One Carrier. Plenty of Uses.


I’ve shown you guys this Cupcake Courier before. It’s been awhile, but I still love it and I wanted to show you a couple more ways you can enjoy it.

Christmas Cupcakes

First and foremost, it carries cupcakes.


It can hold 36 cupcakes. Or 24 or 12 or any amount in between. Just remove the stackable trays to suit your need.

Perfect for larger batches of cupcakes or taking them to a holiday party or get together.


And if you remove all three trays…


Then you can use it for cakes. And pretty big ones, too.

But here is the best part. The real reason I have fallen deeper in love with this carrier. It allows me to do much more when it comes to carrying my baked goods.

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

I am talking specifically about cake pops here. Yep, because the courier is so tall, it triples as a handy dandy cake pop courier, too.

It serves multiple purposes. One… it simply allows you to store them upright without having to wrap them in treat bags.

And two… it allows you to carry them more easily to happy recipients. With or without treat bags.

Here … let me show you what I mean.


Tah dah. Perfectly protected pops. Of course you’ll have to imagine them made for full effect. I just used sticks and styrofoam to illustrate the idea.


If you use 6-inch paper lollipop sticks (8-inch sticks would be too tall) and some styrofoam, it will fit just fine in the base of the courier.


Styrofoam blocks come in many sizes and one of the common sizes is 4 x 12 x 2 inches high. Grab two of them and place them side by side on the base and then make 12 holes in each block. You can then easily carry 24 cake pops. And if you can’t find the styrofoam in that size, then cut down a larger piece of styrofoam to 8 X 12.

Either way it’s a great way to get more out of an already handy product. You can find them on

Hope that helps all you guys that are cake popping and cupcake making… and of course, carrying.

And to celebrate finding ways to do more with less, here’s a fun giveaway.

  • This giveaway starts November 15 and goes until November 29, 2010. Time’s Up! Winner Announced below.
  • To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post and describe something you’ve found to be more productive or some way you do more with less. That’s it.
  • One winner will be chosen at random using and announced on this post at the end of the contest period following verification. See complete rules for details.
  • The prize is one (1) Windows Phone 7 (all features and details of the phone will be determined by the Sponsor.)

Okay, here’s the winner, chosen at random.


Congratulations Wendy! Have fun with your new phone.

And thank you everyone for so many great ideas to do more with less. You guys are really resourceful. I’m impressed.


This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Less tech tired. More tech trendy: Learn about Windows Phone online and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.

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  1. If I plan to bake a lot (say at christmas time), I figure out all the recipes and measure out all the dry ingredients and put them in labeled plastic bags. This keeps me from having to pull my large containers of flour and sugar out of my closet over and over each time I make a recipe.

  2. Nothing that most people don’t do already, but I schedule everything on my cellphone calendar, otherwise I would forget. So a new phone would definitely be put to good use :)

  3. Productivity seems to elude me most of the time! Too many distractions :-) However, my favorite “tool” of the moment is my calendar on my phone – I always have it with me so I always know instantly about any conflicts, where I and my family need to be, etc.

  4. I save old shoe boxes and use them to store pictures, jewelry, art supplies, ribbons, etc. They easily slide under my bed and are completely out of the way. Makes a lot of difference when you live in a tiny apartment!

  5. One thing that I’m doing this holiday shopping season is pledging to make homemade gifts — I think that they’re more personable and eco-friendly. That’s how I’m doing more with less!

  6. I put cleaning supplies in a closet or cabinet of every room so that they’re right there. Whenever something needs to be cleaned, I can’t get sidetracked on my way to get the supplies because they’re right there. And I’m less likely to procrastinate if grabbing the Windex or duster is just one stretch of my arm away.

  7. I store my overripe bananas in the freezer. I put three in each zip top freezer bag and when I am ready to make banana bread I just take out a bag, defrost it, mush the bananas in the bag & pour into the batter.

  8. Thanks to a little DIY I saw online I can now reuse my tank tops as ‘green’ bags for carrying stuff!

  9. i use our extra sets of bowls to hold items such as teabags, clips, sugar packets, etc in our pantry so they don’t spill everywhere. Plus I always have the bowls within easy reach for when company comes over!

  10. I use a garden knee pad for myself when I give my kids a bath. It makes the bathroom floor so much more bearable as I’m reaching over the tub side to wash shampoo out of someone’s hair!

  11. To keep a my toddler busy while I try to organize the house, I let her play with plastic cookie cutters. She either traces the shape, makes a shape out of playdough or she even wears them as bracelets!

  12. I am definitely more productive when I get up earlier and avoid my computer! I don’t have a TV at my place, and that definitely helps with productivity, too!

