KitchenAid Giveaway and Cake Pop Con Weekend

I had the most wonderful, incredible, emotional and unforgettable few days at the first-ever international cake pop conference in Philadelphia this weekend hosted by KCBakes. I was the keynote speaker and shared my story of creating cake pops back in 2008. It was the most humbling experience talking to so many people whose lives have been touched by cake pops. From simply inspiring creativity in the kitchen to completely changing the way people make a living through home businesses and large scale bakeries, pop products, boxes, books and more – Cake Pops are so much more than just a little ball of cake on a stick.

Here are some of my pics from the weekend – view them individually on Facebook.

Now … since I was away from the kitchen this past weekend, I didn’t have a chance to bake anything fun for you today. So I thought I’d continue the cake pop love and give away something here on the blog that I also gave away at the conference.

Enter for a chance to win

1. A 5 qt. KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Cranberry … or color of your choice if you don’t like pink as much as I do.   : )


2. The NEW line of Bakerella for Make’n Mold products now available in stores exclusively at A.C. Moore Crafts.



To enter for a chance to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite dish for Thanksgiving is. Easy as Pumpkin pie.
  • Deadline to enter is November 14, 2014 at midnight ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Saturday!

Good luck!


We have a winner! And, Oh my gosh, I am totally craving Thanksgiving dinner right now. I think my favorite is dressing and cranberry sauce, oh and cream corn casserole. Yum! Thanks for sharing your favorite dishes. And the winner of the mixer and products is…………

Congratulations Danielle! Enjoy!


Giveaway sponsored by me.

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4,219 comments on “KitchenAid Giveaway and Cake Pop Con Weekend”

  1. Ugh so many… mashed potatoes, apple pie, stuffing(baked outside)

  2. Peacan pie is my favorite!

  3. Pumpkin Cheesecake!!!

  4. I love Turkey with homemade cranberry sauce!

  5. My favorite would be ground beef tostadas. I know it’s not traditional at all but it is so good. And they taste even better when the whole family is together.

  6. Sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows…YUM!!!

  7. I love the whole thing! Although what sets it apart from other times I eat turkey would be stuffing. Yum yum yum!

  8. Pumpkin pie!

  9. can I participate from Italy?
    I love so much apple pie, but I would like to taste the american turkey!!! :-)

  10. Chocolate cream pie!

  11. Green bean casserole! Thankyou for the giveaway! :)

  12. Although I’m British I love to celebrate thanksgiving too with a delicious pecan pie!!! Everyone has something to be thankful for.

  13. Love some rice dressing!

  14. I look forward to the whole feast, but hands down pumpkin pie is my favorite dish for Thanksgiving.

  15. Mom’s sausage and apple stuffing

  16. I would say mine is pecan pie. Yum!

  17. I love mashed potatoes(grandson makes the best) with gravy(my daughter in law’s) :)

  18. Stuffing, dressing…. how ever you call it!!!
    And the skin from the turkey..

  19. Dark chocolate pecan pie!!!!

  20. Sweet potato chips

  21. It would either have to be fresh homemade rolls, or peach pie. Those are the two things I just can’t stop myself from going back for more, and more, and more!

  22. The best pumpkin pie with whipped cream is my favorite. m-m-m

  23. I love it all! But if I had to choose it would probably be the turkey as it is something we only eat once a year.

  24. Mash potato with corn and gravy :)

  25. My favorite Thanksgiving dish has to be the stuffing! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  26. Pumpkin PIe!

  27. I love chocolate macarons with pecan buttercream..!

  28. Well..sweet things always come first!
    Sweet potato casserole for sure..and yessss I love pink as much as you do!! *fingers crossed*

  29. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is sweet potato casserole covered with roasted mini marshmallows!

    P.s. Congratulations on all your sweet success…So nice when nice things happen to sweet people! (I “met” you at Babette’s Gplus Kitchen Party.)

  30. I live in Ireland and we don’t celebrate thanksgiving.

  31. Homemade pecan pie!!!

  32. pecan pumpkin pie

  33. Well, it’s pumpkin pie! Or my mom’s chicken and dumplings over mashed potatoes. I already put my requests in for this year!

  34. I just love this time of the year. So much to eat. I love almost everything! But if I had to choose… Sweet potato casserole!

  35. Macaroni and cheese!

  36. Double baked potato and stuffed turkey!!!

  37. Mashed potatoes

  38. Pumpkin pie for dessert and turduckenail (turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with quail) for main dish

  39. Apple pie! But stuffing runs a close second

  40. STUFFING..yummy????

  41. I LOVE green bean casarole

  42. cornbread dressing!

