Hello, Cupcake Giveaway!

You guys have been so sweet and encouraging and you put a smile on my face everyday. So here’s a little fun to show my appreciation. I’m having a double, that’s right, I said DOUBLE Giveaway.

One lucky winner will receive a
copy of the book, Hello, Cupcake, courtesy of Houghton-Mifflin Books at Yummr (a community of people passionate about food and a place to share food-related experiences, recipes, reviews, photos, and videos.) This book is as cute as cute gets. Lots of great ideas that I wish I had thought of. And don’t worry, if you don’t win it here, you still have a shot. Yummr is having a “Cookbook a Day in the Month of May” Giveaway. You can visit Yummr to learn more.

Another lucky winner will receive a cupcake t-shirt from me at


HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy! Just leave your response to the following cupcake question in the comments section. (with an email or website link so I can contact you if you win).

Cupcake Poll & Giveaway!

Cutoff for comments is midnight, May 31st, 2008. I’ll announce the winners (picked at random) sometime on June 1. Good Luck!

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1,085 comments on “Hello, Cupcake Giveaway!”

  1. C is for cookie, and cupcake, and…

    well, that’s good enough for me. :)

  2. my favorite has to standart B! not too big, not too tiny! JUST RIGHT!

  3. Usually a handful. But if there are two flavors to try I get the biggest one of each and DH and I will each get half.

    Although the tiny ones are perfect for little treats throughout the day.

  4. Definitely bite-sized!! I love everything that you do!

  5. I love A!!

  6. for sure a handful!!! for me its the most i’ll eat without feeling guilty!!! (of course I could eat more than that though) I love your blog! Thanks for the drawing!! i’m crossing my fingers!

  7. I would say “A”, itty bitty!:-) And, my favorite itty bitty cupcakes are chocolate cheesecake chip & peanut butter cup!

  8. well I’m not sure what the right answer is..from the ittsy bittsy to the largest one they all are a work of art..I love to share but its only I would pick the itty bitty one.. you can pop as many as you like and when your full you have no waste if you can’t finish the big one..they are great with coffee.. little and are fully packed with flavor.. thank you for a chance to just one of you cupcakes would be a wonderful gift.. thanks bakerella..

  9. It depends on the flavor! Usually a bitesize for a cupcake but sometimes it’s just more fun to eat the itty bittys and have more than one…or two!

    nibbles47 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I like the bite size – -then I can have two!!! Thanks for the contest.

  11. Itty bitty with lots of frosting!

  12. I’ll take the C size! You do amazing work! Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes!

    heather (at) bretcline (dot) com

  13. Itty Bitty…that way you can have about 20 and it’s about ONE-ish standard cupcake :)

  14. Well personally – I’m enough for two times 2!!! LOL!
    Great GREAT ad – I love it! You are very creative!

  15. I love the itty-bitty. Then I don’t feel bad about eating two! Or three…

    ashley at gmail dot com

  16. Not that I ever turn away any sized cupcake, but my favorites are itty bitty ones…

    amanda at metacrystal dot com

    You’re wonderful!

  17. A – Bite Size! So fun to pop they are gone in an instant! Thanks for the chance to win one of your super-cute t-shirts and the cookbook! :) I love your work! Nanette

  18. Haha! Itty bitty – but I fill the cup all the way at least! :)

  19. I’m a closet ‘Enough for Two’ type gal but most days I’ll be just as happy with a ‘Handful’. But who can stop with just one cupcake?

  20. I think you get the best cupcake to frosting ratio with B; but IRL I’m a C.

  21. I think the standard cup for me. eglavtcheva at hotmail dot com

  22. Handful for sure. Just a little extra few bites to enjoy.

  23. itty bitty! yummy!

  24. Bite-sized! Because then I can eat two and not feel guilty.

    Thank you!

  25. I am personally a D, but if my wishes came true, I would definitely go for the bite-size B!

  26. bitesize for me most of the time!

  27. When I am feeling blue C is the best for me, nothing like eating my sorrows away! For any other time my family usually goes with B. Thanks for the nice offer.

  28. A handful is definitely enough for me!

  29. I usually eat the normal size ones, but I think the bite size are the cutest!

  30. hello cupcake!

    Eeek…I would have to say I’d enjoy a nice handful… well, maybe multiple handfuls. Keep up the great work!