  13. I’ve started paying attention to shopping at stores that donate to our schools, clipping all those box tops for education, saving our Coke rewards to send to school and also saving soup labels! Almost everything we buy on a regular basis will in turn help our kids’ futures! Since I’m going to use the items anyway, I might as well take the extra couple minutes to save the information or label!

  14. I keep a large calendar on the fridge and write everything down… projects/homework due, my husband’s work schedule, dinner plans,etc. It helps me keep sane!

  15. I find I’m more productive when I’m organized.

  16. I try and do one cleaning project a day, so that when Friday or Saturday comes around, I’m not doing EVERYTHING that day! I try, it doesn’t always work out, but it sure does help when I do!

  17. I use my phone for everything! Taking notes on things I need to remember, keeping track of events on my calendar, recording my fiance’s sermons, I even have an app for tracking my period so I will know when I’m going to be moody!

  18. flylady has done wonders for me…

  19. Can’t live without my heavy duty craft scissors, they open everything.

  20. We recently moved and have yet to hook the satellite TV up (three months ago). Has eliminated a lot of sitting on the rears and haven’t missed a thing I do not think!

  21. i love to try new recipes. When I find a recipe that I want to try online or in a magazine, I print/cut it out and put it in a plastic protective sleeve and then put it in a binder. When I am ready to use the recipe, I take it out and use a magnate to stick it to the vent hood above the stove. That way the recipe won’t get messy and it’s at eye level!

  22. it probably sounds lame, but i re-use my kids sandwhich bags (unless there is peanut butter on them) :) and this year I’m going for more homemade/thoughtful gifts :)

  23. Love love love the cupcake carrier! When I bake, I usually try baking a bunch of things all in the same day…I’m most productive when I plan that out. So, that’s what I’ll be doing for my sister-in-law’s upcoming baby shower….baking the cake, cupcakes and cookies all at the same time. Then I put them in the freezer and they’re ready to go if I also put them in what they will be transported in. I should get me one of those carriers!!

  24. I use baby powder to absorb oil stains on clothes. It works wonders and is inexpensive!!

  25. We reuse Christmas cards received by turning them into tags for Christmas gifts. We get to remember the card and giver from the previous years and cut out pretty designs for this year’s giving.

  26. I find that I am more productive when I clear the clutter around me first. So before I cook something I put away all the unecessary items around me first.

  27. To be more productive, I try to follow the 30/30 rule. The 30/30 rule is that I concentrate solely on work or things I need to accomplish for thirty minutes then take a break and do something fun for thirthy minutes. This keeps my mind energized and helps me break down tasks into smaller, easier-to-accomplish goals.

  28. The best way to get sparkly white teeth is to use baking soda…no bleaching trays and no whitestrips. I think baking soda is an amazing thing in a small package.

  29. I used to use tons and tons of post it notes for to-do lists and reminders… now I use my new phone so I save those little pieces of paper. It was a ‘duh’ moment, really.

  30. I use libraries instead of buying books!

  31. I find that scheduling a chunk of something fun in the day, like going to the park and swinging on the swings, helps me to focus on the tasks of the day and be more a productive in addition to a happier worker.

  32. This would be much better than carrying around my cupcakes in a cardboard shirt box.

    I’ve learned that when I am cleaning house, give an old swiffer to my toddler and let her go to town. She actually does a pretty good job and saves me time!

  33. I find that I am more productive the better shape I am in. Love that cupcake carrier!

  34. I get my son to help out with chores he can actually do (he’s only 4). It helps keep him busy while I scurry around to get stuff done and he does help a little bit. :)

  35. I got rid of my squeeze-type sifter and just use a small-mesh strainer. Less clutter and a new multi-tasker!

  36. My mother in law uses a tin can for making guacamole, I started using it as well, then my sister in law pointed out we could use the tin can as a pastry cutter! It totally works.

  37. I make my weekly menu in advance so I just have to make one trip to the grocery store…this really saves time when I don’t take my little one with me :)

  38. I use baking soda and vinegar to clean. Few bottles under the kitchen sink and no concern about poisoning my fur-babies.

  39. no more tv… except my weekly dose of biggest loser. i’m so much more productive without subjecting myself to the smut that’s all over the tv!

  40. Ummm….AWSEOME! I have given up on magazines & I just maximize on blogs to get the same content :0)

  41. Such a great idea! I love when one thing can be used for multiple purposes. I don’t think this is an original idea at all, but when I am cooking, I always try to make extra to freeze. For instance, I brown twice the amount of ground beef I need and freeze half of it for another time.

