Hello, Cupcake Giveaway!

You guys have been so sweet and encouraging and you put a smile on my face everyday. So here’s a little fun to show my appreciation. I’m having a double, that’s right, I said DOUBLE Giveaway.

One lucky winner will receive a
copy of the book, Hello, Cupcake, courtesy of Houghton-Mifflin Books at Yummr (a community of people passionate about food and a place to share food-related experiences, recipes, reviews, photos, and videos.) This book is as cute as cute gets. Lots of great ideas that I wish I had thought of. And don’t worry, if you don’t win it here, you still have a shot. Yummr is having a “Cookbook a Day in the Month of May” Giveaway. You can visit Yummr to learn more.

Another lucky winner will receive a cupcake t-shirt from me at


HOW TO ENTER: It’s easy! Just leave your response to the following cupcake question in the comments section. (with an email or website link so I can contact you if you win).

Cupcake Poll & Giveaway!

Cutoff for comments is midnight, May 31st, 2008. I’ll announce the winners (picked at random) sometime on June 1. Good Luck!

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1,084 comments on “Hello, Cupcake Giveaway!”

  1. Ooo..bite sized (A) but I would probably eat more than one, lol. I am going to make your cupcake pops for my daughters birthday, so adorable, thanks.

  2. What a generous girl you are! I am a bite sized girl. :)

  3. Itty-bitty is best…less is always more! Love your blog. I feel inspired to try new things every time I read it! Thank you!

  4. I like B! Just right!

  5. Definitely the “MADE FOR TWO” cupcake. This means that you either have someone special to share your delectable desset with or you get to eat your fill and still have enough left for tomorrow!!

  6. I could eat more than enough for 2 but I wish my limit was itty bitty….Great giveaway, I love your blog and I admire your talent in the kitchen!

  7. b! just enough to leave me wanting more.

  8. I’m Loving that shirt!!!

    I’m going with B! Not too tiny and enough to satisfy my sweet tooth with out going overboard!

  9. I would like to say b….but if Im going to be honest it would probably be D mostly because I always have to share what Im eating with my boys!
    Thanks for a chance to win

  10. I love your blog!!! I am definately a “D” cup, always room for two! That hubby of mine loves cupcakes, and although I only take my itty bitty portion, I love that he loves the cupcakes as much as I do! Thanks for your inspiration to step out of the box with “baking”!!!

  11. Handful for me!! Just the right amount to enjoy it and not be miserable afterward! ;-)

  12. I, too, am thinking ‘handful’. It’s a little bigger than the satndard so I feel like I’m getting a little more, but not so big that I feel too guilty. ;)

  13. wow i can not believe you have gotten so many comments!! I bloged all about your lovely site and made a trubite to you on my blog.
    I am two two handfulls.. just enough.. :) love that idea for a shirt.. but with boobs.. i would be afraid to wear it.

  14. Definiely a BB – does that make me a D?

  15. Hmm. Tough question . . . but I think B cup. I mean there are LESS calories in the little ones right? So you can eat more. RIGHT? :)


  16. bite sized is the one I like. Not too much, and you always get more.

  17. Hmm, probably bite size but the question would be how many of the bite sized?

  18. Handful! Who doesn’t want a huge, yummy cupcake? :)

  19. I’m going with the handful. The Hello Cupcake book looks adorable!

  20. A! You have to love bite-size. Sure I over-eat when it’s bite-size, but it’s so much fun!

  21. I’m all for itty-bitty, I can have more with less guilt! Love your blog!

  22. Those t-shirts are waaaay cute!!!
    Def. a B cup.

  23. I’ve got a handful, here!!

  24. Im going to have to go with–B–the standard cupcake size because theyre the most fun to make abd eat in your own kitchen! yum!

  25. Standard–perfect for decorating!



  27. I love cupcakeS

  28. I would love to say I am bite size but would have to go with the Handful!

  29. I am all about a handful- this is a great giveaway!

  30. Bite sized for me!

  31. bite size are the most fun!

  32. I’m a size itty-bitty! Such a cute blog – love your ideas!

  33. I am definately going for the handful! Yum!


  34. Ooooooh I’m a traditionalist about some things so size “B” the standard would be my first choice :D

  35. I’m traditional and adore the the cup size B. Just enough to fill that sweet spot but not too much to leave you regretting you’d eaten it. Although I do love the mini’s just b/c they are always so darn cute!

  36. Bite-size (B). That way I don’t feel too guilty if I take a second.

  37. My eating habits have changed, so I would indulge with one – maybe two – bite sized.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Your baking/ideas are amazing!