  43. Pumpkin pie with vanilla ice-cream!

  44. my favourites are pecan pie and mash potato made with loads of butter. yum yum

  45. Sweet potato casserole with candied pecans!!

  46. Pecan pie with whipped cream!!!

  47. I’m from Germany so I only attended one thanksgiving dinner in my life. Everything was delicious but the best think is defintly the pumpkin cake.
    There’s nothing comperable in Germany.

  48. Apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream! xoxo Thanks!

  49. Stuffing!

  50. my favorite dish has to be either stuffing or mashed potatoes.

  51. Sweet potatoes

  52. Io sono Italiana e non festeggio il ringraziamento ma il purè di patate piace anche a me

  53. Pumpkin Pie with a little Kahlua mixed in with the ingredients. So yummy!

  54. Roast is my favourite dish

  55. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here in uk but I would definately enjoy some wa apple pie with ice cream

  56. Mashed potatoes… Yum!

  57. apple pie

  58. I love Apple Pie and Cranberry Cake with Warm Vanilla Butter Sauce!

  59. cranberry salad

  60. turkey

  61. I love pies! Any sort!

  62. pumpkin pie

  63. Pumpkin pie!

  64. Pumpkin pie!

  65. Mashed potatoes!

  66. Sweet Potato Casserole!

  67. I love Tofurky for Thanksgiving!

  68. It is a toss up between the dressing and the mashed potatoes with gravy.

  69. Green bean casserole!

  70. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here but I’ve always been intrigued by sweet potatoes with marshmallows :-)

  71. Hmm. My favorite food is chicken breast slices backed with bacon and fruits like apple, plum, apricot, served with mashed potatoes. Best if its spicy and juicy.

  72. Pumpkin-apple pie :)

  73. My mom’s amazing sweet potato casserole!

  74. Mashed potatoes and gravy.

  75. I LOVE the mashed potatoes and cranberries!!!!! YUM!!! :)

  76. Turkey with Cranberry relish!!!

  77. Stuffing!! If that was the only thing served on Thanksgiving Id have no problem with it!

  78. In Spain, we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I really like the apple pie in this season! It´s always in our family parties.

  79. I love making a caramel apple cheesecake; it’s always a hit :D

  80. My favorite dish is apple pie with lots of cinnamon. mmm~~

  81. I am Australian and have experienced one amazing Thanksgiving! I loved the corn bread!

  82. My mom’s stuffing. Uff-da it’s amazing.

  83. candied yams YUMMY!!!

  84. My favorite is the day after Thanksgiving when we pile all the leftovers on a sandwich. Yummy!

  85. Apple pie!

  86. Pumpkin pie

  87. Cornbread Dressing and Pumpkin Pie Y-U-M!!!!

  88. Apple Pie!

  89. Cheesy Mash

  90. My favorite is green bean casserole!

  91. My favorite dish is my wife! Of course, you most likely meant food, so I will have to select Baked Ham as my alternate dish. :^)

  92. Stuffing!!!

  93. Pumpkin Cheesecake!

  94. Banofee pie! Ultradelicious ????

  95. My Mother’s spicy chicken with apply on it!

  96. I love candied yams with roasted marshmallows on top! Doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

  97. I love a heart-warming dish on a cold, autumnal day so my succulent turkey and smoked bacon casserole with winter vegetables goes down a treat!

  98. hummm…this is difficult but I think I have to go with the stuffing and the leftovers.

  99. I live in Hungary where we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving however I would love to try the turkey ^^ As for my favorite fall dish, it is pumpkin cream soup with a lot of curry. om-nom-nom

  100. Key lime pie!

  101. Stuffing w/gravy.

  102. Caramel Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream! :P

  103. Ted’s Pumpkin Haupia Pie :)

  104. Mashed potatoes <3

  105. I love sweet potatoes and almost only eat them on Thanksgiving!

  106. My mom’s stuffing. She’s been gone for 3 years now, but when we make her amazing stuffing she’s all around us.

  107. I love a nice heart-warming dish on a cold, winter’s day so my succulent turkey and smoked bacon casserole with winter vegetables goes down a treat!

  108. Pumpkin apple muffins!

  109. My favorie is stuffing mixed with gravy and cranberry sauce and everything else that’s on my plate!!

  110. Turkey + gravy + corn

  111. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my mom’s stuffing. She uses sausage and bakes it in the oven until its nice and crispy on top……just the way I like it!!!

  112. Turkey + gravy + con…… jummy :-D

  113. cranberry salad!

  114. Pecan Pie and cranberry stuffing :)

  115. I love bread with rocket salad, cheese and tomatoes…

  116. Definately Sweet Potato Casserole!!!!

  117. Fresh cranberry sauce… Homemade!

  118. We make a gingersnap pumpkin trifle that pleases both the people who love pumpkin pie and those who can’t stand it.

  119. I brine my turkey for 48 hours. It is the most tasty and tender bird, so this would definitely be my favorite part of thanksgiving dinner!