  42. I plan and list everything that I do.

  43. I discovered a speader via Pampered Chef that I love. It has a ridged edge which serves as a bread knife too. So instead of dirying a spreader and a knife when I make a sandwich, I use the same tool for both spreading and cutting. I kow. It’s the little things that do it for me! LOL!

  44. Having three little girls means a lot of laundry. To keep the kids down to one outfit a day we pick out our clothes the day before and then I lock the closets shut- they don’t get open until bedtime.

  45. First… is it totally lame of me to be a tiny bit torn… I wanted the carrier to be the giveaway! But, internet phones are awesome, too!

    I actually simplified my blog reading recently by finally caving in and using Google reader. It lets me break my blogs into categories and get the most out of my blog-reading time. That way, I only read the “bored and killing time” blogs when I really have time to kill, not when I’m supposed to be vacuuming.

  46. I get almost all my clothes from thrift stores. Many of them come straight from dry cleaners. A quick wash and/or dry and they’re as good as new.

  47. I have a similar cupcake carrier except it like a big container on the bottom with a lid. I take the cupcake holders out and it’s a giant container for taking snack mix or popcorn somewhere. I’ve also used it to carry pies.

  48. How about an anti-productivity? I have found that the more time i spend on facebook, the less work i get accomplished :)

  49. I love ziploc bags! So versitle.

  50. I do more with less by getting rid of items in the house I do not need or use. This eliminates a lot of clutter and cuts down on the amount of time wasted , searching for the items I really need to use.

  51. Coupons help me get more for less $$$!

  52. I make a weekly dinner “Menu” for my mom!

  53. I try to get up with only hitting snooze once. Hitting it another 2 or even 3 times does give me enough time to get everything done, but the extra hecticness just adds too much stress.

  54. I, too, have tried doing more with less in the form of omitting sleep, but found that the resulting crankiness make me sustantially less popular. :)

  55. The fewer dishes I keep in my cupboard, the fewer dishes there are that can pile up in the sink! Same with clothes!

  56. Menu planning. Since having my daughter, if I don’t have any idea what I am making for dinner once I get home for work, then I either don’t eat or have bowl of cereal.

  57. My most productive time is when phone and computer is off and oldies rock is playing.

  58. I just love the carrier! One way to be productive for me is to keep it simple – make TO-DO lists. Works everytime and I feel like I have accomplished something each day.

  59. A way to do more with less – I actually reuse all the aluminum foil I have. I recycle aluminum soda cans so why not aluminum foil? I would feel so bad just throwing the aluminum foil away without trying to reuse or recycle it.
    Also I love making pies to share but hadn’t found a good way to transport it without wasting alot of plastic wrap. So recently I’ve been using a large bamboo steamer basket tied up with a thick ribbon like a present. It works great and looks neat too :)

  60. My Aunt Lynn uses empty kleen-ex boxes to hold recycled (read washed and dried) sandwich/freezer baggies and plastic shopping bags. They fit nicely in drawers so they’re out of the way but easy to get to.

  61. I have been shopping for a carrier like the one pictured~! I love to make cupcakes! Someday I want to open a store front called “Peace & Cupcakes”!!

  62. Ive been coveting one of those! My kitchenaid mixer is my all-in-one appliance. I used to hate having it take up counter space, but now I find im always using it so I don’t mind!

  63. I try to make sure everything has a “home”. When it comes time to clean up, everything is easy to put away back where it belongs. It makes the house function so much better!

  64. I use my springform pan for everything– cinnamon rolls, sheet cookies, etc. Anything where getting it out of the pan might be difficult, I just use the springform pan. Many more uses than just cheesecake, as I had originally thought!

  65. My Wilton cooling racks fit perfectly in my Rubbermaid cooler.

    I put a 3″ tin foil pan in the bottom, put old dish cloths in the pan, pour boiling water over top, cover in tin foil, put in the first rack with legs down to support it and not crush the tine foil pan. This become my hot pack.

    Then I put food in more tin foil pans and place between/ on top of the other two cooling racks- creating a stack system that keeps the pans from getting crushed, and keeping the food warm in my “cooler”.

    In essence, I use my cooler to create a “hot box” to transport hot dinners for friens who have babies, family gatherings, and people who are sick. The cooling racks are the support system. The added benefit is that nothing spills in the car during transport, and the cooler is easy to clean out if somehting spills inside it!!

  66. Lists, lists and more lists!!!! Bad memory! :)

  67. When the dryer eats one of my socks, I tie the left over sock in a knot and have a great dog toy that is not only free but harder for my dog to destroy.

  68. When I spend less money on myself for manicures, haircuts and focus on using that money on others in need, I accomplish a whole lot more with a whole lot less.

