Easy Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Okay, I almost feel silly posting this. It’s sooo so easy, but it makes me way happy when I bite into one that I can’t resist.

It’s the simple things sometimes you know.

I was at Bruster’s the other day getting some ice cream and this poster was staring me back in the face.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Umm duh!! Why have I never ever done this before? And why am I not at the grocery store buying a bunch of Oreos right now.

Side note – Is it bad when the teenager at Bruster’s knows my order when I walk up and he finishes my sentence before I do? What about when the new guy that I’ve never met before knows my order. Is that bad? I’m thinking so. That or either I’m helping inspire great customer service.

Either way, I’m way too excited for this easy ice cream treat. I didn’t try any of them at Bruster’s (I stuck to my regular order of course) so I don’t know if theirs are special larger size Oreos made just for them or if they just use the regular cookies.

But I vote regular cookies. Small and cute ice cream cookie sandwiches. Yes, please.

Okay, this is hard. Please pay close attention.



Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream.



Cookies and Cream

Yum! … and done.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Just use a 1.5-inch scoop to place ice cream in between the separated cookies and press.

Life. Changed.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Rock and roll them in some sprinkles. Pretty and sweet.


The fun part is having a few flavors to play with. Chocolate is mandatory for me.
And these are totally fun for kiddos, too. Perfect portion-size treats.

You can make a bunch in advance and wrap them in wax paper so you can grab one from the freezer and go when the mood strikes.

Chocolate Sprinkles

Triple chocolate treats. I like.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Now take a load off, smile and go make yourself something sweet and easy!

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109 comments on “Easy Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches”

  1. My kids will have a ton of fun making these Oreo sandwiches! So yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the delicious looking recipe ?

  3. OMG!  These are drool worthy and definitely one recipe I will be making all summer long!  The perfect treat in the summer heat!  Thanks for posting for all of us to enjoy!  

  4. This is so cute and easy to do. Great as a classroom treat!

  5. it looks good and I just made 100 of them

  6. wow! this is easy! I will try this


  8. gracias por tus rectas son maravillosas

  9. What kind of chocolate sprinkles are those?! They look absolutely delicious!

  10. Thanks so much for this yummy idea, we made them today and not only were they fun, they tasted GREAT! I made the mistake of softening my ice cream first…made a huge mess, haha! After I left it firm back up, it worked much better. The sprinkles were such a fun addition!

  11. My 5 nieces and I made these today at their “Last day of Summer Treat” They were not as beautiful as yours, but they loved them! Thanks Bakerella!! :)

  12. I love Oreos, I love this idea and I love your blog!
    I made a link to this recipe on my blog…hope thats ok!

  13. Joy the Baker recently did the same thing using Ritz crackers but I like this idea so much better!

  14. I am officially starving!

  15. Holy cow. These look SO delicious. Your photography is gorgeous, too, which I think makes them look even more yummy! Then again, I am pregnant, so anything involving ice cream makes my mouth water these days!

  16. I tried an oreo ice cream sandwich last night locally and it was to die for and yours looks every better! I can’t wait to try this. Would be ideal for a party or get together. Thanks!

  17. I made these for a party. They were a big hit! Everyone loved them.

  18. Amazing. These look fab and i bet they taste better

  19. I never had Oreo ice cream until recently when we had a family vacation to Spain. It IS the best flavor I have ever tasted so I know how this recipe taste. YUMMY x

  20. Well, that’s why I can not come up with such ideas? Or cook these delicious sandwiches? In any case, I want to go to the store and buy cookies and ice cream. Sem separately :)

  21. No hate to Oreos, but have you tried the Trader Joe’s version of the sandwich cookie, the “Joe-Joe”? The cookie is a little softer and the filling is so good with vanilla bean in it. The bonus is while you’re gorging on cookies, it’s justified as they’re all natural. Paired with super rich chocolate ice cream…I’m definitely getting some now.

  22. This would be so great for a dinner party! “Make your own ice cream sandwich” for dessert. Thanks for the idea!

  23. Those look yummy!!! I caught the baking fever a couple of days ago, and have not been doing much else since:

    Love from Europa,

    Birdy and Bambi

  24. Making this today For my sister and her friend, and I’m making extra and storing it in the freezer for a indoor picnic me nd my friends are having tmm!! This was a great idea =D

  25. I can’t wait to make these! I’m all about easy treats this summer!

  26. These are adorable yummies! Ok so simple and yet never thought about it, wish I had lol. I must give these a shot and store some in my frezzer, yum!
    Thanks for the inspiration,

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  27. I love this–so simple and cool for summer! And since you asked us what we had done fun this summer, I went to San Antonio with friends to tour the Alamo, do some Riverwalking, and support one of our friends whose daughter is a survivor of childhood cancer at the “46 Mommas Shave for the Brave” event!

