It’s a Spring Bake Giveaway!

YAY for Spring! I’m so happy to finally break away from all the cold weather and enjoy the warm outdoors. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could stay this way all year long. Minus the pollen.

Well, to celebrate the season, I’m having a super Spring Bake Giveaway for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer in one of the lovely colors shown below.  The winner gets to pick their favorite! Awesome.

Which color would you want to see on your kitchen counter? Aqua Sky? Ice? Pink? Majestic Yellow?

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer:

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post answering the following question.
  • What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Oh and pick your favorite pastel mixer color, too.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, April 30th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Sorry. Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening on this post.

Here’s to Happy Baking! Good luck!


 The winner of the Spring Bake Mixer picked Pistachio as their favorite color.

And that winner is Kara, Commenter 4286. Congratulations! Oh what fun you’ll have with this beauty in your kitchen with newly painted cabinets. ENJOY!

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5,395 comments on “It’s a Spring Bake Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite outdoor activity is walking, and I love the Ice colored mixer.

  2. my favorite outdoor activity is picnics!! Some wine and cheese in the park under the sunshine, there’s nothing better!! And I would prepare some treats in an aqua sky kitchenaid :)

  3. I love gardening! Both flower & vegetable! It’s great for the soul, to get into the dirt, and then to watch things grow!!! I LOVE the Aqua Sky, or Pistachio!

  4. I love to go hiking! So hard to pick a favorite mixer color, I would probably have to pick a the silver b/c it’s neutral, but the majestic yellow is just so sunny and happy and the crystal blue is simply lovely.

  5. I love hitting the beach! And that aqua mixer is to die for!

  6. Camping!
    And aqua sky

  7. Majestic yellow

  8. my favorite activity is just going for a walk outdoors! And then coming in and enjoying some sweet treats mixed up in my 1960’s kitchenaid! It’s time for an upgrade from the retro olive, so I’d choose crystal blue!

  9. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking and I’m loving the majestic yellow! So fun!

  10. My favorite outdoor activity is watching my son play. My favorite color mixer is pink. Definitely the pink!

  11. Love the Crystal Blue. Reminds of sailing on the ocean

  12. Favorite outdoor activity: gardening
    Favorite mixer color: pink

  13. I’m torn between Aqua sky and ice!

  14. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking and I think Aqua Sky is the prettiest. :)

  15. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking with my dog. I love the ice color!

  16. My favorite outdoor activity is swimming. I also love going to the park with my two step kids and newborn daughter. My favorite color mixer is ice. :-)

  17. Ice! So pretty!

  18. Camping and S’mores! Pink.

  19. PINK PINK PINK!! my favorite outdoor activity is running…

  20. Gardening I would love majestic yellow

  21. Going to the park with my children and my favourite colour mixer is aqua sky

  22. I love spending time outside with my sweet 10-year old schnauzer, playing endless games of fetch with his slobbery toys. And for the mixer – Ice is a beautiful, springy color!

  23. I love to go to the beach, get some tan and play with my Kids. . . And my favorite color is Pink! <3

  24. I’m torn between Aqua sky and ice!

  25. Outdoor activity: biking! Color ice look so nice!!

  26. I love to sit in the pool with a yummy drink in hand!????
    The pistachio mixer would look amazing on my counter!

  27. hiking! Love the pistachio color

  28. The pool!! I think I like the pistachio green color.

  29. I love the crystal blue!

  30. My favorite outdoor activities are gardening & taking care of our raised garden beds. And color? Hm. Ice!

  31. BBQ and outdoor games.
    Ice color

  32. I like walking as an outdoor activity.

    And I really like the Majestic Yellow mixer!

    Thank you! :-)

  33. Love to walk. Love the pink.

  34. my favorite activity is going for walks with my 7 month old son. And I love the ice color! It’s beautiful.

  35. I actually like mowing the yard. Not a riding mower either. I love the push mower. :)
    I love that ice color one.

  36. Favorite outdoor activity is gardening
    Favorite mixer color is pink

  37. Camping at Lewey Lake in the NYS Adirondacks region!

    I would choose between Crystal Blue or White.

  38. We love to take our RV to a state park & hike the nature trails…so much fun!! The pistachio color is gorgeous! :-)

  39. I love to go camping and fishing with my family. I ????????????????????? the PINK!!!

  40. I lovve to go to the beach, get some tan and play with my Kids. . . And my favvorite color is Pink! <3

  41. Playing outside with my girls. I would choose pink for them.

  42. My favorite of the mixers would be the Crystal Blue. My favorite outdoor activity is walking and taking in the sights.