  31. I think I would go for the bite-sized–just enough to satisfy, but not too much that you would feel guilty having two.

    jennifers laugh at (with no spaces)

  32. Usually the bite-size but sometimes enough for 2 is fun! :)

  33. I enjoy the bite size, it’s the one all my family goes for. Not too small like to go for seconds or too big like to leave some. NO guilt here!. Thanks for this oppportunity… I hope to be a winner.

  34. I guess I would have to say itty bitty. Just enough to not ruin my diet but also gives me what I need, which is sweets!

  35. First of all I must say I love your cupcakes! Cupcakes aren’t very common here in Sweden, but I’m giving it a try! Your site is so inspiring! Thanx!
    I like the bite-size cupcake, so you can eat more than one. =)

  36. Definitely a handful! If you’re going to eat something sinful and delicious, a bite is not enough.

  37. Definitely “D-Enough for two”! I love desserts and a mouthful or two or three or four is just not enough!

  38. What a hard decision! I guess itty-bitty since I don’t like to get frosting on the sides of my mouth–but can eat more than one!

  39. Definitely a B. I don’t like to share mine with anyone and the pops are good but then you have to eat a few.

  40. I vote for bite sized! I can snack without guilt meaning go back for seconds!

  41. Definitely a B! I’ve never had a C or D but I’m MORE than happy to try one!!

  42. I’d be a handful. I’ve never seen cuter cupcakes. You truley are so creative and talented. I can’t believe it. Thanks for the opportunity! Jennifer

  43. I always been told I was a handful!!

    Keep inspiring us!!!!!

  44. itty-bitty all the way…because then I can eat more and not feel bad about it!!! :)

  45. I’m all about the B-cup myself! *giggle*

  46. I love your blog… makes me wonder if I do such cute things.
    Im love the tiny size cup cakes. very cute and not to guilt ridden :)

  47. Love your blog!
    I am definately a handful!

  48. It’s hard to choose, but I would pick bite sized.

  49. B- Bite Size. Not too messy and I can eat more.

  50. well, after viewing the selections, I’m going to go with C. That looks like it would be perfect for me. Do they come in different colors? lol

  51. cupcakes are my weakness but i settle for the handful. :) i don’t want to turn into “enough for two” myself!

  52. It usually depends on the time of the month, day of the week or time or year. Time of the month, well we all know that calls for an “Enough for Two”, but it’s for one. The holidays also call for this size, except at cookie swaps, then bite size is perfect! And from Monday through Friday I always seem to grow a cup size as the week goes on!

    Your blog is my favorite!

  53. It looks like the Bite Size is the perfect balance of frosting to cake. Since I only eat cake in any form for the frosting, I want to maximize how much frosting I get! :-)

    I guess that makes me a B cup. Haha…haven’t seen that size since I was 12. ;-)

  54. The A — I love how I can eat 4-5 of these in one sitting and not feel as guilty as if I’d eaten a bigger one!


  55. Why mess around with a good thing, let’s keep it simple. Standard (B cup) for me. Bakerella RULES!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  56. I am a bite size type of girl. Unfortunately, I can never have just one. What a cute contest! Thanks :o)

    chickpeas_tatertots [@]

  57. har. when it comes to cupcakes, I go with B. :O) Awesome contest bakerella!

  58. Bite size for me. I just find that they are the perfect little size for everyone (and if by chance you need to have two, then its not so bad).

  59. I love them all, but I’ll go with B the standard size. That way I won’t feel guilty if I have two. :)

  60. I’m going with C.

  61. Too cute!! I love reading your blog, its fun and inspiring. My choice is the handful. Thank you.

  62. Cup Size D! If you are going to splurge, go all out!

  63. I am the opposite of my real cup size (TMI?) – I tend to be an itty bitty or bite size cupcake eater. LOL.

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway! I hope I win :)

  64. Oh, I’m a C – handful…any way you look at it. ;-)

  65. Most certainly D – enough for two. And I’m all about sharing!

  66. C. Handful
    It’s the perfect size for a decent breakfast.

  67. Enough for two for sure! Who doesn’t like eating two cupcakes. ;)

  68. One thing I don’t share is my cupcakes, so I would have to be a B. We are talking about cupcakes, right? ;)

  69. Definitely A or B


  70. bite size!