  69. I often take these types of carriers and flip them upside down, fill them with cookies layered with wax paper. It still needs to be balanced, but they tend to hold more cookies than anything else. :)

  70. Excel spreadsheets are a lifesaver! I use them for everything. For example, I have a monthly bill spreadsheet to keep track of my bills and when they are paid. With a baby its so easy to forget.

  71. Lists, lists, lists…that sync to my phone so I always have them with me!

  72. i only go to the grocery store once a week – i plan my menu carefully and get everything i need in one trip. this helps me save time, reduce waste and save money (no impulse purchases).

  73. I recently found out that my crock pot can make some awesome cakes!! that has been fun.

  74. Lately I am trying to use up my stash without buying anything new. That goes for knitting, crafting, decorating and baking! Things don’t always come out “perfect” but I feel great knowing I didn’t have to buy a thing!

  75. I am most productive when I surround myself with other working people!

  76. I find I’m really productive under a shorter-than-I-think-it’ll-take deadline. It forces me to work super hard to get things done, even if I don’t think I can do it. :)

  77. I use my Crockpot at least once a week! And a I use a rectangle laundry basket to throw in my “catch-all” from the day or pick up the house at the end of the day so I can go from room to room to sort stuff out!

  78. i love my reusable recycling bags!

  79. I find that I get more done when multitasking.. I find that I can do 2 things at once faster than I can do each separately. I think it may have something to do with all the coffee I drink :)

  80. This was my post without a name: I use a 5 gallon bucket way more than I ever thought I would. I first used it for brining a turkey, but I also turn it upside down and use as a step in the pantry. If I need to carry a bunch of small stuff upstairs in they go and I’m not struggling to balance my arm full of stuff and the stairs.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  81. If I get get both kiddos to nap at the same time I turn into wonderwoman in my amazing ability to get things done!

  82. You know what I realized is great about not having enough money to go shopping all the time? It forces me to stay home and play with my kids. Ultimately, I know going without cute clothes, accessories and housewares is going to be a worthy trade-off for endless good memories to look back on when I’m old.

  83. I use a 5 gallon bucket way more than I ever thought I would. I first used it for brining a turkey, but I also turn it upside down and use as a step in the pantry. If I need to carry a bunch of small stuff upstairs in they go and I’m not struggling to balance my arm full of stuff and the stairs.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  84. I keep plastic chinese containers to bring leftovers to work in. I also keep the trays you get when you order a cheese or meat tray, I use it all the time to transport goodies wherever I need to go. I used it this past weekend to transport mini cupcakes, blondies, and rice krispy treats to a church function. Its big enough to fit all of that! Super handy!!!

  85. Less waste, more craftiness…we reuse ‘garbage’ for craft projects….egg cartons, cereal boxes, plastic berry containers…all of it can become art or handy art storage!! thanks for the chance to win…and we love you and your cake pops!

  86. It is definitely more productive to have a variety of Emile Henry loaf pans than just 1. lol… i just bought a second one in a different color and want more still!

  87. I use old milk bags in place of zip-lock bags. I just cut the tops off, and wash them, then use twist-ties or to close them up. These are great for lunches – they fit a sandwich nicely, and you can wash them up to 10 times!! I love them!

  88. Lists make me much more productive. Shopping lists, to-do lists – something about being able to cross something off a list gives me the motivation to get things done. Plus, I avoid that nasty out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing!

  89. I dont have anything off the top of my head, but i bake cupcakes and put them into 6-pack containers as home made gifts for everyone during the holidays.

  90. Post-its!! I write myself reminders all of over the house. They are also great for leaving cute notes for your husband or textbook page markers.

  91. I’m most productive when I multi-task some tasks together. For example, I like to knit while catching up with all my favorite TV shows.

  92. I’m most productive when I come home from the gym. Weird I know!

  93. I have that same carrier, although I got mine from Costco (love that place). So good to know about the cake pops – maybe I will get brave and make some for my daughter for her birthday to take to school!!!

  94. I make my own laundry detergent it takes maybe 20 minutes but it makes ALOT it lasts me a long time and it only costs me 5 bucks to make it

  95. We reuse decorations from year to year. I always purchase items when they are on sale, store them for the next year, and save some cash!

  96. I am more productive once the kids have gone to bed and the hubby is working late! ;)

  97. when i dont have time to work out, i walk around as much as i can, like on my lunch break, to make up for it!

  98. I use my extra ice cube trays to store earing and rings.

  99. I use old plastic containers for drawer compartments in my bathroom. I use old paper catalogs in my apartment decor; I use different sizes of butterfly-shaped stencils to cut out butterflies from the pictures in catalogs for my butterfly wall.