  28. I’ll take the triple chocolate one. Maybe I’ll have a couple of them!

  29. Wanna share one of yours?? SEND IT IN!!!! ? I made this and it was YYUUUMMMYYYY And I don’t even LIKE sweets!!! So refreshing

  30. Omigosh! My mom says she hasn’t been to Bruster’s since I was born! (I’m going on 11 in August!) Looks so good, I have to try that!

  31. These look simply yum yum…so easy and so delicious..thanks

  32. Oh me, oh my. My life will be changed forever now.

  33. Perfect treats for grankids night. We can set up a “make your own” Oreo ice cream bar!!

  34. great book (cakepops), a lot of fun! my daughter enjoys it. / year old daughter Tessy who started a baking blog along with me (I just help!)

  35. wow !!!nice@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  36. Oh my gosh! I also saw that poster and I paid no attention to it! And these are super easy to make. The kids are going to freak! We just love oreos for snacks. I’m going to run down to the grocery for some very quick shopping. Thank you so much for (figuratively) hitting me with this post).

  37. Going to make these for a kids playdate this weekend!!!! So excited!!! Plus made one for myself yesterday… So good!

  38. I seriously love the idea! I think I’m going to use chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on mine :) (Wow, that’s a long name ^^)

  39. I Tried this with the birthday cake oreos… HEAVEN!

  40. I LOVE these! I didn’t think Oreos could be better, but you did it! :)

  41. Is it bad that I was excited when I saw the cookies and cream ice cream inside the oreo??? It is like an oreo in an oreo!

    I love it!

  42. OMG. You are genious! Thanks from Denmark!

  43. Hi! :)
    I was just wondering if you could also dip these in a chocolate coating and freeze? Or would the warm melty chocolate melt the ice cream to fast?
    Just curious!

  44. HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!! This is so easy its absolutely ridiculous. Keep it coming

  45. What kind (brand) of chocolate sprinkles are those? I’ve never seen that shape before and they look awesome.

  46. I love these. I will have to make them with some other kind of sandwich cookie, but I’m due to make more ice cream anyway!

  47. Now, I need to try this! TO WAL-MART!

  48. I’ve had the ones they sell in the grocery store freezers, and these look SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

  49. they look awesome, only problem is I’d be grabbing one EVERY time I walked by the freezer!!! LOL

  50. Could you please suggest an easy cake pop recipe? Haven’t tried making them before. Thanks :)

  51. This is a great idea and I’m definitely trying it out!
    I simply LOVE your blog!!

  52. Crazy decadence! And yes, why hadn’t I thought of that before? Joy the Baker made some with Ritz. Just silly easy but so good.

  53. Hi! Do you scrape off the Oreo filling or place ice cream on top of that?

    Thanks :)

  54. Easy and clever! I want to try doing this with sherbert and some lemon sandwich cookies. I think raspberry sherbert lemon sandwich cookies would be to die for right now!

  55. Sharmie – I give a little twist instead of separate.

    debbie – I did freeze some but I haven’t had them in their long enough for a good answer.

    Monica – YAYAYAYAY! Makes me happy.

  56. Hi again – I “made” some this morning after seeing this. Used homemade cookies & cream ice cream (meant to be). My 8-yr old got such a kick out of it and loved them! He was like “these are so good…I want more!” Really adorable, fun, and easy. Thanks again, Bakerella!

  57. These look so yummy! I live how they’re so easy and perfect for kids. Oreos and icecream – lovee at first sight!

  58. Mindblown!

  59. Cold Stone Creamery used to do yummy Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches like the one you pictured from Brusters. They used larger versions of a real Oreo and even had Oreo Creme ice cream inside. Yummy!!! I think you may still be able to get the Oreo Creme ice cream, but I don’t know if they still make the sandwiches.

  60. luv this idea….planning a party and was wondering if anyone made these and froze them for future use(after you have a taste test of course). do the cookies get soggy? any hints or storage suggestions

  61. Great idea! And easy. Thanks!!

  62. this sounds awesome but i have one question… how do you ensure you don’t snap the cookies in half when you open them up? i sometimes have that problem with oreos…

  63. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Simple, cute, fun to eat and delicious.

