Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here Kitty, Kitty!

It’s my cake pops, Hello-Kitty style. Back in December, I made a little Hello Kitty cake for my niece’s 1st Birthday and as I was shaping the Hello Kitty figure out of fondant, it occurred to me how screaming cute these would be as cake pops. I couldn’t wait to try them. But, how the heck would I make those distinctive, yet subtle little ears. Well, the answer is easier than you think.

Hello Kitty Cake Pops


Here’s what you will need:

Cake and frosting (Read basic Cake Pop How-To)
Mini Red m&ms
White candy melts
Jumbo Heart Sprinkles
Rainbow Chip Sprinkles
Black Edible Ink Pen
Paper Lollipop Sticks
Styrofoam Block
White Chocolate Chips
(Whoops…I left the most important ingredient out of the above picture.)

But, take a look below and you can see how perfectly they work for the ears.

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

  • Shape the Hello Kitty heads into a semi-flat oval shape. Insert tip of lollipop stick into some of the melted candy and insert into the bottom of the Hello Kitty head.
  • Take two white chocolate chips and dip the bottoms in the melted candy and then place/glue them on the top of Hello Kitty head.
  • Stand them up in a styrofoam block to dry. When the ears are firmly attached to the head, dip the entire Hello Kitty head in a bowl of the white melted candy. Make sure the bowl is deep enough so you can get it in one dunk. Then remove and gently tap off any extra coating. This will help smooth it out, too.
  • When the Hello Kitty heads are dry, apply the hearts and m&ms to make a bow and the yellow rainbow chips to make a nose. You can use a toothpick and a little bit of the melted candy to act as the glue.
  • Then, draw the eyes and whiskers on using an black edible ink pen.

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

And, enjoy!


These instructions are for your personal use only. To create Hello Kitty products for commercial sale, you must obtain permission from Sanrio. Visit opportunities/.

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  1. Can’t find cake pop how-to… -_-

  2. I am planning my daughter 1st birthday party It’s going to be a Hello kitty party so these would be perfect for favors! I want to try it but I am very intimitaded. Maybe I’ll start off slow trying to make cake pops. :) These are super cute!

  3. I made these for my sister’s hello kitty themed bridal shower..They were a huge hit! Everyone thought they were store bought.

  4.… Heavens, help me! Just looking at that makes me want to tear it off the screeeeen.., no!!

  5. reallly wanna make some!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. These are amazing! I’m going to make them today:) I can’t wait. Because I still really love hello kitty, this is so cool! My Mom and I think your pops are so cute – but I think this one is the best.

  7. exellent

  8. Thank you so much for this stroke of creative genius! I made this this past weekend for my daughter’s 4th Birthday Party and they were a huge hit! I couldn’t find the small candies, so I just used hot pink fondant to shape the little bows, and then just plain yellow and black buttercream icing and a teeny decorator’s tip to pipe the eyes, nose, and whiskers. Worked like a charm!

  9. Awesome! These are genius!

  10. OH My Goodness!! I have been searching all over for Hello Kitty anything for my daughters 10th b-day. I was going nuts trying to decide how to make the cake .There is not much hello kitty stuff for parties.These are just what i was looking for!! I can’twait to see her face when she sees these!! Maybe we will even have the guest make their own!

  11. These are super cute, but not easy to make!! TIP: Make sure you purchase the Americolor Gourmet Edible Pen on Amazon because the Wilton Edible pens won’t work.

  12. so i made these for my friend. followed the directions and nope so did not work. i used the exact ingredients (melts, yellow chips, mms, hearts, americolor gourmet black marker.) and the melts were too thin and the marker did NOT write. im so sad i think ill just stick to balls.

  13. are there any alternates for the bow ,I can not find large hearts ?

  14. I love your work! Very Creative!

  15. Awesome IDea!!! I just tried it, mine dont look as good. Plus i used red velvet so the white coating doesnt cover the red completely, ill have to do another vanilla batch soon. Also, how did you draw the whiskers and eyes on, everytime I tried to draw it, it made indentions in my chocolate coat, Im not able to make smooth lines?

  16. necesitaria poder hacer cake pops pero no puedo soy de argentina y no le entiendo y no puedo pasarlo a español me podrian mandar la receta en español gracias

  17. where can you get a black edible ink pen


  19. i seem to have a problem that noone else has- when i dip the head into the melts (i used white chocolate) the ears melted too! and i took them from, the freezer. how did u keep the ears from melting? if the chocolate is any cooler it wont cover nicely.

