Easter Bonnets


I’ll just call them Cookie Hats since Easter is now over. I made these this weekend but you can certainly do them for other occasions like Mothers Day. Showers, too. You can change the colors for different themes. Any Red Hat Society peeps out there? These would be fun. I can also see these for a Kentucky Derby party – you could get really creative with them. Or forget the flowers, paint them with silver luster dust and turn them into flying saucers.

I found the instructions for these cuties in a book called Cookie Swap.



Here’s what they are supposed to look like. Gorgeous, huh! These are made using royal icing to coat the hat and pipe the perfect little dots. Fondant is used for the flowers and the bands.

Now, I didn’t have extra hours to wait for royal icing to dry when I made these, so I improvised. But, if time weren’t an issue, I’d go royal.


Instead, I covered the sugar cookie hats in tinted and rolled fondant…


And used sugar pearls to add detail. To help them stay in place, I used the pearls to press indentations around the hat. Then, I put a tiny amount of water on the sugar pearl and placed it in position.


Here they are with and without the pearls.

The base of the sugar cookie hats should be rolled thin before baking and the top part of the hat should be thicker to accommodate the fondant band. I used the shortbread sugar cookie recipe in the book, but feel free to use your own recipe and decorate.

Note: To get the fondant and cookie shapes to match in size, I re-cut the cookies with the cutter when I took them out of the oven and while they were still warm because they had spread a little.

You can attach the fondant to the cookies with a little bit of icing and you can attach the fondant flowers with a little dab of water.

Fondant Flowers.

All I can say is I heart my flower blossom plunger cutter. Say that fast three times.


I bought it a while ago and this is the first time I’ve used it.


You can cut shapes out of fondant and by pressing down on the plunger, you can make center indentations… or not.

You can also press the plunger into the fondant and remove the flower shape to then press and release onto a sponge.

This will give the flowers a curved shape.

But, without a sponge handy I had to improvise again.

So I grabbed the paper towel roll nearby and laid it on its side.


See how they curve when you press them into a soft surface and release? If you wanted, you could also add sugar pearls to the centers or pipe with icing.


These were fun to use. Now I need to get my hands on a little leaf plunger cutter to round out the look.



Cookie Swap is full of recipes, decorating and displaying ideas.

Like these….


Yes, this is a cookie. A ridiculously beautiful cookie. Seriously, who does that? Amazing!


And these are in the book, too. Love them! Looooooove them. But, I’d have to find someone to pipe those dots on for me. Mine would never look that perfect.

In addition to really pretty sweets, the book also has cute cookies to make you swoon.


Like these hamburger and hotdog shaped macarons. Dying.


And these watermelon cookies. Oh and umm, the lemons? Those are cookies, too. I know. Craziness.

Want to try your hand at some spectacular cookies?

Or just want to look at pretty pictures?

Enter for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Just leave a comment on this post and tell me if you’re an adventurous cookie maker or content taste tester.

Deadline to enter is Monday, April 5th at 5:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

Okay, we have a winner. But first, I’d like to say how glad I am that so many of you lean towards the adventurous side. It’s fun to challenge yourself and this book will do just that.

Alright, let’s see who won.


YAY for Sarah the Adventurer! This book has plenty of projects to keep you busy. Have fun.

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3,222 comments on “Easter Bonnets”

  1. id say adventurous cookie maker but i wouldn’t say no to tasting them either =)

  2. I’m melting over here from the adorableness of those cookie hats. I’m one part adventurous and one part content… makes for some fun experiments! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I would LOVE to win a copy of that. I am definitely an adventurous cookie maker! :) I love trying new stuff.

  4. Wow – love those cookies! I’m not a really adventurous cookie maker… but I do like to try different things! My challenge has still been mastering icing… ! But I’ve never tried fondant – and you make it look so good!


  5. OOooooh I LOVE to bake!! that book looks super fun! But I would never give up the option to try one too!! :)

  6. I can make a basic cookie but these are amazing.

  7. I’m adventurous but these look far beyond anything I’ve ever attempted. The book looks great & I hope to win it so I can challenge my cooking making skills thus far. Thanks for the chance.

  8. I love to take on a challenge with new cookies! BUT I am definitely a content taste taker!

  9. Oh my goodness I am in love! They are adorable. HMMM…they look so much fun to make but I would want to try one just to see if they tasted as good as they were cute.

  10. i’m both an adventurous cookie maker AND a content taste tester. probably more one than the other, but won’t mention which. ;-)

  11. I adore them! I’d like to see some bunny cookies–perhaps the book has some?

  12. I’m more of a adventurous cookie maker than taster. I still remember the days when I would stick m&ms on peanut butter cookies and call it art, when I really wanted to get as much chocolate on the thing as possible!

