some seriously cute cookies!! I would love to win this. Hmmm…… What I want most for Christmas is to have my 2 kids home from college for a couple of weeks. And I also want a new cover for my Kindle – one that won’t let it slip out.

  58. All I want for Christmas is to get some solid rest and relaxation!

  59. to be done with this semester!

  60. Great goodies! What do I want for Christmas? I hope to get a copy of “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day”! Fantastic bread with less work = heavenly:)

  61. As silly as it seems…I want an easy bake oven for Christmas. Imagine all of the lil layer cakes I could make with that! Soooo much cuteness!!!!

  62. I want my kids to be home for Christmas, and not at their dad’s house. (I know, it’s totally selfish)

  63. I really just want everyone I love to be happy and healthy. Also, I want the courage to take a risk.

    I don’t know if you actually read these comments, but I want you to know how much I love this site. We have a cookie exchange coming up at work and I will be making your oreo truffles. They are so good. You are really very talented. Have a very merry Christmas!

  64. I want to spend this holiday remembering my dad who just passed away after a long illness. I am so thankful we got to spend one last Christmas with him.

  65. Cute cookies! For Christmas, I want new flatware!

  66. All I want for Christmas is a bigger kitchen to cook with my three sweet Dumplings. As it is, I can only have one of them at a time in with me and even that doesn’t feel safe because of the cramped quarters. Seriously, I live in a 2500 sq ft home and the kitchen is 9×9. No joking. It’s pathetic. I guess the people who built it and subsequently lived in it, always ate out. That is what we get for trying to buy a house in a weekend while living out of state. Let that be a lesson to you all.

    If I can’t have the kitchen, I will settle for a Sony Cypershot camera.

  67. I want a stress free day at work on Christmas Eve, good food and a fun time with family that night, and a relaxing, turkey-filled Christmas day!

  68. I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I already have everything else I need this year, my loving husband and my amazing family. I really couldn’t ask for more this year, they’ve done so much already! I love cookies though so I really, really want to win that amazing stocking of stuff!!!

  69. i want a Tom Bihn knittin bag….and maybe that cookbook and cookie cutters! Ha!

  70. I want some extra time with my mom since she is coming in town for Christmas! And I want a dutch oven and some new cupcake pans!

  71. I want an immersion blender!

  72. The thing that I most want this holiday is for my sister to find a job. She’s had quite a year. She has a child under two and just got laid off last week.

  73. I wish for my son to get the weekend off so we can spend the holiday with my husbands family! It is all about family!

  74. i sewing machine! (and this stocking!)

  75. I would LOVE a magic wand to improve my icing skills…seriously I can back a mean cake with good frosting but it looks like my 3 year old decorated it no matter what I do!!!

  76. I am asking for a Silpat Jelly Roll Mat. Here is to more baking in 2010!

  77. It’s weird, but I would love my body to respond to all of the fertility drugs I’m currently shooting up!

  78. I just want a day where the kids don’t fight, I don’t get irritated with my husband and we don’t have to go anywhere or deal with family drama. :)

  79. For Christmas I was to share a good meal with my husband. In the three years we have been together, we’ve never spent a Christmas together. This year will be the first time. Hopefully, Singapore will have a perfect restaurant for us!

  80. This post is downright magical. :-) For Christmas I would like to see lots of smiles and hear rounds and rounds of laughter. I would like for the heartbreak I know some family and friends are feeling this year to hurt just a little less and for the joy of the Christmas Spirit to heal those hurting places. Of course, decorated sugar cookies can go along way towards helping that along. This year is a good year to bring some home with me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  81. I’m hoping for a 50mm lens for my Canon Rebel XSi. And maybe a flash too. :)

  82. Oh, those cookie cutters are too cute for words! Must head up to Crate and Barrel sometime SOON!

  83. Don’t laugh but I just really really want a day off… away from my kids, family, and responsibilities. I want to sleep late, take a shower, go to the spa, then lunch, shopping, dinner out with my girl friends, a chaueffer for the night so I can drink guilt free wine with dinner, and to go home get into brand new washed pjs’ get in bed and sleep until at least 9 AM the next day.

  84. First… Love the cookies!

    Now I know everyone is saying they want to spend time with family and what not for Christmas … but if I could get one MAJOR AWESOME thing for Christmas … it would be a completely remodeled KITCHEN!

    I figure I live it so it should be the BEST room in the house right? But since that will not happen anytime soon … wining the contest will make things ALL better.

  85. I want to be happy. I want some sanity. I want to get in to Eugene Lang!

  86. What I want for Christmas is to be spending time with my family around the fire while checking out the cool cookie stuff in my new sparkly stocking! LOL

  87. I want to have a peaceful, restful Christmas with my family.

  88. All I want for xmas is to bake, eat, drink, visit, play & laugh with my boyfriend and family!

  89. I want a romantic vacation away with my darling husband. It’s not feasible, but gosh, it’s nice to dream.

  90. I would love to have a stress free holiday with my family and friends. I pray for good health of family and friends and more time to be able to do fun things I see on your blog. You are amazing!