    EKO (

  38. Bite size for me! Love your blog.

  39. I am definitely an A

  40. My “cup size” is “enough for 2”. Mmmm.

  41. No doubt – it has to be “enough for two” :)

  42. All of the above. :)

  43. B…. what can I say, I’m traditional.

  44. Definitely a fan of the bitesize :D I just discovered your site and I love it! Keep up the good work

  45. I’m going with bite-sized! That way, i don’t feel guilty eating more than one!

  46. Bite-size … but please no nibbling – it hurts! ;)

  47. Enough for Two please!
    Would love the cookbook.
    Am finding a new fascination with cupcakes!

  48. Enough for 2 of course! Love your blog! :D

  49. Bite size for me!! Too cute!! Hope I win these are too cute thanks for the chance!!

  50. I’m going to have to go with B. It’s a classic. I must have that t-shirt!

  51. A – Itty Bitty ^^; They’re always cute and adorable! Also I am that size IRL *Sigh*

  52. Count me in! I need all the help I can get because I am bite sized!

  53. I think the handful is the best for friends… plus more space to decorate!… Bite-Size is great for giving out to the office =) I bake cupcakes almost every week for my work/friends =)

  54. I’m going for a B cup, because its the only size I make. Now, if we are talking Victoria’s Secret I would definitely be choosing a different size. Hee hee! Thanks!

  55. Since I am nursing, definately anough for two!


  56. Oh, I’m a D :D Enough for two – and then I can share with my loving hubby :D
    What a lovely blog you have!!!

  57. I’ll go for the handful. Because I am sometimes…

  58. Enough for 2 of course! Love your blog! :D

  59. C. A handful of yumminess!

  60. A handful for sure. Love your Blog found it from a friends blog. You have great ideas.

  61. Size B for sure! :)

    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!

    Capree Kimball
    peezeth @

  62. Unlike most…I prefer the itty bitty! That way I can eat a bunch and not feel as guilty! Mind over cupcake!

  63. My cupsize??
    well.. I think the handfull will do, and if not, I just take two! ;)
    I love your blog, so many ideas, thanks for sharing them!!

  64. I love your blog site bakerella!

    i’m gonna go with B – bite size because i know i can’t have just one.

    either shirt or cookbook would be great! i <3 cupcakes!

  65. Most days, I’m a “B” Bite size. Anything bigger than that and I give the rest to my husband.

  66. I would say bitesize! Then it seems like it is okay to have two!! I love your site!

  67. Itty Bitty! ^^ Too cute to resist!
    Greets from Italy

  68. I would have to say itty bitty for me….at least in cupcake terms.

  69. D-finitely D (enough for two)! just in case u have someone to share it with, if not, then more for you!!

  70. D, enough for two but I keep it to myself! I’m stingy like that…

    Kara K

  71. I’ll definitely take a handful size cupcake! I didn’t know they came any bigger than that! The t-shirt is awesome. I love cupcakes!!

  72. HANDFUL!!! :) (only b/c I just had a baby!) In a couple of months it’s bite size…heck maybe itty bitty…3 kids…geez!

  73. Cup size?! You are too funny. :) “B” is for “bite-sized” for me. Although while pregnant with my twins, I definitely fell into the “enough for two” category! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  74. I’m a B girl!

  75. Definitely choice E – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    You can never have enough bites of cup cakes!

    Really enjoy the blog!

  76. These comments are HILARIOUS!!!
    I love handfuls- C! Thanks for the chance to win.


  77. I’m a handful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Enough for 2, but I am not sharing ;)

  79. And I thought your blog couldn’t get any better….
    I prefer B. It’s the perfect size to satisfy my tummy.

  80. Double D!! I’m nursing, you moms know how that is huh?

  81. I’m so a handful!

  82. Another handful over here! :)

  83. B! Bite size makes me convinced I need another, and ‘handful’ size is sure to give me guilt. As for the largest size…we all know that just because there is enough for two, doesn’t mean we’ll share.

  84. I can pretend it’s bite size, but clearly I can never have enough of a cupcake!

  85. I like the bite-sized cupcakes. but if it’s my fav flavor, then id go for the handful.

  86. I’m all for C-Handful!

  87. It’s always a handful!:)

  88. Hmmmm…I’d have to say, enough for two! It seems that when I’m enjoying a sure treat, someone will always say, “can I have a bite?”. Seeing I do like to share, the two of us will be happy.

  89. i’m all about cup size A — gotta love the bite size cupcakes so you can sample many different flavors (and feel less guilty) than eating the regular size!

  90. I’m probably a handful kind of gal. Anlthough whenit comes to cupcakes – really – I’m not all that picky!

  91. c-handful!

  92. Enough for 2.. cause sharing is caring :)

  93. I like A so you can have lots of different flavors :)

  94. Hi, I love your blog! I am bite sized for sure!!! Great ideas thanks for sharing!

  95. Handful here, though I think the itty-bitty’s are sweet! Thanks for the opportunity to win great prizes!

  96. Why is it that AA is smaller than A but DD is bigger than D? Hmmm? Since AA ain’t an option, I suppose I’ll stick to A! :( Itty bitty… Great grpahic though! :)

  97. I would have to go with the standard cupcake especially if it is a sweet one, anything bigger and I might get sick. But if we are talking muffins, then I could do the biggest one, I love me some muffins. Especially blueberry…yum!