  100. i try not to use so much dishsoap. i dislike the idea that all those chemicals just drain into the water supply. hot, hot water and elbow grease remove it all!!

  101. I’m most productive when I have music or the television on so that I can’t hear others around me….strange but it works!

  102. Not an original idea but ziploc bags of all sizes-I use for grandkid’s art supplies, cake pop,cookie and cupcake decorations, odds and ends in my purse, game pieces, note cards and pens, the list goes on and on. Great organizational tool.

  103. I use baking soda to clean EVERYTHING and it’s amazing. I’m in love with it. I don’t have to buy cleaning products anymore, just a huge thing of baking soda at Costco.

  104. Upcycling! It allows me to take old clothing or linens and crochet them into beautiful gifts for others! It doesn’t get much better!

  105. I dont own a cookie pan, I use my muffin tin. All the cookies come out EXACTLY the same size, and I didnt have to buy another pan.

  106. I recently went through all my bowls (many) in my kitchen and got rid of most of them leaving only the ones that were stacking sets. This has made a huge difference in the organization of my cupboard and while it was hard to let go of some of those bowls I didn’t think I could live without. Life is now much easier.

  107. I use my baby’s bottle brush to clean out wine glasses, flutes and small juice glasses. It gets to the bottom and cleans perfectly!

  108. I make baked goods for holiday gifts. It takes a while to bake and assemble, but in the end, it’s so much more cost efficient!

  109. love that carrier! i always am looking for ways to transport desserts without taking away from their appearance. my way of being more productive is to make a list of things to do and a schedule – so with baking if i need to make a few different things i can make cake in the morning, cookies while it cools, and icing later on, etc.

  110. I hate it when rolling out dough on a cutting board the darn thing slides around all over the place. I started putting my silpat underneath the cutting board…and no more slipping!

  111. I love vinegar:) I use it to clean everything …and recently discovered it works perfectly for dishwasher rinse agent:) I also use a lingerie bag to put my kids socks in the washer… No more lonely missing socks:)

  112. my kitchenaid mixer. i use it for everything

  113. Oh wow! A Windows phone? I thought you were giving away the cupcake holder!! LOL!

    I get more kitchen uses out of my blowtorch than a woman should be allowed. I use it to slightly warm my buttercream while it is whipping in the mixer, I use it to get my cakes really smooth, and I have been known to even use it to brown up a marshmallow for snacking!!

  114. I do this a lot with baking. But, there was a tool chest in my apartment and belongs to my dad. It was a big standing one that took up a lot of space. I converted it to my jewelry case. I haven’t used all the drawers, but I used two. Now my earings have room to breathe and show themselves off to me.

  115. my sewing machine… hehehe it is very multifunctional!!
    It allows me to sew clothes, gifts, functional things, fun things… and definatley saves me money on clothing for my daughter!!

  116. I’m just soaking up all the great ideas from everyone else. My only contribution is my way of distirbuting my Christmas cookies. I make my famous sugar cookies and put together a basket with undecorated cookies, containers of frosting and candies. Each recipient enjoys decorating with their family at their convenience and I’m not spending hours trying to be creative with each cookie. A win win!!

  117. Well, today (Nov 15th) is my birthday…. so hopefully the random number generator Gods will be on my side when this contest is up. I have always wanted one of these.

    One way we make more with less, it homemade holiday decorations. Every year about the first weekend of December, we invite the relatives over, and the kids and relatives make loads of paper snowflakes and paper chains out of scrap paper we have been saving up all year. It makes for beautiful decorations and a great family tradition and we don’t end up buying loads of stuff in store that we simply don’t need.

  118. I am good old fashioned put the pen to the paper kind of gal. Make a to-do list, mark it off. Use a calendar. Make a grocery list. Write letters. I am more productive if I can read it.

  119. My old-fashioned planner. It just keeps me on track no matter what. As much of a techie as I am, I have a mental crutch with using my planner instead of any cool devices.

  120. Parchment paper is my lifesaver. I always use sheets of it whenever I bake anything which means the clean up time on my cookies sheets is way less and way easier! I keep finding new ways to use it, too, to cut down on messy cleanups. It’s amazing stuff!

  121. …I would have to say I have become diligent with clipping coupons, watching the store sales ads and planning my menu weekly by what is on sale that week. That is quite the change for me from before as I was always a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal when it came to that stuff… :o)

    …Love the carrier! I have placed it on my Amazon Wish List… :o)

    …Thanks for the chance to win and blessings too… :o)

  122. We do more with less through DIY projects! I use tin-type trays and what would have been a built-in custom spice rack in my SewZone to help with extra thread spools, notions, and such. When I can’t find a perfect something for what I need, then I sketch up some simple plans and build it myself to save $$.

