Easter Bonnets


I’ll just call them Cookie Hats since Easter is now over. I made these this weekend but you can certainly do them for other occasions like Mothers Day. Showers, too. You can change the colors for different themes. Any Red Hat Society peeps out there? These would be fun. I can also see these for a Kentucky Derby party – you could get really creative with them. Or forget the flowers, paint them with silver luster dust and turn them into flying saucers.

I found the instructions for these cuties in a book called Cookie Swap.



Here’s what they are supposed to look like. Gorgeous, huh! These are made using royal icing to coat the hat and pipe the perfect little dots. Fondant is used for the flowers and the bands.

Now, I didn’t have extra hours to wait for royal icing to dry when I made these, so I improvised. But, if time weren’t an issue, I’d go royal.


Instead, I covered the sugar cookie hats in tinted and rolled fondant…


And used sugar pearls to add detail. To help them stay in place, I used the pearls to press indentations around the hat. Then, I put a tiny amount of water on the sugar pearl and placed it in position.


Here they are with and without the pearls.

The base of the sugar cookie hats should be rolled thin before baking and the top part of the hat should be thicker to accommodate the fondant band. I used the shortbread sugar cookie recipe in the book, but feel free to use your own recipe and decorate.

Note: To get the fondant and cookie shapes to match in size, I re-cut the cookies with the cutter when I took them out of the oven and while they were still warm because they had spread a little.

You can attach the fondant to the cookies with a little bit of icing and you can attach the fondant flowers with a little dab of water.

Fondant Flowers.

All I can say is I heart my flower blossom plunger cutter. Say that fast three times.


I bought it a while ago and this is the first time I’ve used it.


You can cut shapes out of fondant and by pressing down on the plunger, you can make center indentations… or not.

You can also press the plunger into the fondant and remove the flower shape to then press and release onto a sponge.

This will give the flowers a curved shape.

But, without a sponge handy I had to improvise again.

So I grabbed the paper towel roll nearby and laid it on its side.


See how they curve when you press them into a soft surface and release? If you wanted, you could also add sugar pearls to the centers or pipe with icing.


These were fun to use. Now I need to get my hands on a little leaf plunger cutter to round out the look.



Cookie Swap is full of recipes, decorating and displaying ideas.

Like these….


Yes, this is a cookie. A ridiculously beautiful cookie. Seriously, who does that? Amazing!


And these are in the book, too. Love them! Looooooove them. But, I’d have to find someone to pipe those dots on for me. Mine would never look that perfect.

In addition to really pretty sweets, the book also has cute cookies to make you swoon.


Like these hamburger and hotdog shaped macarons. Dying.


And these watermelon cookies. Oh and umm, the lemons? Those are cookies, too. I know. Craziness.

Want to try your hand at some spectacular cookies?

Or just want to look at pretty pictures?

Enter for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Just leave a comment on this post and tell me if you’re an adventurous cookie maker or content taste tester.

Deadline to enter is Monday, April 5th at 5:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

Okay, we have a winner. But first, I’d like to say how glad I am that so many of you lean towards the adventurous side. It’s fun to challenge yourself and this book will do just that.

Alright, let’s see who won.


YAY for Sarah the Adventurer! This book has plenty of projects to keep you busy. Have fun.

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3,222 comments on “Easter Bonnets”

  1. I love to make cookies taste and look great. When I find a recipe I stick to it. Decorating is the fun part.

  2. I think I’m more of a taster….but I want to be adventurous! I’ve been trying out some of your recipes recently and loving them!

  3. This book looks so awesome filled with deliciousnss :)
    i would have to say I’m an adventuous baker/taster! Hehehe

  4. I’m just an awful cookie maker, i can’t even get peanut butter cookies right :( Those look amazing, Hopefully I’ll be able to make them one day :P

  5. I like to bake cookies. I’m not so great at decorating them though. so I would probably fall into the content taste tester category.