  91. All I want for Christmas is to go home and visit with my family. I am away at school and don’t get a chance to go home often so a whole month to visit is going to be amazing! That and maybe a new camera…

    I also wanted to say that I saw you across the room at the Pioneer Woman book signing! I wanted to go up and introduce myself and thank you for giving me the cake ball recipe to keep my boyfriend around but I was stuck in line and didn’t get a chance. So I’ll just say it now – Thank you so much!

  92. I already got my Christmas gift. Long awaited surgery on several foot tendons. After a 3 month recovery (completely OFF my feet…yuck), I am up, walking (pain free for the first time in 10 years), and ready to ride bikes with my baby boy! Merry Christmas to us!!! And to you…

  93. i would like for the weather to cool down so it will actually feel like christmas. its really hard to get into the christmas spirit when the temps are still in the mid-80s! lol anyway, what i would really like from santa this year is a set of square plates and bowls. white ones please :)

  94. I want to spend time with my family and would love time away with my husband!

  95. I want to see my relatives that live abroad!…

  96. I wish for a fun, healthy 2010!

  97. I want a more traditional –less commercial Christmas, so I’m making a lot of my gifts. Would love the same.

  98. I want a maid…even if just for a day. Someone who will wipe down my baseboards, clean my ceiling fans…you know, the nitty gritty stuff.

  99. I want to have a happy, healthy Christmas and some new craft supplies. I would also love that cook book and those baking supplies!

  100. I just want to catch up on all the sleep I’ve lost from school this year! ZZZzzzZZZ

    But I’d much much rather have a good time with the family and my boyfriend this holiday season. (:

  101. I’m in…

    hoping well for a bran new camera lens :)

  102. OH I would love it!!!!!

  103. I want a vacation!!

    Annnnnd maybe a new humidifier! This sinus pressure is terrible!

  104. I would love for our family to be healthy and happy. To stay home again this Christmas and relax and enjoy one another! Love those cookies! Love this giveaway! Thanks!

  105. I have a new job in which I need to contact teenage volunteers (high school students) frequently with updates about their volunteer hours. I NEED a cell phone that I can text from. (Then I need to learn how to text.) SIlly me, I’ve just been using my cell phone to make calls from.

  106. I just bought a Kitchenaid mixer to make Christmas a little sweeter this year :)

    Merry Christmas to all.

  107. A night in a hotel where I can get 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

  108. 1st the cookies are so cute. I have 2 princesses that would love those. I hop you eventually figure out your new camera. It does take awhile to learn how to use them…Good Luck

  109. An external hard drive. A big one.

  110. I ‘m wishing for a shiny netbook under my tree….and to spend time with my children who are spreading their wings and leaving the nest.

  111. wow. I just bought the C&B cupcake cookie cutter yesterday. Mine won’t look near a cute as your cookies, so my Christmas wish is to make fun cookies w/my 3yr old anyway. She just eats the batter!!!

  112. I want a sewing machine this year. :-)

  113. I would like a vacation…

  114. I want the kitchen aid anniversary mixer. its so pretty and shiny

  115. A red Kitchenaid Mixer! Less stuff and more time with my family!

  116. 2 iPhones. Well, just one for me. It would be no fun if only I had one, so the other is for the hubs!

  117. I just want my whole family not to be suffering from any sickness.

  118. Your cookies are so cute. I really wanted a Clricut die cutting machine and my husband got it for me on Black Friday. Hooray! Your giveaway is amazing!

  119. I love this! So cute!

    My Christmas wish is to get through an entire holiday weekend without fighting with my husband. Our life is a little too close to the movie “Four Christmases”

    Winning this prize would definitely help!

  120. I’m looking forward to my 55-250 telephoto zoom lens for my Canon SLR Rebel XS from my parents – I can’t wait to start playing around with that. Next in line – a Macro lens. You’ve inspired me with your pictures. I also registered for a lot of little baking goodies on Amazon and hopefully I’m on Santa’s Nice list this year :)

  121. I want a spotless house, a night of sleep without being woken up by my toddler son or my baby girl, and a new sofa.

  122. I want date night every month!

  123. I want a stress-free Christmas, knowing I passed Calculus, and having goo times with all the people I love who I haven’t had time for due to studying.

  124. This Christmas I want my darling husband to help put up the Christmas tree lights with no grumbles, huffs, rolled eyes, impatient clumping of lights when I am not looking, and general Grinchishness. Pretty please. With a cherry on top.