  43. Favorite outdoor activity- is hiking here in the Pacific Northwest.
    I love the pistachio!!!!

  44. Pink….Pink…..Pink. It would match our Pink VW delivery bus :-)

  45. I love to hike or watch the sunset on the beach! The Aqua Sky is so cute… very retro!

  46. I love taking my son to the playground. My favorite color mixer is Ice. :)

  47. Bar B Que cookouts with friends I love the silver metallic!

  48. Playing on the beach with my family. I love the ice color!

  49. I do find weeding to be very therapeutic, plus the chickens just love the results. And hellooo pistachio!

  50. My favorite outdoor activity is watching the sunset. I adore the simplicity of the white mixer. So chic!! ????

  51. My favorite outdoor activity is walking through the park. My favorite pastel mixer is Aqua Sky. It would be perfect for when I move to New Mexico :)

  52. I love walking, particularly on nature trails. My favorite mixer is the majestic yellow.

  53. I love doing almost anything outside in the spring! I love walking trails at our local parks, but a nap outside in a hammock; listening, smelling, and feeling God’s glorious creation is divine! The Aqua sky blender would match my kitchen perfectly. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. I love swimming. The pistachio mixer is so pretty!

  55. I love having picnics outside :) old fashioned, on the grass with a big picnic blanket :)
    And i love the majestic yellow….so bright and springy :)

  56. Practicality tells me Ice…but my heart tells me Majestic Yellow :)

  57. Watching my kids play.

    Aqua sky

  58. I love picnicing and walking with my girls outdoors. The ice and silver mixers are my favs.

    Thank your!

  59. My favorite outdoor activity is teatime outdoors, because it brings together the outdoors, tea, and baked goodies!

    Favorite pastel stand mixer color is Pink!

  60. My favorite outdoor activity is going to the park with my daughter. The ice mixer is just beautiful..

  61. Favorite Outdoor Activity: Walking
    Favorite Color Mixer : White

  62. Love going bush walking!

    Colour White

  63. Aqua sky is so pretty!

  64. silver metallic

  65. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking! And I love the pistachio mixer! Thank you for the opportunity to win a mixer!

  66. I love to walk outside & try to walk 20 miles a week – I love the pistachio color!

  67. Gardening is my favourite outdoor activity. And I would pick white.

  68. Favorite activity – Sun bathing
    Favorite color – white

  69. The crystal blue would match my kitchen since I am partial to blue hues. I enjoy gardening while hearing birds sing.

  70. Favorite outdoor activity is running on trails. I love the majestic yellow!

  71. Walking & Pistachio is my color!!!

  72. My favorite outdoor activity is barbeques with family and friends! And I love the ice color!

  73. Hiking or biking outside. Aqua sky is so pretty

  74. Ice Ice baby! ;)

  75. Planting flowers and gardening! I love the pink mixer!!

  76. I like walking and hiking. My choice would be Ice for the mixer.

  77. exercising and drinking on the patio :-) silver metallic

  78. My favorite outdoor activity is going for walks. I like the aqua sky colored mixer.

  79. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking with my boyfriend and our little girl :)
    My favorite color mixer is the silver metallic!

  80. Swimming and hiking. And I love aqua sky!

  81. I love to camp with my family and I love the majestic yellow mixer. It is such a happy color! It reminds me of sunshine!

  82. My favorite outdoor activity is BBQing with my family. Oooh. I would love the ICE mixer ????

  83. I love everything that’s outdoor! My favorite activity is golfing but I also love running, taking a walk or just relaxing in the park or at the beach!
    The pistachio mixer is so pretty and would fit perfectly into my kitchen!!!

  84. My favorite outdoor activity is a night time one. I love star gazing! There is something magical about the dark night skies & the sparkling stars. Oh, and my favorite Spring color mixer would be the majestic yellow.

  85. Love playing pool volleyball and the silver metallic mixer.

  86. i love Netball. An Australian sport, mostly played by females from 5 to 65, although I doubt I’ll still be playing at 65 as I’m sure my knees will fail me long before then.
    Love all the pastel couloirs but while is my fav.

  87. Favorite activity – walking my dogs
    Favorite color – Pink

  88. My favorite outdoor activity is having barbeques with family and friends! I love ice color!

  89. My favorite outdoor activity is walking and hiking with my dog! And the mixer colors are gorgeous, I like Ice and Pistachio.

  90. My favourite outdoor activity is walking our dogs! No matter what kind of day I’m having, watching them with the wind in their ears, tugging on the leads and zipping in all directions to sniff all the things makes my heart so happy! And I have always loved the ice kitchen aid mixer :)

  91. My favorite would have to be, picnics and swimming. I like the metallic silver.

  92. Relaxing by the pool. Love the ice color

  93. Playing with my daughter on her swings. Pink!!!

  94. favorite outdoor activity…photography! And I would love that majestic yellow mixer!

  95. I love to go to the park and walk the trails with my girls. I love the Aqua Sky

  96. BBQ’s with friends and family, playing at the park, and pool are my family’s and I favorite outdoor activities! I love the ice color mixer!

  97. Hitting the beach. Pink. No…Ice. No….Pink. Ack!

  98. My favorite outdoor activity is walking. I like the pistachio one

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