KitchenAid Giveaway and Cake Pop Con Weekend

I had the most wonderful, incredible, emotional and unforgettable few days at the first-ever international cake pop conference in Philadelphia this weekend hosted by KCBakes. I was the keynote speaker and shared my story of creating cake pops back in 2008. It was the most humbling experience talking to so many people whose lives have been touched by cake pops. From simply inspiring creativity in the kitchen to completely changing the way people make a living through home businesses and large scale bakeries, pop products, boxes, books and more – Cake Pops are so much more than just a little ball of cake on a stick.

Here are some of my pics from the weekend – view them individually on Facebook.

Now … since I was away from the kitchen this past weekend, I didn’t have a chance to bake anything fun for you today. So I thought I’d continue the cake pop love and give away something here on the blog that I also gave away at the conference.

Enter for a chance to win

1. A 5 qt. KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Cranberry … or color of your choice if you don’t like pink as much as I do.   : )


2. The NEW line of Bakerella for Make’n Mold products now available in stores exclusively at A.C. Moore Crafts.



To enter for a chance to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite dish for Thanksgiving is. Easy as Pumpkin pie.
  • Deadline to enter is November 14, 2014 at midnight ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Saturday!

Good luck!


We have a winner! And, Oh my gosh, I am totally craving Thanksgiving dinner right now. I think my favorite is dressing and cranberry sauce, oh and cream corn casserole. Yum! Thanks for sharing your favorite dishes. And the winner of the mixer and products is…………

Congratulations Danielle! Enjoy!


Giveaway sponsored by me.

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4,219 comments on “KitchenAid Giveaway and Cake Pop Con Weekend”

  1. Pumpkin pie and stuffings.

  2. Eventhough I am not celebrating Thanksgiving, I always appreciate a good berry pie. Call me sweet tooth, I love desserts!

  3. Cranberry sauce with peaches in it!

  4. my favorite is pumkin pie

  5. Hmm i would have to say mashed potatoes with some awesome gravy!! I can’t wait for thanksgiving and to munch on some delicious food.

  6. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my Mothers Italian Spinach and Sausage Stuffing

  7. Apple pie with clotted cream :)

  8. I would say Ambrosia salad.

  9. Pecan pie is my favorite!

  10. Mashed potatoes and gravey!!!

  11. I live in the Netherlands. Can I also enter this giveaway? Anyway, I loooove hot chocolate with marshmallows. XO

  12. I love candied yams!

  13. Green beans with pancetta and garlic

  14. My fav Turday food is Gramcracker Pecan Pie!!! Numnum num

  15. greenbean casserole

  16. I love my aunts turkey. But the best is the nice dinner with the whole family. =)

  17. I always love making – and eating – my family’s traditional recipe for green bean casserole. <3 I've never known anyone else to make it the same way, and it's definitely the best way~!

  18. Lovveeee making popovers as the bread item :) So delish, especially with some flavored butter!

  19. Wild rice stuffing

  20. Any kind of mashed potatoes with gravy!!! I could eat it all day long <3

  21. Gotta have my mashed potatoes and gravy!

  22. Pumpkin pie ;)

  23. Cranberry relish!

  24. Sweet potato casserole!

  25. I love pecan pie, not being American I’ve only just discovered the delight! Congratulations for your conference, you have worked so hard and been through very tough time to get to this point, you are a real inspiration :)

  26. Pecan Pie and Mashed Potatoes …sooo yummy

  27. Deep Fried Turkey

  28. Pumpkin pie :)

  29. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream piled high!

  30. Mashed potatoes with buttermilk and cheddar cheese (possibly a sprinkling of chives in there too!)

  31. Hands down, my favorite dish is candied yams!

  32. I’m a stuffing fanatic!

  33. That’s hard to choose! Probably mashed potatoes and gravy

  34. Sweet potatoes

  35. My favorite thanksgiving dish is dressing. I make my dressing with giblets, walnuts, apples, and sage sausage.

  36. mashed potatoes!!!!

  37. My family makes what we call rice noodle casserole, which is made entirely out of carbs, salt, and butter. It’s amazing.