  20. It’s the cutest thing ever! Defintely my favourite.

  21. My girlfriend made your regular cake-pops for a birthday party and they were fantastic! We are now getting ready for a Hello Kitty party, and I cannot wait to make these for my daughter! Your ideas are unbelievable!

  22. These are the cutest. I can’t wait to make them for my daughter’s birthday. What is the kitty made out of? It looks more like a candy than cake. I am going to buy the book for future parties!

  23. These are so adorable! I can’t wait to make them for my niece’s 4th Birthday!!!

  24. my cousin is turning the big 21 and she loves hello kitty so if i get to go back home for her bday i am going to suprise her by trying to make these. thank you and i cant wait till you come out with your book!!

  25. this are very cute……
    just hope mine would turn out this way also

    how long would this last before it turns bad?
    i’ll be having my daughter’s birthday party i was thinking to do it in advance….

  26. Can you make these for me and then send over to Holland?
    Wish I could make this a treat for the birthday of Eline!

  27. i so ooo love this hello kitty pops…when my 1 yr old daughter saw the photo she immediately said “wow” **with her head spinning…**
    this is really a great idea for my baby’s 2nd yr bday…i ope i can make it right…im planning to give it as souvenir instead of baking cupcakes…

  28. sssoooo CUTE!

  29. I love these! They are sooooo cute and they really do look llike Hello Kitty! Great job, they look great!

  30. How do I placce an order for the Hello Kitty cake pops?

  31. Here is my version Hello Kitty, I used a bell cookie cutter that I stretched, I wish I could get it smoother

  32. I love you pop cakes <3
    I tried to make them but Im having trouble when I dipped them into the melted candy… Do you have any suggestions?

  33. Made the Hello Kitty pops and they were the hit of the party but it took way to much time and the edible writer would not work on the candy melts. Ended up using a gel decorating tube. It worked in a pinch but the instructions should include what type of writer, the wilton ones do not work!

  34. hi..i really want to make these for my daughter in a couple weeks for her hello kitty themed party but i cant seem to find out how to make the cake part…the link only brings me to the page that shows the upcoming recipie book..please help :)

  35. i seldom read a whole website but yours…. u are so ROCK !!! amazing…. FxxKING GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. So great. My sis loves HK… Im gonna see if I can make these for her

  37. these cake pops are out of this world! thank you so much for this post. my friend actually made these and brought them over when she had dinner at my house. she used chocolate cake mix instead and black food colouring instead of the edible ink pen and it turned my daughter’s lips black. lol. when i asked her to do a guest post she said she couldn’t take credit and linked me to this page. i’ve been getting comments asking for the recipe so if you don’t mind i would love to link this post on my next blog post. thank you again for this fantastic, oh so adorable recipe. if you’d like you can read that post here on my blog:

  38. My friend made these for my 31st birthday this past week…they were absolutely divine!!!! I was in sheer heaven and was truly amazed at how flawless they turned out…they looked too good to eat!
    I also had a great Kitty Cake to accompany them, so they made great favors for my family to take home!

  39. Oh my goodness. I have a feeling I shouldn’t have stumbled across this site. These are SO ADORABLE!

  40. I must say I made these today for my friend’s birthday. They are much harder than they look! A whole bag of my candy melts became a block of brown crud. Out of the 18 ive dipped so far only 1 has come out perfect. practice makes perfect

  41. I just found your site – and already you have totally addicted me to Cake Pops! Your writing is absolutely entertaining and adorable.

  42. I just made these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. They turned out okay. I think I put too much frosting in them, because they were very fragile at first. I also had to use actual frosting because I couldn’t find the pens over here in France. I posted pictures at Thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas!

  43. awww! my little cousins would LOVE this!!! I’ll make it for one of thier bithdays! <3

  44. These look absolutely amazing! I have a friend who just loves hello kitty! and her cotillion is coming up! I will have to make these for her :)

  45. Yes, these are so cute and when I saw them I had to make them for my daughter’s 3rd Birthday. I searced all over for the ingredients and couldn’t find rainbow chips. The actually shaping was easy, diping in white chocolate pretty easy too…then came the part that was driving me mad! I bought paint pens and they wouldn’t write on the chocolate. I was very bummed as they are so cute but very time comsuming not to mention the money that I spent. I have kept everything I bought and would try them again if someone has any good advice.

  46. so cool! my husband and I will be making them . :)

  47. thank you thank you thank you thank you so much! my daughter’s birthday is in a few months and she will be one year old and i’m making her this lovely cake pops to go with the hello kitty theme perfect! thank you again!