    There’s the added satisfaction of having done it ourselves. :)

  123. i make a monthly meal calender. then i base my menus on foods from my pantry and freezer. it saves both time (less trips to grocery store)and money( i buy things o sale and stock up so i don’t have to buy at full price later). who would have thought a little piece of paper could do so much.

  124. I use the free address labels I get in the mail to label my lawn chairs, containers and big spoons so when I go to potlucks or parties, and up leaving my things, the host knows to return it to me.

  125. You know the little gadget for slicing hardboiled eggs? I use that to slice anything that’ll bit into it. It’s perfect for strawberries, mushrooms, butter, hunk of cheese, and of course eggs!
    Another love I have is page protectors! When I print off a recipe it goes into a page protector. I can pull the paper out and make notes; the recipe stays clean when I’m cooking; and I can put them into a binder and pull them out when I need them! Nifty, huh?

  126. One thing I’ve learned to do less and get more, is to not try and plan my wedding all alone! Take any help that is offered, I’m doing less and I’m way less stressed!

  127. I get 2-3 papers every Sunday, so when I am clipping coupons I stack them on top of each other so I can cut out several of the same coupons at the same time. This has saved me lots of time.

  128. Oh that tray looks amazing. I made cake pops as soccer balls for our kids soccer team and they were such a hit that a carrier like that would be awesome carrying them around.
    One thing that I am finding more uses for is the ceral box boxes. I lost some kid homework and got my daughter in trouble so I have been taking boxes and butting them up into letter holders for next to their backpacks so we can file up all those things I need to be signing. Between three kids there is a lot of homework.
    Then we took those scraps and made cutouts for printmaking cards and invitations to a party.
    We had a lot of boxes saved up.

  129. I got a Kitchenaid mixer for our wedding and I don’t know how we got along without it before hand. It has made things so much quicker and easier, and it really helped me out last Thanksgiving and made everything go a lot smoother.

  130. To be more productive I make lists. And I stick to ’em. That’s it.

  131. Living in a smallish NYC apartment, I don’t have a lot of room for kitchen gear (BOO!) so I’ve learned to be very … flexible… with what a recipe says is needed, and what I actually use. As long as you don’t mind a bit of mess, I’ve found I can do most things with limited resources – it just may take a few more “transfers” than a recipe originally calls for!

  132. Its not necessarily more productive, but I’ve started eating Cheetos (or other orange powdery foods) with chopsticks. It’s good practice for sushi night and it keeps my fingers from turning orange!

  133. Apple Cider Vinegar is so versatile. I use it for cooking, for cleaning, and also for beautification purposes! Makes an amazing hair rinse and toner.

  134. We do more with less by taking the time to educate ourselves about money. Learning to budget, invest, and shop for deals has been well worth our time, and is a great skill to share with family and friends.

  135. my clothes drying rack doubles for craft project dryer, and a harp for the children! :)

  136. To be more productive AND make do with less I clip coupons and organize them in a handy case. Then I plan the next weeks meals and make a shopping list using those coupons. This ensures I am not wandering aimlessly around the store making impulse purchases! Nothing too special, pretty sure most of your readers do the same!

  137. Popcorn tins are great to wrap our Christmas lights in. That way we don’t have a huge jumbled mess of lights!

  138. Old tip, but one that makes me very happy in the mornings. My coffeepot doesn’t have an automated timer, but I set it up before I go to bed so all I have to do is hit the “on” button before hopping in the shower. Hot cup of coffee right out of the shower is the way to start the day!

  139. gallon sized zip lock bags! I use these for freezing, marinating, defrosting meats, frosting cupcakes (my frosting tips fit right in the corner), filling mini muffin tins, or regular muffin tins neatly, storing small kitchen odds and ends, the uses are endless!

  140. Using Google Docs to save important information that I can access anywhere!

  141. I’m a student, so I do not have that many supplies yet. So I got much more efficient when I got a baking kit from my parents, allowing me to try out many more recipies and so I do not have to wait all week to get to my parent’s home to bake anymore=)

  142. I’ve just recently rediscovered my croc pot and the multitude of ways it can be used — cheesecake in the slow cooker?? Who knew!

    I have also started baking (I mean, *seriously* baking) and have been looking for the perfect device to make my creations mobile. This is so perfect, I might just get one for myself if I don’t win!

  143. Before I buy anything I ask do I really need this. The less stuff that comes into the house… the less I have to take care of.

  144. One thing that dawned on me recently when I wanted to make some shish kabobs… I don’t have a grill or a grilling pan, so I just lined a baking sheet with tinfoil and then used a metal cooling rack on top of the sheet, sprayed with a little non-stick cooking spray. There was about a half inch between the rack and the baking sheet, so I didn’t even need to flip my steak kabobs at all and got the great “grill” lines, to boot!