  71. What a great idea, and cute too.

    I love bite size cupcakes, muffins, etc. They are cute and you feel less guilty eating them.

    Sometimes I wish I was a a bite size cupcake in real life.

  72. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win and definately a B is just right!

  73. In my house we believe that sharing is caring, and yes I am a D enought for 2 :)

  74. bite size! yum!

  75. I’d have to say B-Bite Sized. Perfect:)

  76. I love the itty bitty!! Great giveaway!!

  77. I’m going to go bitesize so I don’t feel too bad when I have more than one!!!

    Fantastic giveaway!

    Victoria xx

  78. Your blog is such a visual treat! I think my size is Bite-size – that seems the perfect amount to me. If I wanted another bite-size, I wouldn’t feel so guilty! Thanks!!

  79. I like the Itty-Bitty size so you can have many different flavors!

  80. I like the handful size. But I really think your cupcakes are amazing in any size.

  81. Size C is the only way to Go!!!

  82. I love the handful!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Itty Bitty! Small foods are always so fun to eat and they are great for sharing with friends.

  84. Itty bitty!! Then I can eat 5!

  85. I’ll say itty bitty. I always think smaller sized foods are more attractive.

  86. I am definitely going for a bite size. They are just tooo cute for words. Plus my son loves that he can pop them in his mouth. I can be reached at:

  87. Absolutely enough for two.

  88. If I wasn’t on a diet, I’d say a C, but since I am…I’m a B cup :D

  89. I would have to say bite-size. what a great giveaway!!

  90. C Cup…..Want a handful!

  91. Definitely the handful. The smaller ones are never enough and this provides just enough before you start to feel gross…

  92. C’s seem like a pretty decadent size to me. Sign me up!

  93. Definately enough for two. I have two little boys that no matter what I eat, they have to have just a bite LOL!

  94. i definitely go for the bite-size! :) and maybe two if they’re REALLY good :)

  95. Bite size are perfect sized cakes for me

  96. I like the A size :)

  97. i think i am handful. lol and my husband would probably agree. I dont want the cupcake to be over too quickly but then i dont want to get tired of it before i finish it.

  98. Handful….because I don’t want to share. I love your website and have used some of your ideas with great success.

  99. I prefer bite size. Just enough to get a taste and leave you wanting a little more! Thanks for the fun!

  100. I definitely have “enough for two” as I am sure everyone in my Zumba class knows (let’s just say, there’s a whole lotta shimmy) so I have to support the D-cup-cupcake. Although, I am eying the bite-size cupcakes with desire because of the mix-and-match-ability.

  101. I am a bite sized girl but every once in a while i can eat a couple of handfuls. And then i remove the cupcakes from the room and go to the gym.

  102. I like making size C if its for a smaller group/the only sweet available. If its for a potluck or party where there will be lots of sweet treats, size A. For a shower or something I’ll make size B (depending on the size of the crowd). – Katie

  103. I’m a bite-size girl myself! ;) Thanks so much! :-D
    kristina_proffitt at yahoo dot com

  104. definitely a handful! Love your wesite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  105. Bite-sized, so I won’t feel guilty. ;)

    patricia (dot) scarpin (at)

  106. Oh, a C, definitely! :)

    (My email is linked at the bottom of my blog…thanks!)

  107. Bite size….but I can’t guarantee I’d stick to just one!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site!


  108. this is such a great site thanks for sharing all your ideas !!! I totally love your shirt ideas!!

  109. Hmmm, I’d think I’d pick, enough for two (also seen as the D-cup, lol) You know, have some now, and then some more later!

  110. My answer would have to be D, enough for 2. When I have cupcakes I really have cupcakes:) Now I want a cupcake. Thanks so much!

  111. Bite size, but I’d take two (different kind) cup cakes :D

  112. Bite Size Bliss = AWESOMENESS

  113. Enough for two – some for yourself and always something there to share with someone you love!!

  114. My favorite is the bitesize!

  115. I love the itty bitty ones…especially for the kids! You can have more than one!

    Elisa (

  116. Definately A! Miniature cupcakes are always adorable, and always fun. You can eat more without feeling guilty! haha.