  6. Definately an avid adventurer, with a little taster lurking some of the time. OK a big taster most of the time!

  7. Have NEVER baked à cookie in my life..i’m more like à cupcake girl..but these look stunning!
    I would say i am a cookie taster..but maybe the book can make me into a cookie baker?
    Also waiting for your bakerella book to come out!!
    Have a lovely easter monday!!

  8. Those cookies look like a lot of work! But super satisfying. I am definitely a tester, but I love love to bake.

  9. Hope you are feeling better!!! Hopefully you baking again is a good sign!

  10. Ooooo, hosting three baby showers in the upcoming weeks. What fun! Cookie tasting, here I come! Well, somebody’s gota do the quality control!

  11. I try to do a little bit of both….but mostly an eater!

  12. OMG what amazing cookies, I would love to make cookies like that but alas I try but do not succeed. But I would put my hand up and be the first one to taste if the occassion ever arose. Bakerella your cookies looked too scrum-diddly-umptious to nibble on..


  13. Well can you call it adventure if you love to embark but never make it to the destination? I love making cookies but they don’t always turn out the way they are supposed too :)

  14. yummy! I dream of being an amazing cookie maker (I live vicariously through your blog!), but for now I am happy to just eat the baked treats!

  15. I’m both, cookie maker and test taker. Why make something you’re not going to try or haven’t tried before? :)

  16. I just tried a batch of Joy the Baker’s Peanut Butter Bacon cookies… which were both adventurous, and tasty! ; )

  17. I absolutely love this book. If I don’t win it I will definitely be buying it. Thank you for the eat giveaway. I am so glad that you are feeling better. I have missed your posts.

  18. I am an adventurer! I LOVE baking and decorating cookies and you have just inspired me to try these Easter Bonnets :)

  19. Taste tester! I help my mom out when she bakes, but I mostly just taste the results. I really should learn how to bake on my own…

  20. Taste-tester! But hardly contented. I would love to bake some amazing cookies like you..

  21. I love, love, love to bake cookies. But that also is because I love to eat them even more. I think that comes from my wonderful Grandma. Hope you are recovering well.

  22. I love adventures, although sometimes its nice to sit back and be a taste tester. (Especially when my dad is the one experimenting with the baking, I learned everything from him).
    P.S.- Hope you’re feeling better!

  23. I’m always up for a cookie adventure! I’m dying to know how those lemon slice looking cookies are made!

  24. Not always successful but 100% committed- adventurous baker!

  25. Adventurous! I love coming up with new cookie ideas!!

  26. I am all about the adventure! the more creative the better. I would love this book to inspire some ideas!

  27. oops..thats TOLE painting.not toolpainting. hahaha

  28. Uh, cutest cookies ever! I am a little taste tester and adventurer-er!

  29. I love to bake and I LOVE cookies.. I would say I’m an adventurous cookie maker :)

  30. hi there…again i’m leaving u a comment. i just love mom just started on the whole baking far she haven’t tried baking novelty cookies just festive cookies. but she does have delicate hands when it comes to artsy stuff..whether it’s on food or handcrafts. u can go check on her newly build website where she displays her toolpainting artwork.

  31. Adventurous cookie maker all the way!

  32. i am a taster but would like to be more adventurous

  33. What amazing looking cookies! I have 3 children who would love to have some of them at birthday parties ;)

  34. Cookie maker with no time to make them!

  35. I can’t wait to start my next cookie project. Birthday cookies for my baby cousin’s first birthday! It’s going to be a long day of decorating for certain. :)

  36. Well, I’d say I’m an adventurous cookie maker. I do love to try new recipes for cookies on a regular basis (and so do my friends and family!) Thanks for the chance to win the adorable book!

  37. I am a content taster for sure as I love tasting the cookies more then anything else!

  38. I’m more of an adventurous cake maker, but cookies scare me. I’m working on it, though! But, for now, I’ll own up and say that I’m a taster all the way.

  39. oh my gosh. Watermelon cookies and lemon slices! Oh my. I so have to make them.