  13. I am definitely an adventurous cookie creator! I make some pretty funky things for the kids at my day care!

  14. content taste tester and cookie maker, but not adventurous yet

  15. I am an adventurous cookie maker! And I taste them…so maybe I’m both, more the maker though and ALWAYS the taster. :)

  16. I’m a taste tester! When I have more time I might try to make them on my own…

  17. I like to make simple cookies but I LOVE to eat them too.

  18. I would totally become an adventurous cookie maker after learning how to make these types of cookies, although, I wouldn’t give up my day job of taste testing cookies!!

  19. Adventurous!

  20. I LOVE looking at creative baking pictures! I would love to try some new cookies, too!

  21. I love baking and can’t wait to try out these fun ideas! So cute.

  22. I am an adventurous baker, once I decide to do something I go all the way and then some. I am also in love with the flower plunger, I must find one!


  24. I am a huge cookie baking (and taste testing) finatic!!! I make dozens upon dozens of cookies every year. For all sorts of occasions, and I’m always looking for new ideas and recipes! I’ve seen this book swirling around the internet and would love to get a look at it!!!

  25. That book looks like so much fun!!! Id say im an adventurous cookie maker and this book would be perfect to try all sorts of them!! You did an awesome job at the hats they are adorable!! Happy Easter everyone!

  26. I’m all about adventure

  27. What adorable cookies! I think these would be a perfect mother’s day treat. I love your site, you always have the cutest ideas!

  28. I’m both!!! Love to make it, and eat every single one of them… or share a few with friends ;D

  29. I would LOVE to be an adventurous cookie maker! (But I need that book first!) :)

  30. If only I made the time…. very pretty!

  31. Absolutely love the cookies. I think I’m going to need to find one of the fondant flower sets. Love your site and thank you so much for your willingness to share. Everyone here thinks cake balls/pops are the new best dessert. Happy Easter

  32. I love to be adventurous! It always leads to a new favorite!

  33. Ahhh! I love making cookies! And all those ideas are so amazing. Thanks!

  34. Those are amazing!! love the book

  35. Making and testing! That is the best part about practice in your kitchen, you get to try the results….good or bad…!

  36. Those cookies are amazing! I wish I had the patience for that!! I’m a cupcake girl :) I would love to win the book!!!

  37. Cooke maker for sure!

  38. This book would get me through my summers off in between school years…and I’m sure my other half wouldn’t complain either as he’s a pro cookie taster!

  39. For now I’m a not-so content cookie taster until we get more room in our house so that I can become the cookie maker!

  40. Oh I would be happy to just taste any (or all) cookies and enjoy those amazing pictures!

  41. I wish I was adventurous, but every time I tried, I’ve failed. I do make killer choc chip cookies though!

  42. LOVE the book already! Your hats are adorable ;)

  43. This is just too GORGEOUS! You just keep making the cutest things ever.

  44. I am definitely not very adventurous with my baking, but for something so cute I’d be willing to set my nervousness aside! :)

  45. when it comes to cookies, I keep em simple….that way there’s less time between baking and getting them in my mouth! lol

  46. First word I ever said was “cookie”….need I say more?
    All about the cookie consuming decades after that first word.

  47. I am content to taste. I love how all of these cookies look, but I am not patient enough to make them look the way they are supposed to! (Maybe having the book will help me with that)

  48. I am now adventurous – it seems when I’m finished baking, I’m no longer hungry (probably too much ‘testing’ before they’re done)!

  49. Adventurous! The more WOW factor the better – like those basket cookies? Bring it on!

  50. definitely a taste tester! but I’m lucky enough to have a sister who loves to bake ;)

  51. Whew! These are crazy beautiful! I like to bake cookies, but I’ve attempted NOTHING like these – not sure I’d have the p*a*t*i*e*n*c*e, but I’d be willing to try!

  52. I’d love a chance at the book. Those are some amazing cookies and treats!

  53. I thought I was adventurous until I saw this post! I need this book…all my cookie adventures pale in comparison to these. Mine still look like cookies when I’m done!

  54. Right now a tester–but I’d like to be more adventurous!

  55. I’m definatly adventurous in the cookie making dept. I would love to recreate the cookies in this book- they’re beautiful!

  56. I am most definitely an adventurous cookie decorator! Sometimes I wish I had more excuses to bake cookies all the time, since I will make cookies then gain 20 pounds eating them all myself!

  57. adventurous cookie maker! woot woot! :D

  58. I thought I was pretty adventurous when it came to baking cookies…until I saw yours! Your cookies are amazing!

  59. I’m a taste tester! The only cookies I can make are drop ones :P

  60. first you see then you eat so i am definately an adventurous cookie maker .


