Fun with Fondant

Care Bear on a Cloud Cupcake

Care Bear on a Cloud Cupcake

This little Care Bear on a cloud cupcake was super fun to make and even more fun to give to my niece. After she saw it, she wanted to know what he was made of, if she could eat it, and then, if she could have some to play with. So of course, this made me really happy to see her excited. Anyway, I gave her some red and white fondant, some candies and sprinkles. Then, I was asked to leave the room. When she gave me permission to return, she had made the cutest little cupcake snow woman for me. And that’s snow woman (not girl) hence the long red hair, I was informed that she was holding a token chocolate candy for me, too. So cute!

I definitely recommend trying new things. So, if you haven’t used fondant before, go get a box and just experiment. You can do a gazillion things with this stuff, using cookie cutters, knives, embossing tools, or even just your hands. And cupcakes are a great way to practice. You don’t have to worry about messing up a whole cake, because you have 24 little canvases to play with.

Things you’ll need:

  • clean flat surface
  • fondant (you can find it at craft stores)
  • icing colors (to color the fondant)
  • toothpicks (use to apply color)
  • cornstarch (keep a little on your surface and hands to keep from sticking)
  • rolling pin
  • plastic wrap (keep your fondant tightly wrapped while you’re not working with it)
  • cookie cutters
  • water (You can use a tiny drop to adhere fondant together. Don’t get it on the part to be seen or it will look shiny.)
  • cupcakes
  • frosting (spread a layer on cupcake before adding fondant. Like a crumb coat. You can also use it to help shape the tops of your cupcakes if they are uneven.

So go have fun!

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123 comments on “Fun with Fondant”

  1. I am making fondants today. I will try these tios. Thank you!

  2. I am bookmarking this site right away. So beautiful!

  3. I ma having so much fun reading your blog. It’s so cool!

  4. Your cakes are awesome. Great work!

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  18. that is cute! i would have a hard time eating that.

  19. I am 11 years old and have not seen a care bear forever…..but these are too darn cute!

  20. That’s so cute I love sweets and I cant wait to make these.

  21. how so cute cake! :D

  22. Its so sweet! I’m 13 years old and I think that you are just awesome and that teddy is soooo cute and amazing; all the things you do are great, did you thought some time, in giving lessons of bakery for teenagers?
    Yesterday I did these cupcakes and some cake pops for a friend’s birth. They desapeard after 5 min.! I love your cake pops ! x

  23. I’ve only tried fondant once. Honestly it scares me. :O

  24. Just a question, hope you don't think it odd…how did you make the shape of the cupcake curve out like that? Mine always come out short and squat–cute in their own way, but I really like how yours came out here, like the Care Bear is on a pedestal.

  25. Erica – I’m sure it tastes better than the storebought. I don’t know if I’m up for making my own though!

  26. I am excited by the fondant care bear. If you want to try something new and very tasty, you should check out Marshmallow fondant. I much prefer it to the standard flavor.

  27. Ani – thanks, yay for chubby bears.

    auré – Bisounours – I love the way I think that sounds.

  28. Ohhhhhhhhh it’s a “Bisounours”, I had the same when I was a child!

  29. That is the cutest, chubbiest fondant bear I’v ever seen.


  30. Thanks hotmama03! I’ve never attempted to make my own fondant. Was it easy?

  31. Have you ever made your own fondant? I did and i love it! If you want to I will give you the recipe.

  32. I have just started to use fondant and i have been baking since i was at least 10. I love decortating cakes and making cookies. Your site is amazing!!! You have given me a new sense of adventure with fondant. Keep up the wonderful ideas and ill be back!!!

  33. ok these cupcakes are amazing!! I have always been to nervous to try working with fondant but I think you have inspired me to give it a try. You’ve got some great ideas and I am definitely making you a regular blog to visit!

  34. shephalli – you’re welcome.

    OMG Cassy – You guys did a GREAT job. Tell your daughter that she has talent. BTW – your photos put a big smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

    the barber bunch – thank you

  35. Just surfing thru Blogger and found you. Very nice Blog. Keep up the good work! Love the Bear!



    You were the inspiration. Thanks for getting us interested in baking together!

  37. Thank you so much!

  38. julia – let me know how it goes!

    kat78 – Okay

    shephalli – I took one at Whole Foods. But I don’t see one being offered right now. You’ll probably have to check or call to see if they have another one planned.

    Here’s another place you can try:

    stef – thank you!

    kelly – thanks and tell your mom I thanks, too!

    hillary – thanks again kelly’s mom! Glad you like it.

    hautehunter23 – I dipped the bottoms in melted chocolate and then after dried, dipped the tops in melted pink chocolate (pink candy melts) I found the boxes and lollipop sticks at a craft store. Good luck. Your teacher will lurve you!

    tabitha – thank you!

    kellie – tag, I’m it! thanks!

    leos only fire – Thanks, you’re the awesomest!

    suzyhomemaker – so glad you like it!

    inga – sure, it’s a canon rebel xti and it’s great!

    dee-dee – thank you!