  48. I have to tell you how cute these are! I decided these would be perfect for my niece’s Hello Kitty Party. Tonight I did a test run, and the kitties turned out great. My only problem is the black edible marker. How do you get it to show up so dark? It seems like it just doesnt show up, and it is very light. I was thinking about using royal icing?

  49. This question may sound silly but with what did u make the head with the cake mix?

  50. these are neat, you should put up how-to youtube vids

  51. OMG! I keep discovering all these new cake pop designs! I want to spend a day just trying them all out! Too cute for words!!
    Please keep the ideas coming!! Love it!

  52. My son loves Wow Wow Wubbzy and I’m going to use this technique to make Wubbzy pops for his birthday party. He will love them!

  53. I made these for my nieces 5th birthday last month and they were a HIT! I made a few small changes and am still unhappy with the way my whiskers turned out (when the pen I bought didn’t work, I had to last minute improvise with decorators gel) but overall, I’m quite proud of myself. They aren’t as cute as the originals by far, but good enough for me and a gaggle of five year olds! :)

  54. Thank you for the idea. I made these for my sister’s birthday because she’s a fanatic for Hello Kitty. I was so giddy, they were so adorable!

    I did have to substitute chocolate in place of the edible food pen. The one I bought at Michael’s didn’t work well.

    I will upload my pictures and would like to send them to you. Thanks again for being such an inspiration.

  55. btw u r a genius

  56. i have never made these before …but a friend of mine told me about ur website and oh my i was so excited to see these hello kitty ones .my daughter loves hello kitty and she is having a sleepover so guess what gonna try and make them i am so excited i will let u know how it went …yippppyyyy

  57. Working on these now or my daughters birthday party! Hope the look as good as yours!!!! Thank you for sharing your creative genius!!!! :)

  58. Hello! I just want to say I discovered your site a few weeks ago thanks to a friend and I am obsessed! I attempted these adorable hello kitty treats this past weekend with my little sister and her friends. Can you give any tips on the edible markers? I used the Wilton markers and none of the colors seemed to draw well on the dried chocolate. Can you let me know what kind you use or any tips to make the wiltons stick better? Regardless, the girls had a blast- thanks again for sharing your creativity

  59. can you use normal white chocolate instead of candy melts? i don’t think i can find those where i live so i thought i’d just use white chocolate but i’m not sure if it will work.

  60. My goddaughter just adores Hello Kitty. Her bedroom is full of Hello Kitty. I can’t wait until her birthday to make these. Her mouth is going to drop and i’m going to be the best “godmother ever”

    Thanks again,


  61. I love hello kitty! How cute! U are super creative and majorly talented! I know who I can attempt to make these for! You are a beginner bakers inspiration! =P

  62. i love hello kitty so i would really like 2 eat these

  63. I made these for my daughters valentines party and everyone loved them. I told them where I got them. Hopefully it will inspire others to try new things.

  64. Bakerella you’re fantastic! I’m from Poland and I’m fascinated about your work. I have one request. Can you write how to do a red velvet cake and cake wchich you used to do a hello kitty cake pops? I would be very grateful to you. I send greetings from overseas, and I look forward to a response. :)

  65. My 2nd grade classroom is full of Hello Kitty. I can’t wait to make these for my class!

  66. I made these last night for my good friend’s birthday. She loves Hello Kitty! When she saw them this morning on her desk she screamed with delight. Thanks for making her and my day just a little bit brighter, Bakerella!

  67. Ay0 – you can thin with vegetable oil

    Juliana – try americolor pens and use less frosting next time.

    Jaunel – vegetable oil.

  68. OMGEEEEEEEEE I LOVEEEEEEEEE HELLO KITTY! IM 18 BTW! HAHHAHAHA, i go crazy everytime i see somthing hello kitty! woohoo! im soo gonna make this one day!

  69. My daughter’s 6th birthday party is tomorrow and my sister saw this web page 3 months ago. We KNEW we had to do Hello Kitty! Made ’em tonight…..could probably use some more pointers (these were my first cake pops!) but they turned out way cute! Thanks for your inspiration! My candy melts were thick….any pointers?

  70. These are tooooo adorable. You are so creative. I absolutely love your blog. I wish i had some of your energy and creativity. thank you for sharing all you do and the cool things you think up. it’s much appreciated!

  71. OMG! You are my new hero. I love these! They are so cute. I appreciate you for sharing this and will probably make these this weekend.