  38. I love do many dishes, if I had to choose one I’d say yams

  39. i love turkey on thanksgiving! Only day of the year i make and its the perfect to bring my family together to be thankful of all we have :)

  40. Cornbread Dressing with cranberry sauce.

  41. Pumpkin Pie & mashed potatoes! :)

  42. Stuffing and pumpkin pie!!

  43. My moms stuffing!!!

  44. Pecan pie for sure

  45. Twice Baked potatoes!!!

  46. I always have to have my homemade cranberry sauce!

  47. I love, love sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows!

  48. Mashed potatoes all the way

  49. Homemade pumpkin pie

  50. The leftovers are my favorite!

  51. Green jello! My kids call it the ecosystem, but we fight over the leftovers every year.

  52. Pumpkin pie of course !!!
    :) and I LOVE pink lol

  53. Pumpkin Pie :)

  54. i love homemade French Apple tart with vanilla bean icecream.

  55. I love the sausage and apple dressing!

  56. Creamy Cheesy mashed potatoes! I’ll cross my fingers to be more lucky ;)

  57. Sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows!

  58. Roasted brussel sprouts!! Gotta love them!

  59. turkey and noodles. ????

  60. Pumpkin pie!

  61. Any dessert.. I always have room for dessert.

  62. Mashed potatoes

  63. Pumpkin Gooey Cake!

  64. Turkey!!! :))

  65. Pumpkin pie for sure!

  66. Family recipe stuffing!

  67. Turkey!!! :))

  68. Love the spinach dip. :)

  69. I love Love Pumpkin Pie with lots of whipped cream!!!

  70. cranberry sauce!!

  71. I love dipping my rolls in mashed potatoes and gravy. YUM. My fave!

  72. Definitely stuffing! I still haven’t forgiven my family for the one Thanksgiving they decided to go without it. :P

  73. We don’t celebrate thanks giving day, but i’m sure that meat pie with smash potatoes and chesse will be the best dish for this day, is our favourite for christmas meals!
    I dont know if i can take chance if im from spain, but i just try it, and if not u just have one more idea for your thanks giving dinner

  74. My favorite is the cheesy potatoes with the cornflakes on top. There would be a mass riot in my house if I failed to make them at any family gathering.

  75. Homemade rolls

  76. Mmmmmm mashed potatoes and gravy.

  77. I just love apple pie with whipped cream :)

  78. My grandmothers stuffing, not sure if I can get the right ingredients since we only eat nonGMO now.

  79. Green Bean Casserole

  80. a big sloppy turkey, stuffing, & gravy with cranberry-habanero sauce sandwich at the end of the evening

  81. As I am Dutch I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but a new autumny dish that i currently created is pumpkin with zucchini and tomato from the oven with some white fish and rice. A new favorite :)

  82. Sweet Potato Meringue Pie

  83. I love love love pumpkin and pecan pie! I wait all year, just for the delayed satisfaction ;]

  84. As long as my Grandmother made it, I will eat it. Only have who knows how many more Thanksgivings with her so we have to make them all count.

  85. Grandma’s homemade stuffing with mushroom gravy!!

  86. I love mashed potatoes with a little bit of gavy on top!!

  87. Sweet potato pie with marshmallow topping.

  88. Coconut Cream Pie!!!

  89. Love pumpkin pie or proper mac n cheese

  90. Homemade Pumpkin pie

  91. I love to make my grandmothers recipe for Apple pie and her ambrosia. It wouldn’t be a holiday without those!!

  92. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is green bean casserole, Paul Deen’s recipe. :D

  93. Mash potatoes and gravy, rolls and ham

  94. The cranberries!

  95. I love mashed potatoes!

  96. Hands down has to be sweet potato casserole! Love love love!!!! It looks like you had a great time in Philly – I’m sure it was a very emotional and empowering event for you!

  97. I LOVE broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole!

  98. Yams with marshmallows

  99. Aloha! Stuffing is so ono ! (Delicious)

  100. Pecan pie with vanilla icecream:)

  101. Mashed potatoes!

  102. Yams w/melted marshmallows

  103. Sweet potato casserole!!!!

  104. Stuffing is my all time favorite!

  105. Fried turkey!!

  106. mac n cheese!

  107. Cranberry sauce! Canned will do – I’m not proud.

  108. Favorite Turkey day dish is the candied yams. Never liked them as a kid, but definitely love them now!

  109. Hmmm pumpkin pie!

  110. I love stuffing with some gravy!!!

  111. My favorite dish for thanksgiving is my mothers sweet potato bread!!

  112. The turkey!!

  113. corn casserole!

