Kisses to you


Big sweet kisses.

Literally lips made of candy, cake and frosting. Can’t go wrong with that.

I really hadn’t planned to make these. I was just playing around with some Valentine cookie cutters I recently bought from Hobby Lobby – one of which happened to be kissing lips – and they turned out kinda cute. Kinda funny… especially when you walk up to someone holding them in front of your face and pretend to kiss them. Or maybe that’s just kinda weird. You tell me. Anyway, I kinda like them, so I thought you might to.


Plus, I had these super duper cute paper straws that I wanted to use for the big day. (Thanks Sugar Diva) So I decked out my paper sticks in paper straws. Turns out you can slide them right on for an extra pop of color. (Pun intended.) Place a bit of melted coating in one end to help it stick to the stick because it’s not really a snug fit.


To make the lip shapes, follow the basic instructions for cake pops but make your balls a bit bigger. At least based on the cutter I was using, they needed to be bigger. They also need to be chilled and firm to make it easier to shape. Then all I did was form the cake ball to the inside of the cutter, making sure the corners of the lips tapered down. Who wants blocky lips? Blocky no. Curvy yes. After you’re happy with the shape, you can use a toothpick and/or lollipop stick to draw a separation line for the top and bottom lip. Make it pretty defined or the candy coating will coat and cover the line too much and you won’t be able to tell there is a separation. Remove the lips from the cutter and then reshape any hard edges with your fingers.

Then, dip away.


Big kisses and lots of love to ya,

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242 comments on “Kisses to you”

  1. Wanna kiss? eat these!

  2. My sister bought me the Bakerella cake pop book now I can’t stop making cake pops! Lol. I found a chocolate candy mold of lips and it makes perfect easy cake pops!! Thank you Bakerella!!!

  3. Lay those smackers on me! Heh heh. I love that you were able to make these after just being inspired by a cookie cutter and some fun straws – that is true creativity and inspiration at work. The usual hat tip over at OCP – More Kissing Cake Pops!


  4. Nice :)

    I’m making these for my boyfriend when I see him again in a week <3

    Thank you for sharing!


  5. Awesome so snazzy

  6. I’m having trouble dipping these because of the heaviness of the lips.. any suggestions?

  7. SOOOO Cute! Love this idea. Was scared to make cake pops, but this is inspiring!

  8. How much frosting do I use to mix with 1/2 cake, 20 cake pops?

  9. HA HA I bought the same tin of cutters! too cute to pass up, especially at 40% off! I was sold once I noticed the hershey kiss cutter! LOVE THEM. With a 5 year old little girl they will come in handy more than just at Valentines!

  10. Absolutely fantastic job!! Great concept and imagination.


  11. This is a nice cake pop I wii like to make a cake pop

  12. Maravilloso!. Muy creativo.

  13. i actually… didnt invite you yet so….. um..just really busy. But sometime next week for SURE! will you be in town?

  14. Ohh hey there pretty girl, yeah its me!!! Sure thing.. we gotta start baking for the kids more… they are gonna go insane when they see these beauties!!!

    Gonna be in Dubz tomorrow, gonna (cake) pop by and we can get cooking !!!

    Hugs x

  15. oh my dayss justine is that you!? HOly moly we have got to make these for the kids’ next brownie meeting, eh? They would just go CRAZY! hahah, i kid.

  16. Ohhh Gee Wizz… I am a 28 year old mom and wife from the emirates… just loving them!!! Gonna be the perfect little treat for my sweety ;) I just adore them… so well done you should be crazy proud of yourself!!

  17. I love “BIG KISS CAKE POPS” All this its so sweet, all its really sweet :)

  18. I’ve been reading your posts for maybe 2 years now and have mentioned your wonderful cake pops to my daughter, who has a 14 y/o and twin 6 y/o’s (a boy and girl) Ally, Sam and Jensen. Something kicked and she’s done some limited research and she’s had recently made her 1st cake pops. She’s pretty artsy/crafty and she’s still working to perfect them, but they were cute. The twins loved them.
    In regard to cake pedestals, these are gorgeous. My most recent cake contributions were one chocolate/yellow checkerboard 3 layer and 1 1/2 dozen mini bundt lemon cakes for a church dinner. Mmmm, all were enjoyed. Think my daughter’s Easter Basket will have your “cake pops’ recipe book in it. Hope all is going well with you and that your Mom comes up with a thumbs up soon. Good Luck.

  19. Both of my parents (87 and 84 years young ) have birthdays in February so I love to have a dinner party for our family and bake something special for them for their birthday. I am very traditional and like to make things the way my mother has done in her younger years so baking a cake is very special and having them blow out the candles on a special cake stand is very very special! It also makes everything just seem perfect to have that special cake stand to enhance your cake! I love your site and it makes me very fuzzy inside to see all of the beautiful glass cake stands that enhance the beautiful cakes. It also makes it a great tradition to hand down to our daughters and granddaughters.

  20. As I was searching for a cute idea for my daughter’s 8th birthday celebration – which can always be found here- she saw the pink pedestal and said THAT would be perfect for her pink themed party. Ha Ha…keeping my fingers crossed :)
    Love this site.

  21. Do you need an occasion to bake a cake?! Ha ha. I made a tuscan orange cake today (to celebrate Tuesday) that was delicious but missing one thing…a beautiful pedestal to put it on. The pedestals are absolutely gorgeous!!

    p.s I love, love, love your site Bakerella!!

  22. I could seriously go on your website for hours and find something new to try every minute!

  23. Beautiful, innovative ideas. Love the lip shapped one!

  24. My chocolate cracks. No matter what I do, half of them crack and half don’t. Anybody have any ideas how to prevent this????

  25. Thank you Bakerella’s mom. I’ve been trying to figure out how to send something to her. Hugs and prayers for your entire family.

  26. I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill. I hope that you are able tor resolve this quickly either with a match with your Mom or another kidney. I love your amazing creativity and hope you feel better soon!

  27. they are sooooo lovely!

  28. Bakerella’s Mom,

    Thank you for the address! Also, you are a perfect example of a perfect mom by offering Angie your kidney should you be good match. Bless you both!

  29. You guys are the best and you are part of Bakerella’s family. I read several of your comments to her and they put a smile on her face. If you want to send mail to her you can send it to: Bakerella, P.O. Box 1958, Suwanee, GA 30024. Thanks!

  30. Bakerella,

    Hope you are doing better soon. We all miss you!

  31. Bakerella’s Mom,

    Thank you for the update!

    Is there a PO Box address where we can send get well wishes to Angie? She is loved by so many people it would be wonderful to have a way of sending get well love her way!

    Please let us know!

  32. Missing you Bakerella=( Lifting you up and believing you are healed and whole! =)

  33. lovely post, so nice to be met with something colourful!!

  34. Just popping by and sending some get well vibes!!! Thank you Bakerella’s mom for giving us an update :) Looking forward to your next post as that will mean you are out of the hospital and feeling better … take care :0)

  35. Get well soon! Thinking of you here in Ireland xoxo

  36. I made cake pops for my son’s birthday, they were a real hit!!! I have given you a blog award, check it out here:

  37. Oh, we’ve been missing you!! Get well soon!!!

  38. Get well soon, Bakerella! we miss you!

  39. We miss you Angie, and are praying for your speedy recovery!!!

  40. Thinking about you, Bakerella! godspeed

  41. Sorry to hear you are not doing well. Praying that you are on the road to recovery soon!
    Thank you to Bakerellas Mom for the update. Please continue to keep us posted!

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