  39. Very cute!

  40. This is my first visit to your blog and I’m addicted! You do such great work! I will be back for sure!

    Your photos are so very nice! Just beautiful! Do you mind sharing what kind of camera?

  41. The bear is just adorable! I have just happened upon your blog in the last few days and have really enjoied looking at your posts and your ideas!

  42. OMGosh,,,Wow you have an awesome blog and an even awesomer (not word) but it fits,,awesome imagination, these ideas are so cute and so darn yummy looking, I am so glad I stubbled upon your blog,,,so very creative…Lisa

  43. Hey, you have been tagged!

    For more info on tagging please visit my blog!

    Kel :)

  44. cute! btw, i have nominated you for ‘the make my day’ award , see my blog,

  45. hi bakerella!
    so, i totally lurve your blog, its one of the best!! i just wanted to know something about the little cupcake pops (i want to make them for a teacher of mine… i’m in middle school). Did you dip the bottom in, like, melted chocolate and then the top in some type of icing? I’m just wondering how it stayed in place and didn’t mush. Andyway, love the blog and your decadent creations! by the way, where do you get the little packaging for them and what tools did you/do you use? thanks!

  46. B/c of Kelly, I’m now linked too and I’m hooked! I love sweets and so I know I’m going to love this blog!

  47. My mom found your site and sent it to me and I just linked to it – you have awesome ideas that are going to make me very, very fat!

  48. Wow! You are so talented! Your carebear is so cute!

  49. So Cute and Adorable! Also, i tried your cake balls the other day and everyone loves them. I live in Atlanta as well and I want to ask you which cake decorating class did you take? Now I definitely want to join one. I don’t think I will ever get as inventive as you since everything you make comes out so amazing!


  51. I like the strawberry cake with white frosting idea, maybe some blue sprinkles (for a boy) or something? I’ll give it a try and if I take pics I’ll let you know! Thanks for the tip!

  52. Belle-ah – thanks for stopping over.

    industrialpoppy – I agree.

    Darci – It’s a Canon Rebel Xti

    Heather – Thanks! And I used I used red and a little purple to make them a deeper color.
    • Wilton Christmas Red or no-taste red
    • Wilton Violet

    Julia – I think the cake balls would be a big hit. You could do pastel blue, pink or yellow candy melts (I found some at Hobby Lobby if you have one near you) to dip them in. Or maybe a strawberry cake with white chocolate bark to dip them in. You could serve them like that or on lollipops sticks. If you use the melts, let them sit for a minute or two before you start dipping. It will help them have a smoother coating. They’re also great, because there’s no mess when you eat them. Here’s the basic recipe using red velvet, cream cheese frosting and chocolate bark:

    seven – Thank you!

  53. That’s the cutest cupcake I’ve ever seen. Also, I gave you an award on today’s post.

  54. Hey Bakerella, just wondering if you have any cute ideas for a baby shower. I’m throwing one March 15th and would love something cute to serve!

  55. I want to try the rose cupcakes for a big dinner party (brave, I know) and I am wondering which Wilton colors did you used? Thanks! All of your baked goods, that I have seen, are fabulous. Also, thank you for the ideas on how to go beyond with the Oreo Truffles. I LOVE your footballs!
    And, for the record, you do a great job of photographing for your blog. I try this and mine do not come out nearly so professional looking.

  56. I just came across your site this week, you’re amazingly talented! I have a seemingly random question for you – what kind of camera do you have? The pics you take are fantastic!

  57. My diet is out the window now, thanks to you, but then again life is too short to deprive ourselves tooo much!

  58. I just came over from and now I know I will be back! Your ideas are great…thanks!!!!!

  59. kitchentrove – OMG! how cool. I wish you still had one too.

    Thanks amys!

    nicole green – thank you.

    Divine – I do the photography myself. Not trying to be a pro, just having a little fun. But, thanks for the comment.

    veggie girl – you’re too sweet.

  60. I continue to be inspired and awestruck by your baking creations – so stunning!

  61. Not at all. I am somewhat of an expert, having been in the food/baking/cookbook industry for over 23 years. I am only offering advice. I never claimed to be a photographer. I have worked with numerous food photographers and I do know what is good and what is average.

  62. that is absolutely adorable! you are soo creative! :)

  63. This is so cool! You did a fabulous job with it. Not sure I could manage it, but it sure is fun to see what you made.

  64. Honestly, you have the best ideas. I love both the Care Bear Cupcakes (worked at Parker Brothers when they first came out…wish I saved the ones they gave employees) and love the heart cupcakes.