  145. I plan out a weeks worth of meals at a time and make a list of only the ingredients I need to make those meals. It makes grocery shopping quicker, we waste less food, and it saves money!

  146. I’ve incorporated biking to my commute so I don’t have to workout at the end of the day! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  147. I’m much more productive when i’m blasting music. Something about drowning out my own short attention span, I think…

  148. I use my muffin tins for everything…Rolls, candies, making parmesan cheese salad bowls…

  149. Well, I almost wish you were giving away the cupcake courier, but I guess a phone is just as well. ;-)

    I have found that by keeping a list of all the things I have to do for the week/day and constantly adding to it every time I think of something then I always have something to check when I have a few moments and want to get something done. (instead of sitting on the couch and zoning for a while)

  150. Mason Jars are great for organizing, canning, sharing gifts, etc. My new favorite is unbaked pies (pumpkin cream pie, cherry cheesecake) in a jar. Easy to share with others and super cute. Also you can screw a lid to the bottoms of shelves in laundry rooms, craft rooms for easy organization. Love them.

  151. I have cut down laundry to once a week and dishes to the end of the day. It saves the most time overall by doing it all at once, even though it used to grate me to have everything lying around.

  152. I use an organizer for all my bills and paperwork. It makes finding things I need easier and allows me to put stuff away rather than letting it pile up on the counter! :-)

  153. i’ve found that cooking/baking with greek yogurt in place of sour cream is a great way to make more recipes without using as much fat or calories and it still tastes delicious!

  154. I am much more productive when my 5 little ones really want something and I can say ‘okay, but first this room needs to be clean’. Then we all scurry around like mad. My most productive tactic. This got my 10 and 13 yr old boys to set the table for dinner in about 13 seconds flat so they could play with a friend until dinner was done!

  155. We use the foil pie pans as a steamer mechanism when we do tamales. We poke holes on the bottom of it, flip it upside down and put it in the bottom of a tall pasta pot, add water and a perfect steamer :)

  156. Home cooking and baking is my way of doing more with less. It is so much cheaper and way better tasting.

  157. Making a To Do list and checking off stuff as I do it. Also, anything that takes less than 2 minutes, just do it. Eliminates alot of stress by just getting little things done :)

  158. Metal cookie/baking trays for my niece to play with her alphabet & picture magnets. Instead of standing at the refrigerator, she can sit in the livingroom or carry around her magnetic masterpieces on the tray.

  159. i’ll have to check if my carrier would hold cake pops… what a great idea!! and what a great giveaway!!

  160. I cannot live without my ‘to do’ lists… Also, I tend to get sidetracked while cleaning, so I’ll put a CD in the stereo and limit myself to one activity for a few songs and one CD for a whole room. I choose CDs I’m familiar with so that I know when to pick up the pace!

  161. Wow! Ummm…. I made a bag out of jean cut offs, and so far it has served as a dance bag, a bag for a change of clothes, a mail bag, and just a plain old purse. Really cool!

  162. when i set butter out to soften for cookies I freeze the wrappers w/the leftover butter on them and then pull them out and use them to grease pans before baking

  163. I use my cookie cutters to shape a million things. Their latest use was to be traced to make felt Christmas ornaments.

  164. I make my own cleaning products — much cheaper and they work better too! Nothing gets the stains out of a bathroom better than a mix of bleach and water! Good for the environment too!

  165. I use gallon-size zip top bags to store our Christmas lights and garland! One strand goes into each bag, and they come out the following year one strand at a time rather than as a giant clump!

  166. Dinner can be one of life’s biggest challenges, thinking far enough ahead to defrost something, buying all the ingredients I need, making new things instead of boring we-eat-this-every-week meals. So, I find it helps to sit down once a month with a blank calendar sheet I have printed off the computer and fill in meals for every day of the month. I compare it to my real calendar when planning so I know when the crunch days will be, when I will want to go out, etc. Then I can grocery shop for the whole month (except for the weekly fresh stuff) and I don’t have to think every day, I just follow the calendar on the fridge.

  167. I use my pizza stone to bake cookies. They turn out delicious every time!

  168. careful with facebook… huge eater of time! :)

  169. I make lists..lots of lists – it helps keep me organized!

  170. My Mom and I live in the same town so we share a lot of baking stuff, like grittles, large cake carrier, waffle makers. Thing that you like to have but don’t use all the time. It’a also great when we need to borrow each others crock pots for large gatherings, you don’t have to have two.

