My kind of pie


Beautiful on the outside…


and glorious on the inside


The great part about this recipe is that it makes two pies. TWO! Great to bake and take.


The topping is made using basic pecan pie ingredients. I used the same ingredients from this pecan pie recipe and scaled them down to accommodate.


Mix brown sugar and flour.


Add corn syrup and vanilla. Yum!


And melted butter. Yummer!


A couple of eggs…


And pecans of course.


Then the chocolate part. This is easy. Just mix up a regular box of brownies according to the directions on the box.


Divide the brownie batter between two frozen deep dish pie shells.


Then divide the pecan pie topping right on top of that. Tah dah… two pies.

And bake away!


So the original intent when I decided to use brownies as the base, was to have the brownie texture inside the pie crust with the pecan pie right on top. But it turns out TOO much pecan pie mixture will yield a fudgy, syrupy center. The heaviness basically combined with the brownie batter instead of sitting on top.

Good, but I wanted to try it again to have a cakey, brownie texture instead.


So I baked two more pies.

This time I decreased the amounts of the ingredients for the pecan pie mixture and also used regular size pie shells instead of deep dish.

And voila…


Brownie Pecan Pie!


But now, after all that, I think I like the first one better. Especially straight out of the fridge. Fudgy and cold. Either way, it’s my kind of pie. Chocolatey!

Brownie Pecan Pie


3/4 cup melted butter
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 Tablespoon self-rising flour
3/4 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
2 cups pecans

1 package brownie mix and ingredients listed on the box

2 frozen deep dish pie shells




1/4 cup melted butter
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 Tablespoon self-rising flour
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
2 cups pecans

1 package brownie mix and ingredients listed on the box

2 frozen regular pie shells


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Place brown sugar in a large bowl and work out lumps. Add flour and stir together until the flour disappears.
  • Add corn syrup and vanilla. Stir until thoroughly until combined.
  • Add melted butter. Fold into mixture until it disappears.
  • Loosely beat two eggs in a separate bowl and fold into mixture until the eggs disappear.
  • Stir in pecans and set aside.
  • Prepare brownie batter as instructed on package.
  • Remove two frozen pies shells from freezer and divide brownie batter evenly between the two. (Deep dish for fudgy version and regular-size for the brownie version.)
  • Spoon pecan pie mixture evenly between the two pie shells.
  • Bake fudgy deep dish version for about 40-45 minutes. Place a large sheet of foil across the top of the two pies for the last 10-15 minutes to avoid pie crust from browning too much.
  • Bake brownie regular pie shell version for about 35 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and cool.

FYI – The fudgy version is really good refrigerated and I liked the brownie version best at room temperature.

So, what dessert are you planning to make this Thanksgiving? A special pie, cake, pudding? A decadent dessert? What’s your family’s favorite? Do tell.

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255 comments on “My kind of pie”

  1. yum. Dude, that looks goodddd

  2. That is pure genius! My mouth is watering for reals.

  3. I’m not really one for pie, but this looks yummy. I’m gonna be making molten chocolate cake for Thanksgiving… mmmm. Chocolate.

  4. OMG! I was going to make my sour cream poundcake in my new 12 cup crown bundt pan but I’m going to have to make this instead ;-))

  5. Oh my! The first version looks and sounds so good! We love fudgy brownies, so I know it would be a hit! I am planning on making some cute mini pumpkin pies this year, plus a ton of cookies!

  6. Gorgeous!!

    Thanks so much for sharing – I never would have thought to include brownies with pecan pie, but it is such a wonderful idea that I bet works so well. I can’t wait to make this!

    Since I can not settle on one dessert to make, I am thinking a smorgasbord: peanut butter cupcakes, magic bars, cherry pie and brown sugar candies. I will likely not fit through the door to my house afterwards.

  7. Hum, the first version sounds right to me, even if i’d bake it for any occasion. I’d like to try that with a Nutella brownie base inside and maybe using hazelnuts and honey instead of pecans and corn syrup, what do you think?

  8. I can’t wait to make these. It looks darker than most recipes I’ve used, but I love brown sugar! It looks like it might go with my pumpkin spiced latte cupcake recipe too! Maybe I’ll make both for my Thanksgiving meal this holiday!!!! Wha…sooo excited. Bakerella what do you think about this:

  9. I’m going to be making my Kickin’ Chicken Cheesecake! :) It’s a pumpkin cheesecake, homegrown pumpkins, topped with a Wild Turkey Whipped Cream. Growing up I called Wild Turkey the chicken drink and my dad said it was chicken with a kick. Hence the Kickin’ Chicken name!