  62. These are precious! I’m terrible at baking cookies, but these would be worth the additional practice!

  63. Taste tester for sure!!! But, should I “win” the book, I would do my absolute BEST to become adventurous!! :)

  64. I’m definitely adventurous, but most of my adventures in cookies taste better than they look. Beautiful hat cookies!

  65. I guess you would have to say our household is trying to be “adventurous cookie maker’ , my oldest daughter has really gotten into baking and decorating, and loves to try new things

  66. Adventurous one over here!!

  67. I am hoping to become more adventurous but right now am loving being a taste tester. This book looks AMAZING!!!

  68. these are delightful! thanks for sharing! it’s given me lots of inspiration for a tea party!

  69. I’m an adventurer! I remember when I made my first peanut butter cookies with 1/2 CUP Baking Soda! Opps! Only called for a 1/2 teaspoon or tablespoon!

  70. Wow, only 13 minutes into the post and there’s already 62 comments…

    I am an official taster… I want to think I can make all of these but I think I’m a better judge…

  71. Adventurous cookie baker, love to make interesting cookie bouquets. Have not seen this book before.

  72. I love to try new things when baking… although I don’t eat much of what I make – there’s never much left once my husband sees it. So I guess I am an adventurous cookie maker and he is the taster. ;)

  73. Ohh this book looks great! I’m definitely an adventurous cookie maker!

  74. … and to answer your question: I’d like to be more adventurous with cookies! i’ve really only stuck to cakes so far, but these look too fun not to try! :)

  75. I’m a tester but would love to be a maker someday!

  76. I’m totally an adventurous gal. I have an office full of co-workers that I can make my official taste-testers, without ruining my waistline! ;)

  77. Those are SO cute! I’m definitely an adventurous cookie maker. I actually just made some for a baby shower last weekend that were little babies holding a Teddy Graham. They were a huge hit!! If I don’t win this, I’m definitely going to have to purchase a copy of that book.

  78. I am an aspiring crazy cookie maker. Although taste testing is always welcome. I would love to win.

  79. Cute cookies. I sure could use a copy of that book.

  80. I’m an “adventurous taste tester”!!

  81. definitely love a good cookie baking challenge!

  82. I would have to say that I am an adventurous cookie maker. Because of your inspiration, I went out and bought ‘Cookie Craft’ and have been experimenting with those cookies. My favorite ones are the fall leaves. I can’t wait to try them this coming fall! My goal is to master the art of decorating sugar cookies and give them out as favors.

  83. I love to make cookies but I am not patient about decorating them! :) I am working on it….

  84. Love to taste test, but I definitely want to work on my cookie skills!

  85. I’ve always wanted to try to make these gorgeous cookies but I just haven’t yet.

  86. My 12 year old daughter got baking stuff in her basket, and this book would be a wonderful addition to her “Pioneer Woman Cooks” book she got in it.

  87. Best book ever!

  88. Hello Bakerella!
    I am definitely a bit of both. I love decorating and making cookies, but then again i get into those phases where all i want to do is eat em! Of course that always undoes the 3 mile run i probably did before, but what else are cookies for! I would love to win, simply because I treasure all of my cook books :) I love LOVE LOVE cook books! And i would especially love this book because it looks as though it has very detailed instructions…which is always a good thing for me.

  89. Definitely the adventurous cookie maker!

  90. I love to make pretty cookies and really want to try the owls on the cover!

  91. I think the book looks amazing!! Definately sign me
    up as taste tester!!!

  92. I would absolutely love to be talented enough to make cookies as adorable as those.

  93. Dear Cookie Monster,
    Lovely, lovely, lovely… where were you when I was turning 12 and I had a “hat” themed birthday because of my then recently discovered passion for wearing and collecting hats!? I would have loved to make these…
    I guess that answers your question, I’m a do-er. I love the pictures but words… words are my life — especially words about DOING things… like making beautiful things that taste divine.
    Buying This Book If I Don’t Win In NE

  94. bakerella!
    I love you easter hats! they look so scrumpcious! I am def. a cookie maker! I would love this book b/c it would def. be put to good use in my kitchen

  95. I am ALWAYS making new kinds of cookies for my husband to take to work! I have never thought to decorate cookies though -so cute! I am perfectly content on making them for others :)

  96. Adventurous all the way!!! When i can find the time and the ingredients :)

  97. nom nom nom… adventurous cookie maker/eater! haha

  98. I’m all for adventure! I love to experiment with baking. Yummy!

    As an aside, I hope you are feeling better and that you had a great Easter!

  99. I just don’t have a kitchen right now conducive to baking cookies. My oven can only bake three at a time, so batches aren’t worth it. So at this time, I’m more of a taste tester. When I go home to my parents house, with their great kitchen? Adventurous baker!

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