  72. I love hello kitty so this will be perfect for me ;-)

  73. I know I’m so late to comment on these, but I just found them (although I’ve been to your blog several times since finding PW), anyway…these are the CUTEST thing EVER! My 3 yr old niece would die!! I’ve just got to try them. You could sell these alone for a ton of money…do you know how much people pay for hello kitty stuff. Oh how I wish I could do something this cute for my boy’s third bday this Saturday. Anyway…love what you do, dahling!

  74. made the hello kitty cake pops. loved them. wondering if you have any suggestions on how to make spongebob and mickey mouse cake pops

  75. I made these Hello Kitty pops today for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday party. The pops took about 4 hours to make. You need to freeze the chocolate chips and lollipop stick before dipping. The edible ink pens frey at the ends so its very hard to get the face drawn well. But, after all that they turned out very good and I cant wait to display them at her party!

  76. please i want to order the hello kity cake

    Mobile :99679212

  77. @Ay0 I thinned mine with a few teaspoonsful of vegetable oil – more or less depending on the consistency you need.

    Also, to other cake pop makers – I tried candy melts from Wiltons and Guittard and much preferred the Guittard. When comparing the two, Wilton’s white candy melts are actually off-white and not as opaque.

  78. Hi Bakerella,

    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for coming up with these! I finally had an excuse to make these for my niece’s 9th birthday party this weekend – they were a HUGE hit! Not only did the kids love them, but the moms swarmed me asking “where did you buy these!?!” and then “WHAT? you MADE these!?”. It was my first time making cake pops and I have a few questions:

    – Have you ever experienced a problem with the edible markers? I used the Wilton ones and they didn’t take well to the candy melt coating.
    – Would you recommend using anything else for the eyes/whiskers?
    – Are they supposed to taste like mushy cake? Perhaps I mashed up the cake too much, but I wasn’t a big fan of the taste.

    Thanks again!

  79. I gave them a try for my little girl’s 6th BD. My first attempt at the cake pop… but I used brownies per Chloe’s request. Word to the wise- brownies and chocolate chips do not cover as well as a lighter cake and white chocolate chips! oh well- they’re still such a cute idea I think I’ll be forgiven by the 20 kindergarteners we’re sharing them with. Thanks for the challenge!

  80. I tried to make these but when i melted the candy melts it was way too thick when i dipped the cake pops in ;[ how do you thin out the candy melt mixture?

  81. hi….i just saw ur cookies…and they are all adorable…how I wish I can create or bake like that…my daughter loves ur Hello Kitty pop cookies… she adores Hello Kitty so much..and she’s now 15 yrs old,,,but still she’s a die hard fan…!!!!
    She asks me if I can bake her that….
    Did you use any stencil for that hello Kitty??? How I wish I had seen your site before so that I can join the contest….I love the stuffs that ur giving away,,,ahahhaahha!!!!
    Keep up the good work,,,may you create more cute and adorable cookies….!!! Good Luck…

  82. i just made these! yours are so much better ;)

  83. I really enjoy working with frosting. I think these little Hello Kitty cake pops are just the cats meow!!!

  84. I do not really like the taste of fondant. But it turns out really nice on cakes!

  85. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. These are so cute! I just love Hello Kitty. I made a hello kitty cake once. I think it was out of buttercream. It turned out adorable. We have had a foreign exchange studant from Japan and they are very popular over there. I think she is just so cute.

  87. Stephanie – you use the styrofoam to help them stay standing up … for display. You can wrap them in treat bags and ribbon to give them away.

  88. this are soo cute but im confused do you leave the strofoam?:(

  89. went to search ur entry on hello kitty pops (was absolutely ignorant to the wonderful world of cake pops ’till now!!) after having read your comment in dessertobsessed (was doing a wee bit of research on hello kitty sweets cafe) and just totally DIED and went to sanrio heaven. LOVES LOVES LOVES. and that crazy fabulous proposal cum wedding cake pops entry is just argggh… brilliant!! wish you were in malaysia. i want wedding cake pops for my wedding too…

  90. WOW!!!!
    you are AMAZING at this, i envy you at being so creative…
    how do you come up with this stuff??? again you are a GENIUS…
    i am gonna make these into tigers for my friend :) THANK YOU!!!
    these are to darn cute for there own good…..well done

  91. Do you think you can make these pops into minnie or mickey mouse? My mind can’t think of how but your creativity i hope you can help!
    PM me.

  92. You are so clever girl!!! Congrats on such creative and smart ideas!!! Greetings from Mexico!!

  93. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I just came across it today when searching Google for a moist yellow cake recipe! I’m also still a big kid and love everything Sanrio and Hello Kitty. I can’t wait to try these. You are so creative!!