  40. Can’t wait to try such a hat:-)

  41. WOWWWWWWWW!!!Lo voglio………bellissimo questo libro.un bacio dall’italia Laura

  42. i’d say both baker and tester

  43. Erm, why am I never one to get these prizes? Anyway, I’m an adventurous baker, but cookies are not something I’ve mastered yet. I’m better with cakes.

  44. I like to follow a recipe. Though the other day I did omit chocolate chips from the cookie recipe on the back of the Tollhouse bag, and instead added dried cranberries and chopped apricots. They were good!

  45. Oh, both! I love to bake them…and then gobble them up by the dozen. Then I have to make more, and the cycle repeats. :)

  46. I would have to say I am an adventurous baker! Not always successful…but I guess that’s what makes the adventure… =]
    Testing cookies also never hurt anyone either =]

  47. I love those flower plungy things!hope you are feeling better!

  48. That book is absolutely amazing! Not sure I’d have the patience for most of those cookies, but the results are stunning.

  49. I would have to say I’m an adventurous baker… but I love to eat them too!!

  50. I’m usually decorating cakes but I get really excited for the chance to make cookies! Yay for new adventures!

  51. Just learned how to flood with royal icing and would love the book as I am adventurous and love trying new things!

  52. I am an adventurous baker. This book sounds like so much fun!

  53. yaay i love coockies and these are soooo cute and well done :D and I’m all for adventure in baking and cooking :D Love how food can be a Fine art piece <3

  54. I would to be this creative!

  55. These cookies are just adorable! I love the design and details of all of them, I love baking so I would definately be an adventurous bakerella!

  56. I love the watermelon and lemon cookies!! Makes me in the mood for summer by the pool.

  57. If only I had enough time to make all the CUTE things you do on here!! I am definitely and adventure seeker at heart… and have a lot of willing testers around!

  58. i am definitely a taster, but would love to be a fantastic maker someday~! :-)

  59. what a COOL book! i’m always up for adventurous cookie making, and this book would be the perfect inspiration / motivation. :)

  60. I am totally an adventurous cookie maker!

  61. I’d say I am getting more adventurous. I’ve had this book on my wish list forever. And my birthday is on April 5 so this would be a great bday present to me!

  62. definetly the adventurous cookie maker! this book would be perfect for making cookies for any occassion.

  63. I’m so crap at making that I’m a very content taste tester.

    These are just AMAZING!!!!

  64. I’m an adventurous baker! I love trying new recipes and creating fun cookies. My son’s daycare loves it even more so this book would be amazing.

  65. I want the Lemon cookies! :)

  66. Me want, Me want, Me want!!

  67. Wow! Those are seriously cute cookies! I definitely need this book!

  68. Firstly Bakerella I <3 your website!!! You always have fun projects to get those creative juices flowing …and the saliva LOL :P I am definitely an adventurous cookie maker!! For Easter this year I made some Easter bunny cookies which the children in my daughters school class absolutely adored!!

    Would so love to win this book!!

    *Hugs from Australia* :D

  69. I love trying new cookie recipes! <3

  70. Love to bake! But don’t take the time to decorate. I prefer a simple cookie that I can eat quickly!

  71. I am definitely adventurous with all my baking and cooking! I love making things I’ve never tried before

  72. I love to try new fun baking recipes, but somehow mine never turn out as great as yours! :) The fun for me is in the attempt though, so I get my fill of fun.

  73. i am adventurous!
    i would love to make those watermelon ones!

  74. I LOVE trying new cookies and techniques, especially if I have the time to really get them right!

  75. Adventurous cookie baker!

  76. hm, the only cookies i’ve made so far are chocolate chip ones
    but looking at those pictures arer totally inspiring me to a whole new level +_+

  77. when i feel like going beyond my favourite, tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe, i can definitely be adventurous!! i really like the look of those little macaroons and want to try making them!!

  78. I’m so an adventurous cookie maker! :) I leave the taste testing to the rest of the family…:D

  79. Definitely a bit of both, though I would eat these faster than I would be able to make them! Gotta try them, though. Too cute!