  117. I use “C” myself!

    book looks awesome “fingers crossed”

  118. definitely a handful!

    neat idea! love the blog..

  119. I love the A cup..the problem is…I have to KEEP EATING THEM!!!! Ugh!
    Love reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

  120. I Have to say the “D Cup” would be the one I’d have to choose! I have changed my eating habits to make a healthier “me” so if I was going to “slip” I would want to do it in the biggest most delicious way:)
    I LOVE your site! I have been checking daily since I seen you on Martha! I cannot wait to make ur little cupcake balls on a stick for my niece’s 4th birthday party in August:)
    My e-mail is

  121. i’m a total handful kind of girl!

  122. My cupcake is definately a “C” — handful!

    This is a cute giveaway!

  123. bite size, they’re too cute!

  124. Itty-bitty for me!

    It’s more than enough to please :)

  125. It depends — if I have to share with my two-year-old who loves to try whatever I am eating, then D (Enough for Two) takes the cake.

    If it’s just me, then I’d say B (Bite-Size). Not too big, not too small…just right.

  126. Bite size for me, unless It’s an all day munch-a-thon. Then I enjoy a handful on my desk!

  127. Handful baby! :)

  128. I love cuppycakes! Enough for two please!

  129. My answer would be C – a handful. I love cake (of all kinds). I often make cupcakes – this way I can control myself and not eat a giant piece of cake.

  130. Well, I think the regular. That way I don’t feel too guilty when I eat two!

  131. I’m delurking for this giveaway!
    I’m going to say itty-bitty. But only if I can have several different kinds. If there were only one flavor, I’d go for the standard size. There’s no guilt involved. The bigger sizes make me feel naughty.

  132. i love the itty bitty. they are cute, so I can’t resist them. I love your site! Thank you!

  133. Love the Itty bitty size

  134. Handful!!!!! Love your site! =)

  135. Definitely Bite size. Yummy! :D


  136. Size C. Classic!

  137. Bite-Size seems like it’s just about the right size!

  138. I am going to go with the handful!!!

  139. a. but only if i can have 10.

  140. Bitesize for me, definately!

  141. Size A! It makes it possible to have many different sorts of cupcakes :)

  142. A sweet hello from me to you,
    I’d defo choose “enough for two”,
    So if your good I might just make
    room for you to share my cupcake!

    Luv Annee Apple x

  143. Itty Bitty :)

  144. I will go for itty bitty which fits me. 5 ft with no extra,small but with bites. hehehe.

    Thanks for making this so fun.

  145. I think it would be amazing to have a little tea snack with my fiance and eat a cupcake enough for two…a bite, a kiss, a bite, a kiss…:P

  146. My partner would defo say I am a handful so of course I’ll have to go with that one! lol

  147. A is for “About” as much as I can fit in my tummy…

    B is for “Balancing” too much with not enough….

    C is for “Can” definitely fit in two, or three more….

    D is for “Depends” on whatever size I have on hand!

  148. I like size A, but a lot of them to share with my kids!

  149. Itty bitty of course! Then I can have one more!

  150. Gotta go with C, I think “Enough for two” would make me feel a bit too guilty haha!

  151. What a delish giveaway! Enough for two, that is me. What a clever contest. Your blog is divine!

  152. That book looks amazing – great idea, thanks!
    Right, it’s one of yours Bakerella, I’d have to go for the handful!

  153. Itty Bitty! They look so cute on a cakestand all together and don’t make you feel as bad when you eat about 5 :) Good things come in small packages!

    Oh and they cook quicker and I am impatient!

  154. Eeks the prizes are so tempting!! hahaha


  155. I’m a “B” cupcake size. Though sometimes I need an “Enough For Two” size!

  156. Definately a B, a bitesize :)

  157. Cupsize b for me, just bitesize….. I really like the pic, it shold be a poster!

  158. Enough for two is my kinda size! Who wants to be teased with those others. The more the merrier right? Plus, if you absolutely can’t finish it……it’s always fun to share sweets with someone else!

  159. The bite-size with a lot of frosting on top! (: your site is so lovely, thank you (:

  160. I love the itty-bitty ones, then you can have more :) But it seems nice to make the bigest one and share with someone, but they can steel all the frosting, so i go for A.