  125. Anything from James Avery Jewelry :) (especially the silver heart knot earrings ;) )

  126. Hmm….I want more than anything for the new chapter in our life to begin early next year. We are ready for the change and praying for it to come soon!

  127. I can’t wait to see my 21-month-old daughter open gifts! (a Wii would be nice too!)

  128. I want to go somewhere warm!!!

    But I will settle for a moonlit carriage ride thru the woods!

  129. I want my girls to all come home.

    I want the “Book of Secrets” from ThinkGeek (i’m easy).

    I want red ramekins.

    And I want to win this giveaway!!!

  130. I want more time to spend with my family. Tangibly, the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook.

  131. Those are too adorable! I could never make cookies that cute!

    For Christmas… I want a PROMOTION!

  132. I can not wait to see the look on my kids face when they open their presents from santa. That is the best gift of all!!! Although it would not hurt to see a few kettle balls under the tree for myself!!!

  133. I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Just kidding. I actually really REALLY want a cheap hand-held mixer. There’s no room for a counter mixer in my apartment and I want it cheap so that I can upgrade it in a year or two. I’m tired of mixing by hand. Hopefully Santa got all my 1000x hints. :-)

  134. Yes, yes, yes! I want this for Christmas! It is so perfectly adorable!! I read your site all the time and wish i had the time, resources and talent to make treats as adorable as yours! Perhaps with a set like this, I’d give it a whirl!

  135. I want a new watch :)

  136. I received my Christmas gift this week. After graduating from college LAST December my husband started a job on Monday as an Electrical engineer. That is all we were wanting for Christmas and we got it. :)

  137. I would love to sleep in and then have my daughter snuggle with us before she leaps up to check her stocking!

  138. i want a kitchenaid mixer in the worst way!

  139. I want a new camera!

  140. I want to eat all the Christmas treats possible without any weight gain! Hehe, not realistic, but it’s a wish! :)

  141. I want to catch up on sleep and to magically fit into the rest of my pre-preggo jeans!

  142. Wow your worse piping is my pipe dream!!

    I want a nice entertainment console to hold the oversized TV my hubby got (early) this year.

  143. I want a house! But I’d settle for some highlights in my hair!

  144. I absolutely LOVE these!!! You made some great cookies!! I looked at them at first like they were paper or something…they looked so perfect!! I think I just got a great idea for some gifts!! Thank you!! Let’s see…I needed a washer and already got it. I wanted the matching dryer and it was delivered today. Needed and wanted a new laptop…bought it a couple months ago. Gosh…now I just need time to do the laundry and work on my digital scrapbooks. Yep…I’ll take some time for Christmas. Not much. A week ought to do. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  145. All I want for Christmas is the power to eat as many sweets as I want and not gain weight! =) But I will settle for the giant cupcake cake pan and a Snuggie. =)

    BTW, your cookies are CUTE!

  146. I just want to try out that “long winter’s nap” thing from “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” I never appreciated sleep so much until I had kids of my own, especially during a hectic holiday season!

  147. I really want a PRO flickr account. My blog is so sad with the blogger upload too :(

    Also, I want fun new toys for my Nikon D40 I just got!! WOOT!

  148. I want a washer a dryer, and a new bed. Even though we need the washer and dryer more, I probably want the new bed more, so it’s a toss up. :)

  149. Some sleep would be a wonderful gift!

  150. I want to learn how to knit or crochet this Christmas. I don’t have time to do very much baking or crafting during my semesters at university so during every summer and winter I try to pick a new hobby. I think that being able to give someone a blanket or scarf (or, to be more realistic in my case– a potholder) that I made would be almost as satisfying as giving them a plate full of delicious cookies that I baked.
    Okay, I’m being selfish here, I really just want to learn how to make a Dr. Who scarf and a sack boy from Little Big Planet. :)

  151. I just enjoy my family being together…fun times, fun food, games, laughter, generations enjoying each other!

  152. I already got my Christmas present- a Canon Rebel XS!!! It was exactly what I’ve been wanting! I love that husband of mine.
    The giveaway rocks! I’d love the book, cookie cutters, and the other fun stuff. By the way, your piping looks great. You wouldn’t want to see what mine looked like.

  153. I would love for Santa to manage a new 15 inch MacBook Pro to be waiting under the tree this year. It may, however, take a Christmas miracle for that to happen. ;)

  154. I want the cakepops I’m working on to stay on the sticks!!! …..other than that, I’d like a stress-free 2010!

  155. Time with family at home NOT in the ER like the past 2 years!

  156. a KITCHENAID!! woo hoo! :)

  157. Those are ridiculously cute cookies! For Christmas, I’d like a Garmin Forerunner :)

  158. A leica camera

  159. I would like Santa to bring me one ‘free week pass’.. No work.. No commitments, no housework, no chores, no alarm clocks… I just want to stay home, relax, and enjoy each and every day in it’s entirety…

  160. I want it to slow down just a bit…..

  161. Oh my goodness, I have been wanting to try this kind of sugar cookie and I think this seals the deal. I am doing it.