  94. Sugey – the white candy coating I use a lot is from Kroger grocery store if you have one near you.

    Hobby Lobby also carries a brand called make n mold

    But you can also try adding shortening or vegetable oil to thin your chocolate for easier dipping.

  95. I absolutely love this Hello Kitty pops! My daughter love them 2 shes in love with this kitty…we tried making them everything came out good intill when it came to dip the cake pop in the white chocolate :(…its just to thick and didnt come out nice as yours. We used the wilton melts and even got there melting pot. I wanted to know where could i buy your chocolate bark i just cant seems to find it anywhere.

  96. eeeee!!! A woman after my own heart! Would loooove to do a collab or feature with you! I came upon your blog today and I’m in heaven! (ESPECIALLY AFTER THIS)

  97. I LOVE THESE…. i tried to make them for my niece’s bithday but i’m having a hard time dipping the head into the white chocolate. The cake seems to fall off or break when i lift up. I cant seem to melt my candy in a good day, it still seems too thick. Could it be that the cake is too soft or too much frosting mixed in? Instead i made the cupcake pops…everyone loved it. Im gonna make it for my daughters cupcake theme party as a party favors. You’re the best! Thanks for sharing!

  98. Hi!!! I just wanted to let you know that I made those little cuties last week for my niece's 1st. b-day, and THANK YOU!!! they were a complete hit!!! I had to make a few variations since some of the ingredients were imposible to find (for example, the candy coat… I covered them in white chocolate instead), also the chocolate chips for the ears were too expensive, so I cutted a jelly bean in half and they were perfect for the ears… I LOVE your blog, you're such an inspiration!! Greetings from Costa Rica, the country of the greatest coffee ever!! :)

  99. Almost 50.

  100. These are so so cute! I can't wait to try them for my baby's first birthday. Can you tell me how many pops your recipe makes?

  101. I can't believe how easy you make it seem. Beats my Hello Kitty cake.

  102. cookie monster – craft stores carry them.

  103. Just discovered your blog, and it is like heaven on the internet =)
    My sisters bday is coming soon and these will go down a treat.. she is a hello-kitty fanatic at 17! Weird.. but it is cute..
    where would you find lollipop sticks?
    THanks xx

  104. Hi Bakerella, these hello kitty cake pops were so adorable that I had to make them myself. I got so engrossed in cake pops, I applied the same idea to make some care bear pops as well:) Thank you for your inspiration!!

    This is the link to my care bear cake pops just in case you wanted to see them :)

  105. Kelly Kill – I have better luck with the Americolor Brand

    Nicole – Those look FANTASTIC!!!!

  106. These are absolutely amazing, I tried to make them, but since I'm very much a beginner it didn't go well. My niece was having her 1st bday Hello kitty themed and I was determined to make SOMETHING Hello Kitty. So I took your idea and basically made it a cupcake. Thank you SOOO much for the inspiration!!

  107. my friend showed me these pops the other day, I can't wait to try them! I bought the Wilton Edible Ink markers also, and after reading some comments I am concerned they won't work. Have you tried them? Love, love, love your blog by the way!

  108. These are so adorable. I am going to try making them.

  109. Why did I discover your adorable cake pops when my little girl is 23 years old? I loved making cute stuff for her birthday parties and also for school treats. I guess I’ll just have to wait til I’m a grandma and lavish all your fun treats on him/her. Thanks!


  110. Me again…here’s a working link for my pops:

  111. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, for the dog ears, I used black licorice instead of melted chocolate. They worked great!

  112. So, I borrowed your great idea for the Hello Kitty pops, changed it slightly, mixed in some doggy pops (from your Bow Wow WOW! post) and made treats for my daughter to bring to her 1st grade class on her birthday (today!).

    Here's a link:

    I do have a quick question though; when I drew on the faces, all the candy coating was too greasy for the edible pen I have to write on. The best I could do was freeze the pops, then wipe off as best I could where I was going to draw and hope it work. Near the end, I gave up and began carving in eyes and faces with a tooth pick. Is this normal or do I use/have the wrong pen; or what pen do you use? I used a Wilton brand pen.

  113. I made these, and they came out super cute! Not nearly as hard as I had anticipated-so, don’t be afraid to try ’em out!!!

  114. So that’s how it works! Yay! I’ve been trying to figure out how the bows were made. Thanks sooo much for posting this. =)

  115. Thank you Bakerella! I made these for my daughter this weekend, and they were a HUGE hit!!

  116. If you’re talking about the finished product… don’t put them in the refrigerator.

    and you can try tweezers, I just use my fingers.