  98. Well, in both under shirt, and under nose I am/prefer bite size. I would love to be the handful girl, but it’s not possible. Unless…I go to the bakrella bakery and have some enhancements done.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  99. I’m a standard B with cupcakes and in real life. It’s the perfect size to sit down and snack — and not feel too guilty about eating another one a few minutes later!!

  100. Itty Bitty is the best, you don’t have to settle on one flavor of cupcake.

  101. A handful! Enough to satisfy!

  102. a handful because well, i love cupcakes!!!!

  103. Well I love how (a) looks when they are sitting on my table, but I love how my stomach feels after enjoying the (d) cupcake! Thanks for your great blog, LOVE IT!

  104. handful

  105. definitely bite size

  106. C is my favorite. Just the perfect size. :)

  107. Love this blog!
    Love cupcakes !
    Love prizes!
    Love bite size!
    B is the one for me.

  108. Itty-bitty although then I have to eat more ;).

  109. Probably a handful! It’s a guilty pleasure to eat the whole thing but also perfect to share! Thanks for the chace to win!!

  110. Itty Bitty for sure!!! :)

  111. Bite-size for me please!

  112. I love the itty-bitty size. That way I can try one of every kind and not feel *as* guilty! That book is too cute, if I don’t win it or the shirt I will need the enough-for-two size with dark chocolate gonache topping to cope. Thanks as always for the cupcake inspiration.

  113. Due to my current diet, I’ll have to say itty bitty. Thanks!

  114. I love the Itty Bitty b/c I feel like I can eat MORE of them! Love your site! I am a HUGE fan! I check it regularly! My kids love your stuff as well! THANK YOU!

  115. Enough for 2 for SURE! The more cupcake the better!

  116. Love the bite size and all of the fun things that you can create with them. But of course love the handful as well.

  117. Wow, um … itty-bitty? Probably. Yeah, so I can try many different flavors and not feel like I need to hide the under the table out of shame!

  118. I have to say my favorite it definitely bite size. The minis are great, but I always want more than one, the handful leaves me feeling like I shouldn’t have eaten quite all of it. But the bite size is just perfect – satisfying yet not guilt-ridden

  119. Bite sized:o) I love all things tiny and cute!

  120. 280 comments?!? Holy cow! Guess it’s a long shot for me, but I like those odds. :) I love the itty-bitty cup size. Perfect, sweet and enough to calm the craving. Plus, they are sooo cute when they are that small!

  121. another handful here. Itty bitty would never be satisfying enough!!!

  122. Ah… I’d say… bitesize. What a cute blog you have!!

  123. Bite sized for sure!

  124. C. Why go bite size if you can have more?

  125. I’m an itty bitty kind of cupcake fan! That’s probably why I love your cake pops so much!

  126. B is perfect size unless I’m really wanting a cupcake then I’ll need the D! I just found your site and it is so cute! I just bought some stuff to make the updated cupcake pops! Thanks for this fun contest!

  127. After having a baby I’m somewhere between itty-bitty and standard!

  128. Bakerella:
    Jajaja my husband would love my honesty…
    Id pick the enough for two,
    and he’d have to fight for his share of the cupcakes.
    SALUDOS from Mexico

  129. How Exciting!

    Definitely a handful!! Just the right amount!

  130. I eat my cupcakes by breaking them in half, making a sandwich out of them..that way the frosting doest get all over! I would enjoy the handful…

  131. I’m in more a bite size mood lately. However, the pendulum swings over the entire spectrum when speaking of cupcakes. Have you ever had a bad cupcake? Besides, bite size means I can try more than one. Variety is the spice of life!

  132. Itty Bitty is just right for me. I can just pop it into my mouth and get a great balance of cake and frosting without worrying about getting frosting all over my face. Of course I need to have more than one of your tasty treats!

  133. Definitely a handful…

  134. Since my own personal “cupcake” is an “I” (yeah, that’s right!), I’ll have to choose my goal of “C.”

  135. I absolutely love the handful size, but I’ve been known to use all of them from time to time!

  136. A handful…but one for me and one for hubby so I don’t have to share!

  137. Yum! Bite-size!

  138. Itty bitty! I love how small and cute they are – and they’re the perfect bite for me! I never stop at one though but I love eating the tiny ones more than the regular ones!

  139. mine would be D always enough for 2!!!
    Thanks Liz (

  140. I’d have to say handful… just right.

  141. i like to pop an itty bitty in my mouth for the right amount of needed sweetness!

