My niece bakes too!

Here’s a set of Christmas cupcakes that my six-year old niece decorated. I’m especially fond of the Rudolph. And Santa’s pretty darn cute too!

My niece is a little decorator

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16 comments on “My niece bakes too!”

  1. those are super cute! and lila, say somthing nicer then that, thats cruel to say. if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all!

  2. She did a great job!

  3. aww,soooooooooo cute

  4. Wow:) I love the Rudolph as well. Your niece is very creative and neat just like you:)

  5. I am trying to make these for a college graduation party and I am having trouble rolling the balls in the chocolate. I used dark chocolate chunks and melted them down, but i can’t seem to roll evenly and look even somewhat appealing. They are chocolate on chocolate so I know they’ll taste good, but I was hoping that they would look a little prettier…..any suggestions???

  6. I enjoyed baking as a little girl too, and was inspired by my mom, my Gran and my aunt. I find baking is sweeter when it’s for or with the ones you love!

  7. That’s horible!

  8. Bless, there great! I still have trouble doing icing now!

  9. Bakerella, your niece is a more talented decorator than I am! My sister found a recipe from your blog for me to try not too long ago because I liked baking, and now I’ve become obsessed! Your blog is wonderful, and it’s inspired me. Now I bake constantly! I’m having a cake and cheesecake pop extreme baking event with a friend next week with a recipe for brownie cheesecake I discovered not too long ago.

  10. wow shes must have been a talented little girl she’s probably even more talented NOW

  11. Sooo cute! i can only imagine how adorable SHE might be!!!!!!! :)

  12. Thanks Yuki – this is one of the first posts. Not a lot of readers back then.

  13. Your niece is so talented! I couldn’t have made such a cute Rudolph or Santa 8 years ago…(Yes, I’m 14 :)) and I think your niece is going to be really creative like you, Bakerella.

    BTW, why are there only 3 comments? There should be more for this lovely piece of artwork.

  14. aww cute!

  15. Ha! Cute!

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