Mustang Memories

On my last day at the ranch, Marlboro Man took me out to see the wild mustangs before my morning flight. I was so glad he did because the ones I showed you earlier were nothing in comparison to what I would see on this day. I didn’t know quite what to expect because I had only seen a few of them randomly around the ranch. So, we drove to the other side of the ranch, and still all I saw was land in every direction. No horses. None. Nada. But, I knew MM wouldn’t disappoint.

(By the way, MM is awesome. He’s all cowboy. He’s cool and calm. Protective and strong. He’s quiet but says a lot with his presence. And, he’s cute. Everything a cowboy should be.)

So there we were, in the middle of nowhere looking at nothing and then, he honked the horn of the truck.

And, they came running from every direction. I couldn’t believe it. I have always dreamed of seeing wild horses. And, there they were. Hundreds of wild mustangs galloping right towards me. Their manes blowing in the wind. Their winter coats still thick. They were beautiful. Majestic. Magical. And for that one moment, they were mine.


However, they were really running to be fed. See those specks off to the left and back of the ranch. Those are mustangs running from way back there. And they just kept running. I could hardly pull myself together enough to take pictures, but I managed to get these and I am so thrilled.


Here’s a close up of them from far away.




This is one of my favorites. I think because it looks like a fake photograph that I placed different horse poses into. But it’s all real.… and unbelievable at the same time.


This one is pretty.


And so are these.


I love how they look with their winter coats. So rugged and natural and free.


How I would love to feel like that running.


Just beautiful.


I like this photo because it feels wild just like they are.

Then it was time to go. My plane would be leaving soon and PW was driving to meet us and take me to the airport. Then, just as we turned the truck back to meet her. I saw this mustang standing alone… away from the others. She didn’t move. She just stood there like she was waiting to say goodbye.


But I think she was really just telling me it was time to get home and get back to baking.


I’ve named her Buttercream.