  10. Hello!

    I wanted to send you an e-mail, but i can’t fin the adress anywhere, so I’ll say it here.
    First of all, I just want to say that I absolutely love your blog. I come from Norway, and we don’t have people as original as you are. You make the most beautiful things so simple, that is makes me go; “Wow, why didn’t I think about something like that!”

    Now, the thing is, I’m turning 18 next week, so it’ll be my very last big birthday party with dinner, cakes, and candy. On top of it, I’m the BIGGEST Spongebob-fan you’ll ever find, so I’ve asked my mother to make me a Spongebob-cake for my birthday.
    My question is if you could make a post of a tutorial for how to make a Spongebob-cake. I would be so happy! :D

    Keep on the good work!
    From you biggest fan in Norway,

  11. Yum! We are vacationing with friends. The friends are making Pioneer Woman’s apple dumplings which sound yummy. I’m making my grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe. I was looking at some of your pies today though, and now I want to make your chocolate chip pie or your butterscotch pie too! Hmm…decisions, decisions! Last year, I made your pumpkin pie bites and that crazy pie that was like cheesecake/pumpkin pie/pecan/chocolate chip pie! YUM!

  12. Chinese Chews. We make them every holiday and I just couldn’t do without them. :)

  13. Confession – I am not a big chocolate fan! I know, I know, people think I’m insane, but just think of it this way… MORE CHOCOLATE FOR YOU!!! I have already roasted my sugar pumpkins and pureed them so I can have a jump start on Thanksgiving! Actually I’m cooking the entire meal and have more than half my dishes made and waiting in the freezer to pull out and pop in the oven on the day of, otherwise I would go insane! I may just make a pecan pie the usual way though, cause that looks tasty!

  14. I am totally drooling right now! I am making you Mama’s Pecan Pie for thanksgiving and a key lime pie too. Yum yum yum!

  15. I’m going to make pumpkin rolls :). But I would like to try this recipe to give to my brothers

  16. oh wowe i think i just gained 5 kilos from looking at this haha but they look great :O)

  17. Question…when you say brownie mix, do you mean one that is meant to be 8×8 size or 9×13 size? I have both!

  18. Looks like heaven in a pie plate to me! I am soooo making this with my 5 y/o daughter.

  19. I make a pecan pie laced with Jack Daniels and chocolate chips. I bet this recipe would go over well in my house, though! :-)
    Not a fan of pumpkin pie…was also thinking of attempting SP pie… any thoughts on almond extract w/ sp’s?

  20. Mmmm… I love pecan pie, but this could make an old favorite even better! May have to try it out for my family for Thanksgiving. I made you Turkey Cake Pops today. Adorable!!! I have a question though, I’m itching to try the lady bugs from your book, but can’t find the candy mold anywhere! Any suggestions? Where on earth did you find yours?

  21. So what I’m hearing is that you have FOUR pies sitting at home? Can I come over?

  22. Well, now I want to make this!

  23. Is there an alternative to pecan pie I can put on top? Something without nuts?

  24. I must say, the first one looks SUPER DUPER yummy. I am a fan of gooey brownies anyway, so, it looks like it’s right up my alley!!
    And, here’s the link to the dessert I’m making, my Mile High Pumpkin Caramel Pie!
    I may also make a couple other things, also on my blog, including this brownie pecan pie! Who knows?! ;)

  25. Yum.
    OMG! You’re comming to Toronto! I’m so excited. See you on Dec 4th.

    Sylvie Greeniaus

  26. Oh dear LORD, these look awesome… and dangerous to those of us who are trying to lose weight.

    But I’ve GOTTA MAKE IT!!!

    The first one… I’m gonna have to make this at some point because I LOVE pecan pie.

  27. Yummy! That has to be the best combination ever!

  28. I’m trying to make pumpkin pies from scratch this year for the first time. It will be an adventure. I hope they come half as wonderful as these sound!