  161. Bite size for me all the way!!! Though if I had to choose a runner up, I would go with itty bitty. sometimes its fun to just pop one in your mouth. Hey if they are smaller you can eat a lot more right? haha. Of course there are those of us (me) that eat two bite size anyways hehe. I don’t think you can go wrong with a cupcake though!!!

  162. Itty bitty. Sigh. ;O)

  163. I say d-enough for two!!

  164. LOVE the bite size!!!! Just enough and BUT I won’t feel to bad if I pick up another! Can’t wait to see if I get my hands on that cookbook or shirt!!!!

  165. No doubt an “A”! Not only does it fit me, but you can always have more, right! thanks for the chance at winning some fab fun prizes.

  166. Thank you for sharing your talent! Truly inspirational!

  167. Definately bite-sized… since they leaves room for more? *wink*

    Really hope I could win the book.

  168. mmm I love bite sized! I love anything mini and eating small bits at a time. :)

  169. Standard cupcake cupcakes are the best.
    There’s nothing better than the original!

  170. i wish mine were enough for two – itty bitty….

  171. A- itty-bitty for me.

  172. I’m a triple-D, but I’d go for the bite size. :)

  173. i love the enough for two size. I’ll eat half of it right away and the the other half for a snack. Which usually means 5mins later. Yum!

  174. B – Bite Size!

    P.S. You are funny!

  175. Itty Bitty. Just enough to satisfy with a glass of milk. Yum. Plus can’t you have more that way??

    What cute giveaways.

  176. definitely a C ;)

  177. Ok for the cupcake a handful is good but I definitely have enough for 2:)I have been wanting this book so bad.So I hope it will be mine:) If I don’t win it I am going to have to buy it.I know it has such cute ideas.Thanks for your generosity.I am really excited.whoever wins will get a great prize.

  178. Well for a cupcake I’ll take C!

    For a blueberry muffin, I’ll take D!


  179. I love cupcakes! Enough for Two!

  180. depends on the density – if we’re going with thick, rich, chocolate brownie-like cake – itty bitty

    however, prettymuch anything else, I’d hope to get a good handful

  181. I’d have to go with bite-sized. Any larger and it would throw off that delicate icing-to-cake ratio!

  182. wow.. love d prizes!!
    ok, Cup size D for me…. ENOUGH FOR TWO!… so i could always share my cupcake ;) yumyum!

  183. Whilst I am a handful, itty bitty is the one for me.

  184. D, of course – it’s so large the cup can’t stand up without sagging a bit! After all, were I to pick up a bite-size pastry, I’d probably need a whole lot anyway to satisfy myself. Thanks for being so kind. :)

  185. when I’m nursing, enough for 2, normally just a handful. erinwillis3 at gmail dot com

  186. itty bitty so i can pop lots of cupcakes in my mouth without making a mess.

    nancy dot minster at gmail dot com

  187. I would say “enough for two” because who doesn’t love a cupcake and to share it with someone else would be even more wonderful!!! Have fun baking!!!

  188. D enough for two (or one in my case) mmm…

  189. bit size. I love the tshirt and I love Yummr, which I just found last week. I am having so much fun with it. Thanks, great contest

  190. Bite-size all the way! Love your blog…thanks for sharing!

  191. Itty Bitty – I love just popping them into my mouth! But then I guess I lose track of how many I ate? :) Thanks!

  192. I like bite size, though there are definately times enough for two is needed!!!

  193. I am an A cup–in just one bite you get it all!! :-)

  194. Definitely bite sized. That way if the cupcake is REALLY delicious, I actually get a few bites that I savor because I know I only get a few bites, not a handful.

  195. C- “handful” the standard size usually leaves me wanting more! I love your cute blog and the awesome Ideas you share.

  196. Thanks for giving me a chance to win! Definitely the handful!

  197. Hmm…bite sized, so I don’t feel bad about snacking whenever I pass through the kitchen!

  198. I am definately going for the handful! But in real life I am an F – does that mean FAIL???? Vida x

  199. I always found the handful to fill me up just the right amount but the other smaller two are great for those little bites and snacks. However for those cold days i love a giant muffin for breakfast.

  200. These are definitely a handful! That’s too cute! Thanks for giving me a chance to win! Either the shirt or cookbook would be a lot of fun and would get a lot of use! Thanks!

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