    Let’s see for Christmas I want a vacation with my hubby ( and no kiddos).

  162. Sweet sweet sweet cookies! I so want to win that stocking!

    Let’s see . . . this one’s actually easy. What I want for Christmas is something I’ve actually already received — the grace brought by my Savior, whose birth we’re celebrating at this time of year!

  163. Oh, I would really love to win that! Love everything in the stocking and the stocking! This Christmas, I really want us all to be healthy. I also, want to stay home again this year and stay in our PJ’s all day, relax, and have great family time!

  164. I want a peaceful day with my family!

  165. I’d like a job for Christmas…to be able to support myself & my husband while he’s in grad school (in NYC no less…not cheap) without living on student loans. I’ve been applying, but nothing yet. Soon, right? :)

  166. I would settle for a healthy family. It seems like as soon as one shakes it, another one of us gets it!!!!

  167. I want it to be stress free travels in the car the whole 12hrs there, 12hrs home and 9hrs in between! Luckily it’s only the dog and ourselves we have to keep amused and no kids!

  168. I want enough money to pay my college tuition!

  169. no debt !!!

  170. I’d love my grad school loans paid off before my wedding in January, but instead I’ll settle for the food processor off our registry. I have big plans for it. :)

  171. I want a job when we move out of state.

  172. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and good friends!

  173. What I am hoping for for Christmas this year is some giftcards for cake goodies. I have recently taken my love for baking have expanded to make goodies for my friends and family. It’s working really well and I am in need of supplies. Winning this would also help! : ) Especially for my new signature cookies!

  174. Oh I want these new Hello Kitty Asics shoes. Too bad they are $300…… :)

  175. For fun: A cricut machine!

    For serious(er): A healthy baby~ I’m not due until late Feb, so it’d be a late Christmas gift… but my husband and I are soooo excited and praying that he’ll be a healthy, happy baby~

  176. i want a starbucks gift card!

  177. I really want a new Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens for Christmas. I would also love a new sewing machine, but that will have to wait… maybe until mother’s day.

  178. What I really want is for my husband to love Christmas as much as I do. Maybe I can convert him from a scrooge to a jolly o’l elf by filling his tummy with lots of Christmas treats, starting with some great chocolate, sugar cookie cupcakes.:)

  179. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cookies!!

  180. I just want happiness for my friends and family…sound cheesy, but I got everything materialistic that I wanted when I went to South Africa this year!

  181. a job so I can FINALLY move out of the house.

  182. I have been so blessed, and what I really want for Christmas can’t be bought at a store. But I will be glad to have my family around me, and a few fun presents besides! :) (oooh, and that canon rebel sounds pretty good too!!) :)

  183. I’d love a new lens for my camera!

  184. I’d love to win all that adorableness!

  185. OMG!!!! Love, Love the cupcake cookeis. My two favorite treat’s wraped into one.

    …for Christmas I wish Santa could bring me more time so I bake yummy treats.

  186. I want TIME. I have 3 kids under 3 and feel swamped in all areas.

  187. Time with all of my family and that everyone is happy about it.

  188. Well we’re expecting our first baby in a couple of months so for Christmas I just want health and happiness and perhaps many hours of sleep which I can bank for the months ahead.

  189. I want a new camera lens.

  190. I just want a happy and stress-free Christmas with lots of time with my hubby and baby.

  191. I want my little guy to have the best first Christmas ever filled with family,yummy food and lots of fun!

  192. I really want to enjoy EVERY minute with my family! And watch my 2 year old daughter open her gifts! She has the best expressions!

  193. I want the love of my life, my boyfriend for the last 3 years to suprise me with a beautiful ring and as meto be his wife this Christmas!! Cross your fingers for me.
    Merry Christmas!!

  194. I want my husband to not have to work such long hours…that and a Bosch mixer!

  195. Sorry to hear about your camera woes! Perhaps you need to ask santa for a new one. Myself, I would like a food processor (full size, I’m wearing my mini out) or a new lense for my Canon.

  196. I want it to warm up. Seriously. I’m all for a white Christmas, but -7 degrees is unbearable. The good thing is, if it stays cold like this, that means time cuddling with the kiddies…wearing layers of clothes…watching Christmas movies in front of the Christmas tree – – time well spent with those you love….nothing compares.

  197. For Christmas, I’d like a new digital camera.

  198. I have most everything I could really want or need – health, loving hubby, job, home, etc…

    But it would be really awesome to win this giveaway:) Everything looks so cute and just beckons to be used right away!

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