Merry Christmas Cookie Mix

This weekend I mixed up a few cookie mix jars for some last minute edible gifts. If you’re a long time follower you may remember my Cowgirl Cookies post from way back when. These are based off of those, but with a little wardrobe change and some merry little labels.

Here are all the dry ingredients for the cookies that get layered in a 1 quart smooth Ball jar.

When I assembled these I started out really nice and organized, but I tend to make things messy when I’m in the kitchen so by the end I had ingredients everywhere. Check out my instagram if you want to see the chaos behind the scenes.

When assembling, layer the flour first, then oats and then red and green M&M’s.

Then add the chocolate chips and brown sugar. As you go, make sure to pack the ingredients in as tightly as possible. When you get to the brown sugar layer, press the back of a large spoon all around the edge as you rotate the jar.

Then add granulated sugar. And finally, instead of chopped pecans like the Cowgirl Cookies call for, I used white chocolate chips for these. The ingredients will go all the way to the very top of the jar when you’re done.

Look how pretty all the ingredients look layered in these glass jars that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Keep in mind, you could totally give away the jars just like this…

…But I wanted to dress them up a bit for the holiday.

Here are some Merry Christmas Cookie Mix labels that I created and that you can use too if you like. Just download the pdf and print it out on heavier weight paper. Use a 1 7/8 inch paper punch to cut out the shapes so you can attach them to the jar. The pdf also includes quick instructions for the recipient on how to bake them. YAY!

I love these fun fabric bundles I found at Hobby Lobby to wrap around the lids. I also made a bunch of little white pom poms to make them even merrier.

Oh my gosh… so cute.

Of course I had to make sure these cookies were as good as I remember, so my nieces who were visiting and I baked up a test batch to enjoy while we played in the kitchen making snowmen cake pops. It was a super fun and festive day.

If you want the full instructions on how to make Cookie Mix Jars or simply want to make a batch of these yummy cookies, then check out this Cowgirl Cookies post for the full details and recipe.

Enjoy and have the Happiest Holiday! Hugs!!!

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16 comments on “Merry Christmas Cookie Mix”

  1. We make these every Christmas Eve here in Australia- word has it they’re Santa’s favs!!! I’ve always swapped with pecan for choc chips in the cowgirl recipe. Great to see you adapt them for xmas.

  2. Thanku for this wonderful post

  3. Thank you for this marvelous gift idea.!!!

  4. These look delicious!!

  5. I love the gift jar concept and yours turned out so cute! I know your nieces had fun with Aunty Angie in the kitchen making those snowman pops. It’s one of the first things from your blog I ever made. LOVE those! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :o)

  6. Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to you, too, Bakerella! Hugs!!!

  7. Yes these are fantastic! What a great gift ide!!!

  8. Oh my gosh! I used your Cowgirls cookies recipe to make Christmas cookie mixes last year with these exact same M and M’s!

  9. Aww what a cute idea for a baking friend :D

  10. These look gorgeous! My girls and I are making edible gifts this year and these look perfect.

  11. I love these so much and I would like to get one as a gift.

  12. What a great idea and yet you were able to make some memories with your niece! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  13. This looks like such a perfect Christmas gift! Thank you for the idea x

  14. These cookies look super cute! With the holidays so close, I am definitely in the mood for making a batch. Thanks for the ideas! Happy holidays!

  15. What a cute idea for your baker friends :D

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