  142. B for me….

  143. I’m a handful! YUMMY!! I love your blog! I just did my first cake balls yesterday. I love them!!!

  144. Handful is my favorite :o)

  145. well, if we are talking cupcakes, i like 3 itty bittys!

  146. A handful is just right! Love this blog!

  147. Ok, I will say D, enough for 2! I usually share my goodies with my dogs, except for chocolate then I would still say D!! I love your stuff it makes me sooo hungry…

  148. I love both the itty-bitty or the Bite-size for baking purposes, but I love the handful for eating purposes!

  149. enough for two. then the kids can share one

  150. woo, this is a popular one! Love your site. I’d have to go with itty-bitty because they’re so darn cute, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to eat 500 of them.

  151. It used to be bite-size until last night when I made your Cupcakes Bites and now it is itty-bitty! Thanks for the great idea! Everyone loves them!

  152. More than a mouthful is NOT a waste!

  153. C – a handful. Just the right amount.

  154. I prefer a bitesize, however enough for two always makes sure there is enough for everyone! :)

  155. By the handful, please. But bite size will do in a pinch. Love the blog, keep up the good work.

  156. I’m and A, but I like to eat several!

  157. I’m bite size but I like my real cupcakes with a little more cake so let’s go for a handful.


    (email addy is in my profile)

  158. C. Handful!!! I love this blog!

  159. Oooh, who doesn’t love a contest? I’m going to select B because I like a nice frosting to cake ratio. If the cupcake is too big, there’s just not enough frosting.

  160. Bite size! :)

  161. bite-size… I love mini things.

  162. Definitely love enough for two, but I might not share! LOL Love your blog!

  163. oh, how I would love to win that book. I love making pretty cupcakes, but MUST copy!

  164. I like the handful! just the right size for me!

  165. I will take the itty bitty…several of them!

  166. I like the itty bitty- like your cupcake pops that I made and turned out great.

  167. cute question. I’d go with B. haven’t tried to actually make any in the other sizes. I’m a novice. thanks for the chance to win the book. looks really cute.

  168. Definately a good C with a lot of icing on top!! :)

  169. D – Enough for two! That doesn’t mean you should eat it all in one sitting – share with a friend or save some for later :P

  170. I think it would have to depend on if I was in a cake-ish mood or a frosting mood. Because the enough for two would be wonderful if I was in a cake-ish mood. But if I were looking for gobs of frosting, one of the others piled high with frosting would work quite nicely.

  171. D – Because the only thing that can make a delicious cupcake better is sharing it with someone you love (especially if the one you love lets you eat most of the frosting). Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  172. I love making itty-bitty cupcakes!

  173. I’m going to say handful because if I’m going to eat a cupcake I don’t want a little teaser, give me the whole thing :)

  174. I would have to say a D cup. Gotta love those cupcakes…=).

  175. C cup, for sure!

  176. Handful, perfect size!

  177. Love the bite size. They are just too cute!

  178. C cup, for sure!

  179. A handful!

    Let’s get serious, if I ate the smaller ones I’d end up eating like 5 of them.

  180. Itty Bitty for sure! You can eat more than one and not feel guilty!

  181. Handful all the way… Although I might get one for two & then eat it all myself…

    Cute giveaway idea! Thanks!

  182. B Standard

  183. I was born an A, my teen years were a B, my whelping years were a D, and I now have one that is a C+ and one that is a D- … thank you.

  184. i’m a big fan of the mini muffin pans so I guess I would say bite sized. thanks so much!

  185. Bite Size – better frosting to cake ratio. :)

    sweetems (at) gmail (dot) com

  186. I love making itty bitty cupcakes, so there are plenty to share :)

  187. I’ve got to go with handful as well.

  188. “enough for two” — that’s my pick. cupcakes are always better when shared:-) i’m a new reader and i’m so excited to be here for the giveaway!

  189. I like the itty bitty ones. That way you can have more than one!

  190. A handful – cause when it comes to sweets, a handful is always needed! (Or enough itty-bitties to constitute a handful – hee hee). Fun giveaway! Thxs!

  191. I think Bite-size – or maybe even itty-bitty – Then you can eat more without all the guilt!!

  192. I’m a standard cupcake kinda gal…..nice portion size so I can eat more than one! ;)

  193. I’d say a handful! With a glass of milk please. Yum!

  194. I found your blog after I saw you on Martha, and it’s such a sweet treat! We’re in the process of moving, I can’t wait to finish so I can start baking. Thank you for the tasty treats and great photos, they certainly make days at the office pass faster.

  195. I like the itty bitty cupcakes cuz they’re just too dang cute!


  196. Probably should be bite size, but realistically…a handful.

  197. Definitely bite-size. Definitely.

  198. “Enough for 2” for sure. You can never have too much cupcake. BTW, you are genuinely an inspiration. You’re awesome!

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