Clarice and Rudolph

After watching Rudolph on dvd with my niece I decided to make these cute little cupcakes. Rudolph looks a little cross-eyed, but Clarice is pretty. And my niece was impressed.

Clarice and Rudolph

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14 comments on “Clarice and Rudolph”

  1. Super cute

  2. WOW, you got some talent. Cake dectiaorng is not one of my strengths. Awesome fondant bow.Thanks for your recent visit and stopping to say hello. I appreciate it.

  3. they are super cute!!!!!!!!! too bad you have to eat them……..

  4. there both so cute,amazing and look so yummy and good i love them i will make them at home

  5. i just love these cupcakes! my granddaughter just loves rudolph and everything about the movies. So when i showed her these she was so excited. She asked me to make them for christmas but there is no recipe. could you email me the recipe by any chance? thanks -Maureen

  6. Wow, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love making fondant covered cupcakes myself – your work is soooo inspirational. I’m soooo excited as your book was delivered to me today and I can’t wait to give Cake Pops a go!!!!
    Greetings from Prague, CZ
    Hana XX

  7. It’s really 7:51. I’m in Central.

  8. How. The. Heck. Did. You. Make. THOSE!!??
    P.S. just had my mom’s b-day cake… cream puffs with caramel on top. Caramel overcooked…. I’m gonna barf.

  9. wow – you are incredibly talented and really should open up a shop somewhere! I can’t believe how incredible your creations turn out – it really is a talent and you are so incredible to share your technique! Though I am sure most of us could not make them look as good as you make them look – even with your step by step directions!!!

  10. Those are great. Ya know, you should really start baking professionally. I’m sure a lot of people would buy your stuff.

  11. How do you get such nice colours? When ever I try to die my fondant I can never get such bold colours.

  12. Hi Erin. Thanks! I took an intro class on cake decorating and using fondant last summer. Then, I just started experimenting at home. The great thing is that if you mess something up, it still tastes good! I also watch the Food Network Challenges on cable where the cake decorators compete.

  13. These are absolutely amazing! How did you learn to do such a thing?

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