  29. I’m making pumpkin pie, and my son is making an apple pie. He says he is famous for his apple pie – so I can’t wait to try it! :)
    Then on Saturday, I will be teaching my DIL how to make cake pops. I’ve made them for my Granddaughter’s day care, and now my DIL will be able to provide them! My Granddaughter’s day care is called Monkey Business, so guess which pops from the book we’ll be making — yup – the monkeys!! It’ll be lots of fun! I have a big box ready, with all my supplies!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!

  30. Um, yummm!!! So I wasn’t going to add anything to my list of things I’m making for Thanksgiving, but you may have just convinced me otherwise. Pecans are my favorite!

  31. Oh, and I’m obviously making cookies: Dark Chocolate and Toasted Pecan Cookies and also a Brown Sugar Peach Pie. LOVE Thanksgiving!

  32. to be perfectly honest, i believe i’m making some turkey pops!! so excited!

  33. Might have to add this to the menu. Pumpkin cheesecake already on deck.

  34. You never ever ever ever cease to amaze me! This pie combines two of my favorite desserts….DANG this looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  35. I’ll take both please :) looks so yummy my stomach has started growling!

  36. This does look so good! Our family favorite is the sweet potatoe casserole.

  37. Yum, yum, yum! I really enjoy thanksgiving because my husband makes a homemade cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries, lots and lots of sugar and gelatin. I really need to try this recipe as my 10 year old turning 11 two days after thanksgiving asked for a pecan pie for his birthday cake.

  38. Definately just added another item to make Wednesday night along with Pecan pie and swirled pumpkin cheesecake!! XOXO

  39. After working on show after show for the Food Network and the Cooking Channel I am ashamed to say your recipe tutorial puts them to shame! Esp lovin’ the melting butter loving.

  40. Pecan pie doesn’t usually appeal to me, but I could definitely get on board for this!

  41. My family’s favorite kind of pie is ::PumpKin PiE::

  42. Lets see…Egg Nog Pumpkin Cheesecake, Bourbon Apple Pie, Good Ol’ Pumpkin Pie and a custard base of some kind. Mmmm…

  43. Well, I’m a pumkin pie gal but per my brother’s request I’m taking chocolate/chocolate cupcakes. My sister in law is providing the pumpkin pie so it’s all good. These pies look heavenly! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  44. I just made 8 of the first ones for my favorite doctors (I am a medical sales rep). Thanks + Giving…such an aptly-named holiday!

  45. Chocolate AND nuts?! I’m in!

  46. I love the stealthy chocolate secretness of this pie! I also agree that the first attempt looks so delicious!!
    Maybe some vanilla bean ice cream along with a slice…mmm, now I’m hungry!!

  47. I wanted to tell you that I made your Granny’s pecan pie for Christmas last year and it was a big hit in our house. No more store bought pies for us. Thank you so much for sharing a family recipe, I’ll be printing it out and making it again this year!

  48. I’m making little warm apple-rum tartelettes this year for after thanksgiving dinner! They’re so yummy topped with some vanilla ice cream.

  49. That pie, in either version, looks amamzing! I will definitely have to try it soon.

    Our usually family favs are chocolate wafer cake and two of my boys LOVE secret snaps. num num num…I can taste them already!

  50. I made the first one last night, within maybe 10 mins one pie was COMPLETELY devoured, the second is at work with me today and barley making it to 9:00. The entire pie is EASY and SO delicious!!! THANKS FOR THIS ONE!!!

  51. Oh my word, this looks DELICIOUS! I’m drooling…and hoping I have a brownie mix on hand to make one myself ; )

  52. I think I’m going to make this recipe, but bake it in a pan so that it comes out as brownies… I’d prefer the fudgey version, but I think the second one will work better cut as squares…

    Thanks for this idea!

  53. I tend to spread my Thanksgiving Day cooking out over a period of time so it’s not so overwhelming. I made this pie last night. I’m not sure what went wrong, but my layers did not stay seperate … so I ended up with a completely different pie altogether! I’m excited to try it!

  54. Nothing better than fudgy brownies…topped with pecan pie!! Love!

  55. Pecan Pie’s…Grandma’s Recipe. But i am going to make these chocolate ones too! and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Pinapple Upside Down Cake! Pumpkin Pie is a No-No in my house!

  56. whoa. all i have to say is All Hail Queen Bakerella!!! WOW that looks great.