  64. bridget – just call me norm from now on.

  65. Thanks so much guys!!!!

    Kari V – I know, right!

    Heather of Kitchen Concoctions – 1 pint Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. 1 pint White Turtle. 4 waffle cones. To go. But I promise I don’t eat it all by myself. : )

    Elaine DiSanto – Definitely not bad.

    Monica – Perfect!

    Stevi -Uhhhhgh. That’s the best. I just tweeted that name. Thanks.

    Wendy – so fun right.

    Made with Pink – I’m suspecting that’s what Bruster’s is using. Something a little softer. I may be forced to investigate.

    mindy1 – no problem.

  66. So, you’re saying that you’re like the Norm Peterson of Bruster’s? ;)

    These are just totally and completely adorable! I’m absolutely making them next time the kiddo has his buddies over. I think you’ll win me the “cool mom” award. I’ll be sure to give you all of the credit.

  67. What a great, simple idea! Love this!

  68. Thanks for making me want to go off my diet :((

  69. Uh, yum!! Those are the perfect size too! Thanks for sharing!!

  70. This is too good to be true! So easy and so awesome!

  71. These are marvelously easy yet still look delectable!!! What a fun, quick treat :)

  72. what a beautiful idea, I have to try this for my kids :-)

  73. Oh girl, I need to make these ASAP, maybe even for breakfast, lol! LOVE!! xoxo

  74. These would be so fun to make with my kids. Any project that involves sprinkle rolling is a hit! I thought about you yesterday when I made these Biscoff Coffee Cupcakes for book club:

  75. Duh, I could’a had a…. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich!!!
    Smart girl – thanks for the light bulb moment!!! I want some today!!!

  76. Those are amazing! I just had a major “why didn’t I think of that” moment! We did have a very similar thing when I was growing up in Canada, the Oreos were much softer (more like a regular ice cream sandwich cookie) and bigger (about 4-5 inches wide). They were delicious and came filled with cookies and cream ice cream. They were definitley one of my favourite summertime snacks.

  77. These are dangerous! Woohoo, my favorite cookie taken to the next level! :D

    And as always, such a fun post…love your blog! :)
    ~Miss Rachel~

  78. Yay!! I actually just made these last week – I found some Oreos hiding in the back of the pantry (I may or may not have been the one to hide them there) and I wanted to share them with company without just patting a bunch of Oreos on a plate :) I only had mint choc chip ice cream but they were delicious and people thought I had bought them that way :)

  79. Ha! I’m wondering why I’ve never thought of this either. Like.. never even crossed my mind. They’re adorable. Thanks for posting the idea!

  80. that looks SO good! you are so creative with stuff like this!
    my favorite one would be the one with the triple chocolate
    sprinkles!! :)

  81. I love the chocolate one !

  82. Ice cream Sliders!

  83. I am soooo into these! I love easy recipes like this, so I’m happy you posted!

  84. So cute!! My boys will love them!!

  85. Why haven’t I done this before?! I’ve used mini waffles. Such a cute idea…my son will love it! And I just made cookies & cream ice cream yesterday!

  86. Is it bad that I ALWAYS have all the ingredients on hand to make these?
    I know what we’re making this afternoon now…

  87. These remind me of a dessert TGI Fridays used to serve in the mid 90’s :) I love you’re smaller (and cuter!) version!

  88. Oh my goodness!! So easy, but it’s completely ingenious! Thinking I know exactly what to do with my homemade icecreams, that I have become a little ott in making! Or of course to save on time just going to the store! ;0)

  89. I’m heading out to the grocery store to buy oreos and ice cream. Waaah!

  90. Yesterday I was talking about my love for ice cream sandwiches on my blog. I don’t know why I’ve never came up with this amazing idea!!! But I’m sooooooooo going to try it this weekend!!!

  91. Simple, cute, easy and delicious. Love it!! :-D

  92. Oh this looks so good!!!

    Need to try some


  93. Oh my goodness these look soooooooo good!

  94. So simple yet cute and tasty! PS I haven’t been to a Bruster’s in years! Now I am craving it! What is your regular order?

  95. This looks so yummy & easy! I’ll have to give it a try!

  96. I especially love the addition of sprinkles. So cute!

  97. Seriously, how has this not happened before?

  98. yum yum yum

  99. So cute and easy. Love it!

  100. Oh. My. Goodness.

  101. Going to the grocery store now. Thanks for this!

  102. I’m having company tomorrow night and I was trying to figure out what to make for dessert. I think we have a winner!

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