  80. I love to be adventurous with the types of cookies I bake, but my decorating skills are definitely in need of some work. Creativity, and more importantly, patience! are not my best skills.

  81. cookie maker all the way.

  82. i love these cookies! not too many books feature such fancy cookies to aspire to, i will probably buy it anyways!! :D thanks!

  83. sorry, I forgot to tell you, I’m adventurous!

  84. WOOOOOOW!!!

    I loved the cookies that looked like a wedding cake, it’s my couzin’s wedding soon and I am thinking of making these for her …

    Wish me luck with the dots ;)

  85. I want to make those watermelon cookies! My kids would love for me to have that book. BTW I really heart your website, I am addicted to seeing what you come up with next.

  86. I’m a cookie maker in training but I never pass up a chance to taste!

  87. I’m not the most adventurous cookie maker/decorator, but would sure love a book like this to drool over!

    I love your idea of Kentucky Derby hat cookies!

    And I now HAVE to have one of those plunger flower things – even though I’ve never used fondant. Would it work on cheese for bento boxes?

  88. I’d say I am an adventurous cookie maker AND a content taste tester. I love me a good cookie recipe and I’ll be the first person to sneak a taste too.

  89. Content taste tester, but they look too cute to eat though!

  90. Totally the baker! Planning cello cookie recipe right now!!

  91. Oh that book is amazing. I don’t know what I would want to make first. I love love LOVE making and decorating cookies. I don’t think I could get something to look that nice, but I sure would try.

  92. Adventurous cookie baker! This book looks amazing too!

  93. oh my goodness I would love to have this book! I am inching my way into becoming an adventurous cookie maker! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  94. I am an adventurous cookie maker, Im a designer, so I love to decorate! These cookies are really beautiful! congrats!

  95. I love books like this! I love to find new and exciting ways to present the same old cookies. This would be an awesome addition to my bookshelf!

  96. those are so adorable!! I am so making these for Mother’s day!!

  97. Beautiful!

  98. I LOVE to make cookies! Now that my older daughter & I are on a gluten free diet, it’s been more adventurous than I like trying to get really good cookies. I LOVE the hats & think I can do that with some gluten free shortbread. And those meringue hot dogs and hamburgers? I’ve gotta get that book! LOL!

  99. I’d say I’m between an adventurous cookie maker and taste tester. I would rather bake fun cookies and have others try. I’m getting more adventurous as I’m getting more comfortable with my small kitchen. I am a BIG cookie lover. But I love being the family baker and surprising with cute treats that I find here on Bakerella. Thank you for all the great posts!!


  100. Baking is always an adventure – and piping a thrill.
    So I’ll go with the adventurous…

  101. taste tester here. but i want to try those cute lemon cookies!

  102. Well, I can’t say that I’m as adventurous as you are, but I do love to try new cookie recipes (and am always willing to taste-test!)

  103. Wow, what a beautiful book — and your cookies look great, too. I like to eat cookies that taste good, but if they look gorgeous as well, that’s a bonus. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  104. Most definitely an adventurous cookie maker!

  105. I am becoming an adventurous, I am working on several upcoming projects especially now as a Wilton Instructor, but before I took the classes I was happy just tasting.

  106. I’m afraid I’m rather traditional when it comes to cookies…! Although I often try new things, I usually recreate the same things to perfect my technique.

    These flower hat cookies are absolutely gorgeous by the way, they’re almost too pretty to eat. x

  107. Too Cute! I love to make cookies! We get a little adventurous!

  108. HI,
    I have looked on your site almost everyday since my friend told me about it last October. This is my first time submitting any kind of comment on a website. I LOVE YOUR SITE, and am always looking for fantastic ideas. You have a gift!!
    I LOVE baking and trying out new cookies!!! Its so much fun. This cookbook would be great to own and glean from, but I do enjoy your site for that as well!! (: Thanks for all your posts and igniting creativity in me!