  57. I may just have to make this pie!! The fudgy one is probably absolutely amazing!!!!

    My mom is making Pumpkin Roll, and Pumpkin Pie. I absolutely love Pumpkin and Chocolate!!

    I’m so excited to eat on Thursday!!!!

  58. I am making these! Found this last night and I definitely want to try. I am making my own crust….how would the direction vary?

  59. HEY…


  60. Looks awesome! Does it NEED self-rising flour, or could all-purpose be used?
    Every year I get requests to make the Pumpkin Ho-Ho!

  61. KIKI,

    Self rising flour can be made by substituting 1 cup of all purpose/plain flour minus 2 tsp., and add 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder and 1/2 tsp. salt to make the full cup.


  62. pumpkin cheesecake and THIS!

  63. You don’t even know how happy I am that you posted a chocolate pecan pie using brownies! I was just looking for some type of recipe combining brownies, chocolate and pecan pie! Fudgey, gooey brownies are my favorite and I wanted to make a pie a little different than the traditional Thanksgiving pies! What perfect time, thanks so much!! I will definetly be making the first one this Thanksgiving for my family and myself to enjoy.

  64. wow this looks so so good.
    I am hungry right now.

  65. I’ve attempted my first cake pops…the turkey ones! I couldn’t find caramel candy corns so I used fondant. They are ridiculously cute!

  66. That first one looks delicious and decadent! We’re going to have 2 pecan pies, cake balls (yay!), a pumpkin pie, and 2 chocolate pies! I think there’s a turkey planned in there too!

  67. Chocolate bourbon pecan pie. My mom calls it “Kentucky Derby Pie,” but the bakery I worked at in HS sold something completely different by that name. Anyway, this pie is going to be the truly decadent dessert compared to the pumpkin pie, fudge, pumpkin bread, and apple pie. :)

  68. After living in the US for 2 years and now back in my home country, Australia I do thanksgiving with my family and closest friends. Our host family made a pumpkin torte for our first thanksgiving and I make that every year. Its delicious, two layers the bottom similar to pumpkin pie the top like a cheesecake, then cream on top. This year I will be making these as well, I just have to choose which version.

  69. OMG. I love brownies and pecan pie, so definitely will be making this! I can’t decide which version I would prefer, so I may have to make both. I think I’d better coordinate with an event of some sort, so that I don’t have four pies sitting at my house. Yum!

  70. The original plan was to by a pecan pie from COSTCO but, after seeing this entry, I think I am going to try the brownie version! Thanks Bakerella!

  71. Your creations are amazing! I live in far, far away Singapore in South East Asia and unfortunately your lovely book isn’t available here.

    What would be the key ingredient to moist cupcakes? I experimented with adding natural yogurt and the texture was turned out to be incredible. I can’t seem to repeat the results with other ingredients, or if i follow the recipe, the cake texture usually turns dry after 1 day or 2.


  72. The pie looks great but I hate nuts. Is there a substitute or can I just leave out the pecans all together?

  73. Lisa post 171… I am a hobby baker and I have come across that very trick… all you have to do is decrease the tempeture of your oven 25 degrese or so. Than you have to bake the cupcakes a little longer just untill there cooked.(press down on the top and if they bounce back there done.) Than as soon as you can… wrap them in plastic or place in an air tiet container… this forses the steam from them back into them and it makes them super moist and you don’t have to change the recipie at all.

  74. I made these last night and they don’t look as nice as yours. Oh well. I don’t like pecan pie b/c it is too sweet for me. =( However, I just brought these pies into work and people love them! Thanks!

  75. I’m planning on making this with the NY Times Supernatural Brownie Recipe and my mom’s no fail pie crust. :)

  76. Soooo, I just took my pies out of the oven! One will be for Thanksgiving dinner for my family, and the other will be for my work family the Friday after Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for great, yummy reviews. Thank you so so much for sharing this recipe.


  77. I just bought all the ingredients needed to make this pie! I’m going to make the brownie based version for a potluck on Friday. :)
    Thanks, Bakerella!

  78. Just took two pies out of the oven here too :). Solved the issue of wanting a ‘traditional” pecan pie this year…but needing to appease the chocolate lovers…in one fell swoop! I can’t wait to dig into these….they look and smell delicious!!!

  79. Just made these pies and am about to take them out of the oven. The steps were super simple to follow. Can’t wait to taste it!