  117. I’m finally getting to try these and I have a few questions. How do you keep them from getting covered with condensation in the fridge/freezer? And did you use tweezers or something to stick the decorations on? Maybe I just have huge fingers or something lol.

  118. I am making these this weekend for my daughter’s b-day. I will certainly try and send pictures.
    Wish me luck!

  119. Hi Bakerella! I made these pops the other day and I can’t seem to get them right. My problem is getting a smooth coat on. I’m not sure if I’m melting the candy the wrong way or what. Later when I tried again, all my pops were falling into the bowl after dunking them! It was frustrating. Maybe some day you can do a FAQ page for all the cake pop beginners :D I made the pops and they are on my page! OH and I tried using the Wilton pens, but they were horrible! I ordered the pens you use.

  120. shoozlover – regular size

    Anonymous – they last for several days in an airtight container.

  121. Hi Bakerella! I was planning on making the hello kitty cake pops for a birthday on saturday. How far in advance can I make them? How do you recommend that I store them? Please email me at Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

  122. Oh my goodness I want to make these so badly! I just need a good reason to!

  123. Fantastic! I’m going to make these for my daughter’s Hello Kitty Birthday Tea Party. Did you use regular size chips for the ears or the mini ones? Thanks for the inspiration!

  124. Wow! Your creation is amazing and mouth watering! Cheers Bakerella!

  125. Wow… these are so amazing. Thanks for sharing not only the pics but the how to. I’m inspired.

  126. Welcome Ashley – Come back and visit.

  127. Wow! You are amazing! I love Hello Kitty so I will have to make these sometime! Thanks for the tutorial. New to your blog and am loving all your delicious treats! :)

  128. chrisi{joy} – thanks

    McMahonX4 – not yet. But, now I want to.

    Past Expiry – cute.

  129. I love these and can’t wait to try them!
    Have you ever made cake balls to look like little apples? I’m having a Twilight DVD party this weekend and am going to make them like little apples! I hope they turn out half as cute as yours cake balls look!

  130. these are soo cute! you’re work is amazing!

  131. christyc84 – thanks!

    Cari – it’s just colored papers.

  132. How do you get that nice pink background on your gorgeous pics?

  133. I absolutely love hello kitty! You are so talented and the stories from PW’s house are so fun to read- it looks like you had a great time!

  134. Vicki – that’s pretty cool!

    Anonymous – You are welcome

    The Feather Files – no teeth, not yet anyway

    Tom and Valerie – Don’t think I can before them, but I’ve added it to my list of ones to try.

    Monica :] – it’s easier than the morsels. Remember to tap off excess chocolate.

  135. hi bakerella! just saw your reply.. thank you so much for replying!

    anyway, i just use regular semi-sweet chocolate chips… i’ve never tried chocolate bark before… i’m a little scared it’ll be too sweet. any other suggestions for dipping?

    thanks again!

  136. Just thought I’d add that if you wanted to make the owl cake pops before I have a go at it for my girls’ birthday party, I’d be more than delighted to implement any of your ideas/tips!! (Did I hint at this already?) Well wish me luck; their first birthday is next month. I’ll send a picture if they come out okay.

  137. Wow. This is great! My hubs is graduating from dental school in May. Have you ever made these in the shape of teeth? Any suggestions?

  138. Bakerella, you are a true artist! My Goddaughter is a huge Hello Kitty fan and I can’t wait to try making these for her. I love your blog and every single post in it!

  139. Freakin’ adorable! Can’t wait to try ’em…a cake pop, ymmmm.

  140. You are sooo talented. I love the cake pop Idea I love the fact that you are generous enough to share your knowledge and talent. Many thanks Patti

  141. Here’s a compliment to you via Rose Levy Berenbaum’s web site Real Baking with Rose. I asked on the forum if Cake Pops could be made from scratch ingredients. Here’s one of the replies from a fellow poster:

    If you mix cake crumbs and buttercream, you can make what is called a “cake truffle” (it’s basically scraps – in a bakery nothing is wasted so some cuttings, etc can be used to make rum balls, which is basically just all the scraps – nothing that needs to be refrigerated like pastry cream – mixed together with a little rum syrup to moisten. Roll them up, roll in jimmies, more crumbs, whatever is handy and will look good). You can form the truffle into a round shape, you could probably even shape the ears out of it, but the little chocolate chip is perfect! then chill them, insert the stick, dip and away you go!

    What an adorable idea!

    I Dream of Jeanne Cakes selected as one of America’s 50 Most Beautiful Cakes by Bride’s Magazine, March/April 2008

  142. Meliuli – good luck

    monica s- what kind of chocolate are you using. Sounds like it’s too thick.