  109. Um, those hats are stinkin’ cute!!! And that book looks amazing! Seriously would love to get my hands on that puppy. I can be adventurous given the right circumstances….
    unfortunately my three lovely kiddos make those circumstances few and far between :) Oh, and I think I need those flower plunger thingys! They look like such fun!

  110. I have that blossom ejector set..and the daisy one…and a leaf one too! Love them. A lot.

    I am more of a taste tester…I own several cookie books but so far I’ve just looked at the pictures!

  111. I would like to have a cookie adventure :)

  112. I’m a little bit of both. This book looks wonderful!

  113. Most definetly a taste tester! But once in a while I’d be an adventurous cookie make! Lol I just recently succeeded in making cupcake pops my first try I flopped, and flopped Horribly! But after a trip to my local cake store, an employee told me about paramount crystals and now I can honestly swear by them!!!! My second batch came out perfect to my standards and I’m very proud! Thanks you are my baking inspiration!!!!!

  114. I am a content taste-tester. I can bake if necessary, but I would much rather let someone else do it, as they would do a much better job than I. (The someone else being my amazing grandmother)

  115. Cookie maker, although lately I’ve been too busy to really bake.

  116. I’m so awful at decorating (but maybe having the book would help!), so you can count me in as a taste tester!

  117. I super <3 cookie making and I love to make adorable ones!!! Win or lose, thank you for all of your inspirational work!

  118. You are so clever. I would love to be a taste tester but now that you have tried it, I think I could be adventurous too. The book looks terrific.

  119. I have been a taste tester until this past Saturday. Instead of Easter baskets full of candy, I made iced sugar cookies….. I enjoyed it and they turned out really yummy….. now the decorating is a different matter…LOL…. I need lots of work on that end… but they reminded me of actual Easter eggs that were dyed… you know how you have this great idea of dipping in one color and then another but when you finish…it looks awful…well, I had a cookie that came out like that… then I used an adorable bunny cookie cutter… well after the icing got applied… He was refered to as my “drunk bunny” his poor face looked like the blur you would see after several very strong drinks… but those were the worst out of the batch..the kids enjoyed them.. which is saying alot since they are all grown.

  120. You’re hats are soooo cute! I’m living in Japan right now and just had a “Sweets Day” with three of my Japanese friends during which we made your Fast Food Fun project. I can’t wait to show them this one!
    I am definitely an adventurous cookie baker and I love sharing my finished products with all our neighbors!

  121. What a CUTE and inspiring book!! I’d say I’m an aspiring adventurous cookie maker. I’ve been off the baking wagon for a bit due to moving, etc, and not having a set-up kitchen. Now that I’m getting more situated, I’m itching to get back in there and create. :)

  122. Definitely adventurous! I just made the Easter basket cupcakes yesterday, so cute!

  123. I just had my first experience with cake decorating – not doing, ordered one for daughter’s wedding … I’m now AMAZED at this art! It’s all fascinating. I found your website accidentally, and so glad I did! I’m impressed enough to maybe give this a try. Probably I’ll just make a mess … but it will be fun and easy to clean it all up! YUM! Thank you for this opportunity xoxo

  124. Adventurous. And I am so making those hats for Mother’s Day!!

  125. Can I just say chocolate covered Snikerdoodles? Num num num!!!! I’m also a master taste tester :-)

  126. I LOVE cookies.
    I love to look at them, taste them and make them. :)

  127. I’m definitely more of a cookie taster. My cookies just don’t seem to turn out right!

  128. I’m a cookie taster – I mean really who isn’t! I’m only just starting to get more adventurous with creating thanks to your blog :)

  129. I used to think I was an adventurous cookie maker until I saw these!

  130. What a gem of a book. Your hat cookies are as cute as can be. Hats off to you and your patience Bakerella, its something I definately admire.