  171. My Kitchenaid mixer. At first I was really put off by the cost, thinking there was no way it would be worth the money, but now I don’t know how I survived without it. It makes mixing stuff up so much easier and saves time.

  172. One way I’ve had to learn to use less is with my baking. In our area, certain extracts and spices are super pricey. So I’ve learned to change up the ingredients on the fly to accomodate using what I have on hand instead.

  173. I have found that when baking 300 cupcakes in 6 hours it is much easier to have someone help you then to try and do it all by yourself. Sometimes you need to just sit down and take a breath and sip some water.

  174. Wonderful! I actually have one of these holders on order! :)

    Do more with less? I purge my closet twice a year for stuff that hasn’t been worn in over a year.

  175. Our family puts a price cap on Christmas presents, so it makes you get really creative to feel like you’re giving a great gift for under $20. Usually we end up making homemade presents, which is a great reminder of how inexpensive things can be when you make them yourself.

  176. I fold my laundry as I’m pulling it out of the dryer. This way I don’t get nasty “laundry buildup” on my guest room bed ;)

  177. nothing comes to mind at the moment, but yours is great! thanks for the idea

  178. I make a To-Do list on my phone every day, even on weekends. Although many of my tasks are mundane (of the laundry, workout, grocery variety), it really helps keep me on track & feel more accomplished each day. I also use the same app to keep lists of grocery items for stores I visit infrequently. SUPER handy!

  179. When I paint with my students, we use egg cartons to dispense paint – just throw them away when you’re finished! We use less time cleaning up so that makes us more productive!!

  180. I live by my label maker. When things (in the kitchen, office, etc.) are more organized, I am way more productive and efficient…plus a little nerdy, too. :)

  181. Nothing groundbreaking, but I now plan my weekly meals in advance and match coupons to ads to my needs… This has really cut down on my time spent grocery shopping and also on my weekly stress! Oh, and my crockpot is my FRIEND!
    Love this carrier – hopefully I can get one soon! :)

  182. I love using pennies (over foil) as pie weights!

  183. I have discovered that having less “stuff” in my house makes it look better and it is easier to clean, for sure. I am loving the cupcake carrier, it’s fabulous!

  184. I find that I do more fun things with my son when I do less housework. :)

  185. I use toothpaste to dry out oily skin before i apply make up–of course, I wash it off before the make up… :)

  186. Toothpicks! It’s amazing how many uses there are for those things. Baking, Cleaning, and crafts!!!

  187. Not my original idea (from Martha Stewart) but a secondary use for a bamboo steamer is a pie carrier! It’s probably going to be the primary use for my steamer from now on, since I hardly use it to steam anything.

  188. Seriously! You are having awesome giveaways these days!
    I found a 3 pack of little mesh drawstring bags at the Dollar store. $1 for 3 and I use them for produce at the grocery store instead of the plastic produce bags. They weigh basically nothing and I use them over and over! Doing my part to go green!!!

  189. I do not own a pastry blender (or a food processor), so whenever a recipe calls for me to use a pastry blender to combine cold butter and dry ingredients, I use a cheese grater to grate the butter into the dry ingredients. Works like a charm!

  190. I use my roasting pan to transport cupcakes! The raised edges make sure they stay in place, and the handles make carrying easy.

  191. I use vinegar in my wash instead of fabric softeners. Apparently, it’s better for my family’s health, and cheaper too!

  192. Having moved so many times with my husband’s job, I’ve learned to pack one kitchen box with everything needed to “get by” with until the moving truck arrived. My box included one large bowl, medium sized pan, a few spatulas, portable hand mixer, measuring spoons and measuring cups! It showed me how little I could get along with — not needing everything I accumulated over the years, that I thought I couldn’t live without! Now, I think twice about purchases that would be nice to have, but don’t really need! A real eye opener!

  193. I have some wooden trays that my Grandaddy made, I kept them for sentimental reasons, but have found SO many uses for them!

  194. I’m productive when I’m blasting music and away from my computer! So obviously… not being productive right now. :)

  195. Fun giveaway! Homemade gifts!

  196. I turn off my internet! It does wonders!!

  197. I don’t have anything remarkable to contribute. I actually can’t think of a darn thing.

    I did just recently get a great present for my birthday- it’s a Williams Sonoma embosser. It has a plate that reads from “The Kitchen of Lisa T” I recently made some Star Wars cookies for my son’s birthday treat bags, wrapped them up with one of the labels. All the Moms thought I was a professional baker! I like to fool people like that :)

  198. I’m more productive when Mr. Smith and I work together!

  199. the fewer toys my kids have, the fewer toys i have to pick up. now there’s simplicity! :)

  200. I have found eliminating sleep allows me to be more productive…but no one likes me!

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