Cakespy thanked me for my thank you!

There’s a whole lot of thanking going on and I love it! This won’t mean as much to you as it does me, but it just made me laugh out loud and I had to share. In March, I made a little “thank you” movie for my favorite cupcake cartoonist, Cakespy. Well, she decided to return the favor and just one-upped me with this super-cute movie poster inspired by the movie, Barbarella. And, she’s sending me the original, too! I think I look pretty cute as a whisk-wielding cupcake. This is so going in my kitchen.

For more out of this world cupcake cuteness, visit Cakespy.

And one more time… thank you!

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31 comments on “Cakespy thanked me for my thank you!”

  1. awesome awesome awesome

  2. I went to Cakespy’s website, and she sounds AWESOME! I’m buying a LOT of merchandise off her website, and I’d love to meet her, and of course Y-O-U! That would be my 2nd dream, right after owning my own bakery! Whoo-hoo! Y-O-U rock!!!! :) <3

  3. hahahah cool! =)

  4. They can be reused. As long as you keep the tops securely fastened, they should be fine.

  5. I was wondering if anybody knew how long the candy writers last? I’m assuming they can be reused but for how long? Thanks! :)

  6. I received the painting. I love it! You’re the best Cakespy!

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words, Bakerella!! Really, it’s a small gesture in terms of how much I loved (really, not strong enough a word) the “Hiccuppie” film–why is it not nominated for an Oscar? I’d be fine with one of those “daytime Oscars”, really. :-)

    Enjoy your painting!

  8. Cheryl – It can be whatever you think.

  9. I must be dumb, but I thought it was Bakerella like Cinderella.

  10. that is awesome! so sweet!

  11. How cute!

  12. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you guys thought it was as cute as I did. I can’t wait to see the real thing. You guys can have your very own movie poster, too. Cakespy does custom pieces.

  13. By the way- this poster is FAB!

  14. Bakerella- I just nominated you for the E for Excellence award on my blog. Check it out!

  15. That poster is awesome!!! It is a fitting tribute! danielle

  16. As usual, I love it. The video was great… and the rebutal is just perfect… So how will you respond??? Do you have anything up your sleeve??


  18. Too cute! You and Cakespy are awesome!

  19. omg that is just the cutest thing i’ve seen all day! excellent!

  20. I think that is awesome! How totally fun! She is so talented, and she portrayed you as Zena-mazing!!! :)

  21. what an adorable poster! you do make a cute cupcake with a whisk!

  22. oh my goodness… I could design my whole kitchen around that poster. So adorable! Cakespy is something else!

  23. I Love the poster and I love Cakespy’s artwork as well. You are very lucky, but also very deserving!

  24. Awesome…you are a real star. You inspire and here is a little proof of that. Congrats!

  25. Awwwww! How Fabulous! Sooooo cute!

  26. Oh, my! that’s really great! I love it! You both are genius.

  27. These were very cute ideas I’m doing one right now. I can’t wait to try more.

  28. that is perfect! How clever and so adorable!

  29. That is SERIOUSLY the COOLEST thing I’ve EVER seen!!! Oooh, I have a tinge of jealousy. It’s so awesome. What a great thank you! :)

  30. that is so cool!
    REALLY nice that you’ll be receiving the original, too.

  31. ADORABLE!!! We love it when the world is sweet and kind.

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