  131. Those look so beautiful. I love making cookies.

  132. I am definitely not adventurous or much f a risk taker but I definitely enjoy having fun and making cookies.

  133. That book looks amazing! I love making new cookies and anything that impresses my friends is worth the work!

  134. I like to think of myself as both ;)

  135. Adorable! And now I have Fred Astaire singing about Easter bonnets in my head….

    I’ve been getting steadily more adventurous, although I hadn’t thought of it that way…I think I’m mostly addicted to making things pretty ;)

  136. Love the cookies! I want to make the butterflies for my daughters birthday. Thanks.

  137. I like to make fancy cookies during holiday time. For the rest of the year, drop cookiers are the fastest.

  138. Oh my goodness, now this is definitely up my alley and YES, I’m an adventurous cookie maker! This is exactly what I’ve been searching and would make such a wonderful gift for ME! oooh TY for the chance honey! Happy Easter!!

  139. I’m a cookie maker!

  140. I’d say adventurous cookie maker — but I love being a content taste tester too!! :)

  141. I LOVE baking cookies. I’ve finally mastered my own chocolate chip cookie recipe :)

  142. I’m both! I like to make cookies and eat them too !!

  143. content taste tester. :)

  144. Adventurous all the way, luckily my roommate is a content taste tester hahaha

  145. Adventurous baker/eater here!

  146. I would love to attempt to be the crazy person who actually makes these. I’d prolly have to have a Xanax, though.

    And I would definitely eat them. Just as soon as I got over the fact that I was about to ruin a perfect piece of ART!!

    This book would be so fabulous to add to my collection! How fun!

  147. I love to look at beautiful cookie pictures….everytime i start looking, i just want to start baking….
    Happy Easter

  148. I would love this book. I recently started playing around with rolled sugar cookies so I could use a little help on the design side of things.

  149. I’m trying to be more adventurous, but I just don’t have that much free time anymore.
    So I’m a taste tester right now :)

  150. I try to be adventurous – I’ll try crazy baking techniques, but I’m terrified of piping icing! Go figure.

  151. I am a cookie creator for sure- to put it simply I BEGGED for a kitchen aid mix master for my 12 birthday and my mom used a new more powerful one to lure me back from studying abroad (I tried to tell her that I wasn’t coming home and she was NOT happy!) I love to make cookies and even more than that, I love to share cookies with people and see the look on their face when they enjoy something that I have created from simple ingredients, time, patience and effort! Baking is my stress relief and cookies are my speciality! Thanks for sharing all of your fun ideas!

  152. Taste tester, but I like to read about adventurous bakers!

  153. Oh wow! I’m a taste tester. I don’t have the patience to decorate the cookies without wanting to eat them already.

  154. I LOVE to decorate cookies….. in fact, I’d love to publish my own cookie-decorating-idea-book someday, kinda like the one you’re giving away. I guess it’s one of those “life goal” kinda things. Please please please pick me!!!!

  155. im defintly an adventurous cookies maker and eater! im all about carbs n fat! haha :P

  156. Who doesn’t like to taste? I love to try all kinds of cookies, but I also like to make them.

  157. I’m definitely a content taste tester. Many times when I try to be adventurous, the things I bake don’t turn out as pretty as I hoped they would.

  158. An adventurous cookies make while I taste test! :) Adorable cookies! One more book to get added to my list!

  159. adventerous cookie maker!!!

  160. I’m an avid snickerdoodle maker but I love the idea of decorated cookies. People usually just think of a cookie as just that…but they can be beautifully decorated like a cupcake or a cake, I just haven’t ventured out to try it yet. I think this post has inspired me!

  161. I’d have to say adventurous cookie maker. I have a large clear plastic bin of cookie cutters. I hand make my flowers out of royal or gumpaste. Maybe adventurous should be replaced with crazy. Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to share about your book.

  162. I try to be an adventurous cookie maker but am still working out some kinks.

  163. Oh, I am definitely a taster. I tired the whole roll out cookie thing once and it didn’t go to well! I’d rather munch on them ;)

  164. i like to make pretty cookies but every time i try i fail :S

  165. A taster, for sure, but if I won I could easily be converted to a tester, as well. :)

  166. I love making cookies…but I’m not the adventurous type. I’m a lump of dough kinda gal. Cake balls is about as adventurous as I get…I could do about 5 but then my feet and back and patience give out. :) So…taste tester extraordinare!