  80. I have never tried a pecan pie before and this looks like an amazing recipe to start with. Thanks!

  81. But, but, but I just put my pecan pie in the oven!! That’s not fair!! LOL Someone make some and bring it over! I’ll trade some of my pies!

  82. Just talked to my mom over the phone and she wanted the Brownie Base version…I read everything to her and she was salivating as we spoke! Ha! At 84 she’ll never have a computer so she is sort of mystified when I speak of blogs and blogging…but the common denominator was PIE! So…here’s our family’s traditional dessert – made by my mom – and now my daughter has taken up the torch…REFRIGERATOR PIE
    Do you know what that is? The crust is a vanilla wafer one – and baked alone for a bit to give it that nuttier flavor…then it’s melted marshmallows and can’t think of what else – cooled, with slivers of chocolate (grated) swirled in it – sets up in the fridge and oh, my oh my – it’s sweet and delectable. Of course it’s served up w/ the usual Pumpkin and Pecan Pie too…but everyone has at least two littler pieces on their plates…and my dad…my first Thanksgiving w/o him…he would have one of each kind on his plate. See? Your recipe was good for my mom today – she is doing better and I was happy to hear the excitement in her voice saying how she’d have to try this pie. PIE. This year Pie brings memories of my dad – like we need any more – and it brings a way to carry on – to forge on…who would’ve ‘thunk’ Pie was such comfort food!

  83. I hate pie. I know, I know. I have these baking in my oven right this minute. I’m so glad it makes two because I can try one tonight and take the other tomorrow.

  84. I’m not usually a big pie person, but these look awesome! I’m making pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting (see, not a pie person, LOL) They’re always a hit!

  85. This recipe came up, and I had to make it for thanksgiving. My daughter is a pumpkin pie purist, my son prefers apple pie, (middle son will eat all!) and I have become a pecan pie fan. But now, I am pretty sure that this is my new favorite pie! The bonus here is that you have a pie to “test” the night before.

    My pies spent almost 55-60 minutes in the oven. I used brownie mix for a 13 x 9 pan, which wasn’t specified on which size mix to use, so maybe that’s why it took longer to bake.

    Self-rising flour: 1/4 c. flour + 3/8 t. baking powder +1/8 t. salt.

  86. wow! yum! thanks for sharing!!

  87. Thanks Rachel (173)! I will give it a try :-D

  88. This is my kind of pie as well. Yum!

  89. I made these last night and cannot wait to take a bite today! Thanks for the inspiration! I made one of each for comparison!

  90. thanks so much for this recipe! just took my pies out of the oven and they look (and smell!) fantastic. i went for a cross between the fudgy and cakey versions – using deep dish pie crusts, almost two batches of brownie mix made for 8×8 dishes, and the smaller amount of pecan mix. i also had to bake it for longer to get the middle done (about an hour).

  91. I had cut the recipe in half and just made one pie…and oh boy am I regreting it, I don’t think I can wait till Thanksgiving dinner starts to cut into it…seriously, I think I’m gonna cut out a sample slice and blame it on my boyfriend.

  92. I made the first version for Thanksgiving instead of my family’s traditional pecan and pumpkin pies. I can’t wait to eat it, and I’m sure it’ll taste great! :)

  93. I missed this kind of posts with recipes… lately It was all about your bookstore visits and fans…
    I am happy you post a recipe, can’t wait to bake it!

  94. My favorite Thanksgiving pie has always been a chocolate chip pie my mom makes. Last year she made some delicious pumpkin cheesecake and I was going to make that this year, but couldn’t find the recipe. I quickly ditched looking further for the recipe when I saw your pecan brownie pie. Just make them for our family for today’s meal and YUM is all I can say! You’re my hero, Bakerella! I first fell in love with your brookies, then your cake pops (my kids think they’re fabulous) and now this! How are you ever going to top yourself??? You rock!

  95. Cranberry-pecan pie!

  96. made this pie for thanksgiving….yummm

  97. Ummm… Those were ummazing. I think we just started a new tradition at my house.

  98. Have to tell you, I tried this pie. I must have done something wrong because my layers did not stay separate (and I added bourbon), but OHMYMYMY was it ever delish! Just chocolate pecan yuminess!

  99. Made the “regular” version for T-Day and they were a hit!! Adding this to my permanent recipe file. Making them for all of our holiday get togethers this season. THANKS!

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