  65. A big giant thanks everyone! I think we have a few Care Bear fans.

    Several of you asked about the taste of fondant. While it is edible, it’s not anything like frosting. That’s why the crumb coat of frosting is an added bonus. It helps the fondant stay on. Some don’t want to eat it, so you can just peel it off and you have yummy goodness underneath. My niece did take a few bites…little ones…and she said she liked it, but I have to admit the care bear eventually (gasp) went into the trash.

    lettering mama – go right ahead!

    erina – I’ll do my best.

    shari – I had the fondant colors leftover from an earlier project so I didn’t have to take time for that, but the bear probably took 30-min to an hour. I don’t really remember exactly. It was a first time creation.

    carriesue – wow… thanks for the post. you’re way sweet!

    julia – Thanks, I was hoping it would be recognizable.

    ginny – yeah, I think that’s a very good description.

  66. Your creations are not only delicious looking, but they are beautiful, too!

  67. That sends me right back to my childhood, I love carebears! You’re the best Aunt ever!

  68. Absolutely beautiful!!! It is so cute! Is fondant kind of like sweet play dough? I think I may have to start playing…

  69. These are so rad–beautifully done but with that pop culture appeal!

  70. oh my daughter is obsessed with Care Bears…these would have been so fun for her party. Love em!

  71. I marvel at your creations AND your photos of them! I have become addicted to your blog very quickly!
    And it sounds to me like someone’s a little jealous….if she were such an expert, why do we not see fabulous photos of her divine creations?

  72. That carebear is so perfect. Excellent job! I would so buy two of those cupcakes for my nieces, I would be the superstar of all aunts.

    Love your stuff! Keep it coming…please!!!

  73. wow!!

    so nice and tender…

  74. I knew this was a Care Bear before I ever saw what you said it was, perfect job!

  75. Wow!! Wow, wow, wow!! :)

    This is just perfect! You are so talented and creative.

  76. I love your teddy bear, too adorable! I wrote a bit about you on our blog, come see

  77. I think the photography is wonderful and the food looks delicious. Just keep being your fabulous self!

  78. I would have your photographer look at some books on food photography. The angle is a little awkward. That would help with the presentation. The bear is cute although the bottom of the cake looks somewhat greasy. Keep working at it.


  79. How cute are you! I love the Care Bears! Now I know who to ask to make the cupcakes at my next party! :)

  80. I am also curious about the taste? I’ve always heard it was bad but I don’t know that I’ve ever actually tasted it. I know you can do beautifully things with it but I still want something that tastes good as well!

  81. I just want to say that I absolutely adore your blog….discovered it yesterday and immediately bookmarked it!

  82. Too CUTE!!

  83. I love all of your work! This cupcake is the CUTEST! Curious how long it takes for you to create one of these masterpieces? I have only tried fondant once… need to try it again!

  84. You make the most creative, gorgeous things…EVER! I get so excited when I check your blog and find something new! Yay! Keep up the good work!

  85. Oh, how you captured the Care Bear so perfectly! I would have coveted this cupcake for a birthday party when I was a kid. Inspiring me to try!

  86. Love your site- would you mind if I set it as a favorite on my site? Easier for my friends to check out your cute goodies.

  87. Very cute and ingenious! I just don’t like the taste of fondant. Every time I’ve had it, it was plastic-y and just nasty tasting…not much flavor. Did you niece enjoy eating the bear?

  88. You are the best Aunt! I’m sure you sparkle in your niece’s eyes. Heck, you sparkle in my eyes. I have fondant and I’m making me a care bear today! Thanks for the lesson.

  89. I was curious about the taste of fondant as well. I’m new to your site and loving it!

  90. I am truly speechless. This teddy bear is adorable and sweet. You took care of every single detail. FANTASTIC!!!!

  91. what a beautiful care bear!

    makes me feel like a child again!

  92. How does fondant taste? I was always under the impression it wasn’t that tasty.

  93. Wow, beautiful! You’re amazing.

  94. Found you from Heidi’s blog…OMG! I am just drooling! What amazing talent you share with your friends and family…and us! Thank you!

  95. That Care Bear is perfect…brings back memories from childhood for sure! I know everyone has said it…but the little heart is just too darn cute!

  96. Thanks everyone! The little heart on his rear is my favorite part. And my niece didn’t have any problem diving in. She went straight for his ear.

    make and takes – It’s not too hard. Especially if you start out small. Don’t be intimidated, the texture is kind of like play dough to me. So if you mess something up. Just roll it back into a ball and start over.

  97. OMG!! Soooo adorable!!! My daughter would freak if I made her one of these!

  98. too cute! Your niece will remember this day forever:)

  99. so cute!!! I love cupcakes but I think I would have a hard time biting into anything you make, it’s just way too pretty!

  100. Your stuff is so cute I can hardly stand it!

  101. Adorable. The heart on it’s bum takes it to a whole new level of greatness!

  102. lovely little blog. good stuff here. I’ll be back!

  103. I love your site! Very creative!

  104. Stop it!!! That is just too cute to eat. My daughter would keep it as a toy, wanting to snuggle it during her nap!

    How hard is fondant to work with? It looks so cool, but I am super intimidated!

  105. The heart on your Care Bear’s rear-end is priceless! Love the attention to detail. I think it’s what makes your things so special. Great photos too!

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