  114. Apple Pie!

  115. Pecan pie with bourbon whipped cream.

  116. Mashed potatoes with turkey gravy and cottage cheese on top

  117. Stuffing!!

  118. Sweet Potato Pie

  119. I love stuffing!

  120. My favorite is stuffing! My 2nd favorite is a turkey sandwich the next day!!!

  121. My favorite is between the mac n cheese and the cornbread stuffing

  122. my moms sweet potatoe casserole. Yummmmmy! It’s like desert! :)

  123. It might just be… warm buttered rolls! Mmmm, bread!

  124. Oh so many choices! I’m going to have to go with yams with LOTS of marshmallows.

  125. Mini pumpkin pies! cute & delicious :)

  126. Sweet potatoe casserole

  127. Turkey (tortas) and potatoe salad!!:))

  128. My favorite is all the side dishes! (Stuffing wins my heart everytime!) Even some of the ones we have all year. Taste just a little better sitting around the table with family for the Holidays! Thank you for the chance to win!

  129. If we stay home I actually cook everything, turkey being the favorite!

  130. My favorite dish for Thanksgiving is mashed sweet potato soufflé that my mom makes. So delicious.

  131. Coconut custard pie.

  132. It’s homemade mashed potatoes all the way.

  133. Stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes

  134. Love, love, love pumpkin pie!

  135. Stuffing! Always stuffing!!

  136. Pecan pie that I make from scratch!

  137. Green bean casserole

  138. i love to make totally from scratch pecan pie and eat a slice or two too!

  139. Dessert is always my favorite! I usually make 5-6 (to feed around 20 guests) the big hit last year was a chocolate pumpkin bourbon tiramisu…. It will certainly be on the menu again this year!!!

  140. Pecan pie

  141. Mashed potatoes of course :) with lots of butter.

  142. Cranberry stuffing.

  143. The mashed potatoes and gravy! Yum!

  144. I love green bean casserole, yum!

  145. Turkey & gravy — in all its sleep inducing glory!

  146. cranberry salad!

  147. Pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream! Mmmmm

  148. Cornbread!

  149. Pumpkin pie andashed potatoes.

  150. pumkin pie & stuffing!

  151. Turkey and stuffing and pies, oh my! I can’t wait <3

  152. mashed potatoes and gravy

  153. Turkey ;)

  154. Cornbread!

  155. Parmesan garlic mashed potatoes

  156. Pumpkin pie and mash potato

  157. After living in the south for a free years, my new favorite is sausage cornbread stuffing. I have been dying for a pink stand mixer!

  158. Cornbread stuffing

  159. Apple crumble

  160. Turkeys and stuffing and pies, oh my! I cant wait.

  161. Cheesy potatoes in addition to the classic mashed! You can never have too many potatoes in a meal :)

  162. Heavenly Cranberry Salad

  163. my favorite dish at Thanksgiving..thats difficult but I would have to admit that its the leftovers…that little sandwich made of warmed up turkey on a dinner roll with a bit of cranberry sauce and dressing!! lol

  164. Mashed potatoes and turkey gravy!

  165. Homemade rolls are essential.

  166. My mother’s delicious cranberry salad!

  167. Mashed potatoes!

  168. Garlic mashed potatoes!

  169. Green bean casserole!

  170. Cornbread stuffing with pecans, sausage, and cranberries!!

  171. Garlic mash and sweet potato pie

  172. Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Strudel topping

  173. My Grandmothers potato rolls!

  174. Banana cream pie!

  175. I love green bean casserole!

  176. A Walnut caramel tart… with whip!

  177. I love mashed potatoes with the turkey. Can’t wait to buy your molds!!!

  178. Sweet potatoe casserole

  179. Apple pie!

  180. Mashed potatoes and stuffing!

  181. Mashed potatoes! Buttery, creamy, smooth mashed potatoes!

  182. Pecan Pies!!! And Mashed potatoes!!!

  183. Pumpkin pie with maple whipped cream

  184. Mashed Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

  185. Apple pie!

  186. Apple pie

  187. Pecan Pies!!! And Mashed potatoes!!! Oops that’s two

  188. pecan pie

  189. Marshmellow pecan sweet potatoes!

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