    Annie – awesome

    J.Danger – thanks

    Little Miss Cupcake – working on it.

    Melinda – maybe you used too much frosting to cake.

    Nerissa Alford – you’re welcome

    Kelly – so glad you liked them.

    Kelly Dee – I saw that recently. very cute.

    Amy – thanks

    Kim – I like that idea.

    Kristin – very cute. You just need rainbow chips for the nose and you’re set.

    Kim-Erin – ha.

    fayetality – what about the white coating. It isn’t actually chocolate.

  143. hey there, i was wondering if there was any alternative to chocolate coating for the cake pops? like yoghurt coating or something? i’d love to make these but my family don’t eat chocolate!

  144. SHUT YOUR CAKE POP HOLE. You are TOOOO much. I bow to your huge brain of creativity.

  145. these are too cute! I love looking at all your ideas. I have a challenge for you…could you try a Mickey Mouse cupcake pop? I would love to figure a way out for my son’s birthday party!

  146. Oh my gosh! These are so precious!

  147. Those are adorable! MAC makeup is doing a Hello Kitty line right now too.

    Kitty Overload!

  148. You are so creative and helpful! After reading your blogs you inspired me to try my own cake pops!!! Thanks! They are delicious and so much fun!!!

  149. so so cute! thanks for the tutorial!

  150. Love your website, so cool! I made the Pup Pops but they didn’t look as good as yours. The cake head remained soft even after over night refrigeration. When dipped in the choc melts the head would fall off stick or start falling through the stick. What did I do wrong? Thanks.

  151. You are so unbelievably creative. When are you going to write a cookbook with all these delectable edible cuties???

  152. I LOVE Hello Kitty! LOVE HER. These are to die for!

  153. Hey Bakerella! Just wanted to share some Wicked Witch of the West cake pops that my mother-in-law made in honor of “Wicked” the musical. You can see them here. Thanks for all of the great inspiration!! -Annie:-)

  154. bakerella, i need your help!! i’ve been trying to make your cupcake bites, but for some reason even after i’ve chilled the for a while, the cookie cutter design doesn’t show through after i dip them in chocolate… they just end up looking like cake balls instead of cupcake bites… :( any advice on molding/dipping? thanks!

    very cute hello kitty pops btw… keep up the good work! :D

  155. It’s so incredibly cute!!! I have no enough words… amazing, great, awesome, beautiful, … Thank you for the idea! I’ll try at home.

  156. karen – make sure the pops aren’t too cold and the chocolate isn’t too hot when you dip.

    Becca – that’s pretty funny. glad you enjoy it

    Tattoos and Teething Rings – thanks

    auntrene – thank you, too

    FlipFlop Mom – that’s awesome!

    Kristen – Link to it using the blog this function in flickr if you can and credit the photo. thanks

    Anonymous – I dip the tip of the stick in coating before I insert. Also, only stick it about halfway and make sure that when you dip them, that the coating surrounds the stick at the base.

    The Coupon Goddess – you have to use a gentle hand and almost use the pen to paint on the ink. If you press too hard, it does exactly what you describe. Also, make sure you are using the americolor brand. It’s the only one that works for me.

    Susan – it’s yellow cake mixed with pink tinted frosting.

    StephanieB – yes

    Sharon – you are welcome

    Nikki – because it is a black and white photograph :)

  157. oh my goodness, those are adorable! I don’t know if I would have the patience to make them. So creative!

  158. SO cute. Love these cute little Kitty Pops!

  159. That’s just the cutest thing ever!

  160. Hey how come the hello kitties are grey in the first picture before you dipped them in candy melt??

  161. Hello Bakerella!

    I recently made your cupcakes with flowers on top and your cake pops and they were absolutely AMAZING!
    I hope you dot mind if i take some of your idea and use them in blog. Thanks so much for the inspirations!

    You are one great baker!

  162. Thank you for posting these! I made them for my daughter’s 1st birthday (Hello Kitty themed of course) and they were the hit of the party – loved by big and little kids alike. Thanks so much!

  163. I can’t wait to make some of my own! Can these cake pops be frozen once the chocolate is on them? Thanks!

  164. Those pops are “puuuuurfect”. However, what is the head made out of? What kind of cake and frosting?
    My girls love Hello Kitty. I’m so going to try this. I’m hoping they will just looks like cats when I’m done.

  165. I had a hard time writing on the coating with the edible writer for the Hello Kitty pops. The wax in the coating made the pen not work. Any tips on how to fix that?