    Thanks for the giveaway…beautiful pics.

  167. Your cookies are beautiful. Just as nice, if not better then the ones in the book. But then again, you always make the best things!

    I would love to win this book. Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Thanks for the chance.


  168. I love to bake ’em & taste ’em! Thank goodness my family likes to taste ’em too!

  169. Content taste tester for sure!! I love to look but these are cute enough I would even make them!!

  170. i would LOVE that book please!!

  171. i am definitely and adventurous cookie maker. this book looks adorable!

  172. Adventurous…mostly with flavors but I would love an excuse to play more on decorating. Of course I have to taste…I call it quality control.

  173. Adventurous COOKIE MAKER!

  174. I am a very adventurous cookie bake! Although, I could taste test all day!!!!

    I love these cookies too!!! They are awesome! You are so talented! :D

  175. I am both a tester and a baker but only just learning how to try new ideas and decorate. This book looks amazing!

  176. I LOVE baking cookies. I even hosted my first Christmas cookie swap last year. It was great fun! My favorite are any kind of cookies with chocolate in them! :)

  177. How fun! And I love the flower punch… will definitely have to get one!

  178. I’ve got some work to do before I become more adventurous….so I’m content to taste for now!

  179. Oh wow – those are some truly beautiful cookies. I love to play around and make fun things like that, but mine NEVER come out anywhere near that gorgeous. Still doesn’t deter me from trying though – it’s fun to play with your food!

  180. I’m pretty much an adventurous cookie maker, always wanting to try new things. The only thing is my mum doesn’t like it when I make a big mess in the kitchen, since i’m only 13. My mum shouts at me all the time for making a big mess in the kitchen. I haven’t baked anything for a while now, scared i’ll get in trouble.

  181. Oh, these are the cutest things! Cookie baker and taster here. Would love to win a copy of this book.

  182. Wow, those cookies look awesome! I love to do crazy things with cookies (and cupcakes), so I guess I would be the “adventure” type. For my daughter’s second birthday, I made a “shoe” shaped cake and then decorated lots of gingerbread boys & girls (actually, they were sugar cookies, but I used the classic cutters) and one large mama to represent “The Old Woman who Lived in the Shoe.”

    Anyway, it’ll be at least a decade before my public library gets that book, though, so could you please enter me into the contest?

  183. Hmm… A little of both? I guess more of a taste tester though.

  184. I am definitely an adventurous cookie maker!! But I do my fair share of taste testing as well…. :)

  185. I am always looking for new and fun ideas! There is something to be said for being a cookie baker and a cookie taste tester! Both VERY good jobs!!

  186. I’m an adventurous taste tester! I love to bake, but find some recipes a bit intimdating though looking at them I know it’ll be mouth-watering once I get pass the “fear” and just bake. Thank you for sharing your baking with us!

  187. More of a taster right now, but I am toying with the idea of trying some royal icing decorating of cookies…This book may be just the inspiration I need!

  188. I try to be an adventurous cookie maker, and thus am a content cookie taster by default. I love baking and would LOVE to win this book! :) Happy Easter!

  189. Those look wonderful! Mostly I go for taste…but, sure is fun to go for pretty!

    Will have to check this book out!

    Hope you had a great Easter.

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  191. So pretty! I am an adventurous cookies maker.

  192. I am definetly both!

  193. Oh yes, I love to make wild and wonderful cookies. Nowhere near as deluxe of the ones shown, but I do have fun and my grandgirls are thrilled with them.

  194. I’m not a super sweets lover, but I LOVE to bake, so I’m definitely an adventurous baker (but of course I have my old stand-bys).

  195. I am definitely a content taste tester, but maybe with this book I could become an adventurous cookie maker :-)

  196. wish i was an adventurous cookie maker, but will have to settle for content taste tester!

  197. I think I am more of a content taste tester like Cookie Monster.

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