  120. Stuffing!

  121. Rutabagas! (My Mom used to call them turnips). Only time my family allows me to stink up the house with them. Boiled, mashed and served with butter — num-num-num.

  122. Io purtroppo non festeggio la festa del ringraziamento perchè sono italiana. Ma sicuramente sarebbe l’apple pie americana! Un bacione!

  123. I live in Germany, we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving. My favorite fall dish though would be turnip stew :)

  124. I love making a challah bread stuffed with apples honey and cinnamon. Not very thanksgiving dish – but I just love the smell of the house when baking it..

  125. I look forward to stuffing every year!

  126. Pecan pie, and pumpkin soup aaaaand stuffing.. :) I can’t choose. :S :D

  127. Pecan pie, thanks!

  128. oh, no! i can’t decide! but it’s definitely between my sister’s garlic-y mashed potatoes and my Mom’s pumpkin cheesecake topped with candied nuts . . . sigh. Can’t wait!

  129. I love pecan pie!!

  130. Mashed taters! And I looooooooove the pink!!

  131. Pumpkin pie and all the other desserts :)

  132. Mashed taters! And I looooooooooove the pink!!

  133. I like to try new recipes but since I have to choose one, Flan. Not a traditional Thanksgiving dish but everyone loves it.

  134. Yam potato anything! :)

  135. My momma’s homemade stuffing!

  136. I’d love to have turkey and cheese casserole!

  137. I’m French so unfortunately no Thanksgiving over here but I guess it would be a pecan or pumpkin pie…anything sweet really!

  138. This is amazing! And my favorite thanksgiving dish is some turkey with macaroni salad and a biscuit and if there’s no Mac salad then some mashed potatoes.

  139. Stuffing and pumpkin pie!

  140. Pumpkin muffins with whipped cream topping ! Yummmm… ????

  141. Turkey. Hands down. That’s the main item on the table. :-)

  142. Last year I baked my first pumpkin pie and it was the best ever! So I’ll go for it again. Yum!

  143. any type of pie!

  144. Apple crumble is the best ?

  145. PECAN PIE! (: <3

  146. My grandmother’s stuffing.

  147. homemade stuffing

  148. My grandma’s secret recipe potatoes. Hopefully she’ll pass down that recipe soon!

  149. I like to try making new dishes. Keeps the menu interesting.

  150. Pecan pie

  151. For sure apple pie with plenty of cinnamon!

  152. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I live in Spain, but I would love to try the turkey!!

  153. Sweet potato casserole

  154. I amy be a big dork but I love that green bean casserole thing with the onions. For some reason nobody every makes that at any other time of year.

    Well I like that, and cake pops!

    Also, I can’t BELIEVE how cute your line of stuff is; you are a genius.

  155. Turkey made on the grill by my husband….incredibe!

  156. Mashed potatoes! Yum!

  157. Apple pie ?

  158. Hands down…maple pumpkin cheesecake with a sour cream topping…..divine!!!!!!!!!

  159. Classic: Turkey & gravy

  160. I haven’t celebrated thanksgiving before but I love a good roast and pumpkin pie!

  161. Coconut milk green bean casserole!

  162. Cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce!

  163. Coconut milk green bean casserole!

  164. I love creamy fluffy mashed potatoes. Of course they must have real cream and butter…completely healthy right!

  165. Pecan pie

  166. Moms stuffing!!!

  167. Date pie!

  168. Can I say stuffing smashed into my mashed potatoes and covered in gravy? :)

  169. I love making the turkey with my special (secret) stuffing. I get raves on this stuffing. Amazing!

  170. Stuffing (and the day after sandwich!)

  171. Butter cookies in the shape of turkeys. Gobble gobble!

  172. I love my grandma’s stuffing!

  173. Pineapple upside down ham! Mmm mmm

  174. My nana’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Sooo good!

  175. I love pie! Many different kinds.

  176. I love pumpkin crunch!

  177. Pecan pie!

  178. Apple pie ????????

  179. Apple pie ????????

  180. My favorite is the ham!
    I eat it for days after, hot or cold.

  181. Roasted Brussel sprouts!!!

  182. U mm… It’s Thanksgiving everything is my favorite dish.

  183. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite!

  184. My absolute favourite is apple pie :) now I’m craving it… Hahaha

  185. Is this open internationally? :D
    Mashed potatoes are my favourite food (comfort in a bowl!) but seeing as I’m from New Zealand, and thus never had a Thanksgiving dinner, I would love to someday taste a traditional pumpkin pie. :)

  186. My favorite dish is yam soufflé.

  187. Mincemeat pie and apple/sausage stuffing

  188. pumpkin pie, chicken casserole with mashed potato i can’t choose!!!

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