  166. Those are beyond cute! Excellent work and description/how-to!

  167. You amaze me! You are SO CREATIVE!!!!

  168. Cute cakeballs!!
    I tried your red velvet cake balls- Loved them! I also make cake balls and put them on a stick and them covered them with sprinkles once I dipped them in the chocolate. The problem I had was that the cake ball kept slipping all over my stick. I noticed on this recipe, that you have a little coating on the stick? To keep the cake ball from slipping? Can you offer more specific advice for this problem??
    I love all of your recipes! Thanks for taking the time to take such detailed pictures!

  169. OMG! These are about the cutest things EVER!!!!!!! I can’t wait to show my girls.

  170. I have never been this excited about food. You ROCK! Can I use your pic and link to your post?

  171. I Love Hello Kitty, I love cake, I love food on sticks, and I totally want to make these and just sit on the couch eating the whole batch of them.

  172. My daughter ( umm age 18 ha ha) LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSS these!!! and she wants these for her highschool graduation… sooooooo I might be suckered into making.. oh.. about 150 of these… wanna come over and help.. ha ha!! Thanks for the creative ideas!! keep them coming!!!

  173. Fell in love at first sight with these. Will try them this weekend. You rock!

  174. Hi Bakerella – love your blog and thanks for the info (from way back) on the red cupcake liners you used! This HK pops are amazing! Did you know that MAC cosmetics just recently launched their Hello Kitty collection? These would be perfect to go with that event! I hope to make some for my girlfriends that are going with me to drop some serious $$$ at the event tomorrow.

  175. Thank you for having a fantastic blog. I have given you a TRIPLE AWARD on my blog. Pop over and pick it up. Enjoy all the bloggy love.

  176. I gave you one of my Blogging With A Purpose awards! Keep up the awesome work!

  177. These are WAY cute! In my day, I LOVED Hello Kitty! (Still do). But now I have all boys, so there’s no kitty here!

  178. This is my first time at your blog and I’m breathless! I don’t know what to say, you’re amazing! I’m so impressed! I wish my creative level was as high as yours :-)

  179. I have just discover your blog!!! Its Great!!! ME ENCANTA

  180. I have only just discovered your world of cake pops. I have read back about all of them. They are amazing, I feel so inspired to try them.

  181. I came to your site from TasteSpotting and I LOVE everything here!! You’re one talented cookie! Made me want to try the 14 layered cake -=)

  182. You are brilliant! I hate Hello Kitty, but somehow you made me smile in this post anyway. :)

  183. I just found your site a few days ago and im already hooked, thanks to this site im not reading my school books any are awesome!

  184. How fun.

  185. HELP! I love love love these hello kitty pops, but I am having some trouble with my candy coating…it keeps chipping or cracking. How do I prevent the crack?

  186. Okay, these are simply adorable! Definitely on the list for next year’s bday party!

  187. oh my gosh these are so cute, i have to make these!

  188. hi there, just saw that your hello kitty pops are featured on yahoo! cool!!

  189. “OMG” were the first words out of my mouth when I got to your page. And then I proceeded to squeal at a pitch I’m sure only dogs could hear. These are SOOO cute!! I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty, and I want to go try these RIGHT NOW!

  190. you should really make a youtube video of yourself making these.

    The coating with the candy is just impossible for me to do. i can’t tap off extra candy or else my cake ball will fall off.

    SO CREATIVE W/ THE BOW!!! :} I will have to definitely try this out.

  191. Anonymous – no, it's a scratch cake with pink tinted frosting

    Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice – it could be the weather. But next time make sure you only insert the lollipop about to the halfway point and make sure the chocolate coating surrounds the where the stick is inserted in the cake ball.

    joosing – the candy melts work best, but you can try the other. If they crack, it could be because your balls are too cold and your chocolate is too hot when you insert them.

    Courtney – a cake supply store. But there's a link to the red fondant I used for the V-Day heart cake.
    Amazon sells a brand called Satin Ice which I use and also Wilton.
    You can also get wilton in craft stores.

    Tom and Valerie – now, I want to make some owls. What a hoot.

    Jessica – Here's one

  192. Those look amazingly adorable! Thanks for sharing your clever ideas :)

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    I’ve decided that I’m going to jump onboard with the latest, greatest way to share junk and have an ONLINE GARAGE SALE! Thanks Margo and Mindy for this great idea and it sounds like a lot of fun!

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  194. i love Hello Kitty!!! how cute!! how you come up with so many different kinds of cake balls and figures amazes me!

  195. Can’t wait to try one of your fun cake pop recipes for my daughter’s first birthday in July!

  196. Genius!

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